How to Wear a Suit: 30 Suit Style Ideas for Men

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How to Wear a Suit: 30 Suit Style Ideas for Men

Man’s Obsession with suits is not new. It is the most desired set of clothing for men that he would love to adorn himself with on Any Occasion.

The required element to give give you the best finish is a well-tailored suit. There are many things to consider when you choose to wear a perfect and well-dressed suit.


Whenever you give your measurement avoid tight-fitting trousers or badly shaped dress. A perfect measurement will only give you the best fit. Choose one of the best fitting dress when you go for measurement.


Avoid over length trousers this will create a bad image and your hand constantly on your trousers pulling up. Keep it till the shoe or more preferably on your ankle. Have to reveal thigh and leg but not enough tight-fitting


An Inch of your shirt should always be visible when you put on a Jacket. Get some great shirt


Now comes the important part of how would you love to wear a jacket.

  • Single Breasted
  • Double Breasted

To give it a more classy look single-breasted is perfect to go with and has to be long enough to cover the lower abdomen.

If you choose to give it a corporate look go with double-breasted and the same applies here. Long Jacket up to the Zippers.

Only use the middle button of your jacket and let open the rest and always unbutton your Jacket when you sit.


Matching your belt and shoes this can be more attractive for people and a style charismatic.

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Choose your tie in contrast with your suit. If you are not sure how to then check how color psychology works. Make your tie and lapel of similar size(width) this will give you an overall attractive look. Tie Knot not too big nor small must be of medium size.


Choose a reliable sleek and slim undergarment. If you happen to sweat a lot it is good to invest in a nice pair of undergarments.

It will not only stop your garments from sweat but gives you a great fit Irresistibly Outstanding.

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