10 best online jobs for college students with no experience

Jobs for students to make money online.

10 best online jobs for college students with no experience

If you are pursuing your college studies or have just completed college you must be looking for some way to make money.

We all need money right!!

These 15 best online jobs for students allow you to make money from anywhere you want with just a few hours of work.

Having the benefit of working from home is an advantage you don’t have to go to the office working long hours and return home fatigued.

You can always choose to work when you feel you want to and take a break when desired.

Whereas there are several freelance sites that pay tons of money doing work like graphic designing, voice acting, Editing, Email marketing, and freelance writing.

Opportunities are always there for you it is up to you how you use it.

Experience is something that companies look for but starting the work and take every possible opportunity to improve yourself will make you Excel in that particular field.

Having said that lets explore some of the 15 best online jobs.

1. Blogging

Blogging is something that most people are acquainted with just because of the potential it carries.

You need to work on for quite a couple of months and you yourself will witness the massive strength it has.

What possibly could you get in a store if you choose to work in any department. Maybe $300 or more.

This work lets you put yourself in a much larger audience that can appreciate, recognize your work, and top of that earn huge income with it.

There are a few requirements that you have to put together to make your blog up and running.

Domain and hosting is the most important thing when it comes to starting
a blog.

The best hosting service provider I can personally suggest is Bluehost you can start with a monthly subscription of just $2.95/ month. They also provide you a domain free.

Else you buy a domain from Godaddy or hostinger and transfer your domain
to your Bluehost hosting.

The topic is a necessary part in which you will write choose it wisely so do some research work. Write content with the purpose of helping others not just random things you put on your website just to look good.

2. Freelance Writing

10 best online jobs

Opportunities are high in freelance writing many companies and blogs often
hire writers to get their content on the blog.

As a college going students you have been into writing and must have gathered
some experience that can help you thrive in the digital world.

Many freelance sites often give chance to beginners you can easily register
yourself in Fiverr,Upwork, iwriter, peopleperhour and contently.

You will have the chance to work with some of the new businesses and blogs
that you take advantage of with the least gig for $5 – $40.

There are writers that even charge more $300-$500 for a single piece of articles.
The more experienced you are the higher is the chance of earning. Simply this is the best online job that has tremendous growth.

Ask yourself are you a good writer? If you have a good communication skill
with correct punctuation and grammar then you can excel in this field.

If you would to learn and begin everything in a more professional way I will
suggest you to take a course that can polish you as a writer.

Here you can learn the basic of writing Holly Johnson is a famous writer and has earned her reputation teaching people how to excel as a freelance writer.

Join Now “How to Build a six figure writing career

3. Virtual Assistant

10 best online jobs

Things are getting more and more simple as we are getting more technologically
advanced. We can connect with people from every part of the world.

Companies hire an individual contractor to manage their administrative tasks
and so can you be a part of this employment opportunity.

There are more than 150+ virtual assistant tasks that you can offer to companies and businesses from the comfort of your home. With just basic requirements you can start taking work.

A high-speed internet connection, a good laptop or computer, a headset, and a calm space in your house where you can focus on your work.

If you can take on to the digital marketing tasks, email marketing, data entry,
scheduling appointments, managing calls, Fixing meetings and customer
service representative.

The pay for a virtual assistant is $20-$30 per hour and you can charge even
more as you achieve more experience and learn skills.

“How to start a career in virtual assistant” if you lack such skills and want to move ahead. You can join this course specifically designed for teaching skills who want to make a career in a virtual assistant.

Gina Horkey is an expert and she started her own virtual assistant company
thanks to her that has made enthusiasts possible to learn the skills and tricks
to become their own boss.

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4. Transcription Jobs

This job is something that determines how well can you listen and type fast
with accuracy.

If you have good command of any language and can put it into written documents then you have a career opportunity in this.

Transcription is a process of converting audio files into written documents You will have access to the audio files that you will listen to and type exactly what is Playing.

This requires you to be efficient in typing and writing skills which will allow you to complete the given task in a more professional way.

However, it has three categories namely legal, medical and general transcription
both legal and medical transcription requires professional training and a certificate whereas the latter does not.

With General transcription, you can start even if you have no experience.

There are several companies that hire general transcriptionists with few days
of training.

If you require some training so you can do the work in a more efficient way you can join this course transcribe anywhere.

5. Proofreading Jobs

Any written work before it gets printed has to go through a process of correction wherein the person will check if it has any grammatical, punctuation, or any kind of error.

To make it free of any error to make it easy for the readers to engage and communicate with the written word.

Unlike companies, several bloggers and freelancers also hire proofreaders to do the work. If you are eligible enough to catch errors and have a good command of the English language then you can do the job.

Several companies hire proofreaders for their job you can work for them
and get paid for the work.

You can learn the art of proofreading from one of the pioneers in this field
Caitlyn Pyle. She has been proofreading since 2007 and teaches how to become
a successful proofreader.

You will learn how to become an expert in this field and possibly find clients for your work.

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6. Social media manager

If you are social media savvy and love to spend most of your time on the media platform. You surely have the advantage to take it to the next level.

Companies hire individual to manage their social media accounts as nowadays almost every company use the platform to promote, market, and sale of their products and services.

Social media provides tons of features that can be used to gain some useful data and enhance the way you connect with the audience.

Some of the features that you should be able to use effectively are not only a post is sufficient for promotion but an engaging post.

The content you put has to be attractive enough to gain viewers’ attention running ads on these platforms and how to use them.

To answer their questions and clear their doubts

7. Customer service executive

Generally, companies hire people so they can answer calls, queries, and suggest when customers require some information.

This also helps companies build their reputation and this is where it becomes a crucial part of onboarding a customer service representative.

If you have good oral communication there are many companies that hire for customer representative jobs that you can apply for.

You can start these jobs from your home as more and more companies are
coming up with a remote job option.

8. Data entry clerk

If you can type really fast with an average speed of 60(WPM) words per min
you are good for the job.

Although individual contractors with more experience tend to earn more because of the skills it requires and they are able to finish the work before the deadline.

Most of the data entry projects on the internet turn out to be a scam so be really very careful with that. There are companies that are legit and hire people for remote jobs.

Few digital marketplaces are also a great source to get some data entry work
namely Fiverr and Upwork.

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9. Search Engine Evaluator

To ensure the search results are accurate and are relevant to the searcher’s

You can apply to companies that hire for the role of a search engine evaluator to work from home. Several companies including Appen hire for the position which often has an opening for the job.

Some requirements that you should be aware of you must have excellent
research skills, good in the relevant language, and fully equipped with the
current situation.

10. Online Tutor

The opportunities of teaching online have increased manyfold and so does
the applicant.

Its an advantage that you can avail working from home you don’t have to be
a regular person who walks into universities every day.

Start with teaching English to children from china and you can earn $15-$30 per hour. The more hours you take more you can earn, it’s totally up to you with flexibility.

Also, you can switch to solving problems of high-school students considerably
maths, science, accounts, and economics.

If you are a native English speaker and have been teaching for a while you can start with the gathered information.

Some do require you to have a degree and a teaching license TEFL/TOEFL/TESOL that allows you to teach students online.

Start now

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10 best online jobs for students

Here you have the 10 best online jobs to start your career and thrive in the digital world.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind decide what are you best at and choose accordingly.

You may start at the beginning with low but as you gain more experience the more you have the possibility to earn.

These 10 best online jobs have tremendous potential if you really work hard and make it successful.

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