How to Optimize blog posts for SEO. SEO tips for bloggers

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How to Optimize blog posts for SEO. SEO tips for bloggers

We always have come across the term SEO. Well SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Everyone in the online world is quite familiar with Seo. How to Optimize blog posts for SEO

How to optimize blog posts for SEO is not a difficult task until and unless we follow the steps prescribed by the search engines.

Millions of people search for different things on the internet looking for something or the other, but the question remains on how to optimize blog posts. SEO tips for bloggers.

What is SEO? How to optimize blog posts for SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website.

How does it work? How to optimize blog posts for SEO

How to Optimize blog posts for SEO. SEO tips for bloggers
How to Optimize blog posts for SEO. SEO tips for bloggers

Searching for particular things on the search engines reflects with many suggestions on the top of the page results.

Let us take an example:- “Best coffee maker”

The top-performing sites are suggested by google itself but roastycoffee is ranking higher on the google page.

To rank on top of the search results the owner of the website has thoroughly optimized the page focused on the search results.

So, exactly when you create a post primarily focused on the search results you can also rank high on google. Someone will click on your link looking for the product and may make a purchase.

Install Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most common SEO plugin available on the internet for now and it’s free. It is a simple plugin that guides you through every step of your content and helps you optimize your content.

Go to your dashboard and click on plugins – add new type in the search bar Yoast SEO install the plugin and activate. With this plugin, you get suggestions to better optimize your content

A brief introduction of Yoast SEO features.

  • Title tag
  • Internal links
  • Outbounds link
  • Subheading
  • Meta description
  • Text length
  • Slug
  • Keyword density
  • Image Alt Attributes

On-page Optimization

Title Tag

The title of your post has to be keyword rich. Make your title in the H1 header tag. Do proper keyword research to find the best performing keyword which is the key to a better SEO optimized blog post.

Focus Keyphrase

Identify the Focus keyphrase which you have to include for a better and relevant optimized post.

Keyphrase in Title

Use the keyword in your blog title to give your readers a brief overview of what you are going to discuss. This not only helps the readers but also helps Google to identify as a better-optimized post.

Meta description

Include compelling meta descriptions so you can get many clicks and people eventually lands on your content. The meta description appears under the title of your post.

Alt Images

Image optimization is very much required to put your keywords in the title and alt text of your images.

Internal linking

Internal linking puts your page in the eye of google bots. Put at least 2-3 internal links within your blog posts. A proper relevant interlinked post is a good example of well optimized for its readers.

Google also finds it helpful that an article that is written has a more relevant topic which its readers find useful that ultimately uses in crawling of the website.

Outbound links

If necessary put links of high authority websites. Links that go to other websites that have good quality and high optimized. Simply you are giving your readers the best possible ways to understand and get help from by linking to other high DA sites.

High-quality content

Write good quality content for your readers which provides value and problem-solving. Any irrelevant structured content is not allowed by Google to be in its ranking it simply makes no sense.

Keywords in First 100

Make your content is clear and include it in your first 100 words in the first paragraph. This will make your readers clear the topic they will go through


Do not copy content from other websites which are really a bad idea google quickly identifies it and you may be put way more in the lower levels. It is also not healthy for your site.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to the promotions techniques which are performed outside the website.

Well often it is related to link building but it has much more wide space than that, you not only indulge yourself in promoting your website/blog. It is about building reputations around people.

Creating a relationship with your readers is the ultimate goal so that they can hop on to your original content with much more broad Insight.

Awareness among the thousands of people looking for a nice and a better explanation.

Link Building

Link Building is the most preferred way to increase your site visibility. This method is used to acquire hyperlinks from other websites to your own website. This will not only bring traffic to your websites but helps google to understands well your website and its content.

Social media marketing

Social media has a large no of users and it is increasing day by day. There is a lot of opportunities to grow and market your blog.

It is a method of building a relationship to raise awareness and has an immense potential to connect with millions of users and drive traffic back to your website.

One of the most important things to do is to have your own business page. You can set up your own business Facebook page.

Create your Instagram business page and reach out to millions of users worldwide.

Share your posts on Linkedin groups

Forum Posting

Meet like-minded people with forum posting and build a strong relationship. Be active in replying to questions and solving problems of people by suggesting to relevant sites and make use of yours as well.

Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites you can increase your site traffic with quality backlinks. Have a profound profile where people can know what you are doing and you can help others. This is not only for commenting purposes but with the intention of solving other problems.

Article Submission

There are platforms that have a huge number of followers looking for quality articles. Thousands of article are written every day with the intention of reaching out to the targeted audience. Similarly writes and bloggers submit their articles to these sites where they can gain the desired audience.

Here is the list of the best platforms where you can submit your articles and build a community around your niche. Helping others with their queries and providing the best possible solutions.

Directory Submissions

Similar to the submission of your websites to search consoles where the bots can easily find and suggest your content to the search query. Web directories have the same use as millions of people come to find helpful content and make contact with businesses.

Although it is not as much popular as it was used to be Since many different ways have emerged to send back traffic to your website. However, it can still be useful so check out the list of some of the popular web submissions platforms.

Q/A Communities

Questions and answers are the most popular where people post questions for a just and satisfying answer. If you have expertise in a specific niche then this can be a gold mine for you.

You can build your strong community around a specific niche and make potential followers.

Keywords research

Millions of researches everyday google have grown much bigger with 70,000 searches every second making it the topmost search the world over. It is a method of absolute accuracy and proper planning to market your content in the vast ocean of searches.

Depending upon the individual’s niche it is required proper keyword research keeping the targeted audience in mind to reach out to the users.

Here is the best keyword research tool to help you get the best results.

Google Keyword Planner

The best and most comprehensive keyword research tool google keyword planner. This will allow you to research and analyze the list of keywords based on their volume and PPC(Pay Per Click) Campaign.


Ahrefs is another popular keyword research tool to provide you the best research and grow your traffic organically. To use this tool you have to buy it.

Google trends

Google trends is a product of Google itself that is famous to analyze the popularity of search results based on gender and nationality. It is a free tool that has much better results to plan and target your audience based on their gender and nationality.


Semrush is another great tool which helps in content marketing, PPC(Pay per click) and SEO. Find your targeted keyword and its competition in a specified niche. It has multiple tools to increase your search traffic and can also audit your site.

KW Finder

KWFinder helps you find the best keywords and competitive keywords as well. It has a trial version do check this tool and get long-tail keywords with low search traffic.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer add this keyword in your toolbar and get proper strategic keywords suggestions to improve your SEO ranking.

Submit XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap is important for your websites it simply allows Google to read the structure of your websites and enables crawling

How to Submit a sitemap?

  • Sign in to your search console
  • Select Your website
  • Click on the Sitemap from the sidebar
  • Submit

Go to Google search console and click on your website which you would like to submit the sitemap of on the left-hand sidebar click sitemap generate your sitemap and submit.

Robots.txt file

How to Optimize blog posts for SEO. SEO tips for bloggers
How to Optimize blog posts for SEO. SEO tips for bloggers

Robots.txt file is a webmasters tool which helps in google bot how to crawl pages of your websites.

Well for WordPress users its an easy task. Go to the Yoast SEO click on tools- file editor- robots.txt. Yep you made it.

Do the necessary changing and click save so the changes may remain or it may revert to default settings

Speed Test

Site speed is one of the vital things to consider its ranking in the search console. The page in which slow loading time has higher chances of viewers leaving your page resulting in bounce rate. Google will never allow getting on the first page itself.

To Increase your Website Speed Install WP Super Cache its free plugin.

Include LSI Graph

What is the Lsi graph/keywords

LSI Latent Semantic Indexing keywords generate keywords that are specifically related to your main keyword which google loves. It also helps in your SERP ranking.

Audit your website

Audit your website for better and clear user experience.


Analyze how your site is performing your website load time and discover more optimization options.


Check your website performance and its load time. See helpful insight to improve your website


How your website is performing your website monitoring, real user monitoring and much more with this tool.


With this all in one SEO tool, you get real-time metrics on-page SEO highlighter your website authority, get quick page optimization insight.


For SEO and link building strategies this is the most popular platform to learn SEO from the best. They provide the best training that will eventually skyrocket your reach in the online world.

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