25 Legit Online jobs that are best, authentic & flexible

Looking for online jobs here is a list of 25 legit online jobs that are best authentic and flexible for remote workers. (Update) 7/15/22

Legit Online Jobs that are best

If you are wondering how to find legit online jobs that pay well?

This post will introduce you to the best high-paying online jobs to work at home.

Finding a remote job these days online is growing in popularity and can earn you up to $4k per month or more.

Online jobs are the best way to earn money you can replace with your daily 9-5 grinding.

There are other propositions that I would like to share with you and initiate the potential of having an online job.

You are free to work from anywhere people are draining away from their daily constant struggle to a more relaxing and self satisfactory way of earning.

Some of the best online jobs are transcription, proofreading, consulting, customer service, digital marketing, virtual assistant, and blogging.

A company hires independent contractors for part-time, full-time, project-based, and for a temporary period based on your skills.

80% of companies are delighted with the online working program the recent outline suggests.  

47% of them support the notion of a full-time remote employees.

Working online for companies has good result growth of 35% -40% in the productivity of remote employees.

Remote workers that earn the opportunity to work online are fully satisfied with the state of work.

In disappointment, employees are countering the daily 9-5 grinding locating for something that is reliable, flexible, and a source they can balance their life and work both.

75% of the workforce are looking for an opportunity in remote (online) work in deliberation.

In short, it’s a beacon of hope with numerous opportunities for the unemployed to find legit work online and get paid for the same.

legit work from home jobs

1. Proofreading

Written work always has to be rechecked and make free of any error so tasks similar to this are assigned to independent contractors.

It is a process of catching mistakes and errors in written documents make sure it is free of any grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

The Independent contractor who works as proofreaders is very talented, excellent grammar skills, and quick to respond whenever necessary.

You will work as a human scanner going through each and every detail of written work with making necessary adjustments and correction.

There are several online marketplaces that hire remote proofreaders such as Upwork, Fiverr, proofreading pal, and sibia proofreading.

Either you can work online for others or start your own proofreading side hustle both the way is an excellent way to earn money online.

For a beginner taking an online class is highly recommended that teaches you the in and out of proofreading skills.

One such popular learning program for proofreaders is “How to become a proofreader” by Caitlin Pyle.

She has been working as a proofreader during her studies in Germany and since then she is training freelancers on how to master this skill.

Caitlyn Pyle free workshop will guide you to become an expert in proofreading skills and learn how you can find clients for the same.

Join her 76 minutes free workshop and see for yourself if it is good for you or not.


2. Bookkeeping – Legit Online jobs

To successfully run a business you have to maintain each and every record of financial transaction and yes sometimes it can be daunting.

This is where bookkeepers come in to assist small businesses where they maintain all the financial transactions and let the owner focus on their work.

You can use your immaculate calculation skills to monetize your spare time offering services to small businesses and enterprises.

“How to start working as a bookkeeper”

This profession does not demand you to be highly qualified but only basic knowledge of calculation is sufficient.

A professional bookkeeper will make sure all the transactions including receipts, daily expenses, sending invoices, and financial reports are maintained.

With that in mind, you have several marketplaces online such as Fiverr, Upwork, Flexjobs, and people per hour.

For a beginner you have the best choice to learn is by joining these free-classes of Ben Robinson explaining how to start working as a bookkeeper online.

This is one of the best courses available on the internet that introduce you to the best bookkeeping skills.

3. Blogging – Legit Online jobs

Why blogging is so popular?

Well, you will find many answers from different bloggers sharing their personal experiences and journey so far.

It is a great source of earning passive income, a way to express your experiences to the audiences and it provides you limitless opportunities.

“How do you perceive being a blogger?”

  • Make money online
  • Affiliate marketing
  • News site
  • Review site
  • Business

You have unlimited possibilities in your hand stretching from every field or sector and starting a blog is very cheap.

Nowadays you can start a fully-fledged blog within no time and thrive online as a blogger the way you want.

Decide a niche (Subject)

In simple words, you have to choose the topic that you prefer to start a blog in, suppose you are writing for “Best Hosting”

This goes like this.

“How to choose a fast hosting with WordPress”?

“Is Bluehost a reliable hosting provider to host your blogs”?

Your content will circulate around topics related to hosting services and how to host a blog and other features.

Buy a domain and hosting.

If you are new no worry it is as simple as buying something online log into any domain service provider and select the name you require.

Namecheap and Godaddy are preferred.

Now comes hosting having fast and reliable hosting can multiply your blog success you don’t want someone to wait for minutes to upload.

That’s very frustrating and eventually, you will end up doing nothing.

Bluehost is one of the WordPress recommended hosting providers that is fast and secure with a monthly price of $3.95 dollars.

Hoping you have decided by now what to write about.

All the best!!!

4. Tutoring – Legit Online jobs

Education is one of the popular online jobs sectors that guarantee you hundreds of online opportunities in the teaching categories.

Teach English to non-native speakers or academic subjects.

There are many online sites that hire teachers to join their skilled professional’s community member.

If you are proficient in English with good communication skill then consider teaching ESL to students of china.

Sites like VIPKid, class100, Qkids, and English hunt are looking for independent contractors to work part-time and earn $20 per hour.

Few other options for another subject are Chegg, tutors, Tutorme, Cambly, skillshare, teachable, and Udemy.

5. Social media manager

“How social media is transforming the digital landscape?”

Whether you use it for personal purposes or for an enterprise social media has immense potential to scale your brand identity.

Freelancers and business owners don’t want to miss the golden opportunity to grow and so hiring a good social media manager is a need.

A Social media manager work as a company’s digital representative where they curate content make updates and manage content.

Not very long ago the promotional method was hoarding, TV Ads, newspapers were very common but social media is even more powerful.

That the reason business owners hire social media making necessary changes, posting content, responding to customers via business page.

You can also get paid for running Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other handles reaching their targeted audiences.

Social media gigs on Fiverr are among the highest paid gigs.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Teenagers can definitely avail this opportunity and go ahead as a social media manager is proved to be beneficial.

6. Virtual Assistant

legit online jobs

You will work as an independent contractor doing different administrative tasks for businesses and clients as a virtual assistant.

 Most importantly there are more than 150 tasks that can be assigned to a remote virtual assistant doing different tasks.

The recent year there has been a growing demand for highly skilled virtual assistants who are capable enough to provide influencing results.

Some of the common work includes:

  • Email marketing
  • Blog management
  • Social media expert
  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Proofreading

Due to the extensive growth of digital influence, you have to keep everything updated and require someone who is an expert in executing it.

So, if you want to work as a virtual assistant let me tell you this is a high demanding service on marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork.

When it comes to profitability is totally dependent on you how meticulously you can finish the given work and how experienced you are.

To learn the right skills and techniques you must dive in with the best course available on the internet.

“Gina Horkey”

She is a successful virtual assistant and provides training to become one within 30 day or less.

That’s interesting.

This workshop with some impressive methods will train you to become an expert “30 days or less to Virtual Assistant success“.

Moreover, you will learn how to start a virtual assistant business, get clients for your business, most importantly make money and thrive online.

Go find your first clients.

7. Freelance Writing

legit online jobs

How did I learn freelance writing?

Don’t think just write

As a writer, you may have tons of job writing that includes writing for blogs, businesses, social media, and articles.

Freelance writing is high in demand more than ever because of an influx of businesses, blogging, eCommerce, and social sites online.

Content marketing is the fuel of online businesses there will always be a demand for skilled writers to contribute in every sector.

If you would like to be an excellent freelance writer just dive in to take advantage of this high-paying profession. 

Start with a standard course that will teach you how to start a freelancing career online and make money writing.

With that in mind, I can recommend you to take “Holly Johnson” an expert freelance writer.

She will teach you “How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Career“.with the best strategies and skills to become an expert writer.

Join her Free Workshop “How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Career“.

Best part-time legit online jobs

8. Photography – Legit Online jobs

Can you really make money from your pictures?

Yes, you can

Images are used in every industry be it a wedding, party, blogging, business, eCommerce, and more so taking pictures is worth more than just clicks.

There are stock photography sites that welcome high-quality images that can be used for personal and business purposes.

Take quality pictures and upload them on stock photography sites every time someone downloads your image you get paid.

You can make 20 to 50 cents per image.

Having a HD camera is not a compulsion you can start even with your quality smartphone and upload it.

This can be a perfect side hustle that can earn you a good income depending on the quality of pictures you take.

Take action now.

This post contains affiliate links that means if you buy any products/services I may earn a commission for potential sale“. See Disclaimer

9.Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is at its highest peak and offers a seamless opportunity to freelancers to earn money online.

The arrangements of words and stunning images can breathe soul in any design you can think of.

The requirement of graphics is becoming more and more common including social media, marketing, promotion, and branding.

With the help of tools like Canva, you can start designing stunning graphics for social media would be a good start.

Clients need graphics for promotion, eCommerce, page design, and logo design.

However, there are many marketplaces that have huge graphic designing jobs available online such as Fiverr,Upwork dribbble, 99designs, and Graphic River.

Graphic designing is one of the best online jobs.

A professional graphic artist can start making passive income by designing templates, fonts and online webinars.

Best legit online jobs to make money

10. Transcriber – Legit Online jobs

legit online jobs

How to work online converting an audio file into written text?

This is what a transcriber is designated to do they convert each recorded word into a written document word by word.

Online transcription jobs have three different categories that include general, legal, and medical transcription.

However, for beginners, general transcription is the best option to start with.

There are several marketplaces online that have transcription jobs in abundance that includes Upwork, Fiverr, Scribie, gotranscript, and transcribe me.

Companies often look for independent contractors to work remotely and also provide you with proper training before they hire.

Transcribers may earn between $10 -$20 per hour.

 You should be well versed in English and good understanding of conversation to exact the words without any hindrance.

If you are looking to start a career in transcription it is highly recommended to take the course of “transcribe anywhere”.

Free General Transcription Mini-Course

Free Legal Transcription Mini-Course

You will learn the best-established methods to work as expert transcribers and tips to land high-paying transcription jobs.

11. Dropshipping

It is the most gravitating way to generate sales without having any inventory with a less upfront cost.

What is the popular method to start dropshipping?

There are popular companies that enable you to earn money dropshipping that includes woo commerce, Magento, Shopify, and big commerce.

 You can easily launch a store up and running with products imported from different manufacturers ready to make a sale.

The best part is when someone orders a product it will directly be despatched to the customer without any intermediary.

You only deck your dropshipping site with products and set the price of your choice and earn.

Dropshipping is perfect for beginners and with Shopify, you can create a store without any experience and make money.

You can start your 14-day free trial on Shopify

Shopify is the prominent choice for dropshipping businesses and allows you to sell your products around the globe effortlessly.

12. Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon makes selling online more appropriate.

It is one of the online selling programs by Amazon that works on automation.

In this method, you buy products from wholesalers or manufacturers and list your items on Amazon.

On top of that Amazon let you store your inventory in their warehouse and operate everything from packaging and dispatching of products to the customers.

All the required activity to run an online store is completely fulfilled by Amazon.

Commonly known as “Fulfilment by Amazon

It makes online selling opportune with minimal obstacles where you can focus on “How to scale your online store” and thrive as an online seller.

You should carry out proper research on the niche that you want to sell products online in conjunction with a profit margin.

In the beginning, go with a low-cost product is approving where you have to handle fewer returns in any disapproving state of affairs.

13. Create a course

“How to sell your skills online”?

Internet is full of opportunities and has immense potential that can make you huge profits in exaction.

Creating a course online teaching others is a legit online jobs for students where people would love to learn a skill in exchange for money.

The premium platforms like Skillshare, Udemy and Teachable placing your courses live have become more convenient.

They have every category of an audience willing to learn a skill in their spare time making it more appropriate to embrace exponential growth.

You can teach photography, graphic designing, coding, art, music, and freelance writing.

Udemy, Skillshare, and teachable are some of the popular sites that you can use to monetize your course.

14. Niche Website

“How can you earn money creating niche websites?”

Working online creating niche websites is focused on the targeted audience in which you provide necessary content for a specific market.

Coming up with a profitable niche is a daunting task.

It’s all starts with proper SEO techniques the arrangements of targeted keywords within an article help rank sites on search engines.

So, this is up to you what niche (Subject) you will write to rank a blog and make profit.

Certainly, there are many popular niches that earn huge money that including Home decor, kitchen tools, baby products, gadgets, and fitness.

Creating niche sites for clients or sell it to your customers on marketplaces like Envato market, Github, Upwork, and Toptal is a good choice.

15. Web Designing

I designed several websites using Elementor page builder and it’s not at all rocket science.

You can too!!

Do you remember sites like active theory, mature cannabis, and tdp-arch these are award-winning sites for best design?

Coming up with the best designs for your clients can be lucrative and with the help of drag and drop functionality, it has become effortless.

You don’t require any training to get the best look for your clients rather quality practice will teach you itself.

These are high-paying online jobs that are booming and the average rate of web designers is $24/hr or $51000 per year.

That’s interesting!!

Looking at this scenario you can estimate how bright this profession is going to in the long run.

Try to get into popular sites like 99designs, Toptal, Behance, dribbble, designcrowd, PeoplePerHour ,flexjobs, Fiverr, and Upwork.

They have numerous jobs for web designing freelancers that you can avail yourself straight from the comfort of your home (Remotely)

Have some idea?

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16. Facebook Ads Manager

Services of creating ads on social media are among the best online work from home jobs for teenagers.

 If you know how to launch successful Facebook ads consider offering this service to a small business that requires promotion for their business growth.

Most businesses hire experts to manage their Facebook accounts that can originate good ads campaign, target potential audiences, and grow.

Advertising is the wheel that has to be active whenever required and the most appreciative way to reach the targeted audience is social media (Facebook).

You can also sign up with different marketplaces with the list of ad services you offer and you will start receiving hundreds of clients across the world.

The Premium sites are Fiverr, Upwork guru, and people per hour.

Best legit part-time online jobs for teenagers

17. Website testing

Did you find any sites that are poorly built?

It is quite annoying when any site you visit is taking time to upload and not properly designed.

Companies pay users to give honest feedback about the layout, navigation, and other features of websites or apps.

If you are aware of how the structure of any site should be and can explain in detail if there is any flaw you can monetize this skill in your spare time.

Sites like Usertesting, userbrain, testbirds ,trymyui and userfeel often hire independent contractors to review sites and apps.

The basic pay is around $10 – $20 per hour or equivalent to the effort you put in each designated testing work.

This is the perfect part-time online jobs for teenagers

18. Data Entry Specialist

It’s a legit online part-time jobs for college students if you have a good typing speed of average 60WPM and proficiency in English.

Be careful of scams though.

Not every ad that promises high-paying data entry jobs should be doubted but carefully inspect each and every detail before you begin.

Here I will introduce you to some popular sites that offer data entry jobs for independent contractors.

These sites are Flexjobs, axion data, click worker, Dion data solutions, capital typing, Scribie, and Accutran global.

The Companies will hire you to work remotely but prefer some prior experience of data entry work.

 However; they also give you the training to understand the nature of the work and some even hire beginners.

You can with these companies monetize your spare time for a few extra cash and with the passage of time you earn more.

The more you complete the work within the time frame and in consequence, you can earn more typing data.

You can schedule your work based on availability and can start working anywhere you want with complete flexibility.

19. Video editing

Editing videos is full of entertainment.

Would you like to earn money online editing videos?

Video marketing is all-time popular these days in every sector of entertainment, business, blogs, and social media.

Not only it increase people’s retention power but also is a powerful way of conveying messages and promotion.

Businesses with the help of explainer videos can increase their sale of products and services.

The experts can trade their skills for marketing and promotion.

This online jobs from home allow freelancers to earn even higher as they become more and more experienced.

However, starting with simple editing videos can also earn you good money.

You can find video editing opportunities with these sites Fiverr ,Upwork Behance, production hub, people per hour, and Mandy.

20. Online personal trainer

If you are good at cooking or fitness maybe then starting a personal training channel is not a deficit deal.

Personal training sessions on YouTube is growing in popularity.

Nowadays, you can provide training to people with the help of YouTube and I tell you that would be great fun.

The internet has opened a multitude of opportunities for everyone and this online work can be proven good for housewives.

21. Search Engine Optimization

What is the technical way to rank on search engines?

You guessed it right!!


Did you know many grapples to get located online and hire experts to do SEO for their business or blog?

If you are an expert in SEO and have experience working on projects for others this skill can have you create a team for this job itself.

This skill is much popular in demand and finding an expert is challenging although marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and people per hour are booming.

You can avail of these online marketplaces by offering your SEO services to businesses, blogs, eCommerce, and start-ups.

22. Surveys

 A part-time online jobs that you can exchange your spare time for a few extra bucks.

You can by doing common tasks that include playing games, surveys, reading emails, watching TV, and testing products.

Sign up with Swagbucks and earn points doing multiple tasks like playing games, searching the web, reading emails, watching TV, and completing surveys.

Reward you with points that you can easily redeem through PayPal and even earn cash for testing products.

Some allow you to earn money through testing products sites like i-say, Survey Junkie, Vindale research, and inbox dollar.

23. Retail arbitrage

This allows you to earn a good amount of money if you have knowledge of products (items) and their value.

Items that you may find have huge demand in another place and can get you a lot of sales.

You can buy products in bulk that has lower priced than their original value and sell it on online sites, flea markets at a higher price.

Try selling on sites like Ebay and Craiglist.

24. Customer service representative

There is a sizeable no of increases in customer service representative jobs.

Most of the companies are hiring independent contractors to work remotely for customer services.

Working as a customer service you will communicate with the customer answering questions and providing reliable information for such.

You can look for this opportunity in job sites like Flexjobs, working solutions, Concentrix, Philips, Aetna, Appen, and Randstad.

However, there isn’t much requirement you need a computer/laptop, high-speed internet connection, and a headset.

With an approach of duty assigned to manage different tasks keeping in mind a succinct and satisfactory problem-solving perspective.

25. Scoping

You can earn money without any college education.

Yes, it’s true!!

The legal proceedings take place in any courtrooms but being unaware people are not cognizant you can also earn helping transcribers.

Every verbal communication in the courtroom is transcribed by the court reporter meaning the proceedings are written down by the reporter himself.

There is the catch!!

They use shorthand a method of symbolic writing that helps speed up the process.

He (reporter) then hires a scopist who edits the transcribed form for each court transcript he earns money.

With no entry barrier

It makes them convenient to hire someone to complete the job. The average salary of a scopist ranges from $30000 – $50000 per year.

How to find legit online jobs with no experience?

These are the best paying work from home legit jobs suitable for teenagers, freelancers, housewives, and college students?

The opportunities you have online are so vast that it would be impossible to divert attention working for one.

With so many options to choose from that includes marketing, selling online, website designing, data entry, coaching, and ads specialist.

You should find work that delights you make you feel more confident about that can be beneficial in the long run.

 However, popular sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and guru can be a gold mine for any beginners to earn while trading their skills.

Popular categories for part-time online jobs

  • Coaching and training
  • Health and Fitness
  • Writing
  • Bilingual
  • Designing
  • Marketing
  • Virtual assistant

Common part-time legit online jobs

  • Graphic designer $17/hr.
  • Recruiter $17/hr.
  • ESL teacher $20/hr
  • Writer $20/hr.
  • Social media manager $16/hr.
  • Virtual Assistant $16/hr.   

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