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Hey, I am a Pinterest Marketer have been using Pinterest for a long time its the best place to grow as a beginner and that too fast. I Love using Pinterest, It has so much to offer, a Visual Search Engine Where a Person gets an Overview before getting into Something So, Here is the thing What will you Learn.

  1. Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account
  2. Rich Pins
  3. Pinterest SEO
  4. Create Professional Looking Images
  5. Tailwind
  6. Schedule Your Pins
  7. Grow your content with smart loop
  8. Grow faster with Tailwind tribes
  9. Social Media Presence


If You are a beginner, Starting a blog or have a small business then a Pinterest Business Account is all you need Before You get into this it is very much necessary that you have a Pinterest Business Account, We will learn how to set up a Pinterest business account. It will give you access to the most advanced features to your account. Create Your Pinterest Business Account


Overview: Analytics Overview gives you a wide range of the report, Your content types, claimed accounts, devices, and sources.

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Close Ups
  • Link Clicks
  • Saves
  • Engagement Rates
  • Close Up Rates
  • Link Click Rates
  • Save Rates
  • Total Audience
  • Engaged Audience

Audience Insight: The most Popular Categories and Interest of your audience


Rich Pins is Something You will Love to see Its Simply adds more detailed content to any type of pins. Product Pins, Foods Pins, Articles, etc


SEO is Simply a Search Engine Optimization which Key phrases you type in to explore more about that content So, here is an example of Pinterest SEO. The Results are shown in the search bar looking for a topic to explore. You can use Google Keyword Planner it’s very easy also check out the Pinterest keyword research


Pinterest usually puts Preference to those pins which are well Optimized with an aspect ratio of 2:3 recommended pin size is 600*900. Always create Pins that are vertical. You can design your pins using Canva which is a great tool full of templates and easy to Use. Go Create Your Pins


Lots of People have started using Pinterest and is growing fast, it means lots of content so to be seen and get others people attention you have to pins at least 20-30 pins daily and pin consistently yaa it sometimes gets boring and time-consuming. Here is a piece of good news this is where you need a Scheduler. Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler tool which makes pinning very easy and fast you can pin 100 or more pins at once with just the click of a button, It has a lot more features

  • Schedule your pins
  • Grow your content with smart loop
  • Grow faster with tailwind tribes

Scheduling your Pins

Scheduling Your pins make things much easier It’s Scheduling your Pins in a Queue before they are being published on Pinterest just view and add your Pin posts to tailwind scheduler arrange them in order in respective boards and start scheduling its also suggest the best time to pin

Tailwind Pin Scheduling for Pinterest

Grow your Content with Smart Loop

Sharing Your Pins are alive the year-round how cool is that Sharing your best content at the best time for engagement always keeping your content active So, Smart Loop makes it very easy to Re-share your great pins for an engagement at the best suitable time Do You see the magic of Pinterest

Tailwinds Tribes

Join the tribe where you meet people in your niche to help each other grow ultimately making your reach grow fast. Tailwind tribes make it easy to grow together fast with people in the same niche or relevant content


Social Media is a daily part of your life to keep your content active and meet new people be a part of it by joining facebook group and pages. People are active in social media where you are putting forward to people to get access to things easily and Facebook is one of it. Join relevant groups

Pinterest Group Boards in Facebook

Share your pages/Pins in Pinterest group Boards(Facebook) and make it easy for people. Do Check Out these Pinterest groups and Increase engagement with people


  • Pinterest Business Account
  • Pinterest SEO
  • Design Great Pins
  • Tailwind
  • Social Media

So here are the methods that is used to grow on Pinterest fast

How To Grow On Pinterest Fast

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