Get paid to read books 12 odd ways to make money in 202

See the list of 12 online sites to get paid to read books in 2023.

Get paid to read books best sites to make money reading

Do you love reading books?

What if you can make money reading online?

Well, for some it may sound like cracking a joke but you can exactly get paid to read books (review) online.

This can be the best part-time side-hustle for any voracious reader looking to make some extra cash reading books.

Isn’t this great!!

There is a growing demand of talented, skilled people who can choose according to their genre and give impactful review.

Many authors before they publish their books live for the general audience looks for a freelancer to review their books.

To provide an exceptional review that is helpful for both the publisher and the audience and has made this task easy.

Some popular online marketplaces are hiring independent contractors who can get paid for reviewing books online.

Few of that I will be discussing on this article and making a way for people to have the opportunity to get paid for that.

Nevertheless the internet has immense potential to earn money sitting at home and getting paid for review is one of that.

1.Kirkus media

The Kirkus media is looking for experienced and talented book reviewers of English and Spanish language.

You will have to review mostly 350 words within the time period of 2 weeks.

They have all genres of books available for book lovers that include non-fiction, Thriller, Romance, and history.

 You also have some popular choices that are children, science fiction, teens, current event, and social concerns.

It is a very legit way for people to monetize their spare time and make money reviewing publications.

Unanimously kirkus is the best choice for adults, students and young.

If you are drawn to reviewing books then you have to send your requirements with resume and writing samples.

To kirkus indie editor David Rapp at drapp@kirkus(dot) com.

2.Online Book club

Many publishers and authors around the world are looking for honest reviews for which they offer you a free copy of it.

They also give you a free book via email and also get a chance to win $1000 per month in prizes.

If you are really looking to make the most of your spare time while enjoying reading new books in exchange for an honest review.

One thing to keep in mind that it does not have to be a positive review rather an honest review, that’s what you will exactly be paid for.

The pay generally ranges from $5-$60.

3.Book Browse

The book browse before you authenticate yourself as a book reviewer you have
to submit some sample reviews.

If you really enjoy reading books you are requested to fill up the application form.

And provide the quality items that you have written consisting of 300 words or more.

You will get to review fiction, non-fiction, mysteries and young adults.

With book browse, you have the opportunity to review some of the best
casts and storylines.

4.The US Review of Books

The US Review is looking for professional freelancers who love to keep themselves around books.

You will have the opportunity to read the list and choose according to your liking so that they may assign you to the best review work.

Reviewers are allowed to give in 250-300 words summary that comprises of exact understanding and insights of the book avoiding any insertion.

All reviews must in the Chicago manual of style and should be completed with the given time-frame of 2-3 weeks.

5. Bethany House

Bethany House has been in this business for the past 50 years producing high-quality books comprising every category.

If you are interested in employment of book reviews regularly check out their job opening.

There is a huge list of subjects surrounding Christian living, family resources, and theology.

6. Net Galley

The net galley is looking highly talented who loves to read and surround themselves with books.

You have the privilege to register free as a reader and can ask or be invited for the book review tasks.

They allow you to access the the copy in every digital devices and platforms.

7. Upwork – get paid to read books

Upwork is a trusted marketplace for freelancers that allow you to sell your services and one can also find jobs for editing and book reviews.

This post may contain affiliate links that mean if you buy any product/service I will earn a commission.”

8. Women’s Review of Books

If you want to work for women’s review of books?

You have to pitch a review of the respective book send a proposal and its date to Jennifer Baumgardner:

They are very strict with whom they choose to allow the work to review a book.

Before you get into the business you have to ask for permission from the author.

This magazine is related to women and has been in the business for 36 years and is looking for more book reviewers to join their team.

If your work meets their criteria and is accepted, you’ll be paid $100 per review. You can send them an email with the relevant information here.

9. NewPages

If you have been reading something short and meaningful of any magazine or book send them the review in words, not more than 200- 300 words.

You can send the review to Katy Haas with “Review” in the subject line.

If the work is satisfactory and trustworthy you get accepted which will appear on the blog within the next two weeks.

You have to regularly check and scroll through their menu and also the link to reviews will be provided on their social media.

Also, don’t forget to provide your contact information and other credentials so they can tag you for the review work.

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10. Writerful Books

The Writerful review is looking for talented and passionate readers who love to write a meaningful book review.

It implies up to you what books you prefer but modern novels from British, Irish, Canadian, American, and Australian are well entertained.

They are in search of some of the profound readers who can write some high-quality reviews.

The pay is around $10-$50 based on your experience but if you are one of their valuable book reviewers you have the opportunity to work as a paid reviewer.

The list consists of different genres but most likely literary-fiction, narrative non-fiction,realistic-fiction, and contemporary fiction.

If you are interested in their book reviewing task submit your application and also give your every social media credential.

11. Reedsy discovery

The Reedsy was started back in the year 2014 and has achieved the best place for book reviews.

The premium quality content is the principal of highly talented active members of reedsy discovery. 

Plenty of publishing companies get their book reviewed each month through talented freelancers.

Each reviewer is reward with some dollars making it convenient for a book lover to earn cash.

To apply provide your asked details correctly to be admitted as an official reviewer of Reedsy discovery.

12. Booklist online

The Booklist is a part of the American library association and you will be assisting in purchasing/recommending books to schools and public library workers.

The 150-175 words of succinct review signifying each relatable word that provides insight and perception to readers.

Reviews are particularly for schools and library workers and anyone even without a library degree can apply.

The applicants can learn with the style and nature of work so you can with ease produce insightful reviews.

You will make $15 for every review that gets selected to be published online or in a magazine.

Also, you will earn $5 for a rejected piece.

So, it’s the best opportunity that derives out the best-in-class review with a deep comprehension of the potential readers.

You will also have the advantage to work with the site’s editor until and unless to get an idea of the style and method of reviews.

Get paid to read (review) books online.

Get paid for providing impactful reviews to authors and publishers around the globe working online.

There is a huge list of categories that you can choose from and act according to the skills and expertise you possess.

It is one of the skillful professions that allow any reader to use their judgment to the optimum level furthermore targeted audience.

You will be engaging in an activity focusing on the likes and genres of a particular group of talented individuals.

So, start reviewing books to get paid to read books online.

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