How to start affiliate marketing: Work from home

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How to start affiliate marketing: WORK FROM HOme

Affiliate Marketing is growing at a very rapid speed worldwide with 10.1% annually in affiliate market spending in the US alone and is estimated to hit $6.8 billion marks by the year 2020.

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting or rather you choose to promote someone’s product with the intention of helping others, anything you promote shall cater to the need of a potential customer instead of just putting links randomly on your blog or article.

Selecting your niche is a crucial part means in what category which you love the most can actively participate in engaging with the readers.

Here are some examples for you:-

Outdoorgearlab : They give reviews of outdoor gears eg- bags, bikes, shoes and several others.

Snapsort : They review cameras and compare.


Affiliate marketing is suitable for all ages and can start affiliate marketing from the comfort of your home.

Optimization for conversion

To get into this business you need to understand the market its trend and thoroughly optimized in order to drive a sale.

Promoting a product which you cannot define or a reason for the suggestion is worthless.

People search the web looking for a product, services will they choose something which has zero value in it the answer is no so, make sure you add value to your posts.

Here you will need a proper research. Basic knowledge of SEO Search engine optimization is very much necessary in order for you to thrive in affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

As I have mentioned earlier

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting or rather you choose to promote someone’s product with the intention of helping others, anything you promote shall cater to the need of a potential customer instead of just putting links randomly on your blog or article.

Affiliate Marketing is a system in which you promote a product or services to earn Income for every sale you drive through the affiliate network.

Affiliate Marketing has seen massive growth with the rise of digital marketing trend

  • Increase in Sale
  • Fast Growth
  • Cost-Effective

How to start affiliate marketing?

Start a blog

For you, to getting started with affiliate marketing the best method is to start your own blog, for that, you require a domain and hosting.


A domain is a web address or simply an online identity where users can access your website.

You can easily register your own domain name from these domain service provider.




Hosting is a service to put your web page online or services required to put your content on the internet.

You can easily register to host with Bluehost the best hosting service provider.

Easy way to start

Sign up for Amazon Associate. Amazon is a world-renowned company which has an affiliate program easy to join and trusted by millions.

The ideal affiliate for anyone to begin with which has thousands of products to promote. From fashion, home appliances, gifts, gadgets, travel and many more


Rehub multipurpose money making hybrid theme

I personally use this theme with this theme you can easily create top set pages, comparison pages ideal for conversion.

Rehub is a multipurpose theme which has modern features suitable for any profitable website you can use them singly or can combine them all in one site.

Go Check it Out

  • Highest conversion- Top set page, verses page
  • Comparison- Compare different products
  • Affiliate Module- Share a sale, Amazon, Awin
  • Reviews


  • Content Egg
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Envato
  • Import Demo
  • Rehub-Theme

The content egg is a premium plugin for an affiliate website which makes adding affiliate products much easier to activate the plugin you need to add your API Keys.

It also has an Autoblogging feature which enables the plugin to create posts with relevant content.

Bonus plugin

  • WP Bakery page builder
  • RH Grandchild
  • Woocommerce
  • Slider Revolution
  • RE-Hub frontend publishing pro
  • Layered popups
  • Buddymember
  • Cloaking link
  • Woo Tools
  • WP All Import
  • WP All Import(content egg)


WZone multipurpose product import plugin

An all in one product import plugin which makes your work easy you can import products with all its variations with a single click.

SEO-search engine optimization

SEO is the key to be successful in Affiliate Marketing proper keyword research is very much necessary to get visitors onto to your website.

SEO is a technique of optimizing your website or page for allowing the search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and Yandex to find your page in their search results

Ways to Optimization

1. On-Page SEO- Providing good content right keyword selection title optimization.

2 Off-Page SEO- Off-page SEO includes other than the web optimization, submission blogs to question and answer forum, back-linkings, Sharing it on social media sites.

Ideal for conversion


Write product reviews help people make a decision Share your experience with the product.

Know your products examine yourself before you write reviews of the products.

Search the web find relevant affiliate program and join.

Top set pages

Post articles of “Top 10 laptops under $500”


Comparing two products eg:- “Canon vs sony” cameras comparison of printers.

Promote products

There are many ways you can promote your affiliate products here are some best methods you can focus on.

Promote it on social media, Social media is a great place where you can post your affiliate articles.

Write a post on your blog about the product and share it on social media, create a page specifically for your blog where people can easily access your content.

You can also create ads on social media promoting your page targetting the desired audience

Promote products by adding ads and banners on your blog

Blogging is a very useful method which you can start promoting your products by writing reviews, in-depth detail, sharing your experience with others the pros and cons.

Compare different products and the best selling products

Increase site traffic

Increase your site’s traffic. It requires some time to grow so you need to have some patience.

Now you need a Pinterest account it will massively increase your site traffic to the desired level many bloggers and marketers use Pinterest to increase their page views so do you.

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Pinterest is a very good way to increase site traffic it has over 250 million monthly users a visual search engine encouraging 90% of active Pinterest users to make a purchase decision

Sign up for different affiliate network

Once your website starts getting the traffic you can sign up for more Affiliate Networks. Here is a list of Affiliate Network to Join.

Rakuten LinkShare
CJ Affiliate

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Some things to remember it is mandatory to disclose in every page where you have affiliate links according to the “FTC” rules.

Direct linking is not allowed if you choose to work with Amazon.

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