20 Online Jobs for College Students make money up to $20/hr

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20 Online Jobs for College Students make money up to $20/hr

Nowadays you don’t need to be an expert to make money on the side as college students. Although there are several income sources that can give you financial freedom for your expenses.

Here is a list of 20 online jobs for college students that you can make the most of your spare time to earn some real cash.

The schedule can be tough when you have to work as a student part-time to make some extra cash and at the same time manage your studies.

The list of online jobs for college students is beginner-friendly and provides you a good source of income.

You can work wherever you want based on your own means with the flexibility of time and comfort.

Online Jobs for College Students

1.Freelance writer

For students, writing can be something most lucrative and doesn’t require you to spend time in the office doing part-time. Figure out the most interesting topic in which you can write well.

There is a huge list of the topic you can choose to write and yes they pay well for freelance writers.

It can be blog posts, Content writing, article writing, and others.

There are sites that pay you to write and some of them are as follows:

Peopleperhour– Peopleperhour can be the best if you are looking forward to starting with freelance writing. Free to sign up with Peopleperhour and get your first writing project.

Fiverr- Fiverr is the most beginner-friendly platform not only for freelance writers but several other gigs.

Upwork- Upwork is similar to Fiverr and is helpful in getting your first writing project.

2. Teach English Online

If you are good at English language skills you can make $20 per hour for teaching English to children in China.

Due to its popularity in demand, many companies pay you to teach English online.

Some do require a bachelor’s degree while others don’t require any degrees. You can start out with no experience.

Cheggtutors– Cheggtutors not only allows you to teach English but several other subjects in which you can help students.

You can help them do maths, science, geometry, English and other academic studies.

3. Social Media Manager

Everybody is acquainted with social media right but you can also make money for managing social media posts for businesses and companies.

You will be assigned to handle social media accounts of businesses or clients.

Making rightful comments, posting regularly on clients’ social media accounts and making necessary changes.

4.Testing Websites

You can help companies improve their products and services. Several companies will pay you to test websites to improve the user experience.

Testing websites include checking their layout, design, and give them feedback in verbal and written.

Check out this post to get a quick idea of how to make money testing websites.


Have you ever been given any task to check it twice to make sure there is no mistake? Proofreading is the same that you can do in your spare time.

Proofreading is something in which you will be given a document to make it error-free. To see there are no grammatical mistakes, punctuation and well-structured content.

If you are good at the English language and have a knowledge of grammar this may be for you.


If you can transcribe well and really good at it transcription can be something you would love to do.

Transcription is the process of converting audio files into text. Generally, you have three types of transcription general transcription, legal transcription, and medical transcription.

You have to listen to audio files and transcribe it in a written document it can be an interview, business meetings, legal and others.

7. Data Entry

Data entry is a method of processing information in chronological order and yes you can do it online.

It is the processing of information in a computer or document file system.

Although there are many scams related to data entry I have some of the best platforms that allow you to get the best of it all.

8. Virtual Assistant

With the extensive growth of businesses coming up online they also need a helping hand to assist in their everyday tasks.

Virtual Assistant is a type of work where you offer your help to assist others in doing their daily tasks.

It depends on what field you are most skilled in and how efficiently you can provide the work to your clients.

The tasks may include managing social media accounts, email marketing, lead generation, virtual recruiter, SEO, Proofreading, and others.

To learn more about virtual assistant you can refer to the post to get a clear idea of what a virtual assistant does.


This is another best way to make money online as a virtual bookkeeper. Bookkeeping is the process of maintaining the financial records of businesses.

10.Search Engine Evaluator

The search engine evaluator is a kind of task to make sure that search engine results are relevant as per the user’s request.

Whenever someones types search phrase in google search bar all the relevant information shows up.

A search engine evaluator is hired for putting the right things ahead of a search request.

You can expect to earn $10 to $15 per hour and can do the work remotely. Some of the companies you can check out.

Appen-  Appen is hiring independent contractors for various job positions.

They provide training to enhance your search relevance skills.you can apply here if this interests you.

Lionbridge-  Lionbridge is a leading platform that provides training for search relevance.

If you wish to dive into what people exactly are looking for then you may apply here.

isoftstone-  isoftstone is another crowdsourcing platform for job seekers. They always look for people with prowess in language and technology.

You can apply for search engine evaluation.


It is a bilingual job someone who has mastered more than one language.

Translator Job requires you to translate Chinese, Arabic, French and English. It can be a perfect online job for college students to make money in your spare time.

You may have to translate any given document to translate in the required language.


Argos multilingual hires translators for subject matter experts.

They work with over 2000 translators and provide services in a variety of fields life sciences, technical, financial, manufacturing and medical.


Transperfect provides services in a variety of industries finance, legal, energy, medical, life sciences, and entertainment.

Working with over 170 languages and more than 5000 native-speaking linguistic.

Verbal ink-

Verbal ink is a unit of Ubiqus works in transcription, translation, caption, and writing.

To work with verbal ink you have to pass the screening test to be able to fit for the job. Providing services to over 200 languages.

12.Voice over

You can get paid for your voice companies hires individuals for several tasks like commercials, plays, and others.

There are companies that hire voices that can be used in the projects to make it more professional and happening.


Voicebunny hires voice actors its a great place to start with. Every applicant is required to submit the test get reviewed and lastly start getting work.

They will notify you through email based on your test submission so you don’t have to spend time scrolling for job applications.

They enable you to set your own rate and also get paid for every recording.


You can work with snap recording for greeting messages and voice prompts. They hire new talents who want to get started with voice acting.


Voices is the leading marketplace for voice over jobs. You can access voice-over jobs daily.

Create your free account on voices to get started.

13.Online Moderator

The online moderator is hired to post on social media sites like facebook, forums, and websites.

Moderators generally see how to manage social media posts, manage irrelevant comments, make sure all follow the rules of the group and others.

There are several companies that hire online moderators to do the Job.


Join yelp as a community with hundreds of remote employees and explore corporate work experience from home.

Only available in selected US cities click to see if you are living in one of these cities.


They strive in making social media safer for people and businesses If you want to protect social media from any harm then you may apply.

ICUC Social

Icuc manages social media and allows you to work remotely as an online moderator.

14.Graphic designer

The graphic designer is something that is huge in demand if you can design well and have experience in making logos, flyers and other designing services.

You can earn an adequate amount of money making designs online.

15. Start a Blog

Blogging can be something that everyone would love to do. Sharing things that you love or have a piece of profound knowledge about.

Many are full-time bloggers and earn 6 figure income and kind of give you a reliable source of income stability.

If you have been looking forward to starting a blog there is no time to think. Start with the niche you are most passionate about and start building it.

Yes, you need some investment in the beginning but as you move ahead you can create a good source of Income.

16. Sell courses Online

Creating courses is a profitable online business and many make a good profit from it. It is a good source of income.

Nowadays you can create courses hassle-free without any technical knowledge.

Platforms like Teachable and Udemy have made it possible for creators like you and me to get your course online within a moment.

17. Sell Online

Selling online is also one of the things that can provide you a flexible growth. There are plenty of things that you can sell online and make huge profits.

Amazon is one of the most popular sites that enables you to sell and make huge profits in return.

18.Flipping Domains

Flipping domains for profit can be a great way to make money online. You need to purchase a domain at a nominal price and sell it on the domain marketplace for a higher price.

There are many domain service providers that you can buy a domain from like Godaddy, Namecheap, and others.

Now you have to sell it for a higher price you can list it on a marketplace like Godaddy auction, Flippa, and Sedo marketplace.

19. Surveys

Surveys are a great way to monetize your spare time. complete surveys which are about 15-20 minutes you generally have to give your opinion about a particular topic or service.

Companies conduct surveys to receive information on their products and services to improve the customer’s experience.

Well, there are many survey sites that allow you to earn points that you can convert into cash and withdraw via PayPal. Others pay you real cash to complete surveys.

Here is a list of surveys that you can count on:

20. Install Apps for Money

One of the easiest ways to earn cash online is by using apps that can make you money. There are many apps that pay you to play games, do small tasks, monitor your health.


Make money with Paribus.Signup with your new email account and download the app on your device.

You purchase goods from the supported online store It will give you back money for any potential price drops in that item.

Refunds you money if there is a drop in the price.

Trim app

Trim helps you cut down Internet bills saves you from unwanted subscriptions finding better car insurance.

It will analyze your account and guide you from any potentials savings.


Shop with Rakuten and earn cashback and a referral program that can get you $25 for every successful referral. Go check it out.

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Summary – Online Jobs College Students

Here you have the list of 20 online jobs for college students. These are some of the best that you can leverage in your spare time to earn cash.

You can start with these even if you have no knowledge these online jobs provide you a flexible growth and can easily be done from anywhere.

Do let me know which one is your favorite online job on the list.

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 Online Jobs for College Students

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