10 high paying jobs

If you are tired of low paying jobs and looking for high paying jobs that require less experience this is for you.

Human resources assistant

Human resource assistant is assigned with the task of record of employees and has the potential to earn $44,000/yr.

Executive assistant

As an executive assistant you will have to schedule meetings, emails, travels and you can earn $66,870/yr.

Market research analyst

Market research analyst requires a bachelor’s degree dealing with the issue of items and pays you $64,000/yr.

Medical assistant

Medical assistant deals in doing everyday small tasks and interact with patients and allow you to earn $37,000/yr.


Firefighters respond to fires and other emergencies like accidents and can allow you to earn $50,700/yr.


Auditors are professionals that check the financial records of a company and that can pay you $77,250/yr.


Paralegal works under a law firm and it requires an associate degree and that can earn you $56,230/yr.

Web developer

Web developers are developer’s websites and apps and ensure everything runs smooth and pay you $78,300/yr.

Loan officer

A loan officer is the main person at any financial institution to issue a loan and this trade earns you $68,380/yr.

Claims adjuster

Claim adjuster will look for the potential payouts on insurance claims and that can earn you $64,710/yr.

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