Best search engine evaluator jobs

Search engine evaluator!! What do they do and how can you become a search engine evaluator and earn money?

What is search engine evaluator?

Search engine evaluators measure the quality of searches and its experience with the users more relevant.

What is search engine evaluator?

On an average a search engine evaluator in the United States can earn $106,930/year that is around $40/hr.

What is search engine evaluator?

You can become a search engine evaluator by passing the test and can join companies hiring for this positions.


Google refers search engine evaluators as “Ads quality Raters” and work between 15-30 hrs per week @15/hr.


Lionbridge refer them as “personalized ads evaluator” and you will analyze online advertisement in the search results.


Appen provides you social media evaluator work that involves rating SM results within the social media network.


Well, isoftstone hires search engine evaluator, website evaluators and online ads evaluators from the United States.

This florida based company also hires ads quality raters anyone who is interested from United States can apply.


Anyone who wants to apply for the Internet assessor role must be aware of the online culture and American media.


The company provides very succinct and flexible learning programs that enable you to join the workforce.

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