How to start an online business store with no money, inventory

Find out the best ideas and tips to start your own online store aka business with no money and inventory in 2023

How to start an online store (business)?

The idea of having an online store (business) has tremendous benefits and is rapidly changing the ecommerce sector.

Ecommerce has a very significant growth and is continuously making extraordinary effort to bring in more potential.

The recent report published on statistica suggests that whopping $4.28 trillion UD dollars revenue was generated by ecom sales.

Furthermore e-retail is expected to grow to $5.4 trillion dollars in 2022.

With that in consideration more and more people would want to switch online starting an online ecom store.

The emergence of online store ( CMS)  like Shopify has created a mind-blowing impact on how you can scale your business online effortlessly.

You can Increase sales in automation, social media ads and with the right marketing strategy.

If you would like to start an online ecommerce (store) you require correct promotional methods and strategies.

  • Strategy – Make a business plan available to apply
  • Products – Choose items you want to sell
  • Store – Build an eCommerce store
  • Onboarding – Upload products ready to sell
  • Marketing – Devise an ideal promotional plan

So, it’s time to start creating your online store (business) with no money and inventory 2021.

How to start a successful online (business) store?

1. Strategy for eCommerce store online

Every business requires a Strategy to make the plan available to put into practice.

You need a plan to put it into effect just like any other business requires a proper step-by-step strategy to thrive successfully.

Improper speculations can have bad effect any may hamper your hard-work leading to complete and total shut down.

Start with a complete market study before you begin working on it focusing the targeted audience and services.

2. Choose Products you wish to sell

There are multiple Products available in the market so choosing an item you want to sell is a good start.

The products you will choose to sell online often decide your market structure, sustainability and growth in the long run.

However there are different categories of items available for you to drive sales from low cost to expensive products.

Choose your products specific to particular audience or you can create a multi niche site (store) either way.

Ecommerce is growing at an exponential rate that offers scalability, different niche and a thriving market.

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3. Create your Online Store

The next step is choosing an ecommerce CMS to make an ecommerce site.

Now you will require an ecommerce store and creating an online store is easier nowadays.

All the CMS now have a prebuilt website that requires you to arrange in a proper manner basically drag & drop functionality.

You can with the available online tools create stores of your own choice with stunning graphics and post structure.

Online store builders shopify, Ecwid, Zyro, Wix and Woocommerce are the best way to launch your store online.

Well, Shopify will always be my favorite and easy to start with which makes it an undeniable choice of millions of dropshippers.

4. Onboarding

With all the store creation and set-up done now it’s time to launch your store online ready to generate sales.

 You will have to start uploading products on the platform you wish to sell.

Having a promotional method to let your store thrive in the online market is essential as setting up an online store.

That you can begin with the right tools and software which is available in the market.

It is not a difficult task to set up a digital ecommerce store as it may be running and operating it.

Let me further explain it in a layman’s term.

Choose a niche and according to it market it to your target audience keeping in mind the scale of your business.

Prepare the list of merchants you will be working with as oberlo is the most popular that easily integrates with Shopify.

Woocommerce with some advance functionality works best in conjunction with the WordPress.

This post contains affiliate links that mean if you buy products/services from the link given I may earn a commission. See affiliate disclaimer

5. Marketing

What are the different marketing methods to use?

Well you have innumerable ways to put it forward to your targeted audience that only promote but also helps convert.

You can use the following methods to grow your store (business) that includes content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing.

Social media sites are a powerful medium that can accelerate your business in no time having plenty of young hooked considerably to social sites.

Also run ads on facebook, instagram and Pinterest don’t worry if you are not aware you can hire an expert to plan your ads.

Learn about email marketing which has also been a potential technique to increase your sales also establishing connection with customers.

 Either way you have some close to creating your online store ready to make a sale.

How to start an online (business) store without inventory?

There are some few brands that have made fortune and have been successfully running their online store till today.

You may know these sites like spanx, gymshark and Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic brand these are perfect examples to inspire you to get started.

Starting an online store has become easy with the ecommerce Supported CMS that includes Shopify, Ecwid and Woocommerce.

Now you will be promoting your ecommerce store from the first day itself devising a powerful content strategy to grow.

Sign up with all the social media sites and use it to reach out to your targeted customers through ads.

Actively educate and connect with the audience that helps building confidence among the potential customers.

Use influencer marketing to inspire the young generation and increase your conversion rate.

With the technicalities you are now ready to start your online store without a doubt.

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