30 Best online jobs to make money that is official & reliable

List of best online jobs to earn money that is official and safe in 2021

Best online jobs to make money

There are still calculations is it possible to make money from home working online?

If it is possible then how can a person approach to earn an income online and enjoy the fruits of complete control and flexibility?

While I take you further let me tell you that the Internet has provided legit work from home jobs to people seeking jobs in different categories.

 You can sit inside your living room in front of your laptop and cash in hundreds of dollars in your bank account without much effort.

Isn’t that great!!

There are a few things that you should consider in mind before you start your online journey of earning money.

Focus on what is that one specific thing that you love to do and enjoy.

It can be freelance writing, coding, video editing, graphic designing, proofreading, translation, transcription, and blogging.

Thoroughly go through your hobbies and decide one specific skill that you can work to thrive online.

Enhance daily to be the master of the specific skill you possess.

With that in mind, I have compiled for you the 30 best online jobs to earn money from home in 2021.

How to make money working online?

The recent hike of people working online in the Uk has once again proved the advantage of having the opportunity to work online. 

The security measures of COVID 19 have forced businesses to completely shut down their offices reverberating no manual work. 

Due to online work, people had the chance to bring some enthusiasm to their life.

And pushing for a digital culture proposal to be embedded in the long run.

However, there was a remarkable increase of remote workers from 21% to 24% in the United Kingdom alone.

Companies also have witnessed an increase of 60% in productivity and initiated to prolong the trend in the future as well.

There are a few legit online jobs to earn money without a degree that I would like to list out to you conspicuously.

Best online jobs to make money from home in 2021

Best online survey sites for spare time

1. Swagbucks

30 best online jobs

This is a survey site that allows you to monetize your spare time while performing different tasks.

It’s a complete rewards program that gives you points for every successful completion of tasks.

There are several tasks that include playing games, watching TV, completing surveys, reading emails, and searching the web.

However, for each task completed you will be rewarded with SB points that can easily be redeemed through PayPal.

2. Survey Junkie

30 best online jobs

Survey junkie is another best website that allows you to make money online referring you surveys that match your profile.

Unlike other survey sites, they pay you real money for completing different surveys that include brands, technology, and other products.

You get paid for surveys that are provided to survey junkie.

The Companies improve their products to satisfy their customers with the best service possible.

3. Vindale Research

30 best online jobs

Vindale research will pay you real cash. Till now Vindale research has paid more than $7 million in cash and counting.

Surveys are one way apart from that there are many ways you can earn money. Some of them are :

  • Surveys
  • Reward Codes
  • Referral Program
  • Read Email
  • Watch Videos

To start getting surveys signup for Vindale research fill up your profile correctly this will help you to get email notifications for surveys and payment.

Complete a set of questions to get matching surveys and the last thing don’t forget to confirm your email.

Best online jobs for freelancers

4. Search Engine Optimization

Do you know that many struggles to get their articles on the top of search engines eventually losing hundreds of traffic?

Well, you can offer your SEO services to clients and businesses online and earn money.

If you understand how SEO works and the correct method to use it on a post/articles working few hours online can be profitable.

Due to the massive increase of businesses online SEO is more complex now and needs proper execution to see extensive growth.

There are several marketplaces online that can provide you the opportunity to monetize your SEO skills helping clients.

Some of the best freelance marketplaces include Guru, Peopleperhour, Flexjobs, freelanced, Fiverr, and Upwork.

There are few other trusted job boards that can help you land SEO jobs that are Remotive, we work remotely, and the muse.

This post contains affiliate links that means if you purchase a product/services from the link given I will make commission

5. Sales Funnel Manager

Due to improper sales funnel many businesses end up losing customers despite quality products they are unable to generate sales.

With proper marketing tools, experts can turn that stagnation into growth ready to make a sale.

However, companies hire talented independent contractors to do the work online.

A sales funnel is a method of learning the behavior of your customers moving each step closer to turn that certainty into potential customers.

In simple words how a customer walks through the process of becoming a potential customer.   

The time a customer comes to know about a product till the period he may or may not make a purchase they go through different stages is a sales funnel.

Many eCommerce sites and affiliate marketers experience the same where they are unable to generate sales.

This is where a sales funnel manager can step in to work with the flaws and help generate sales preparing them to start earning money.

There is a list of online jobs that you can avail of helping entities and companies make more business.

You can look for remote jobs on sites like Flexjobs, Fiverr, and Upwork to offer your services in boosting online businesses.

The popular marketing platform clicks funnel was initiated to help businesses online.

You can with this platform design stunning sales funnel that can help grow a business and thrive online.

6. Youtube channel manager

 How to make a YouTube video successful that earns a lot of views and is appreciated by everyone?

Well if you are a popular creator know how to edit and understand contrivance to manage and grow a channel.

Then you are likely to have plenty of online part-time jobs waiting for you to work online.

Since the inception of video sharing platform, a lot has changed the way people gather information, learn and understand things.

It is a much more unique and robust way to put information in front of millions of audiences.

Despite being a powerful platform you need to understand the technical features and other aspects that make a channel successful.

 You will have to prepare strategies with the interest and appreciation in mind of your audience that can help deliver exquisite content.

Be updated with the current trends and the standard content that an audience relates to considering the probability of channel growth.

Required skills of YCM

Creating the title, tags, and description of a channel more relatable and potent that get millions of views.

Do thorough optimization of videos and other marketing platforms as well as actively managing channel growth and engagement.

Have a good understanding of social media platforms to plan the growth of a channel and its development with a problem-solving approach.

To be able to generate outstanding results analyzing key features record, manage and update with the existing trends.

He should have excellent oral and written communications skills and from time to time develop extensive growth strategies for a channel.

Now if you are familiar with the skills required for a YouTube channel manager then you can offer your services to boost channel growth.

With that in mind, you have tons of opportunities on marketplaces online that include. Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and PeoplePerHour.

Also from time to time, online job boards have huge openings for the position of YouTube channel management.

That includes glassdoor, simplyhired, remotive, we work remotely and indeed.

7. Voice Over online jobs

Do you want to get paid for your voice?

Yes, voice.

You can lend your voice to a different industry that includes entertainment, gaming, and advertising to earn decent online jobs.

There are hundreds of explainer videos uploaded on YouTube for different purposes and you could be the next to get your voice online.

You can join online voice marketplace and have your voice record on the profile for companies to select audition for a role.

This is the best online jobs for students who must have in their lifetime emulated voice of someone for fun.

So, why not take this opportunity to monetize you voice acting skills record for different purposes earn money working online.

Considering this I have picked 3 best online voice marketplaces that you use to get voice acting jobs are voices, snap recording and voice bunny.

Best part-time voice acting jobs for students

#Voicebunny online jobs

 The bunny studio has 28000 voice artists serving in 50 different languages making it more convenient to hire professionals.

You can also join their team of expert’s voice actors and be a part of the most diverse community delivering high-quality voice work.

They welcome enthusiasts taking a step ahead in voice-over opportunity work and earn money recording for agencies and businesses.

Choose from different categories that include audiobooks, commercials, radio, TV, videogame, and commercial purposes.

 Now to start the process of application in which you sign up and provide full information about your skills and experience.


Want to record your voice for the corporate phone messaging system?

Snap recording started back in 1996 further initiating the improvement of telecommunication between businesses.

They are exclusively aimed to provide high-quality recorded messages to help PBX, IVR, and call centers.

You have the opportunity to be one of the snap recordings voice talent offering services to businesses


Did you find voice acting interesting?

Well, then you can work as a voice artist for a different industry that includes animation, audiobooks, podcasting, and business.

Similarly, there are plenty of categories in which you can contribute your voice work and earn money online.

Voices allow you to join their platform giving you the opportunity to record demo voices and get offer that matches your profile.

There are hundreds of independent contractors that have had the opportunity to find jobs online using voices.

You may earn up to $200 – $300 for a page’s script that is 30 seconds voice over.

They have opportunity for newbie and a professional both you can increase your earning depending on the length of audio.

Best online jobs for experts

8.Virtual Recruiter

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, several businesses had to shut their offices opening the road to hire candidates virtually.

A virtual recruiter has the duty to source the right professional candidate that can be proved to be beneficial for a company.

They work as a middle man between the employee and the employer to help recruit the best to join an organization.

The virtual recruiter can make the hiring process easy minimizing the lengthy process that costs time and money for companies.

Moreover, they can assist in onboarding and help in introducing the new employee to other staff members  

According to the pay scale, the average hourly pay of a virtual recruiter is $23/hr.

The average base pay of a virtual recruiter is $65381 dollar a year and can go high up to $91000 dollar.

This requirement of a virtual recruiter is growing every day as you see more workforces are switching to best remote jobs.

If you are interested to work online as a virtual assistant look out to job boards for this part-time online jobs.

The job boards are glassdoor, ziprecruiter, remote, remotive, we work remotely and unremot.

You should have good communication skills, basic computer knowledge and swift in hiring employees fit for a job.

  • Candidate selection
  • Good communication skills
  • Computer skills

For a viable best remote jobs sign up with Fiverr and Upwork

9.Facebook Ads Specialist

How can ads expert help achieve goals for a business online?

To understand better you have to know the potential of social media Facebook alone has 2.7 billion active users.

Making it the topmost among different social media and also providing work from home jobs to earn as an ad expert.

Having such a powerful platform where you can devise strategy and goals for your business and create ads accordingly.

The job of a Facebook ads specialist is to create ad copy, design graphics, device strategy, and bring lead and sales using ads.

An ad expert is very well informed with social media analytics knows how to plan things to bring maximum growth.

Using the current trend the ad expert can manage paid campaigns and improve with the best performing ads.

 Flexjobs is a marketplace that is dedicated to providing part time online jobs and has plenty of remote jobs available.

Upwork and freelancer have openings for the role of a Facebook ads manager.

On top of that you can approach small businesses to find work and on places like Facebook groups and within other social platforms e.g. – Linkedin

10. Email Marketing Strategy

How to find email marketing jobs online?

Email marketing is the process of engagement with potential customers through direct messaging and promotions via email.

The marketer always rewards their readers to download in exchange for an email that is later used for pitching promotions and sales.

This is an online task that allows any email marketer to write exclusive emails and marketing messages to prospects.

The fact that companies and businesses require an email marketer that is more efficient than any other marketing method.

The conversion rate is the highest and is 3 times more effective to strike a deal with other businesses.

He should be proficient in oral and verbal communication with profound writing skills and know the use of Google products.

If you are equipped with all the skills mentioned above then offer services on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

The average base pay of an email marketer is $72805 per year and can be higher based on the location and nature of work.

11. Online Moderator jobs

This online job allows you to start without any investment.

So, what is an online moderator is all about?

The duty assigned to an online moderator is to make an online platform free of spam, obscene, and derogatory content.

There are often instances when people behind the mask of a wolf try to infiltrate and cause dispute online in chat rooms, forums, and messengers.

An online moderator steps in to arrange the dispute in a more befitting way to remove adulterated & offensive content.

Takedown posts and comments in opposition to a set of guidelines.

Moreover, they strive to establish a healthy community online where like-minded people can come to interact.

Besides the technical duty of an online moderator, you must have great communication skills.

Best online moderator jobs for teenagers  


Yelp is a platform that builds connections with the local businesses and rate accordingly.

They also hire workers for the positions of an online moderator or referred as community coordinator for restraining services.

From time to time community managers at yelp have provided services in the department of marketing, social media, and PR.

They have openings for the role of community managers to assist local events, manage social accounts, write newsletter,s and organize marketing programs.

To apply for any of the mentioned roles check out their career’s page.


Crisp thinking was founded by Adam Hildreth in the year 2005 to protect from any online threat such as cyberbullying, abuse, and intimate delinquency.

 They provide protection from unwanted social media threats to companies under the umbrella of community moderators.

If you find the task of community moderators interesting you can reach out to them through the company’s email.

#ICUC Social

ICUC is a leading social media management agency that encompasses, social moderation, strategy, and management services.

They provide social customer care services to different industry obstructing any online threats.

You will be working as virtual police to check the engagement in a community is according to the set of guidelines.

 They have to handle and swiftly respond to comments.

Strategically, making an attractive response to build involvement and growth of responsive content online.

12. Translator

 Translation remote jobs online are growing in popularity and have opened opportunities for people who are experts in linguistics.

Companies across the world hire independent contractors to carry out the work remotely translating from one language to another.

You have to be an expert in the English language and in another secondary language e.g. Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese.

To be able to land translation work from home jobs you should have good communication skills.

A problem-solving mindset, multitasking, independence, and organizing skills.

There are plenty of sites that allow you to earn money translating telephonic conversations, meetings, conferences, and documents.

They are Lionbridge, Appen, Gengo, language solutions, Rev, Verbal ink, Word lingo, Flexjobs, Upwork, Fiverr, and Clickworker.

Best online translation jobs for linguistic experts

#Argos Multilingual

It was founded in 1996 that offer you translating services in various categories that includes technology, financial, life sciences & medical and technical & manufacturing.

Unlike other translation companies you also have the opportunity to join their team of professionals or as a freelance translator.

They welcome talented independent contractors to work for them by registering your full details on their website for further instructions.

 Few open positions are available for linguistic specialist, language QA specialist and project manager specialist.


Transperfect is another leader in the field of translation services started back in 1992 delivering unmatched services in linguistics.

They also help businesses around the world with technology services in website localization, translation management and translation tools.

So, you have the opportunity to work from home as a translator or other open positions as a freelancer.

They have hundreds of open positions available you can apply in the category that suits you.


Do you love numbers?

If you do then working from home as a bookkeeper will allow you to be financially independent offering services to small business?

Nowadays more and more businesses are hiring bookkeepers for organizing all your financial transactions.

They are often commonly recognized as accounting clerk, office assistant, sales manager and operations manager.

A bookkeeper is very exact in calculations providing support in maintaining financial transaction, revenues, income & expenses, doing taxes and receipts.

What qualifications a companies look in a bookkeeper that determines if he/she is fit for the job?

They should be well organized, great communication skills, multiple revisions to mitigate mistakes and hard working.

 Remote companies have openings for bookkeeping jobs online that you can apply for and offer services to their clients.

If you want to learn bookkeeping and looking forward to start a career in this profession then check this free class of Ben Robinson.

Best online bookkeeping jobs without any degree

#Belay solutions online jobs

This is another useful website for finding bookkeeping jobs, social media strategist, virtual assistant and website management jobs.

You as a bookkeeper will perform several task that includes managing weekly bills, invoicing, payroll processing, banking and doing balance sheets.

To apply for this position keep few things in mind get a high-speed internet connection and have experience with Quickbooks.

#Accounting Department

This is great for people living in the United States accounting department hires freelance bookkeepers to help secure their financial records.

If you are looking to work as a full-time bookkeeping and controllers then you are at the best place they have a dedicated team of experts.

You must have experience working as a bookkeeper know use of Quickbooks accounting software and excellent communication skills.

#Click Accounts

This is also the same as other two mentioned above provides opportunity to bookkeepers to work from home.

To join you have to send all the required details to the company’s email careers@clickaccounts (dot) com.

14.Wordpress Consultant

WordPress is among the best player in CMS that is very helpful in creating stunning websites.

Working as a WordPress developer can be lucrative but how can you get a job and where to look for remote positions?

A wordpress developer can carry out series of technical solutions related to management of a website, maintenance and other specifications.

You will help install Plugins, regular updates, add features & functionality, help create responsive designs and all other aspects designated to a developer.

In terms of salary it depends on how efficiently a developer performs but they earn approx $68,224 a year (Glassdoor)

There are some exceptional sites with top-performing freelance developers that include toptal, stack overflow, codeable, and Github.

For a beginner it would be quite tiring to land your first job but with consistency and continuity you can join the community of top freelancers.

I would recommend you to get a portfolio website designed by an expert or you can do it yourself and promote.

If you happen to be a WordPress expert you can make money from home. Signup with freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork

15.Virtual Assistant

How important a virtual assistant has become in the digital age?

Let’s find out.

For any online job seeker who wants to work online with no experience, this can be an exclusive opportunity to become a virtual assistant.

You will help companies, small businesses, individuals, and a marketer to complete their daily essential tasks for comprehensive growth.

A virtual assistant can offer more than 150 services some of that includes data entry, scheduling, and customer care.

It is a perfect part-time online job for beginners that can be done remotely (work from home) with extended technical experience.

However, if you want to take this profession working full-time belay solutions has the key to getting you started and joining their community.

It is one of the professions that has seen huge growth in the past few years and is further increasing at an exponential rate.

Gina Horkey is a successful businesswoman and teaches you how to start a virtual assistant ” 30 days or less to virtual assistant success

Best online virtual assistant jobs for administrative experts

#Belay solutions

Belay offers solutions to small businesses in social media management, virtual assistant, bookkeeping, and website management.

They have openings for virtual assistants who can use their skills to help clients.

In services like social media management, email management, event planning, and data entry.

#24/7 Virtual Assistant

They are one of the best virtual assistance service providers along with services like data entry, web development and customer services.

The pay of a virtual assistance is around $10 – $12 per hour and can go high depending on the skills and experience of the worker.

You can send your application on their company’s email address career@247 virtual assistant (dot) com.

Good luck!!

#Fancy hands online jobs

The fancy hands are on a quest of talented independent contractors to join their team of professional virtual assistants.

You would be doing some administrative tasks for clients that include making phone calls, scheduling, data entry and fixing appointments.

They are currently hiring.

16. Selling Online

You have unlimited choices to sell online and with the help of third party sites you can get started effortlessly.

Look at one of the most popular Amazon sell with your own seller central page operating listing, packing, and dispatching.

And the other option is Amazon FBA.

In this, you will store your inventory in Amazon’s warehouse without any responsibility for listing and dispatching.

There are other option to get started online which is Etsy, ebay , Woocommerce,  magento and shopify.

Woocommerce is specifically a WordPress eCommerce plugin that enables to you list items and start selling products.

Magento is another popular ecommerce marketplace with amazing features that makes selling for small businesses absolute experience.

Shopify is an eCommerce marketplace that is popular among dropshippers that has made managing and selling more convenient.

They allow you a free trial for 14 days.

17.Online Teaching jobs

 How to make money teaching online?

 There are 2 important ways that you can use to earn money teaching online which we will discuss in this section.

First – In this you can work remotely teaching students of k12 and academics.

English as a secondary language overall covering the subjects of school and colleges as one the trained professionals.

Secondary – You will have the opportunity to create your own course and launch it via third party sites like Udemy, Teachable, and Skillshare.

This is a very potent way to generate passive income teaching in any topic that is beneficial for the public.

There are several platforms that give you the opportunity to make money teaching online in different categories.

Some of them are VIPKID, Lingoda, SayABC, Magicears, GoGoKid, Qkids, italki and Skylearn.

Teach English to students of china and get paid up to $10 – $20 per hour.

Sites like Qkids, SayABC, VIPKID, Magicears, and italki have openings for ESL teachers.

The other way that is growing fast where you can launch an online course teaching in a topic that people would invest to learn.

It can be arts, photography, cooking, blogging, and crafts with the help of online course service sites that are Udemy, Skillshare, and Teachable.

18. Website Testing

This is a part-time online jobs for teenagers or for beginners going through different sites and apps giving honest reviews.

There is no denying whenever you visit a site that is not properly built or loads slowly tend to be annoying giving a very bad impression in the first place itself.

Companies across the globe hire random people to give honest feedback for which the user get paid in return.

There are several marketplaces that hire people to take the test and earn money.

These sites are userbrain, userfeel, testbirds, trymyui, whatusersdo and userlytics that can earn you up to $10 – $15 per test.

Some of the task that you may perform are locating a particular product and completing the checkout process.

You need some equipment a computer/laptop, high speed internet connection and a headphone of your choice.

Become a tester now.

19 Apps to Make Money


Would you like to get money in return when the price drops?

Is it possible?

Apps like paribus monitor the price of your every purchase and notify you whenever there is a drop in the prices of those particular products.

Download the app and use it for every purchase you make daily.

#Trim app

This is a great option for anyone who wants to save money on electricity bills, car insurance, internet bills, and bank credit card bills.

You never know how much you are paying for your monthly bills unknowingly but trim can be your companion in negotiating your monthly bills.

Download the trim apps and let it run in the background notifying your every month there is a possible cut on bill payments.


Rakuten app can help you avail cashback offers, crack deals, and rewards as the company states they have paid over $1billion dollars in cashback.

You can also earn a bonus of $25 for each successful referral.

20. Best Transcription online jobs

If you a good listener and can exact the words in text transcription could be the best online work from home jobs for you as a beginner.

However, you have three categories to choose from general, legal, and medical transcription.

For a beginner you will mostly be working with general transcription, an audio file will play you have to listen and copy each word correctly in text.

That is great!!

There are online platforms that hire independent contractors to work remotely doing transcription tasks.

These sites are Accutran global, Appenscribe, Bam, Casting words, Crowdsurf, Daily transcription, Go transcript and Scribie.

With each of these sites, you may have to pass the test and upon reviewing you are offered to work with one of the companies.

You should be excellent in oral and verbal communication and have the ability to identify mistakes.

Figure out any mistake and correct it with the best solutions along with a good understanding of interpreting conversations.

The pay of a transcriptionist is $16 per hour and can vary based on the skills and expertise from person to person.

If you find this appealing and want to start a career ahead transcribing files I would recommend you take this course.

Transcribe anywhere” will teach you the basics to being working as expert transcriber and has to offer free online courses.

Do check out.

21. Proofreading online jobs

This is another best work that allows independent contractors who is excellent in grammar to make money correcting mistakes.

A proofreader’s job is to make a written document flawless error-free from spelling, grammar, and punctuations mistakes.

There are several sites that allow freelance proofreaders to earn money working from home.

These sites are Lionbridge, Polished paper, Domainite, Clickworker, Editfast, Kirkus media, Scribe media, Proofreading pal, and AJ Experts.

The average salary of a proofreader is $46540 – $60563 and the hourly rate of an expert proofreader can make up to $20 – $40.

The stats say the demand of proofreaders in recent years has increased massively leading to large numbers of online recruitment.

Businesses are being established online every day from online businesses, blogs, affiliate sites, writers, and eCommerce.

The requirements of proofreaders are increasing providing opportunities for writers, housewives, college students, and freelancers.

You should have excellent command in the English language with the ability to apply correct solutions wherever necessary.

It is a good opportunity for beginners that provide you to work with ease and flexibility so, with that in mind check out this course.

This free workshop of Caitlin Pyle owner of “Proofread Anywhere” will walk you through the basics of proofreading skills.

Join her 76 minutes free workshop and check for yourself if it’s good work for you and build your own business.

It is perfect for those who would like to start a career as an expert proofreader.

22. Data Entry online jobs

What is data entry?

Data entry is popular these days allowing people to make money input data from home.

Lots of companies hire independent contractors to work online inputting data on a computer or a software program.

Some skills that is very useful to land a data entry job that includes typing speed of 60 WPM and good command in oral and written communications skills.

There are legit sites that hire independent contractors to make money working online.

These sites are Dion data, Accutran Global, Axion data services, Capital Typing, Click worker, Quicktate, Scribie, and Sigtrack.

Each of the company’s hires contractors who have some experience working as a data entry clerk and provides training before hiring.

Some even hires beginners but make sure you have fast typing skills and can finish the task within the timeframe.

23.Freelance writing online jobs

Freelance writing is one of the fastest-growing professions that have provided opportunities to writers of a variety of niches.

However, it is one of the best online jobs that have given the opportunity to complete beginners to start working online.

There are sites that include Upwork, Freelancer, iwriter, Freelance writing gigs, Fiverr, People per hour, Contena, and Guru.

Contena is a platform that is best for a beginner that brings out the best in you with their courses specifically designed for starters.

Other sites like Hubpages, Medium are an open platform that invites newbie’s to start writing as a career and shares it with the world.

Another option is to learn from an expert writer which is the course of “Holly Johnson” How to build a six-figure writing career.

She is a freelance writer who has some amazing skills to teach you the best way to begin writing as a career.

Join her Free Workshop A Course for Online Freelance Writers Earn More Writing and learn “How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Career

Sign up with Fiverr and Upwork


This is my favorite.

How to make money blogging?

You have different ways to make money with a blog from placing Ads, sponsorship, Affiliates, selling ads space, and digital products.

The 2 most important things you require are a domain and hosting.

Write down what you like and would take the opportunity to share, educate the world meaning to choose a niche.

Put your blog online buy a domain and fast hosting.


Why eBooks are so popular?

I literally had no idea that people are making money writing eBooks and upon further inquiry, I found people are paying to buy those digital products.

How do these digital products muster so much potential?

Ebooks can be accessed anywhere be it a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or Kindle reader and within a short time, you can learn anything.

They contain very succinct information and have made it convenient for anyone to learn and educate any topics they want.

For any book lover, Amazon is one of the favorite destinations to hook to find their interest but did you know you can write and sell it on Amazon.

Cool isn’t it!!

You will make 70% royalty for selling ebooks on Amazon every time someone downloads your ebook you earn 70% of its selling price.

So it makes sense writing an ebook for a living is truly a remarkable job that you had ever come across.

How to start writing and publish eBooks?

If you are an excellent writer then start from today itself or the alternate option would be to hire a writer from a freelance marketplace.

Upwork and Fiverr is a legit option to get your ebooks written by some experts.

Publish it on Amazon kindle publishing and promote, promote and promote.

Amazon kindle, Sendowl will give you the tool to host your ebook online.

Seems legit!!!

26.Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the fastest-growing online businesses that can make you rich very fast.


From the best of bloggers affiliate marketing is the main source of earning money without much effort.

Affiliate marketing is the process of generating sales for other people’s products and services each time you make a sale you earn a commission.

There is a huge list of affiliate programs from low to high payout commission rates that you can avail yourself of according to the niche you select.

Awin, Maxbounty, Amazon Affiliate, Shareasale are Some of the popular affiliate networks

If you are a beginner going with Amazon affiliate would be the best choice to start with.

27.Online Courses

This is a legit source for anyone who wants to earn passive income online.

You can start this online part-time hustle without any degree.

There are hundreds of online courses available on the internet in any niche you choose starting from beginner level to experts.

There are many platforms available on the internet that allow you to make videos edit and compile them all together for the audience.

Teachable, Skillshare, and Udemy allow you to host your course and sell.

28.Social media manager

The social media manager is one of the best choices of any beginner looking for a job online and can make up to $10 – $30 per hour.

If you are a person who is associated with social media sites and likes to share interesting topics communicate and share your views.

Then going online is a profitable choice for you to offer services to businesses looking for an expert to do their daily task.

The popular sites to find jobs are $99social, Appen, DVMelite, Belay, Lionbridge, ModSquad, Social tribe, fancy hands, yelp, and crisp thinking.

29.Graphic designer

Graphic designers have the opportunity to work online offering their skills to businesses, bloggers, influencers, and marketers.

Finding a job without a reliable marketplace could be a tiring process as a beginner.

These sites are 99designs, Behance, dribbble, Toptal, Krop, design crowd, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and Fiverr.

The hourly rate of a graphic designer can be $24 depending on the skills and expertise of designs he can come up with.

For basic designers, the salary is $45000 – $55000 yearly.

Graphic designers can also earn passive income by designing fonts and creating an online course.

So it is a very good deal to start knocking freelance sites to find legit online jobs as graphic designers.

30.Flipping Domain

Do you know you can earn money investing in the domain?

A domain is bought and sold to make a huge income you buy a domain at a low price and sell it at a higher price.

It mainly depends on how attractive the name have you registered and what would be its market value.

Domain names like business (dot) com and internet (dot) com have been sold at a much higher price $345 million and $18 million dollars respectively.

You can start with Flippa if you have any to sell.

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How to find the best online jobs and earn from home in 2021

Now, you have a pretty big list of opportunities to find the best online jobs to make money working from home.

Many of you face grueling getting online jobs but with the best marketplace, you will surely be working with some of the best paying jobs online.

The first option is Flexjobs this is a marketplace that has been serving keeping in mind the digital nomads looking to earn money online.

They have some of the best legit jobs listed on their platform making it effortless to land a reliable working job.

The best part is they scrutiny each job listed on their website before they are made live to the audience seeking remote jobs.

You can only avail this marketplace with a monthly subscription of $14.95 dollars.

Here are few legit online job boards that have the best paying jobs listed in every category.

These sites are remotive, angellist, working nomads, themuse, toggle hire, Github, Dice, Dribbble, AQUENT, krop, and PeoplePerHour.

Best online jobs freelance marketplaces are Upwork, Guru, Smashing jobs, Pitchme, 99designs, simply hired, Outsource, and Toptal.

Figure out the hobbies in you and select in that categories from the above-mentioned options.

30 Best online jobs to make money that is official & reliable
30 Best online jobs to make money that is official & reliable

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