Legit Data Entry Jobs to make money from home in 2020

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Legit Data Entry Jobs to make money from home in 2020

Legit Data Entry Jobs

Looking for something worth working for in your spare time? Legit data entry jobs to make money is a viable option to work from home.

Let me show you some of the best legit sites you can leverage your spare time to make some extra money in 2020.

Companies are looking for talented and hard-working people they can hire to do remote jobs.

Being a part of the digital workforce provides you sustainability and extensive growth in a variety of opportunities.

If your work has been satisfactory they not only appreciate your work but reach out to you again and again.

Gone are the days when people hustle to find some online part-time jobs. Now you can stay at home work online full time and make an adequate amount of income.

There has been substantial growth in online work and is expected to grow at a much higher rate.

So preparing yourself to work from home for the countless number of opportunities is an important thing to consider.

Moving on companies hire individuals contractors for transcription, proofreading, writing, and Data entry.

What is Data Entry?- legit data entry jobs

Have you ever been given a task to organize something or make a massive list in chronological order?

This is no other than that hunt and peck of data in a computer or a document file system.

The first thing before you can access data entry jobs is to find a legit data entry services provider that you can build your trust on.

Here is a list of some of the legit data entry service providers where you can apply to benefit the remote jobs.

Skills required for data entry remote Jobs- legit data entry jobs

Data entry is a job that does not require a formal qualification whereas a person with basic knowledge can do the work much efficiently.

Let’s have a look at some of the skills required to excel as a data entry contractor.

Well acquainted with the google tools

Accuracy and speed matter the most. It is a typing job that has to be completed within the time frame so an average speed of 40 words per minute and above is considered best for data entry remote jobs.

Basic computer skills will help you properly format the work there is no need to be a software engineer or tech geek.

Good understanding of Google products such as Excel and spreadsheets. You should be able to use these properly and efficiently.

1. Flex Jobs

legit data entry jobs

The first priority is to find some legitimate remote jobs. Flex Jobs make it easy to find endless opportunities for remote Jobs.

To avoid any scams flex jobs make sure that they are thoroughly inspected.

Not only that they go through each and every detail of the company before any job listing is made live for you to apply.

Access a huge list of flexible remote, part-time and freelance jobs on flex jobs.

It is not like any other board where you can possibly be duped with scams So you have to pay a subscription of $14.95 per month.

2. Axion Data Services

legit data entry jobs

A good place to monetize your data entry skills. Independent contractors who want to work remotely must have 2-3 years of experience in data entry services.

The average typing speed of a contractor should be 50 words per minute.

If you live in the United States you can apply to axion data for remote work. A computer or a laptop and a fast internet connection is all you need.

They will check you if you are eligible for the job and on approval you are allowed to access their job board.

To benefits the opportunity of remote jobs you have to register yourself on axion data services for a nominal amount of $5-7.

3.DionData Solutions

legit data entry jobs

Good opportunity for students, stay home moms and freelancers.

If you are a resident of the United States and looking for data entry jobs to work from home.

You can apply through the company’s email.

Your application will be reviewed by the company employees upon approval then will send you a notification on the provided email address.

4.Micro workers

legit data entry jobs

As the name suggests you will be paid for every given microtask. You can complete the task in a few minutes and earn real cash.

There is a wide range of job types that you can also benefit from surveys, transcription, application testing, research studies, and data entry.

Paypal users you need at least $9 plus transfer fees and $20 for Payoneer.


legit data entry jobs

A mobile or a computer with a high-speed internet connection is all you need to start earning from clickworker.

surveys, research, proofreading, and editing are few other job types you can also access to work from home.

To leverage this opportunity signup on clickworker and complete your profile.

You will be given some test work depending on how efficiently you performed on the test this will allow you to receive more high paying Jobs.

.Now based on your test you can access a huge list of jobs on your clickworker dashboard.

They pay you weekly or monthly.

6. Working Solutions

legit data entry jobs

Working solutions is a dedicated work from home jobs portal. They give you a reliable and flexible job opportunity to make money from home.

The process to get hired as an independent contractor for working solutions.

Apply and take the test before you can proceed any further.

You will receive an email notification if you are accepted or rejected in the next 24 hours of your test submission.

If you are approved a link to the job portal will be provided where you are further required to provide some more information.

It may take up to a few weeks where you can literally apply for the jobs.

7. Sigtrack

legit data entry jobs

Sigtrack is currently hiring independent contractors to work from home. Remote jobs like processing data entry to make money with the flexibility of your own time and schedule.

They only hire is you are a resident of the United States.

8.Kendall creek communications

Kendall creek communications is a pioneer in providing services like data accumulation, transcription, and research.

They are hiring independent contractors for transcription and other services.

Flexibility to work from home is a viable option for independent contractors.

If you would like to work with Kendall creek communications send your resume with full details.

  • Experience
  • Availability
  • Time and place
  • Computer skills

Their dedicated team will review your application and only chosen applicants will be eligible to benefit the remote job.

However, the test involves some simple task and you can work on minimum pay depending on how efficiently you complete the work you can expect a substantial growth.

They have an opening for a various job check the site on a continuous basis.

9.The smart crowd

Do you want to escape the 9-5 hustle then working for a remote job is all you need.

The freedom to work from home with the flexibility of time and your own means.

To be eligible to work for the smart crowd you need to pass the test online so that they can check your skills.

10. Birch creek communications

Birch creek communications have been in the business for 13 years and providing remote jobs like Data entry.

Transcription, research, and data processing are other remote jobs you can apply as well.

Pay is dependent on how well you perform your task. Work from home opportunity not to miss. Check their job board on a regular basis.

To apply you have to send a detailed application providing the relevant information the job you are seeking.

  • Experience
  • Availability
  • Computer/Laptop

Next, your application will be reviewed by the company employees.

They hire you at a minimum payout and gradually allows you to grow depending on how you perform.

11.Capital typing

Capital typing along with data entry jobs you have plenty of other options like translation, administration, transcription, market research, and writing services.

Opportunity to work from home for several other remote jobs.

They don’t have a current opening for data entry jobs but still, a proper application can help you get a remote job.

Send your application to the company website email address- Job@capitaltyping.com

Include your skype details to ease the process and you have to take the test before they will hire you.


Work from home Job module has been growing as a potential workforce and with xerox, you can make that possible.

Xerox hire individual contractors for many services like customer care, software, tech support, and data entry.

They always look for talented individuals who can take the remote job and is able to complete within the time frame.


TDEC provides assistance to the non-profit organization, commercial and government bodies for the management of documents, call assistance, financial processing, and several others.

They have been in the business for around 60 years and earned the goodwill of people.

Data entry services for application processing, remittance processing, claims processing, tax, and CRM processing.

You can get some of the best clients from this company. You can reach out for the remote job through email.

Send your resume to the company email providing accurate information.

Also, check the careers page on a regular basis.

14. Scribie

Scribie hires independent contractors to convert audio files into text or a written document.

You must have good communication skills and an expert in writing. Speed and accuracy is the prominent quality any company would prefer to hire you for remote jobs.

Send your application to the company email address.

15.Accutran Global

Accutran global hires an experienced transcriptionist along with scoping, captioning and voice writing.

You can send your application providing your data entry skills to the company email address. They may hire you if you really performed well on the test.

Final words- Legit Data entry Jobs

You have a pretty good option to start data entry remote jobs and the first thing is to be true to yourself. Even if you are free to work from home but it still requires patience and consistency.

There is a lot of companies who appear to be true but in reality, those are scams I have selected the companies mentioned above you can start your work with.

Data entry jobs can be done remotely but nothing comes easy you may have to approach again and again to get your first job.

Anything which is skeptical and seems to lure you know that it can land you in a problem. Companies asking you to pay is an absolute case to avoid.

Sometimes they promise you of high paying jobs but ended up earning a very minimal amount for hard-work.

That being said I have provided you with some valuable information to start your Online work.

Make money $300 by typing

Make money testing websites

Other jobs related

There is a long list of remote jobs that you might love to do. Apart from data entry, there is also related work like proofreading, transcription, and freelance writing.


If you are a good listener and have good command in the English language you can make money transcribing audio files into text.

You will be given an audio file that you have to convert it into a written document of text. People who are experts in this field are trained professionals some companies even provide training to do this Job.

Companies that hire individual contractors are excellent in oral and written communication and they can identify errors, correct mistakes punctuation, and grammatical.

Best transcription jobs from home


Can you identify mistakes, errors, punctuation, and grammar then this is what proofreading is all about?

Have you ever asked your friend to go through the application if everything is correct or something missing?

A proofreader will make any given document error-free of grammar, punctuations, spelling and well-structured content if this interests you then this can help you make money from home.

How to make money proofreading?

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is a good career option and the good thing you can do this from home with the flexibility of time and schedule.

It is totally depended on how you want to work and how many projects you will complete. If you are a good writer and can write well for blogs, websites, and magazines.

Then there is plenty of good options to work for you can write for magazines, websites and other institutions.

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