10 Business ideas for women

Do you know that women are leading in almost every sector of business in the 21st century and you can too?

1. Freelance writing

Writing an exceptional article for individuals/blogs/business is the best way you can use to make money.

2. Teach online

Start teaching online in the subject that consider you are most knowledgeable about eg English/maths or graphics.

3. Proofreading

Are you good at spotting mistakes, if yes, you can correct mistakes in a written documents and get paid in return.

4. Transcription

Transcription is the process of converting audio files into written text, you can start your own transcription business.

5. Shopify

Dropshipping is another best way to start a business i.e. selling merchandise online by having your own store online.

6. Blogging

Start blogging with the intention of helping others in a particular topic that you think you create exceptional articles.

7. Graphic designing

Offer services like designing a pamphlet, product design, eBook covers, facebooks ads cover and social media.

8. Web designing

Services like designing a website is one the rise and business often look for experts to design their websites.

9. Sell on Amazon

You can start selling on Amazon it has massive reach and can make money selling items from the comfort of home.

10. Digital marketing

Digital marketing services are some of the highest paying services i.e. SEO, social media marketing and Pay Per click.

10 Side Hustles

Are you looking to start something of your own and leave the traditional 9-5 daily job this is for you?