20 Best side hustle to make money in your spare time in 2020

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20 Best side hustle to make money in your spare time in 2020

So you have landed here looking for some of the best side hustle to start with in 2020. However, the online world has a lot to offer to make the best in your spare time.

From completing surveys to installing the best money making apps are quite a few.

No matter where you live the internet has something or the other to start with. I have personally been helping people with lots of stuff doing things that give me satisfaction.

Here are the 20 best side hustle you can leverage your time to make some money.

There is no such magic spell that gets you lots of money quickly rather you have to work hard and be patient.

Everyday work can be annoying sometimes and you are desperately looking a way out of it. The trick is to be consistent in what you do slowly everything comes back to normal.

Let’s check out the 20 best side hustle.

20 Best Side Hustle


Freelancing will give you the freedom to work on your own terms providing services to the people nearby and online. You have plenty of options to work with people whom you feel is suitable for you.

Unlike a job, you don’t have your own free will and have to complete the assigned work within the time frame.

Freelancers are self-employed individuals who work for businesses and individuals. You can work on your own time schedule and can do the work remotely.

Well if you have something to offer to businesses and clients this can be one of the best options to take your career a step ahead. You can do web services, website maintenance, coaching, teaching online and writing

Fiverr – One of the best-known freelance platform that allows you to offer your services to the wide public.

Upwork- Unlike Fiverr Upwork is another platform that empowers freelancers to provide their services to the online world.

2.Social media manager

The social media manager is generally hired to manage social media accounts. People who love to spend most of their time on social media can do this task.

If you can manage accounts well and can handle the request of your clients and businesses you can apply for the position of the social media manager.

There is some legit company that hires people who can handle social media accounts. All you need is a computer or laptop and a fast internet connection.

3.Online Moderator

This falls in the category of social media manager but has some different tasks assigned to them.

An Online moderator takes care of tasks like everybody follows the rules of the group or a community, making necessary changes in social media accounts and groups.

4.Website Testing

Website testing is a process of improving the products and services provided by the companies.

You can be a part of these companies by simply applying with some basic requirements. It is a remote job can be performed anywhere you want and requires you to give real feedback.

Companies generally hire individuals to check their services to improve the user experience they offer to the public.

Just a computer or laptop and a fast internet connection you will be able to perform the task.

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5. Online course

If you have something to teach people this can get you lots of money. Many have created online courses in their respective niche and sold online.

You can educate people on “how to make a website”, SEO, dropshipping, teach art and others.

You don’t need to buy camera equipment to do all the stuff and later monetize it. There are some reliable platforms that enable you to sell your course online hassle-free.

Udemy and Teachable are such platforms that will allow you to sell your online course. There are hundreds of topics you can choose from you want to monetize your course.


Anyone who has mastered more than one language their native language and another language. You can earn money by translating Chinese, french, german, and English

Translating languages bridges the communication gap between the two and also gives you the opportunity to make money.

Nowadays there are plenty of tools available in the market that you can use to translate any language in the other and vice versa.

7.Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is a process of working remotely for clients and businesses. Well, you can start your own virtual assistance business and provide your services to your clients.

There are many services that you can help companies and businesses with.some of them are:

  • Content Writing
  • Email services
  • Web Development
  • Proofreading
  • Scheduling
  • Social media management
  • Online moderator
  • Transcription

Well, many companies hire for virtual assistances services yaa they do want you to have some experience prior to joining for the companies.

Some give an opportunity to beginners with proper training with basic pay and increase gradually as per the performance.

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Etsy is a marketplace that allows you to sell unique handcrafted items. If you can make some beautiful handmade items that people will love like jewelry, baby clothing, home decor, wedding, toys, and gifts.

Do proper research on the topic or items that you are planning to sell find the best wholesaler nearby or outsource the products and list your items on Etsy.

Besides doing it as a side hustle this has the potential of giving high profits if you stay consistence.

Look for something trendy and classy that anyone would love to spend their money to get it.


Proofreading is a process of making a written document flawless. If you can figure out mistakes punctuation, grammar or things that do not fit in written copy.

You can do this job and make extra money on the side. and if you are new then you require proper training.

If this interests you then you need to master the art of how to make a career in proofreading. Learn from the powerhouse of proofreading expert Caitlin Pyle she will teach you everything from scratch.

How you can be a great proofreader from thing required to be successful in proofreading to how to get clients for the work.

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10.Task rabbit

Signup with Task rabbit and make some extra cash helping people do things around your neighbor.

Task rabbit connects you with individuals that can help you complete a small task. Need someone to arrange your room, moving big furniture, cleaning, delivery, and the list are full of such tasks.

You can offer quick help in doing such tasks and get paid for the work. Make use of your spare time making some bucks.

11. Install cashback app

Ibotta can help you with your daily purchases and earn cashback. It has paid more than $600 million and has over 35 million users since its inception.

Shop with over 1500 brands and retailers on ibotta and earn cash for every purchase you make.

Complete the task prior to the purchase of a specific product and show the receipt this is how ibotta gives you cashback. There are other ways too.

Install the app on your mobile device and let some cash come in.

12. Sell photos Online

You must have used images they are an integral part of any industry. From T.V commercials,advertisement,business,blogs and everyday uses.

If you are a camera addict and spend most of your time taking pictures. You have a wonderful chance to monetize your hobby.

Stock photo sites will pay you for your images every single time someone downloads an image.

Its time to license your photos here is a list of sites to sell your photos.

13.Online English teacher

You will love this teaching English from the comfort of your home. Make money teaching English to children in China.

Many companies hire a native English speaker who has some teaching experience. The pay is $20/hr and requires some basic equipment a computer or laptop and a fast internet connection.

14. Pet Sitting

This is great if you are an animal lover now time to make money for the love of an animal. You can use your spare time for pet sitting and in return earn cash.

From boarding, dog walking, daycare and house sitting these are some of the tasks you have to do.

Rover is an app for pet sitters it gives anyone the opportunity for taking care of pets for cash. If you can offer a pet sitting around your city you can earn some quick cash for a couple of hours.

15.Babysitting Jobs

Babysitting you can do full or part-time and it can earn you $800 per week. Taking care of babies around your city is a perfect side hustle for people looking to make some bucks in their spare time.

You can set your own rate and fix your schedule works well if you have some experience babysitting.

Just sign up with different sites and make your profile to allow parents easily navigate through your bio, work, rate, etc.

Start with some of the popular sites care.com, urbansitter.com, sittercity.com,sitter.com, bambino.com

16. Sell unnecessary items

If things are piling up and taking much space you don’t use anymore list those items for a fair price.

Games, books, CDs that you don’t use you can list your items on Declutter by simply putting in the barcode of the item declutter will suggest you the price of that item.

Just download the app in your mobile device and let the app scan through your item’s barcode instantly suggesting the value for that item. It’s simple

17. Deliver items locally

Make money by delivering items in your city with Postmates you can deliver groceries, drinks, and food.

An easy way to monetize your spare time with Postmates download the app and introduce yourself. Submit documents of identity and a lovely selfie wait till they verify you.

Once everything is well and good you are ready to deliver and make some cash.

18. Sell T-shirts

Have some cool and trendy design ideas that you can sell and make a good income. Print on demand works great let me explain someone liked your design and wish to make a purchase.

Teespring will print that design pack and parcel the item to your customer you make a commission for absolutely free.

Signup for free with Teespring and let your design do the work its simple way to monetize.

19. Drive people for cash

Drive people for money is a smart way to make the best use of your spare time. You can set your own schedule and take the wheels when you feel like it.

Some of the most popular platforms Uber and Lyft give you an opportunity to make money driving people around. Download the app signup and complete your profile.

Set your time and availability and once they give you the green signal you are ready to make your first income driving people.

20.Deliver groceries

Deliver groceries and make money yes with Instacart you can deliver groceries to the doorstep and earn money.

It helps shopper who can buy the required items and deliver to them the same day.

You will receive a list on your mobile device but the goods and deliver it to the customer’s home.

If you are living in the united states above 18 yrs of age and have a vehicle time to go shopping and get some money roll in.

Summary – 20 Best Side Hustle

The list of 20 best side hustle is some of the quick opportunity that the online world has to offer. Start with the best hustle that allows you to quickly get on the business.

Look for the simple that fulfills the criteria and move on to the next. Let me know which one would you like to start with.

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20 best side hustle ideas to make money

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