20 Make Money Online Ideas without any Investment in 2020

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20 Make Money Online Ideas without any Investment in 2020

The pandemic has exposed the idea of going online a sudden stagnation in the market not only forced people to look for some alternative but with the same potential.

If you are looking for legit ways to earn money I can show you 20 make money online ideas that don’t require any investment at all.

However, with some low up-front cost you can start working on some lucrative business ideas.

Seeing the market trend there has been an influx of online businesses. E-commerce has been at an unprecedented growth.

There are some legit survey sites like Swagbucks, surveyjunkie, mindspay and vindale research that allow you to earn decent money working a few hours a day.

Surveys are just a small part of the game but don’t you like to grab the opportunity of something bigger that can help you stand out and thrive in the online market.

So let’s dive in to check out some of the best 20 make money online opportunity that you have been waiting for so long.


You can start a blog but it requires some time to start making money from your blog. However, it is one of the best options to make money online.

You require some small investment to start your blog up and running but there are several other alternatives that allow you to blog even without investment.

Blogger is a byproduct of Google that has been created for an individual like you and me to share what you love to write.

You can blog with a subdomain and learn for yourself how things work that people really like about in an easy way.

When you have gathered some vital information related to blogging you always have the option to migrate to WordPress.   

Just with a custom domain and a reliable hosting you can switch to WordPress where you can get the bigger picture to see about blogging.

2. Freelance Writing

There has been an unprecedented growth of freelance Writers in a few years and also have been the factor in providing jobs to millions of internet users.

The unexpected growth of businesses online has created a huge demand for writers in various fields eg:- technical writing, article writing, product description, research writing, and ghostwriting.

If you are an excellent writer and have good communication skills, oral and written then this can be your next ideal online business.

You can sign-up with free online marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, or make your own portfolio websites.

These sites are completely free, to begin with, and will also help you to learn.  

Create your gigs and start promoting it among friends, relatives and every other social media network to get the max exposure.

You can start with minimum pricing $5 to $100+ for your services and as you gain some experience you earn more.

3. Freelancer

What is freelancing?

It is the method of offering your services on your own terms with flexibility. You are simply the boss who likes to work whenever you want.

Now the million dollar question what services you can provide to the audience.

You can offer several services from anywhere you want like promotion, web development, content writing, graphic designing, and proofreading.

How to start freelancing?

If you are just starting out then I would suggest you sign-up with free online marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork.

As I have already discussed earlier it’s completely free to start and has huge potential to excel in any field you choose and offer your services to a much larger audience.

4. Consultancy

What is consulting?

Consulting is the process of providing complete productive advice to another person.

We often tend to do a little bit of research or may approach someone who holds an experience in any particular field.

It is one such career option to self-employment you generally indulge in giving expert advice to people.

This is a very promising career and it constitutes 36% of the total US Workforce.

You can start offering your services by having your own website. Decide what problems you can solve in the market.

Search the already established consulting agencies and scan the process in which they work.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is growing at an exponential rate. It is one such viable option that can make you lots and lots of money.

You generally provide links to products and services (Blog,YouTube) when someone clicks on your links and buys the products/services you make money.

There are companies that allow you to be an affiliate promoting their products or services.

One of the simple and easiest options is to join Amazon affiliate program. You can promote products in any niche if you have decent followers on social media.

It is perfect for any beginners if you are just starting out and it doesn’t require any upfront cost.

Take the examples of established affiliate sites like this is why I am broke and the wire cutter and decide what niche you would like to work with.

6. E-Books

EBooks have gained popularity in the recent few years. It’s easy to access and one can read on any digital device e.g. – Smartphone, tablet and desktops.

This is all together a different method from the traditional way of writing, editing, printing and promotion.

There was a time when you have to devise the content for days or months maybe combined with the process of editing and finally publishing.

Now it is easy to hire someone to have your eBooks written within a couple of weeks (Fiverr and Upwork) and without any hassle you can upload it on the web.

You can launch your e-book on any third-party sites like Amazon kindle publish and generate revenue every time someone’s downloads a book.

7. Surveys

It is one of the simplest ways to start earning extra cash doing stuff that you already do online. You can make extra money through completing surveys.

There are multiple ways to monetize through surveys sites like completing surveys, reading emails, watching videos, playing games and others.

Sign up with these surveys platforms and monetize your spare time Swagbucks, Mindspay, Vindale research, and Survey Junkie.

8. Youtube

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms all over the globe.

If you are really good at creating content, eg:- How to videos, helpful videos, entertainment videos and others.

This can get you large amount of followers and at the same time make money.

Video sharing has really shaped the way we gather information things which we can see is more appealing to the audience rather than written work.

So decide on a profitable niche get the equipment ready and start posting your content on YouTube.

9. Social Media

If you have a social media with huge fan following you can monetize your social media network through affiliate marketing and influencing.

Social media influencers, marketing, and promotional stuff are required in every field. You can also be a virtual assistant where you will handle social accounts of businesses.

Especially if you have good knowledge of video editing you can start posting entertainment videos and can easily monetize it.

10. Food delivery services

You can start food delivery services around your neighborhood. It’s basically a delivery service that mainly deals in necessary items food, grocery and other items.

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11. Data Entry

It is inputting job that require you to arrange data in a given software or computer. If you are good in English language and have a typing speed of 60 WPM it is perfect for you.

There are some legit data entry sites that hire individual contractors but they prefer prior experience to be able to grab the opportunity.

Some of the popular companies that hire data entry are Appen, flex jobs, axiondata, Dion data, click workers, and working solutions.

You can also practice your typing speed on these wonderful sites 10fastfingers and keybr.

12. Stock photography

Images are in high demand nowadays its use have increased manifold covering every digital industry.

If you can take some good quality pictures then it is the perfect option for you to monetize your skill.

The rise in online business eCommerce, blogs, fashion, and others have increased the use of high-quality images and can generate passive income.

It requires you to have some of the best DSLR camera but you can also start with your Smartphone camera.

Here are some of the best stock photo sites that you should definitely look forward to sell your images.

Checkout 500px, shutter stock, adobe stock, istock photo, Etsy and Getty images.

13. Virtual Assistant

The online business is increasing at an exponential rate and to make sure it thrives in the marketplaces you need excellent marketing and management team.

Companies and businesses require hard-working and talented individuals to help them with the administration tasks.

There are multiple digital marketplaces that you may have to keep updated with the required business information and answer visitor’s queries.

You may have the task depending upon the field you are expert in which can be social media analytics, updating company’s FB business page, email management and others.

There are more than 150+ virtual assistant that you can offer to the clients.

However if you are a complete newbie and want to start a career in virtual assistant.

So, I can suggest you enroll in the best course available online. “30 days or more to Virtual Assistant Success

14. Usertesting

Usertesting is a unique platform that is designed to give honest reviews to companies for their products and services.

Most companies come up with the best apps and designs that are made keeping in mind the user experience and excellence.

In order to successfully launch their services it is important to gather some useful information likes and dislikes of people.

There are others sites you may have come across which is poorly build and makes it hard for any visitors to understand.

You can grab this opportunity to provide honest feedback from home testing online so they can improve their products and services.

If you have good command in English and can describe well in oral and written then you should provide your service and earn some extra cash.

Here are some of the best website testing sites Usertesting, userbrain, trymyui, testing time, userfeel and userlytics.

15. Peer to peer lending

Peer to peer lending is the process minimizing the requirements of loan (amount) from other individual directly.

If you are looking forward to start something new and totally want to avoid the long procedures peer to peer lending is the ultimate option.

You will receive money from a complete stranger (individual) based on your credibility.

There are some popular websites that you can explore like peerform, lending club, prosper, and payoff.

16. Online tutor

There are several marketplaces that have given the opportunity to teach and make money online.

It is one of the best ways for teachers to supplement your income. As a teacher you can just log into your computer and start teaching students from all over the globe.

You can choose what you like to teach from English to non-native speakers, academic subjects to any other skill that you excel in.

Here are some of the options that allow you to teach other and generate recurring income from your skills.

Teach English to Chinese students @ VIPKID, Teachable is another best platform that allows you to create and sell courses and with Skillshare start teaching graphics and photography.  

17. Pet sitting

If you are a lover of animal then this could be your ultimate part-time hustle to monetize your spare time.

There is a huge demand of pet sitting jobs in metropolitan cities especially teenagers and students can make quick cash looking after pets or taking them to walk.

These tasks require no investment at all you just need to be excellent in the given tasks.

Here are some of the legit sites that hire individuals for pet sitting jobs care.com, petsitters.org, and rover.

18. Airbnb

Do you have any vacant space/room available?

Well here is an awesome way to earn hosting guests AIRBNB allows you to rent your empty space in exchange for money.

19. House sitting

Be a caretaker when there is no one around in the house students or teenagers can avail this opportunity to make some extra cash.

Normally a person who owns more than 1 house requires people to take care of their property.

Sign up with trusted house sitters, house Carers and mind my house.


These two are the well known platform that gives you the chance to make extra cash driving part-time.

Sign-up with these platforms and provide all the required information to get started.

20 Make Money Online Ideas without any Investment in 2020

Here You have the 20 make money online ideas you can start without any investment.

If you really want to make money online then you have to dedicate some time working months or long.

This is not something that you can quickly start making money unless you put the desired amount of effort and time into it.

Select a profitable niche in which you are confident enough to bring some high-quality content for the general audience.

You have some of the best options to start making money the easiest to begin with is to join marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork.

There are several ways to monetize from working as a virtual assistant, Freelance Writer, teaching online to user-testing.

This is all I wanted to share with you take this opportunity and start something new and don’t forget to comment.

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20 Make Money Online Ideas without any Investment in 2020

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