Make Money Proofreading: How to Make Money Proofreading?

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Make Money Proofreading: How to Make Money Proofreading?

Proofreading is a career opportunity who has excellent skills for a detailed written document free of any errors, grammar or any ill-structured sentences. Many of you have been searching for how to make money online Well there are many ways you can make money online. Make Money proofreading is one of the ways.

Have you ever asked your friend before submitting your Job profile or application for a quick check before you can finally submit? This is a similar kind of Job which is growing fast.

It has a huge demand world over and growing ever since. The Internet has made access to millions of content where people search, look and finds things. Make Money proofreading is also something you can do to make money online.

Before anything is published it goes through a quick editing process to make it free of any errors and have a dedicated team to do that. Whether it an application blog content, articles, news articles, life sciences, thesis, essays.

They make it reasoning to its readers more logical and to the point. Have you ever landed on a page that is egregious and has no meaning to the sentences poor structured simply that makes no sense now, Imagine if you happen to be a writer or a blog owner no one is going to read it?

What is Proofreading?

It is a process of putting sentences in proper structure making it free of any errors grammar, typography, punctuation. Literally to free any given document free of errors making it more readable and enjoyable. They review, edit and make necessary changes. Make money proofreading is what you are assigned to do.

How You Can Learn Proofreading?

How you can learn to proofread fast. This will help you to find your proofreading clients where you can find the online proofreading jobs which enables you to work on your schedule time and flexibility.

Let me introduce you to the powerhouse of proofreading expert who works as a transcript for court reporters while pursuing her studies in Germany.

So with all the proofreading work, she has put together all the necessary skills to guide you towards your proofreading career.

Caitlin Pyle is a pioneer in proofreading and offers help to those who want to make a career in proofreading from the comfort of their home.

You will learn how to start proofreading with all the basic necessities required. Effective ways to get clients and pursue your passion in a more profound way.

With all being said Get Access to Caitlin Pyle Workshop if it interests you.

Start your proofreading career with this free virtual workshop.

Companies Hiring for Proofreading Jobs

Here are the few popular proofreading companies where you can apply to become a proofreader.

Edit 911

They hire one who holds a Ph.D. and a mastery in English. They provide jobs for books, articles, and copy editing. Apply now

Life tips

If you wish to turn complex documents in more readable, enjoyable, and free of any errors. Apply now


Proofreading Jobs on basic grammar and consistency check with a Ph.D. or a master’s degree who is a native English speaker. An experienced and well versed in editing and proofreading jobs. Apply now


You can check their official website if they have any jobs for proofreading.

Proofreading pal

They hire applicants who are enrolled as a graduate or postgraduate student in the US and has a minimum GPA of 3.5. Graduate degree with at least 5 years of editing experience who can work independently finish the work before the deadline. Apply now

Cambridge proofreading and editing

They are available worldwide and one who is a native English speaker with a min bachelor’s degree. It also provides training and support and offers up to $20- $30 per hour. Apply now


Provides training to improve your skills. A native English speaker with a min bachelor’s degree. If you are available10 hours per week. Apply now

English Tracker

This is also where you can apply but for now, application submission is closed. It pays you every 15th of every month requires a native English speaker with min 2 years of professional editing experience. If you hold a Ph.D. then it is suitable for you to apply. Apply now

Do check it where there they will be open for application submission.


This is a platform for education-based which tends to make an impact on educations and offers plenty of benefits to their staff. They have Jobs that you can apply for and at times they hire for editing and proofreading jobs. Apply now


Kibin hires people with great skills and expertise. Their Job application submission is closed for now but you can still reach out through the mail. Apply now


Kirkus has developed into book editing division and offers services to its top editors. You can apply here for book editing, reviews, and copyediting. Apply now


An editing opportunity with polished paper. you can submit your application on polished paper with a 35 question editor test. If you happen to pass the test then they will hire you. Apply now


They hire part-time and full time proofreading jobs if you really want to make a career in proofreading then you can apply here. They offer $19- $46 per hour. A great work from home opportunity with proofreading services.

A preliminary test of 20 minutes every applicant has to undertake.

Select your suitable time and submit your application dedicated team will go through your application before they hire you for the job. Apply now


Scribendi has earned the reputation of a leading and highly esteemed proofreading company.

They offer benefits for working schedule comprehensive benefits on assistance plans. Apply now


They provide editing and proofreading services. Must have a master’s degree, Ph.D. and at least 2 years of experience in editing and proofreading services.

Some of the basic things they require a fast internet connection and can be able to work under pressure to meet the demand of their client.

If you apply you must be willing to work as an Independent and a plus point you can negotiate the payments with them. Apply now


Wordvice always tends to look for an excellent applicant which meet their criteria. Apply now


Prompt hires for school essays resumes, and book reports.


They provide work for people in the field of medicine, pharma, life sciences, engineering, and humanities.

Apply now

American Journal Express

They hire Individual as remote contractors and has a current opening for various jobs. They pay you around $10 – $25 per hour. Apply now

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Difference between Editing and Proofreading?

They may seem quite similar but has a different meaning.

Editing is an overall transformation of a document which comprises making changes in the sentences deleting a chunk of it and putting in the right word for it. To make it more reasoning and well-structured document.

Proofreading is a part of it it is to make sure the written document does not contain any grammar, punctuation or any typographical mistakes.

How Much a proofreader can earn?

It is totally dependent on the individual whom the work is assigned to but according to the bureau of labor, statistics proofreader may earn $36,000 per year on average.

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Make Money Proofreading

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