Top 10 Movies on Netflix

Netflix top 10 movies with full of entertainment is ready to make your day sit tight with your friends and family.

Sayan ghosh

Enola Holmes 2

Milli bobby brown –she (Enola) received her first case to solve the mystery of a girl missing as a detective.

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The good nurse

Eddie Redmayne – The sudden death of a patient has him suspicion a fatigued nurse that often leans of her colleague.

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The school for good and evil

Sophia Anne – She and her best friend Agatha are taken to the magical school where the friendship will be tested.

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An FBI agent sets out to take the revenge for the death of his partner when all evidence points to an assassin.

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Wild in the wind

Tension starts to brew in a racially segregated town when two police officers start to investigate the murder of girl.

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The bad guys

The notorious gang led by “The Big Wolf” agrees to become a model citizen in order to escape the prison.

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Hotel Transylvania 2

After both Mavis & Jonathan had a baby named Dennis so his grandfather look for proof that he is a vampire.

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Enola Holmes

The teen Enola had to outsmart her brother Sherlock using some prowess skills in helping a runaway lord.

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Drone technician is on a mission to find the mystery of abandoned future earth after he found a crashed aircraft.

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The curse of bridge hollow

An evil spirit brings town decoration to life and Halloween hating dad joins his teen daughter to handle this.

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