The Future is here:10 Best AI Tools to boost productivity

List of ai tools: 10 best AI tools that will allow you to boost productivity and transform your daily operations.

Best AI tools

ChatGPT the conversational AI tools with its amazing skills & capabilities has already made a splash around the world.

This has created a buzz around how powerful and proficient can AI become?

Artificial Intelligence uses Machine learning algorithms to analyze data & trends and respond to user’s queries.

Businesses began realizing Artificial Intelligence can fully transform the way they perceive things and leverage it into their daily effort.

So, in this post, I will share with you some Best AI tools that can be of great advantage to your business.

From image creation, video creation, answer queries, add life to images and AI voices AI can simplify a lot more things.

Top 10 mind-blowing best AI tools that you should be using in day to day life.


Developed by open AI Dall-E-2, is a language AI tool that allows you to create images from text descriptions.

Since its inception in 2021 Dall-E the latest version Dall-E-2 creates realistic and perfect images in high resolution.

This AI tools uses a transformer prompt that makes the tool to combine language (Concepts) into image creation.

Dall-E-2, the advanced image creation platform has a variety of applications. You can use it for your projects.

Like e-commerce products, creating ads, catalogs and other marketing materials.

It can also be of great use for professionals that include architecture designs, Interior designs and other fashion projects.

You can command Dall-E-2 with text description and this AI tools will instantaneously produce the described image.

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A powerful video creation platform that uses AI to robotize video creation process by combining the drag & drop interface.

This will allow businesses that require eye-catching video content without any upfront cost or any skills whatsoever.

A unique marketing perspective that allow users to turn blogs, articles into videos and recordings into attracting clips automatically.

With Lumen5, there is so much to do that makes video creation process so easy and captivating.

So, this AI tool uses machine learning to analyze the text and then convert it into a video scenes.

Not only it just helps users to create stunning videos but has a library of media assets like photos, stock footage and music tracks.

In addition, Lumen5 provides variety of customization options including adding logos, adding text overlays and branding.


ChatGPT is a conversational AI developed by OpenAI that responds to user’s query that is fast and to the point.

This AI uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms that respond to queries to its users.

That basically translates to the chatbot AI is capable of responding to users requirements based on the context of queries.

You can perform several tasks using ChatGPT including website development, content writing, blog rewriting and many others.

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4.Deep Nostalgia

Bring your old memories to life with deep nostalgia, an AI tool that allows you to bring your old photos to life.

That creates an animating effect on static images by using AI algorithms and gives you a video-like effect.

 A lot of fun and creative things can be done with this AI like making family videos, documentaries (Historical), and other content.

You must have encountered animating images of old icons, rulers, and Kings on social media brought to life.

It can also be useful in genealogy research that shall allow you to identify your friends, family member in old photographs.

Best AI tools for marketing


Murf is another best AI tools that allow you to create text-to-speech high quality AI voices for your projects.

The most-in-demand AI tools that gives online marketer, YouTubers and creators to easily record AI Voices.

Its TTS software gives users to access more than 100 AI voices in different dialects and 20+ languages.

This gives you the potential to generate audiobooks, presentations, e-learning, YouTube videos and customer support.

 Tool is designed to save the time consuming process of voice recording with the pre-recorded AI Voices.

That allows you to easily create voice-overs with real human like voices without any requirements of expensive tools.

Provides you with high quality results from small to large business, individuals can produce real voices over several ages and language.

Best AI tools for business


The best AI tools that allow businesses to automate their meetings, take notes, transcribe and record.

Transforming conversation into actions, its voice assistant and the tool is made to speed up your workflow.

This uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to transcribe podcast, meetings, calls and summaries.

AI automates the workflow of taking notes thus helps improve productivity and save businesses time.

You can integrate this AI tools with other video conferencing platform like Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft teams.

Fireflies can also be used in marketing, media & podcasting, education, recruiting, management and consultation.

Are you a copywriter?

Copywriting is a high paying skills and with AI tool businesses can automate their content creation.

It uses machine learning algorithms that allow you to create copy for social media, email, ads, blogs and other marketing items.

This is one of the best AI tools that content creators can leverage to optimize posts, pillar posts and improve contents.

You can choose from the list of services like email, social media and blog posts and describe some context to see results.

With free version you have limitations but pro can offer you more tools like 29+languages, 5 users and email support.


Similar of stable diffusion and Dall-E, Midjourney uses natural language description (NLD) to generate advance images.

This uses advance software to analyze the request to improve images and create stunning images through prompt.

One of the product of its kind Midjourney, allow you to adjust contrast, brightness and color balance of images.

To use this modern AI tool you have to join discord and use the image command (Short description) to generate images.

Midjourney AI image creating tools are perfect for Artist that require high-Quality, stunning images.

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9. HitpaW online

The best AI tools HitPaw, a software company for creators that allow you to enhance images and videos easily.

This software is designed to improve the quality of images/videos that significantly give them more stunning look.

The high-end product is the HitPaw AI Image enhancer that uses AI to adjust color, brightness, contrast, and quality automatically.

Similarly, HitPaw AI Video enhancer enhances low-resolution video to 4k/8k, cut noises, and adds colors to black & white movies.

HitPaw AI tools offer you a variety of services, including object detection, background removal, and video equalization.  

AI Image enhancement tools make it useful for creators to improve images for social media, blogs that rely of quality results.

With these advance AI tools you are capable of creating jaw-dropping images without any editing experience of equipment. is changing the whole scenario as the best AI tools for musicians that help create and produce music easier.

This innovative AI uses Phoenix that allows it to remove vocals background music, mic rumble, and vocal plosives from any track.

So, can use used for many purposes including sound producers, musicians, video bloggers and music engineers and other creative’s.

The stem-splitting technology, that separates music sources including drums, bass and piano from any audio files.

With its advanced technology AI, is taking the stem splitting by storm gives musicians to increase their creativity level.

Best free ai tools (Websites) 2023

AI is set to transform the way things operate and will make it faster, more accurate, and succinct.

Simply, provides you access to automate activity, offers insights, gives informed decisions and data analysis.

The 10 best AI tools discussed in this article are a few examples of how with the use of AI tools you can boost productivity.

From image generation (HitPaw), Lalal –Image enhancer, Copywriting – these tools are beneficial for businesses.

Creating new possibilities where individuals and businesses can transform their day to day activities with efficiency.

We can assume that more the AI evolves, there would be smarter and innovative tools that opens up countless boundaries.

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