20 Passive income ideas to make money in 2020

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20 Passive income ideas to make money in 2020

.How to start making Passive Income?

We all want to make money on the side that we don’t have to spend much time and money on. Isn’t that cool having more than one way to earn money?

More passive income streams will help you cater to your needs easily. You can plan extra on your weekend, holidays, and live the life of your dreams.

Sometimes it does require a small investment on a particular idea or project that you have to build months maybe years. But I have picked some of the best passive income ideas.

Here is a compilation of the 20 best Passive Income Ideas that are sufficient enough to build money-making streams.

The best passive income ideas that make crazy money from taking care of your daily expenses to building your own online money-making profession.

What is Passive income? 20 passive income ideas 2020

The term “Passive” refers to without being active. Passive income is a method of earning money when you have not put in much effort into building your business.

1. Blogging- 20 passive income ideas 2020

Blogging is generally a written work of individuals or organizations to engage with the audience in a more professional way providing them with relevant content.

This allows you to have your own identity in the online world sharing what you love putting informative content for the general audience.

Since its inception, it has gained much popularity and continue to offer opportunities to millions of internet users. The potential it has is beyond comprehension and also you have multiple ways to monetize your blog.

Have you been thinking of starting a blog?

If yes then you must come up with an idea that you love the most that could be anything Lets say you want to write about blogging, SEO, marketing, and ways to monetize a blog.

Similarly Finance,savings,news blog,food blog and the list goes on and on.

Choosing a niche that you can work on it making it more profound that any reader who come across your blog should be able to relate with it.

Updating it with new content that has to be purely written by you and helping google love your content.

How can you start a blog?

You dont have to be an expert in coding language to start one you simply have to put things togther to start its so simple.

This requires a CMS Content management system that makes it easy for you to put your hard work on the web and I would suggest you to go with WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular CMS that has powered over 30% of the web content and it is very easy to use. Its drag and drop function makes it easier and anyone can easily get started with it.

The other 2 vital part is as essential as obtaining CMS a Domain and a Hosting.

Now you can see everything is making sense a domain is a web address that you can send your visitors to see your content. You can buy a domain its very cheap from Godaddy or Namecheap.

To put all your content you require a hosting there are several companies that offer hosting to be very clear not to go with those provider.

Godaddy is not recommended yes you can buy a domain but hosting not at all.

If you have some long term plan to be in this filed then I would recommend you to buy hosting from Bluehost. It is more reliable, worthy, affordable and it has great customer support.

With Bluehost, you can start as low as $3.95/month and a domain free for one year. Select Your Hosting Plan and fill up the required information and choose your package for 36 months.

It saves you a lot on hosting

2.Affiliate Marketing

Interested in making money by suggesting other people’s products this can be a great way to make money.

This requires you to have a blog well there are many ways you can start affiliate marketing recommending templates,themes,products and services.

You have to be someone that is solving problems providing the audience a solution that they find themselves stuck in.

Simply putting a product or services and waiting for people to click on your link and buy your stuff it does not make any sense.

Let’s take an example of Amazon products you have placed links on your website to stuff that is redirecting to amazon website. Providing a link is not sufficient at all.

You have to make it more unique and providing a set of written work that will help bring your audience to conclusion.

Like “10 Best Smart Phones of 2020” a list post that is sufficient enough to make that person go through and decide.

The Affiliate Marketing is a process of recommending someone’s product and services for a small percentage of comission that you make on every potential purchase of product or service you send to the merchants website.

Let me make it more simple for you guys we can further divide it into three categories.

  • Manufacturer or Merchant
  • Affiliate Network
  • Publisher

A manufacturer who generally produces the product is the maker who designs and make it ready to sell in the market.

The producer who has products in bulk in order to sale their products they sign up with different affiliate network.

A Publisher who can sign up with affiliate network and choose their products they want to promote.

There are multiple affiliate network that allow you to sign and promote their products.


This is one of the profitable business ideas that has become popular in the recent few years.

If you are thinking of starting a dropshipping business to build an extra money making stream it is better to start planning.

Since the E-commerce Industry took over dropshipping and other business is seeing massive growth.

In this method, you only require to have a platform( Site ) and whenever anyone orders any product it is automatically transferred to the supplier they pack and deliver the products to the customer.

The shipping and Inventory is handled by the supplier and you only have to promote your business to the maximum to make sure you make more profit.

Shopify has been at the forefront of this dropshipping occupation and they have with them nearly everything that makes it super easy and profiting.

Now nearly every retail gaint offers dropshipping with few integrations and Add on it makes it really easy to run.

The most popular being WordPress and with the integration of Woocommerce both create a wonderful combination to get going.

Remember to do a thorough product research and filter every possible medium to come up with the best collection.

You can start with dropshipping with low Upfront cost.

4.Print on Demand

Many of you must have heard about the Print on Demand business module. If not then this can be your next idea to start making money.

For many, it is one of the lucrative ways to sell your custom made designs and make money. This is a method of selling your audience custom made items like shirts, phone cases, and other household items.

Selecting a niche is very much necessary that will determine what and to whom you will sell your products to and likely help your include some more items.

To contribute more take the help of search engines and look out for trendy things on social media to authenticate your idea.

When someone places an order your print on demand supplier will print the item,pack and despatch the item. Many suppliers also have their plugin that you can easily Install on your site.

This is very easy to start with low start up cost and there is no need to buy and store your Inventory.

There is a whole lot of items that you can include TShirts, hoodies, hats, cushions, pillows, mugs and others you can add later on as well.

5.Earn typing names

Naming a company or business can sometimes be time taking. It’s also the most crucial part of forming a start-up or business.

Starting a business without a name is quite impossible to comprehend.

It is a work related to naming contest that business and companies to get a smart attractive name they pay individual to come up with something unique and brandable.

A name that serves the purpose of the trade, precise, and something that exactly matches their work ethics and commitment.

You have to be descriptive avoid using common names like “Morgan sales and services” is very used to “Morganx” is dynamic and easy to remember.

Also you can combine two words and use it in a creative way something that can draw attention. Try to keep it simple and attractive

Squadhelp is an online platform that has a community of freelancer who take part in naming contest and make money.

6. Selling crafts

Have you ever knitted sweater or looking for trinkets in the local bazar. This can be a good option to make money selling crafts online.

Crafts has grown into a thriving industry. If you can make some attractive piece of crafts that is enough to gather peoples attention this can be a great way to earn some extra money.

You have the option to start from social media networks, third-party sites to having your own crafts website


If you have something crafty to place it in the online world. Then millions of buyers are looking forward to the same

Register on Etsy and sell your crafts online. The most popular marketplace for homemade crafts with its marketing tools making it easy to reach your potential customers.

You can list your items for just $0.20 and pay when you sell. Do check out.


Bonanza voted the best marketplace. It allows you to sell crafts besides other things. It’s free to set up your store.

Hand made at Amazon

Amazon has its own selling program which requires a simple registration. Now you can also sell crafts exclusively made for handmade crafts. Give your business a kick start with handmade at amazon.

7.Amazon FBA

Amazon is the largest online retailer has also provided opportunity for anyone to start selling online.

If you are an individual seller or want to take it to another level with some unique features you can scale it accordingly.

Amazon FBA is fulfillment by Amazon program this is a process where you can easily store your products on Amazon warehouse they will receive the order pack and despatch it to your customers.

Everything is automated you can simply sit at home and keep an eye on your inventory, orders and delivery.

How this works you have to send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centres they will keep your inventory in their warehouse.

If someone orders a product they will pack and despatch the product to the customer. This is an innovative way to start your business from home.

While Amazon doing all the hard-work you can just focus on adding more products to the inventory and promotion.

8.Teach online

If you are experienced enough in any particular field or niche you have the advantage to grow your reach by teaching online and make money.

You can also choose from a wide variety of topics and categories that you would like to educate your community in.

Online teaching is growing faster than ever and it has evolved into a much larger industry

If you are good in english consider becoming an ESL Teacher. You will help students get better in english both oral and written

There is a whole lot of option of subjects from academics,K12,College education,English teacher,Cooking,Photography,Online courses and Marketing.

Not only you can apply for a online teaching Job but also you can Sell your own courses.

If there is something that you can educate people with you can start selling your course and monetize your skill.

Different money making skills are already making an innovative approach that people would love to learn about.

You can start working on yourself things that you are expert in.It could be anything from Freelance writing,transcription,blogging,SEO,Cooking and photography.

You can generate ample passive income through teaching online and courses.

9. Buy and sell domains

The internet has full of opportunities and has given us different means to make money while sitting at home.

Buying and selling domains is quite a profitable market that you can get into.

“How can you buy and sell domains for profit” Well it has another term commonly known as domain flipping. In this process, you generally buy domain at a very low price and sell at a high price.

Not all domains can be sold at high-price if it is not at all attractive, brandable, or memorable.

This requires you to be creative picking up domain names that is popular enough and resourceful in business and marketing.

There are domains that have been sold at a whopping price.

Domains like business.com and Internet.com they were sold for $345 million and $18 million respectively you can see the potential of brandable domains.

Going for that price might take some time and lot of hard-work but you can still make profit if your domain name is simple and attractive.

There are several sites that you can register your domain names namely Godaddy and Namecheap. With the right marketing techinique and patience you can make potential amount of money.

One such popular site where you can park your domains to sell is Flippa. Flippa is an online marketplace that allow you to sell online business,Apps,Websites and Domains.

The idea of getting a potential sale is to choose your name that is descriptive and serves a purpose to a particular field or niche. Short and simple that easily comes to mind and makes branding easy.

Go to Flippa

10. Website testing

A site with a good interface makes it very easy to navigate through its content, posts, pages, menu, and several other functions of a website.

Whereas you may have come across sites that are poorly built and make it nearly impossible to scan through their site.

Links are not clickable,images are not proper and there are many flaws you simply decide not to visit that site again in your entire life.

If you are very much acquainted with the websites, its design, layout, and other features. You can earn some extra cash by providing feedback.

Similarly there are several companies that pay you real money to test websites. It helps provide significant feedback to improve the user experience.

  • Fast internet connection
  • computer or laptop
  • Good language skills (English)
  • Speak loudly
  • Remote place

11.Voice over

Did you know that you can literally sell your voice and make money. It is quite profitable opportunity to be a voice actor.

This is a profitable industry that allow you to make money selling your voice.

Depending upon the type of industry and the voice actor’s salary you can start with a decent pay.

It also depends on the experience the more experience you have the higher is the chance of working for more projects.


Started back in 1966 to provide businesses a means to speak through their phone system.

Its an online marketplace that allow you to lend your voice in the telephone market.

They have also been recognized as the best voice recording for the phone system. Snaprecordings is looking for the best talent in a voice-over phone system.

To start working with them you have to fill up the sign-up form with some samples that they can easily identify on which category you suit the best.

You can be one of the voice over talent for greetings,on hold messages and voice prompts.


Do you want to make money as a voice artist or looking for opportunities with voice bunny you have the chance to monetize your voice?

You can easily with 4 quick steps begin the application process a)create your account b)submit your test c) Get reviewed d) Start making money

You must record your voice with the best audio equipment be active and present to get the job or you may end up losing projects.

Set your own price based on your experience and you will also receive a message on your email if there is any new projects available.

With voicebunny you can make money for every projects you complete.


They provide a marketplace for voice acting jobs thats suits your vocal skills.The voices.com is filled with voice acting opportunities with job posted everyday.

Several companies have found voice actors using their platforms. To start your voice acting career you have to work on yourself as a voice actor.

You can easily get started on voices.com and after you sign-up, you have to complete your profile recording demos and voice skills.

Specifications on your profile accents,manner and speech will help determine if you are fit for that particular voice job that requires specific ability.

12. Selling printables

Digital products are easy to make and you can earn passive income selling printables. You can create printables for different products based on your audience and preference.

Some of the printables that you would love to include :

  • Budget planner
  • Blog checklist
  • Cheatsheet
  • Recepies
  • Workbook
  • A Short Guide

Have you ever come across a blog that generally asks you sign-up in exchange for printables “Get your blog checklist” or “How to sell on Amazon” and such

They are generally created keeping in mind some question related to the readers or is helpful enough to solve a problem.

Several platforms can help you create your own printables

With the help of these platform you can easily create and design your printables. Save it as PDF that is quick and easy to download.

How can you start selling your printables . I would recommmend you to open a store on Etsy.Without the burden of some extra add on to your site that might slow down your blog.

Its an easy and affordable option to link your digital downloads to Etsy. They will provide you a link that you can easily paste in on your blog.

13.Graphic designer

This is a great way to make money with your design skills as a graphic designer.

From social media to brand advertising you can see everywhere a graphic designer is contributing to their creativity.

With good designing skills, you can also help companies market their products and services in a more professional way. Thus resulting in an increase in sales and services.

Apart from that you have huge opportunity to monetize your designing skills.Join on sites like Fiverr/Upwork and sell your gigs for logos,marketing flyers,brocuers and can also get hired for long-term projects.

Sell your own fonts,custom designed icons and templates. Customized templates are quite popular in demand with few changes people can make their own.

You can also help newbies who look for some help with their designs by selling your own tutorials. WordPress templates and many more.

14.Vehicle advertising

You can also make money by placing ads on your car. If you own a car now you can place ads on it in exchange for money.


You can earn $200-$500 by placing ads on your car every month. This can be a good source of income for daily commuters.

If you have been driving 1/4 of your commute on that specific zone or area you get a chance to earn extra cash.

You can start earning in three easy steps 1. Download the App 2. Commute to qualify 3. Get campanigns and make money


This is another best way that allows you to earn cash by placing ads on your car. StickerRide is an app that allows drivers to place ads and make money every month.

Would you like to make your each trip an opportunity to make money. Lets roll in some cash. Download the app on your smartphone and register.

Depending on your city,car and location you can choose how you want to place stickers on the car they will finalise the request if it meets the criteria.

You drive on your normal routine and earn each mile you complete to increase your earnings you can also take part in quest and flashmobs.

Ready to make money download the App.


A Rideshare advertising company that pay drivers to place removable ads on their car every month.Some quick steps to begin with a few questions regarding your normal commute.

The company then decides to match with the brands that you generally be advertising on your daily commute. They get your car wrapped with ads and you make money every month.

You can also earn more by parking on some specific time and spots $30/hr. Its a simple and easy way to earn extra cash.


We are living in an age that is much more advanced and most often people like to get a brief idea of something in a very short note.

The digital world has provided us with so many opportunities and advantages to make money through various means. Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce, Freelance writing, and blogging.

One more thing that I would like to share with you guys is the E-Books. Apart from the traditional way of editing, printing, and publishing.

You have the advantage to access it anywhere, anytime on a digital device smartphones, tablets, and others.

What makes E-Books so popular?

You can choose your topic to write an ebook depending on the field you work but the niche are unlimited Blogging,How to,Science,SEO,Tech and Digital marketing so you have a preety big list of opportunities.

It is easy to write but you always have the option of getting your work done (Freelance Writers)once it is complete you can give its download link on your site.

You are in complete control of it and also you can set your own price because of its easy accessibility millions of people prefer to read ebooks.

There is a huge market that you can get your sales from or you can choose to sell from third-party like Amazon kindle publishing. They do charge a fees whenever you make a sale.

With Amazon kindle you can increase your sales and also reach your target audience.

16 Sell photos

Have you ever thought of licensing your photos? Well, I can give you a concrete reason to monetize your skill.

Images of high quality play an important role in daily life, businesses and other several industry.

Bloggers buy photos for their own blogs and marketing to the fashion industry, food industry and the list goes on and on.

There are several online marketplace that allow to sell your photos and now the images are high in demand more than ever.

There is a number of websites that allow you to sell your photos.

17.Rent your space

Looking for giving your extra room or flat for rent. What better place than hosting Airbnb guests. Airbnb with their host your home program allows you to rent your empty space.

You simply got to have an empty space or room and Airbnb would make it really simple to host their guest.

You have the opportunity to make money by providing it to Airbnb to host their guest. It is totally dependent on you to for the rules, availability, prices, and the way you welcome your guest.

In just 3 simple steps you are ready to do business with Airbnb So what are you waiting for start hosting now.


Every time we spend so much time and money to buy things online. You might be wondering if we could save our money on daily purchases.

Here is a great way to start saving money on your purchase. You can literally save your time and money in a more innovative way.

Paribus can redefine your online shopping experience they monitor price of some of the leading retailers in order to claim your money back.

Whenever you make a purchase they scan the online shopping receipts and lets you know if there is a price drop.

Paribus will on your behalf claim your savings and help you get the money back from the retailer.

You will automatically receive a notification if you have made any savings. To make sure that the consumers get the best possible deals online making the shopping experience more fun and exciting.

Go to Paribus

19. Ebates

Rakuten formerly Ebates helps customers get cashback and rewards for shopping online. Till now they paid $1 billion in cash and rewards.

So how can you get started with it to earn cashback and rewards?

There are two simple and easy ways to do it either download the rakuten app or add extension to your browser. You can do both as well.

Download the rakuten app on your smartphone and let it activate all the cash back and rewards. A pop up will show within the app that will direct you to the store’s site to earn cash back.

The other way is to add the cash back button on your web browser you can simply add it when you visit the site.

Whenever you are making a purchase through the sites affiliated store you will receive a drop-down message that offers a cashback or coupon

Simply clicking on that link will automatically activate the offers that you can take advantage of every time you make a purchase from the sites stores.

They also have a referral program that pays you every time someone joins Ebates through your affiliate link.

20.Rent your parking space

The increasing urban conglomeration and the shrinking space this has not just made resources less for humans but also for the things used by us humans.


Started back in 2011 is an online marketplace to find an easy accessible places to park vehicles.A parking reservation App that helps million save time and money by affordable parking spaces.

You can with their specific for sellers Rent your parking space that allows you to sell your parking space on SpotHero.

If you have a parking space you could make few extra dollars by allowing drivers near you park on the spot.

Just by filling up the form about the space and some necessary requirments you can get started in three easy steps.

The money will be deposited directly in your bank account you make every month.

Park on my Drive

Finding a parking space can sometime get a headache. How many time you have been in a situation where looking for a space to park has ruined your trip or adventure maybe.

Well parkonmydrive has some exclusive advantage to owners of empty parking space driveways or garage.

You can register on their platform that allows you to make your space available for rent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Just Park

Let your account add up with pounds every year. Justpark has made it easy to find parking space.

Go and list your space for free select the right time to park vehicles and meet the drivers and get paid.

20 Passive income ideas 2020

These are the best 20 Passive income ideas you can start from now and in the coming year 2020. I have also written several posts to make money to equip you in the best possible way to earn.

There are few things to consider in mind before you begin with the sources mentioned above is to have a clear picture in mind about what you will do.

Don’t forget to comment and share which one is your best

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20 Passive income ideas to make money in 2020

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