Top 30 Companies hiring to Work at home in 2020

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Top 30 Companies hiring to Work at home in 2020

Sometimes it can really get confusing deciding how to start working from home. Well, this is the right time if you can get into something you like the most.

Check out the top 30 companies hiring to work at home that provides you benefits in multitude.

Flexibility is what we all need to have a work schedule that allows you to use your time the way you want.

There is a growth of individuals working remotely has increased by 40% and this trend has really helped people to work for a company.

Companies hiring an individual contractor to work from home has been more productive compare to the one working in office 9-5.

This enables you to focus more on your work a calm and quiet ambiance which helps to be more productive.

You alone have the authority of the project you are working on.

It has also helped people working remotely make more money and they don’t have to pay for the commute or other expenses.

Now, most people definitely love to work from home and companies seeing the overall benefits of remote jobs this trend will skyrocket in the coming few years.

1.Flex Professional: Top 30 Companies hiring to Work at home

Flex professional was started by three successful businesswomen keeping in mind the growing demand for a part-time employment opportunity.

They help businesses grow by providing them the need of employees and they hire individuals for part-time and full-time work.

2.FF Transcription: Top 30 Companies hiring to Work at home

Focus forward has to offer employment opportunities in a variety of fields from medical, production, legal and general transcription.

They have a simple process to get you onboard you are required to download in the instruction given.

Now also download the audio files that you have to transcribe and submit.

You will be informed within 48 hours of test submission.

3.User Testing: Top 30 Companies hiring to Work at home

Do you like to get paid for testing apps and websites? If you do here is a great opportunity to make money with your opinion.

You will receive $10 for every project you complete this generally requires you to speak out your thoughts loudly and also in a written document.

In simple steps, you can start to log in with your email address and take the test. If they approve you then you are eligible to take the real test.

This requires a computer or a laptop with a high-speed internet connection.

They pay you after every 7 days the given test is completed.


Companies generally look for an individual who can provide honest feedback or review so they can improve their services and products.

The tasks you complete for each you will get $3 and receive money straight through PayPal.

You have to complete the test before you can actually start working with Userbrain.


If you can help improve the productivity and flexibility of companies.

Crowdtesting platform where you can test apps and websites.

They pay you 20 euros and 15 pounds for each task you complete for providing your honest opinion about software.

You will receive a notification if there is a test available this requires you to regularly check your inbox.


A home-based employment opportunity is not a hurdle anymore there are plenty of categories in which you can start working from home and make money.

Scribie offers you to transcribe audio files into a written document. You can earn $5- $25 per video and a monthly bonus of $15.

You will get an application number after you click the apply button depending on the application the company will decide if you are eligible or not.

Only accepted applicants will be given the test to complete, choose the audio files to submit the transcribed document.

The reviewer will go through your test submitted and if you pass the test they may hire you as a certified transcriptionist.

7.Language line

Language line solutions is a well-established interpreting and translation company.

You have employment opportunities with language line solutions to work as a remote employee.


Lionbridge started as a company translating in more than 350 languages.

Since its inception, it has expanded into other categories data, AI and

Working for more than 20 years you have many employment opportunities to work remotely.


Yelp helps to connect businesses to local people with engaging advertising.

You have a huge employment opportunity to work as a remote employee
like data analyst, graphic designer, marketing associate, financial analyst,
sales and supervisor.

10.Landi English

If you are a native English speaker and have some experience teaching children
Landi English can provide you a flexible work at home teaching jobs.

An online learning platform designed to teach English to Chinese students.

To start working with this platform make sure that you have a bachelor’ degree
and a teaching certificate TEFL or local (state) teaching certificate, etc.

All you need is a computer, a high-speed internet, a headset, and a webcam.

11.Grand canyon university

Grand canyon university based in phoenix specifically designed and run by religious organizations that provide undergraduate and graduate on-campus and offline.

They hire part-time teachers to work at home.

12.US Department of Commerce

US Department of Commerce works for the overall growth of the economy improving the lives of the people in the USA.

They have jobs in the commerce department and regularly provide work at home jobs to the desired aspirants.


Cozymeal is a platform where you can find the best culinary experience, food tours, local chefs and cooking classes.

As a growing community, they are in search of talented individuals to work from home.


Kaplan is an online platform that provides online education, test preparation and licensing test that helps doctors lawyers and financial advisors.

They are available in more than 30 countries helping transform the lives of the student.

There is a regular requirement of customer service, management, marketing, teachers, administration, and technology.

15.Rosetta stone

Rosetta stone is a cloud-based online learning platform that teaches more than 30 languages including how to speak, write and read.

You can join rosetta for part-time work at home tuition jobs.


GreatAuPair is a well-established provider of house services they have been a part of the families in giving pet services, housekeeping, nanny services, personal assistant, tutoring, and babysitting.

They regularly hire for part-time house services if you have been into these jobs then you may find plenty of opportunities.

17.Robert half international

Robert half international is a human resource staffing and recruiting firm that was established in 1948 California.

There is a wide range of employment opportunities available from accounting,
administration, technology, IT, marketing and legal.

You have multiple options full-time, part-time, freelance and hiring on contract available schedule so you can adjust your remote job.

18.Supporting strategies

Supporting strategies helps small businesses in bookkeeping services and operational support.

Accounting operational director, marketing and event associate and accountant part-time remote works can easily be accessed through the job portal.

19.Strayer university

Strayer university is a gateway between education and aspiring students who can earn a degree required to be a part of the modern workforce?

They provide online classes to students willing to complete their education. You can work part-time, freelance as a remote employee

20.Voco vision

Voco vision is an online platform to teach teletherapy.


K12 offers education to students from KG to standard 12 a platform specifically designed to provide quality standard education with modern facility, technology, advanced and innovative.

You can work as a teacher, manager, and writer remote employee.


Start with a great teacher training helping Chinese students learn English.

If you are living in the US and holds a bachelor’s degree then you can apply
as an ESL tutor.

Having a TEOSL or any teaching certificate is optional. You have an employment opportunity making $16-$23 as an ESL tutor.

23.Walden university

To give your career a quick start Walden University provides quality higher education to students to achieve success in their journey.

Expanded in more than 150 countries transforming the lives of students with excellent education hires teachers to work from home.


Gun io is an online marketplace that connects developers with freelancers.

You can join as a freelancer with the skills you have working remotely around the world.

25.University System of Maryland

University System of Maryland focuses on the overall development of the people through quality education.

They have worked at home employment opportunity in the category of the teaching profession.


Equivity is looking for a talented and organized virtual assistant to be a part of the ever-growing community.

They strive in making the task easy for their businesses and clients.

If you have some experience assisting others you can work from home as a remote employee.

27.Adtrav travel management

Adtrav travel management is a renowned travel management company serving its clients for the past 30 years.

You have an employment opportunity to work from home as a travel consultant.


Aviacode is serving its clients in medical coding, healthcare, surgery centers, prayers and consulting.

They have an opportunity for medical coders to work from home and make money.

29.Profit factory

The profit factory helps businesses run smoothly without any hindrance through consulting, online courses and leadership.

If you are a tech-savvy with great communication skills (Verbal and written)
and a person highly skilled then you have employment opportunity to work as a remote employee.

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30.Independence university

Independence university aims to make every student eligible to be a part of the modern workforce.

They help students complete master’s and bachelor’s degree and studies
further divided into 4 schools healthcare, technology, business, and graphic arts.

This has also helped individuals work as remote employees and benefit a wide range of employment opportunities.

Top 30 Companies hiring to Work at home

If you want to work remotely these 30 companies will provide you the opportunity to work at home.

From transcription, testing, and teaching jobs any job you choose you can work depending on your preference and availably of time.

They provide flexibility for both part-time and Full-time and a section of highly talented people can make the most of their spare time working at home.

There is a lot of reasons work at home has attracted people of every section in various industries.

Remote jobs have also played a significant role in the health and stress level of the individual contractor. People who prefer to work at home are less stressed.

Despite all the health benefits, it will allow you to make more money and you being the sole authority of your own life.

The education sector is trending for individuals who have a past of teaching and a wonderful opportunity to start teaching from home.

Transcription, on the other hand, requires some training to be able to convert audio files into text. Some companies will provide you the basic training to start with the job.

The Healthcare sector is also a great opportunity for women as they hire for some positions remotely.

Above all, it is totally dependent on your preferences that suit your lifestyle and the kind of work you are looking for.

I would also love to know from you which one would you have suggested others to work at home.

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 Top 30 Companies hiring to Work at home

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