30 Best online jobs to make money from home in 2020

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30 Best online jobs to make money from home in 2020

A few years ago it was nearly impossible to comprehend any online jobs. Thanks to the internet.

Several opportunities are available that hire individual contractors to do the work online from home and make money.

It was a much-needed thing of the time that has given the opportunity to sit at home and monetize just like any other traditional office going person and earn.

There are several tasks that you can get hired for like Writing content, Web development, Customer service representative, Marketing, and much more.

You can supplement your income for some extra cash or you can build a career online working full-time.

Things have never been so complacent as companies all around the world prefer to hire online that has proven to helpful for both the companies and employees.

This has dramatically increased the employee’s productivity and there is no expense of food and commute.

Looking at this here are some of the companies that I will share with you to help you find some of your favorites.

30 Best Online Jobs

1. Make Money Surfing the web

30 best online jobs

Swagbucks is an online reward program that allows you to earn SB points that can easily be redeemed through PayPal.

From surveys, playing games, watching videos are some of the common ways you can earn SB points.

They also pay for searching the web by doing all the online searches on the Swagbucks browser.

You can switch to the Swagbucks yahoo browser just add the SB browser on your chrome extension.

This will enable you to earn SB points for the searches you will do on its browser.

2. Survey Junkie- 30 Best Online Jobs

30 best online jobs

Survey Junkie is an online survey platform. They will pay you for every survey you complete.

Companies in need of improving their products and services always look for people to take their surveys for which they pay in cash and points.

You can also earn by promoting them through their affiliate program.

3. Vindale Research- 30 Best Online Jobs

30 best online jobs

Vindale research will pay you real cash. Till now Vindale research has paid more than $7 million in cash and counting.

Surveys are one way apart from that there are many ways you can earn money. Some of them are :

  • Surveys
  • Reward Codes
  • Referral Program
  • Read Email
  • Watch Videos

To start getting surveys signup for Vindale research fill up your profile correctly this will help you to get email notifications for surveys and payment.

Complete a set of questions to get matching surveys and the last thing don’t forget to confirm your email.

4. Search Engine Optimization- 30 Best Online Jobs

There are a lot of businesses that want to make their presence online and can pay a sufficient amount of money to get found on search engines.

SEO is the basic fundamental to drive traffic to your content (Blogs, Video, E-Commerce) that helps your business thrive in the online world.

It requires experience to master the skill and if you have been doing this for a while start offering your services online.

You can start by creating a profile on freelancers sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Use social media sites. Join FB groups or ask your friends.

5. Sales Funnel Manager- 30 Best Online Jobs

The process a customer has to pass through different promotional stages that finally ends up in potential sales and leads for businesses.

Let me walk you through the process.

Some people happens to walk by your shop and few decided to walk in, that’s the funnel procedure.

One of them is looking at the rack of jeans. The customer asked you for more designs or variations. – Coming closer to the next funnel.

Customer decided to buy a pair of jeans and walks to the billing counter. He is finally moving towards converting into a sale.

If you consider this may become a potential customer and converts it into a sale you have completed the procedure. Congrats you made a sale

The last and the final funnel

That’s the same procedure any business has to go through converting into sale of products and services.

If you have an expert in this field that there are many options for you to make money.

Companies hire professionals to manage their sales and increase growth. Freelance sites are filled with such opportunities. Fiverr and Upwork

6. Youtube channel manager- 30 Best Online Jobs

Video streaming has become one of the most popular means to gather information in modern times.

Its more convenient, reliable and easy to remember since the launch of video channels a whopping number of people is seen engaged with the platforms.

Millions have joined the platforms where they can teach and learn something of their own choice.

A few years back searching for information on different search engines was the only basic platform available one can get into something to filter anything they like.

Youtube not only revolutionized the way we gather information but it has also become one of the most preferred platforms of every age.

Looking at this if you are looking to start a Youtube Channel comes with different technical requirements that you should work with to be successful.

With the ever-growing demand more and more people are joining in to start a Youtube channel.

Not only to put their content for the general audience but it also allows you to earn an adequate amount of money from it.

Now the Youtube Channel Manager can help you with different aspects of promotional technique, content, SEO, audience, subscribers, and grow exponentially.

Youtube channel Manager is assigned for different tasks that totally depends on the requirements of person to person.

However, they have a very critical skill set who can make a youtube channel thrive from uploading videos, SEO, relevant titles, description, promotions, and several others.

If you have such skills you can earn good money by offering your services online. This job will increase in demand more in the future

A youtube channel manager is assigned to do the following task:

  • Creating thumbnail
  • Uploading videos
  • Optimization
  • Clickable titles
  • Strategy and growth
  • Maintenance and development
  • Analysis and report

If you are familiar with the work then this skill would help you monetize. Fiverr and Upwork is a good place to reach out.

7. Voice Over- 30 Best Online Jobs

Want to get paid for your voice? You can literally get paid for voice acting. You can make money from home recording your voice.

There are several projects for which a person is hired for voice over or voice acting. It’s giving your voice to the meticulous audio presentation.

From commercials, videos, plays, street performance, gaming and many more.

If you want to thrive in doing voice-over you need to spend time polishing your skills that best suits the respective industry.

Several ways to get hired for voice over.

  • Plays
  • Commercials
  • Podcast
  • Animated films
  • Games
  • IVR
  • Dubbing
  • Documentaries

You can start with the companies listed below.


Voicebunny hires voice actors its a great place to start with. Every applicant is required to submit the test get reviewed and lastly start getting work.

They will notify you through email based on your test submission so you don’t have to spend time scrolling for job applications.

They enable you to set your own rate and also get paid for every recording.


They are working since 1966 to provide businesses a means to speak through their phone system.

It’s an online marketplace that allows you to lend your voice in the telephone market.

They have also been recognized as the best voice recording for phone system. Snaprecordings is looking for the best talent in voice over phone system.

To start working with them you have to fill up the sign-up form with some samples that they can easily identify on which category you suit the best.

You can be one of the voice over talent for greetings,on hold messages and voice prompts.


Do you want to make money as a voice artist or looking for opportunities with voice bunny you have the chance to monetize your voice?

You must record your voice with the best audio equipment be active and present to get the job or you may end up loosing projects.

Set your own price based on your experience and you will also receive a message on your email if there is any new projects available.

With voice bunny you can make money for every projects you complete.

Create your free account on voices to get started.

8.Virtual Recruiter- 30 Best Online Jobs

Conducting an interview on a large scale is a herculean task and it cost a lot of time and money.

What if we could reduce the hiring process and manage time and money in a more efficient way.

Small businesses who lack an expert staff recruiting team may find this as a reliable alternative to hire some of the best candidates for their company.

A recruiter helps to find the right candidate fit for the job and work as a middle man between employer and job seeker.

They can further interact with the right candidates and exchange information with each other ( Employer and Employee) without the expense of travel and money.

Conduct interviews and begin the onboarding process remotely or anywhere they like.

A recruiter has to closely pay attention to the introduction of new joinee to their company’s team-mates.

It is also a responsibility to connect the new employee to company’s work ethics and commitment to ensure productivity.

In Short a virtual recruiter plays an important role in the on boarding of talented employees in a reliable cost-effective methods.

This job is growing and has a very good future in the coming years above all you can do these online and make adequate money from being a virtual recruiter.

The requirement for a virtual recruiter to get hired are:

  • Candidate selection
  • Good communication skills
  • Computer skills

A viable online job opportunity sign up with Fiverr and Upwork

9.Facebook Ads Specialist

There is not a single business that can deny the potential of social networking sites. Almost every person is connected with social media sites these days.

Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media platform that has millions of active users.

Yes, You guessed it right you have pretty big market to target your audience and thrive online.

Facebook has given its users the opportunity to market their products and services to specific audience that they would like to grow in.

To successfully run FB Ads is a professional skill to engage your audience and convert them into potential customers.

There are much more technical specifications that you can add to it.

Freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork is a great place to sell your ads gigs.

A Facebook Ads Specialist is entitled to run successful ads campaigns, landing pages, creating graphics, marketing trends, strategy, Building brand awareness, and mostly related digital marketing trends.

10. Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing strategist plays an important role in creating successful email campaigns.

It is the most cost effective method to promote your products and services communicate with your customers and reach your business goals.

This is not only essential for any business to thrive but also allows you to make money planning email campaigns for clients.

They play a very key role in doing the research work to better understand the audience.

The information gathered around different prospects services,competition with which they devise email campaigns,Newsletter to start promoting via Email.

According to the Glassdoor, an Email Marketing expert can make $50000 /YR and can go high up to $100000 /YR as you gain some more experience.

Lots of marketplace that allow you to register and market your skills some of them are Fiverr,Upwork and Flexjobs.

Promote your gigs on Fiverr and Upwork

11. Online Moderator

More and more people are associated with online activities nowadays.

Where it is much more convenient for the general audience it is also important to make the internet safe protect it from activities that pose a threat to the online community.

Fake content poses a serious threat to the community. It is one such place that can make anything spread like wildfire things which are misleading and harmful.

From social media sites,online forums and chat rooms are some of the places that need to be regularly checked or scanned for any ill behavior.

The online moderator will spend their time monitoring social media sites like FB post,comments that are posted on various platforms, web and chat rooms.

Moderators will remove the posts that goes against the community guidelines make necessary changes and suggest things to be in correct manner.

There are a few companies that you can apply for the job.


Join yelp as a community with hundreds of remote employees and explore corporate work experience from home.

Only available in selected US cities click to see if you are living in one of these cities.


Crisp stops anything which is harmful and take necessary action that can damage social platform, enterprise, and businesses.

Online combined with fake news is a deadly combination. Things which are misleading can damage anyone and poses a threat to the society.

Social media platforms,forums,apps and online groups have seen an influx of harmful content.

This is not only a threat to people but poses a serious challenge to online browsing and the way we gather information from the internet.

Fortunately many companies have come up in defiance of online harmful content.

Since its inception in 2005 chrispthinking has been at the forefront to tackle cyber bullying, rumors,hate comments,fake news and threats.

On their journey of more than 15 years their advance technology and AI human intelligence are working to make online browsing more safe and reliable for the community.

They are regularly looking for experts to be a part of their team and make money while working from home.

ICUC Social

In a fast-changing world social media plays an important role in the life of an individual or enterprise.

ICUC is a team of social media experts that offer services on different social media management services.

The list includes community management,social listing and reporting,review management, social content,strategy and moderation.

If you like spending your time on social media then you can work on moderation services. You can Apply for social media management services on ICUC Social.

12. Translator

As the world is becoming more and more advanced we are coming closer together as a one-world community.

Despite the fact that we all share one common progenitor and the human value that binds us together we still lack one common boundary that is language.

Language is the key to people’s heart. Language and communication is the 2 main prospects to build a strong and healthy relationship with fellow human beings.

It plays a vital role in our daily lives,businesses,career and manage how we convey messages.

There have been a growth in translation works and has opened new opportunities to freelance translators.

You should be an expert in another language and your native language and the work involves translating written documents.

There are many sites that hire translators to do the work online and make money.If you have interest in language and translation this may be the best online job for you.

Argos Multilingual

So far you have a brief description of the kind of work a translator is involved in. Argos multilingual started in 1996 is a highly esteemed language service provider

.They work with over 2000 translators and provide services in a variety of fields life sciences, technical, financial, manufacturing and medical.

They are looking for talented and skillful freelance translators. Argos multilingual hires translators for subject matter experts.

With them you have the opportunity to work and they also provide you the necessary training than can help you thrive in translation works.


Transperfect provides services in a variety of industries finance, legal, energy, medical, life sciences, and entertainment.

Working with over 170 languages and more than 5000 native-speaking linguistic.

Verbal Ink

This company offers services in transcription, voice-over, writing, subtitling, and translation.

They are looking for talented individuals to join their team if you would like to work for English translation send you profile at jobs@verbalink.com

Send your resume in Microsoft word and cover letter in PDF format.


Business owners hire individuals to record financial transaction and you can do this online.

To run a business smoothly it is one of the essential tasks that bookkeepers provide.

You can earn good money by offering services to businesses if you love working with numbers.

Tasks includes keeping financial records in order,record income and expenses, make financial reports and collecting payments.

You should invest in some free classes to learn the skills of a bookkeeper and carry out the task more efficiently.

This is a free class that will help you how to be your own boss and make money from home.

You don’t require a college degree to start.

Belay solutions

If you are good at numbers you can work online for belay solutions.

You will be assigned with the task such as track expenses,account payable, donations and other financial transactions.

Other than that produce reports and balance sheets,manage weekly bill pay,reconcile bank accounts,credit cards,process payroll and processing invoices.

Working on your own comfort can never be easier.

Accounting Department

The accounting department is a leader in bookkeeping and controller services outsourcing firm.

They hire experienced bookkeepers to pay bills, receive amounts, maintain expenses, payroll, and inventory.

Click Accounts

Click accounts is a BPO Business Process Outsourcing in Bookkeeping and accountant.

Send in your resume to this email- Careers@clickaccounts.com

14.Wordpress Consultant

It’s easy to start a website without an iota of knowledge of coding. Simply you don’t have to be an expert on complex coding skills.

Whether you are planning to start an eCommerce store, Personal blog, or staffing website with the help of a content management system you can put your content online.

There are many in and outs to successfully run a website that you may face in the long run and that can hamper your progress.

This is where a WordPress consultant comes in with lot of technical skills in their hand that can save your time and money.

The WordPress consultant will provide you an extensive support in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), its overall performance, security, Page’s speed and insight.

Apart from providing support on technicalities they can plan your sales funnel, email-marketing, marketing and promotion.

If you are the one who is a tech savvy and love to work on websites (WordPress) this online job will allow you to monetize your spare time and make money.

The demand for WordPress consultant is growing everyday with the ever-growing online businesses and has opened a pool of opportunities for freelancers.

If you happen to be a WordPress expert you can make money from home. Signup with freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork

15.Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide various services to business owners from their own comfort and flexible schedule.

They help their clients with doing the administrative tasks across several fields there are more than 150+ tasks a virtual assistant can offer.

There is a long list from social media management, Data entry, Email Marketing, Website management, Scheduling Appointment, and digital marketing/promotion.

With the growth of online businesses and the increase in marketing and promotions has given rise to several tasks that businesses look for someone who can manage them.

Companies and upcoming businesses are regularly looking for talented, hard-working individuals who has knowledge of social media and spend their time on the internet.

Someone who is a tech savvy and manage tasks across various fields you can reach out to businesses in your city and offer your services.

This is the online job that is growing in demand and is very popular among the youth with a remote job option.

You can also start your virtual assistant business online for that I recommend you to join the course of “gina horkey”.

Gina Horkey is a successful businesswoman and teaches you how to start a virtual assistant ” 30 days or less to virtual assistant success

  • Proofreading
  • Data entry
  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • Editing
  • Writing

You can find virtual assistant’s jobs from the following companies.

Belay solutions

Belay started back in 2010 is a group of hard-working, talented, and smart individuals who happens to be an energetic digital workforce offering services across many fields.

They have their head office in Atlanta and employees spread across many states in the U.S.

Belay solutions offer services in 4 different category virtual assistants, virtual bookkeeping, website specialist, and social media strategist.

If you interested in any of the following fields mentioned you can apply for the remote position.

Go to career’s section and click apply to submit your applications they require you to pass the test and based on how you did on the test they will offer clients to work.

24/7 Virtual Assistant

During the period of time, everything has changed dramatically the way people work and do business.

Not only everything is more reliable but it has changed to the remote you can work from home and offer services to business or enterprise.

One such place is 24/7 Virtual Assistants where you can join and start working for the clients offering administrative tasks to businesses.

If you want to work for 24/7 you are required to send your resume at email careers@247virtualassistant.com.

You have to work for 20-120 hours and can earn up to $10-12 hours hour.

Fancy hands

They are US-based virtual assistant that is looking for individual who can handle tasks across several fields.

Work with fancy hands includes Making phone calls, Scheduling appointments, Data entry and finding the best deals possible.

If you have good communication skills, a computer, and a reliable internet connection, who can work across several fields and quick and is responsive in handling situation.

The tasks are worth anywhere from $3.00 to $7 per task and go up from there Payments go out every other week.

16. Selling Online

Selling online has never been easier you can start this as a side job and when you have actually mastered the skills as a successful online seller you can quit your job.

What exactly you want to sell?

There is tremendous potential if you want to sell online whatever you would like to begin with you will find customers who will buy your stuff.

You can start selling online from home and grow your business exponentially as there are thousands of items that you can choose from.

From toys, gift items, fashion, grocery, antiques, electronics, home appliances or it can be anything that you are passionate about the most.

Online selling has different business models and has its own structure associated with it like dropshipping, retail arbitrage, wholesaling, and your private label product.

Do a complete research of the products that you are going to sell.

Amazon is a great place to start and is recognized the world over you can choose to sell as an individual seller or go with Amazon FBA.

Shopify is also a platform to sell online they give you a 14-day free trial and earn money.

17.Online Teaching

Teaching online is increasing in demand and has open stream of opportunity on various subjects.

You can bring your creative sense to another platform that will allow millions to access and learn something new.

If you are an expert on any subject that people would love to learn about what better option you have other than going online?

There are many popular platforms that allow you to create your course online from home and make money.

These are not only a reliable source with which you can make money but also start your own course.

From teaching English to non-native speakers to teaching photography, Blogging, SEO, art, Cooking and the list goes on and on.

VIPKID pays you to teach English online at an average rate of $22 per hour. A quick easy setup is all you need to teach English online from home.

Skillshare is another platform which allow you to create your own course teaching your skill and earn money.

Teachable is also a great place to start they allow you to easily create your course online and make money.

18. Website Testing

You can start testing the website online and make money from your home.

Business or entrepreneurs are joining the digital world that is fast, reliable, and the most effective method to scale your business.

On the other hand coming up with the best layout,design and features is not an easy task.

You must have come across some websites that is ill-build, not user friendly and gives a wrong impression of the company itself.

Business or enterprise pay users to give feedback about the website design, layout and other features.

There are many platforms that pay you to test website providing an honest feedback in oral and written.

This helps them to improve and come up with something better that is helpful in providing good user experience.

Some of the well-known sites that pay you to test websites from home and make money.

19 Apps to Make Money


Make money with Paribus.Signup with your new email account and download the app on your device.

You purchase goods from the supported online store It will give you back money for any potential price drops in that item.

Refunds you money if there is a drop in the price.

Trim app

Trim helps you cut down Internet bills saves you from unwanted subscriptions finding better car insurance.

It will analyze your account and guide you from any potentials savings.


Shop with Rakuten and earn cashback and a referral program that can get you $25 for every successful referral. Go check it out.

20. Transcription

If you are a good listener and can write exactly what you hear then this can be your best online job so far.

So what exactly is a transcription?

Transcription is a process of converting audio files into written documents and yes you can do it online from home or anywhere you like.

An audio file will play you have to listen and type precisely what you hear. This require you to be excellent in English and work in detail.

There are many sites that allow you to work remotely but they also require you to have some experience in this field.

In you are just starting out the pay can be less as compared to someone who has been working for long and have good experience transcribing files.

If you would like to start your career in transcription if can strongly recommended you to join transcribe anywhere.

Transcribeanywhere is a platform that teaches beginners the required skill to become an experienced transcriber.

21. Proofreading

Any written document before it goes into printing someone will have it checked twice or maybe thrice.

So what work does a proofreader is involved in?

It is a process of making any written document error free to check if there is any grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

This is a type of work that requires you to be good in English and detailed enough to catch any mistakes or error.

There are many sites that hire online proofreaders and is one of the fastest growing online jobs.

Some companies do require you to have some experience because the type of work is involved requires some good skills and to be done within time-frame.

If you looking to start working as an experienced proofreader you should invest in some quality course that can help you excel in this field.

Caitlyn pyle is an expert proofreader and has been teaching individuals How to learn the skill online and start making money from home.

You will learn how to transform your passion for words and reading into a thriving proofreading business in as little as 30 days.

Join her 76 minutes free workshop and check for yourself if its good work for you and build your own business.

22. Data Entry

This is one of the online jobs that doesn’t require you have a college degree and with excellent English and fast typing you can begin.

The data entry work involves inputting data in a computer with good computer knowledge so you can complete the work more efficiently.

You should be able to use the Spreadsheets,word documents,power points and all google products.

There are legit data entry jobs that hire individual contractors to work remotely and make money from home.

Its good to have some experience but some may allow you to start even if you are a complete beginner.

Clickworker and diondata solutions is a great start for you.

There are many online data entry sites that hire freelancers to do the work remotely.

23.Freelance writing

Starting out as a freelance writer is a great way to monetize your spare time as there is the demand of writers more than ever.

Growing business online has created a wave of opportunities for freelance writers that allow you to make money from home.

Choose your niche that you would like to write on as there are multiple topics that can get you hundreds of clients coming in.

Start promoting within your friends contact local business,newspapers,local magazines and every possible means that can get you started.

There are hundreds of sites that hires writers from blogs,news magazines,job portals,food blogs and the list goes on and on.

If you are looking forward to start your own writing business you should invest in a course. I can recommend you take the course of “Holly Johnson”

Holly Johnson is a professional blogger and columnist she will teach you how to become a writer find and land the perfect writing job.

Join her Free Workshop A Course for Online Freelance Writers Earn More Writing and learn “How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Career

Sign up with Fiverr and Upwork


Blogging can be your ultimate way to make money but before you start there are few things that I would like to share with you.

The opportunity is endless as a blogger and you have ways to monetize a blog and thrive online.

You have to be very precise about what you are writing and bring something on the table that the audience can relate to it.

You have to choose a niche it will determine how and what are you going to write targeting a specific audience.

It can be anything that you feel associated with it like SEO, Blogging, E commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle and How to things.

There are few other things that you require to put together to get your blog up and running and start your blogging journey.

Many platform are available that allow you to start a blog without having the knowledge of coding.

WordPress is recommended as it the best CMS content management system that has powered over 30% of online content.

Its drag and drop function makes it really easy to make a website/blog and you can manage all your content in one place.

Some other requirements are domain and hosting.

Domain is web address that you need to send your visitors to your blog like www.yourblog.com.

The content you will write require a storage space which is why a hosting is required and I would recommend you to buy hosting from “Bluehost”.

Bluehost is more reliable,affordable and with a great customer support and they also provide you a free domain for one year for free.


You must have come across sites asking you to download your free E-Book in exchange for your email?

What makes e-books in such a huge demand?

The traditional way of writing a book involves a very long process it has to go through editing,publishing and printing.

You have to promote and market it all by yourself.

E-Books on the other hand can be easily created with some of the popular tools available online.

It is easy to access and one can read it on their digital devices smartphones and tablets.

There is a large audience that prefer to go with e-books rather than a printed books because most often people like to get a brief ideas of something in a very short note.

It is easy to write but you always have the option of getting your work done (Freelance Writers)once it is complete you can give its download link on your site.

You can also choose to sell from third-party like Amazon kindle publishing. They do charge a fees whenever you make a sale.

With Amazon kindle you can increase your sales and also reach your target audience

Amazon kindle, Sendowl will give you the tool to host your ebook online.

26.Affiliate Marketing

In this process, you generally recommend other people’s product or services that you personally think is good and satisfactory.

To be a successful affiliate marketer you require a blog where you may provide detailed content promoting people’s products.

People generally look for an item or services from where that they can literally make a purchase after having being convinced.

No one would simply click on your link and buy products if its not satisfactory or up to the mark.

Take the example of “10 Best headphones” you gave a detailed review of its specifications and features bringing the audience to conclusion.

The Affiliate Marketing is a process of recommending someone’s product and services for a small percentage of commission.

That you make on every potential purchase of product or service you send to the merchants website.

Let me make it more simple for you guys we can further divide it into three categories.

The manufacturer or merchant an affiliate network and third is the publisher.

A manufacturer who generally produces the product is the maker who designs and make it ready to sell in the market.

The producer who has products in bulk in order to sale their products they sign up with different affiliate network.

A Publisher who can sign up with affiliate network and choose their products they want to promote.

There are multiple affiliate network that allow you to sign and promote their products.

Awin, Maxbounty, Amazon Affiliate, Shareasale are quite good options to start affiliate marketing.

27.Online Courses

Are you an expert in any topic that people would love to learn from this can be a great way to make money creating an online course.

It can be anything like how to start a small business, personality development, Freelance writing, Virtual Assistant, and Blogging.

This is something like in a continuous process whenever someone buys your course you make money.

There are many platforms available on the internet that allow you to make videos edit and compile all together for the audience.

Teachable, Skillshare and Udemy allows you to host your course and sell.

28.Social media manager

There is a surge in demand of social media manager if you are spending most of your time on these social sites then social media manager is a good choice for you.

Companies and small businesses are using social media more than ever it has great potential to drive the sale of products and services.

Due to the technological advancement social sites have made things very easy to connect,communicate and engage with the audience.

Companies often look for someone who is young,talented and work remotely promoting,running ads,reply to comments and analytics that can be proven helpful in increasing productivity.

A business page on Facebook can be helpful enough to get you a job or you can try consulting local business.

29.Graphic designer

Graphic designers are required to make promotions materials, logo, Social media templates, and flyers.

If you have an eye for design and know how to use tools like Canva or PicMonkey, there’s an online job waiting for you.

Creating beautiful Pinterest and other social media images is in high demand among bloggers and website owners and can help almost any business attract fresh traffic to their website.

If this is something you would like to learn, consider taking this free course to learn how to make images that get shared on Pinterest.

You can start your freelance work on Fiverr, Upwork, Envato marketplace, and 99designs.

30.Flipping Domain

There is an immense potential online and has opened streams of opportunities where you can make money online working from home.

Flipping domain is also one of the best ways to earn money online.

How can you make money flipping domain?

You have to invest on domains buy domain names for a very low price and sell it on the marketplace at a much higher price.

You have to be selective and a bit creative choose domain names that are easy to remember, brandable, and attractive.

Domain names like business.com and internet.com have been sold at a much higher price $345 million and $18 million respectively.

You have to be extremely lucky for that price but still you have a significant potential if the name is short and memorable.

There are several sites that you can register your domain names namely Godaddy and Namecheap.

With the right marketing technique and patience you can make potential amount of money.

One such popular site where you can park your domains to sell is Flippa. Flippa is an online marketplace that allow you to sell online business,Apps,Websites and Domains.

You can start with Flippa if you have any to sell.

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Conclusion- 30 Best Online Jobs

These are the best online jobs that I have compiled for you hoping to make it easy to get started with your dream online job.

To build a career online takes time and patience. Do share your views on what is your best online job that you would love to work for?

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30 best online jobs to work from home

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