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Its a growing demand of people that they are very keen to know what is it Well how about the fastest growing social networking search engine Yaa like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter but Pinterest is a way long different from these more than 50 percent of sales is driven by Pinterest because it is giving you a visual overview of the product, services in many ways that anyone can imagine.

Its a social network where users can bookmark images by pinning them and saving them to boards its estimated value is $10 billion, users find new ideas simply by following friends, Influencers and brands it sells promoted pins to advertisers at $3 per user last year

250 million people use Pinterest every month and 2/3 of its users are women but the recent trend has seen a fifty percent rise in the year 2018 itself are men.

It’s a whole new level now Pinterest can offer almost anything you name it they have it


Just get familiar with Pinterest Personal account and get to know your new social friend by filling up the fields:

  • E-Mail:- Type in your E-mail
  • Password:- Type in your Password

You have to select five topics based on your interest which you want Pinterest to show in your feed choose relative topics which you want to learn or know about


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important simply choosing the right term for you to save your pins to board or yourself to be seen So that people can easily find you when looking for a topic


If you have an online presence blogger, Marketer, E-Commerce, or of any kind you wish to reach more people then having a Pinterest business account is a must. Pinterest is a significant marketing tool which will help you grow Organically, Increase interaction with users, boosts sales, and help grow your brand

Create your Pinterest business Account

Add the required fields it’s totally free you will get to use tools like Analytics and your own business profile don’t worry you won’t lose your pins, boards, followers or go to

Complete your Pinterest Profile

After you have successfully created your account now complete your profile make sure you fill in the correct information so that users can easily find you.

Claim Your Website

Your business name, profile picture, username, and description should sync and reflect your brand identity

Claiming your account will unlock more exciting features Analytics, logo, access to tools and many more to help you with that to be able to edit your website’s HTML code. A quick guide to claiming your website


First, you have to Create Boards this is where you save all of the content and let others explore, choose a descriptive keyword to name your board which will showcase the particular topic you can have different boards such as DIY, Ideas, How to, etc.


Its time to start pinning, you can hover on the image which you want to save to respective board a list of dropdown boards will appear and click save don’t forget to describe your pin

Pinterest Marketing

It’s very helpful to use Pinterest for marketing and would substantially Increase your followers but if you follow certain tips If you want to grow your small busines

  • Share your Pinterest Profile on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Join Facebook Groups
  • Follow your competitors
  • Keywords and Hashtags
  • Connect with Influencers

Social media Scheduling

Social media scheduling is very helpful its schedule posts and keeps your work organized. It saves your time you can simply schedule your post before you post them


It helps you post your content in advance and check your growth


It is my favorite and would like to recommend you as well with this you can not only schedule your posts in advance, it also provides you analytics of your Pinterest profile, It helps its users know what content is doing well and also gives suggestions to what time it is best to pin

Image designing tools

Image designing tools help you create edit and design eye-catching images for social media platforms which help grab the attention of people. Consider one of the following


It allows you to create amazing images, Posters, Flyers from its stock Images, Graphics, Template and Icons


It has more advanced image editing tools like masking and mirroring

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