25 Legit Online jobs that pay you to work at home $60000/yr

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25 Legit Online jobs

Remote work is becoming the norm now. If you really want to quit your 9-5 grinding and looking forward to starting something on your own.

This post will cover some of the best paying 25 legit online jobs.

Legit online jobs no scams!!!

There is an immense potential working online.The benefits are unmatched.

Working online is attracting talent across the globe and allow you to make more money sitting at home.

This has not only increased productivity of people working online but they also tend to be more happier.

More and more people now prefer flexibility working online from home with no expense on travel and at work.

So whether you are working nomad or just starting out here you will find the best range of opportunities to make money working from home.

1. Proofreading – 25 Legit Online jobs

What really comes to mind when you see “proofread” something related to reading? Right!! Let me elaborate so that you can easily understand.

You have to make a written document error-free check if there is any spelling, grammar, punctuation, and layout mistake. Seems like you are good at it.

Anyone who is involved with the task of proofreading he/she has to be good in the English language oral and written.

You will mostly be doing the English document.

There are several sites that hire remote workers to proofread documents and getting a job requires some good experience and some even hire beginners to proofread.

Companies will have you go through the test and sometimes even a few days of training to get you at a level where you can easily perform the task.

This also has a great career opportunity and if you want to learn to proofread that can help you start your own proofreading business you require training from the experts.

Caitlin Pyle is an expert and successfully running her own proofreading company “Proofread anywhere” and luckily she is a great teacher too.

She helps individuals how to make money proofreading from home or anywhere you like. This course will help you enhance your proofreading skills and make you an expert.

You can literally start working from home and enjoy flexible schedule.

You will learn how to transform your passion for words and reading into a thriving proofreading business in as little as 30 days.

Join her 76 minutes free workshop and check for yourself if its good work for you and build your own business.

2. Bookkeeping – 25 Legit Online jobs

Working with small-businesses or enterprise in helping them maintain financial transaction.

The work includes collecting payment, maintain income and expenses, make and send invoices, and financial reports.

You can do this job from home and it doesn’t require a college degree to start.

If you are good at numbers and can work with businesses online you can earn good money from it.

If this interests you consider joining these free-classes that will teach you the bookkeeping skills.

Don’t miss the opportunity and join the classes now.

3. Blogging – 25 Legit Online jobs

What you want to blog about? This is something that puts people in a state of complete introspection.

Blogging is about helping with something you are most good at writing with complete dedication and providing people with thoughtful, insightful content.

If you really enjoy writing and love to express in any respective topic in a manner profound then you should definitely consider starting a blog.

There are many platforms that provide the content management system with which you can start and publish content.

However, there are some extremely important things that you require to put together to make your blog thrive.

You require a CMS Content management system most likely “WordPress” Domain and hosting.

WordPress is the most popular CMS and said to have powered over 30% of the online websites.

A Domain is a web address that you will send your visitors to www.yourdomain.com

You can buy a domain from any domain service provider like Hostinger, Namecheap, and Godaddy.

The content you may write requires a storage space which is why Hosting is needed as there are several companies provide hosting services.

I would recommend you to buy hosting from “Bluehost Hosting” it is more reliable, affordable, and excellent customer support.

They also provide you a domain free for one year you can save a few bucks on that, Thank me later.

Coming to the “Niche” as I discussed what do you want to blog about is a vital part so that you can grab some information before you get into that topic.

Writing on a particular niche can help you gain some loyal audience and produce content that people would love to refer to.

4. Tutoring – 25 Legit Online jobs

Teaching job is one of the viable option that one can get into. There are several sites you can start teaching to supplement your income.

You can choose to teach English to non-native speakers or any subject that you are master in.

VIPKid allows you to teach English to Chinese students and the pay is $14-$22 per hour.

With Chegg, you can make $20 per hour teaching in subjects that you are most good at it matches students with the tutors specializing in the subjects.

5. Social media manager

Social media sites makes it easy to connect with our acquaintances and also with people who share the same interest in our life.

This is not only a platform that allow us to engage and communicate with each other but also for businesses or enterprise to thrive.

Social media has a huge potential to drive sale of products and services and it can also help you grow exponentially.

You on the other hand can offer your services to handle and manage their social media accounts.

Manage their Facebook business page,post content and interact with the audience answering their questions.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants offer administrative assistance to different companies, organizations, blogs, and can handle tasks working from home.

There are some 150+ Virtual Assistant tasks like social media management, Email Marketing, Customer support,data entry and scheduling appointment.

You can start working remotely in the respective field you are expert in and make money from anywhere you like.

Although there are several companies that hire Remote Virtual Assistants and earn good amount of money with flexible schedule.

Reach out to small-business or enterprise asking them to help in their administrative tasks.

Working with their social media handle, scheduling appointment with a client etc.

Social media is also the best place to find VA jobs join Facebook groups make a Facebook business page and promote your VA services.

Consider your own virtual assistant business and make money. To help you with that I recommend you to take a course.

Gina Horkey is a successful Virtual Assistant and happens to be an expert in training “how to start your own VA business from scratch”?

You will learn how to manage your VA clients,making money as a VA,Getting clients for your business to successfully launching your VA business online.

Learn more “30 days or less to Virtual Assistant success” and check if this is good for you or not.

7. Freelance Writing

The Demand for Freelance Writing is growing like never before and has become the most aspiring career opportunity.

There are many sites that offer jobs to freelance writers but before you start pitching decide on what topic you want to write.

Gain some more skills and learn more in that field that you would like to excel in. However, if you are just starting out try some popular digital marketplaces.

Fiverr, Upwork, and Flexjobs are reliable sources to get writing jobs, as you gain more experience that can help you get more writing jobs.

Share with your friends and social media sites is an easy way to find clients for your writing work.

If you are just starting out and would like to learn freelance writing from scratch. I recommend you “Holly Johnson” an award-winning freelance writer.

She is a successful writer and blogger and through her course crafted for online freelance writers “How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Career“.

You can learn some of the best tips and tricks to build a successful freelance writing business online.

Join her Free Workshop “How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Career“.

8. Photography – 25 Legit Online jobs

If you really take good pictures and passionate about photography consider selling your pictures online.

There is a huge demand of pictures in every industry eCommerce, businesses, blogs and other.

Several sites are available in the online market where you can start earning passive income selling photos.

You make money each time someone downloads your image for commercial use.

You can also start with your smartphones that has a good picture quality.

9.Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the one profession that has made a significant impact in the digital world.

Marketing and promotion is playing a huge influence in social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Designing engaging Facebook posts,influencing an Instagram audience, stunning Pinterest graphics to graphics for blogs.

These are some of the few that you can design and sell your graphics and monetize your skill.

Online marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork has a huge following that you can start from and get leads for your projects.

Graphic designing is one of the best paying online jobs.

10. Transcriber – 25 Legit Online jobs

Transcription is the process of converting audio files into text and is growing at an exponential rate.

This is also a great online career opportunity and you can start transcribing files even if you are a beginner.

There are several companies that look for freelance transcribers to do the work remotely.

You can start transcribing but the initial pay can be low as you gain more experience you can work with companies that pay higher compared to any other companies.

To become more professional transcriber you should take a course that can help you determine if it is the best fit for you.

Transcribe anywhere is a platform that trains beginner to excel in this field and become more confident and profound in transcription tasks.

If you want to learn more about transcription and how it works I highly recommend you take this Free Course.

Free General Transcription Mini-Course

Free Legal Transcription Mini-Course

11. Dropshipping

You need to start with a platform that combines all the specific feature of a drop shipping store.

With that in consideration I am only left with the choice of Shopify one of the most popular platform.

Dropshipping is a method of selling products (items) without having the burden of having an inventory and management team.

When someone orders a product from your store it will be packed and dispatched to your customers by the supplier himself.

You can sell anything you like from fashion items, T-Shirts,Shoes,Gadgets and many more without storing and managing all the sales.

With a low upfront cost you can start a high earning drop shipping site.

You can start you 14 day free trial on Shopify

12. Amazon FBA

Try selling on Amazon FBA it is something similar to individual seller but with an advantage.

Amazon FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon which allows you to store your inventory on Amazon warehouse.

Everything from picking,packing and dispatch will be handled by the amazon.

You can sell literally anything on amazon find your niche and look out for that particular products in the least price possible.

Send your products to your regional Amazon warehouse and let them handle all the packing and shipping for you.

13. Create a course

Due to the technological advancement opportunities are nonparallel.

No matter wherever you are you can with the help of internet can reach any corner of the world.

Having an opportunity is not restricted to your city or locality.

You can create a course online and monetize your skill. There are various things that you can teach online from blogging, writing, coding, photography, and cooking.

People can choose to learn online from home as it provide you the flexibility and have unlimited option to learn from the best.

With the help of different platform that give you the access to create a course online.

Udemy, Skillshare, and teachable are some of the popular sites that you can use to monetize your course.

14. Niche Website

Make a niche website that can help people make a purchase putting all the relevant content for a potential buyers.

It works similar to a blog or website but with the right product research and promotion you can create good money from it.

These sites generally promote affiliate products of a particular niche like Kids toys, Travel accessories,Home appliances and Kitchen gadgets and target that specific audience to generate sales.

This online money making idea is also good in demand and people can make huge profit from creating a niche website.

15. Web Designing

Designing a website doesn’t always have to be about coding it has become more easy now to design a website.

CMS with easy to use inbuilt functionality make it easy to design stunning websites.

This online job is growing at a high rate and with few hours of work a week you can generate good income.

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16. Facebook Ads Manager

Small businesses are looking for promotion on social media more than ever they have acknowledge the potential of advertisement on social media.

They always look for people who can help run and manage their promotion and reach their target audience.

If you are very much acquainted with running and setting up ads on Facebook this can be a very profitable online job.

You can work for local businesses or enterprises in your city to promote them on Facebook.

There are thousands of tasks available in marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork you can take advantage of.

17. Website testing

A good looking website keeps you engaged makes it easy to navigate but to deliver a website like such that is appealing to the users is a matter of great excellence.

Companies and business often pay users to test their website giving an honest feedback of its structure,layout and how easily accessible the web is.

This is something that determines how successful would be a company or any business will be.

If you like to work remote check website function,speed and layout you can start testing websites online.

There are many sites that hires individual contractors to test websites online and make money from anywhere.

Try to be accurate and precise in giving your feedback in oral and in writing because it will help companies improve the user experience and thrive online.

18. Data Entry Specialist

If you are looking for a legit online jobs that you can make extra cash sitting at home then consider inputting jobs.

Students can monetize their spare time by working few hours during weekend all you need is a computer, a high-speed internet connection and typing speed of 60 WPM.

There are several sites that can hire individual contractors to do all the data entry work online.

If you are a beginner and looking for sites that you can work with click worker and Dion data solutions is a great start for you.

19. Video editing

Are you good at creating videos if you do then there is a high-demand of video editors across several platforms.

You can offer your services to create Youtube videos with the potential of earning $3000-$4000 per month.

Video streaming has become one of the primary choice to gather information and opened a stream of opportunities for editors.

Digital marketplace like Fiverr and Upwork is a good start to get along with the work as you gain more experience you can charge higher.

20. Online personal trainer

This gives you the flexibility to choose your own schedule and the freedom to work wherever you want to.

If you are good at something that people would love to take their time in learning that skill then consider being a personal online trainer.

From cooking, SEO, Personality development, to several others there is a huge list of skills that you can take advantage of video conferencing.

21. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the technical method to arrange your content according to the search preferences.

Anyone with a high-quality SEO skills can help businesses or blogs to get them their preferred exposure online.

Let me help you with an example.

Suppose you own the “Best Restaurant in your city”.

To bring in more customers so people can come and enjoy your meal you have to promote your business in the best possible manner.

How does a SEO Consultant can help?

Someone is looking for the best restaurant on google so a consultant can help optimize put your business on google.

22. Surveys

This is some of the best online opportunity to earn extra cash doing common tasks.

Survey sites have multiple activities that people can take part in from completing surveys, watching TV, playing games,reading emails and testing products.

Sign up with Swagbucks and earn points doing multiple tasks like playing games, searching the web, reading emails, watching TV, and completing surveys.

You will earn points in exchange for the activities you will complete that can easily be redeemed through PayPal.

Some allow you to earn money through testing products sites like i-say, Survey Junkie, Vindale research, and inbox dollar.

23. Retail arbitrage

This allow you to earn some good amount of money if you have knowledge of products (items) and its value.

Items that you may find has huge demand in another place and can get you lot of sales.

You can buy products in bulk that has lower priced than its original value and sell it on online sites,flea markets at a higher price.

Try selling on sites like Ebay and Craiglist.

24. Customer service representative

Now jobs with the option of working from home is no more a dream. The rapid growth of online businesses have created the demand of employees in several fields.

You not only make money as the normal office-going person but also have the advantage to manage everything working from home.

On the other Companies do require someone to communicate with the customers on their behalf and solve their queries.

There are positions available by the name customer service representative, Customer Experience Associate,Customer Engagement Representative and Customer Service Advisor.

Whatever name you call them with they have the duty assigned to manage different tasks keeping in mind the succinct and satisfactory problem solving approach.

25. Scoping

It is necessary to keep record as to what is being said in the court rooms. The legal records plays an important role and also help lawyers prepare for the case.

In any court proceedings the court reporters help record each and every transcription of the verbal communication with the help of a stenograph.

The work it involves require accuracy to check if the transcribed file is 100% and make any necessary changes.

So the Court reporters hires a scopist the task of a scopist is assigned to make the transcript file error free.

Then the scopist works with the transcript to find any mistakes and produce correct original transcript.

25 Legit Online jobs

These are the best 25 legit online jobs that I have compiled so you can choose that suits you the best.

During the pandemic there has been a huge increase in people looking for online jobs that they can sit and work at home.

Take this opportunity to work and decide what is best and also you can scale in that particular field in the future.

Let me know in the comments below what options you consider would have been the best?

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25 Legit Online jobs

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