50 high paying work at home jobs to make money

The best of high-paying work from home jobs to increase your online earning.

50 high paying work at home jobs

Are you looking for high-paying work-from-home jobs then you are at the right place?

It is quite evident that most of the works from home jobs don’t pay well to their remote workers.

Remote working has been extremely popular among job seekers and is the best option to break free from the stagnation of 9-5 grinding.

People are willingly switching to independent and free work module that is more flexible, reliable, scalable, and more money.

Making more money is what gives independent contractors to sit at the home office and get the most out of it.

The popular method to start earning online includes translation, proofreading, data entry, writing, editing, and surveys.

Another way round there is some best work from home jobs that are high paying.

If you are talented and qualified then with the correct skills and expertise you can land jobs that are high paying?

Best High paying work from home jobs in 2024

The post-COVID 19 work from home reports suggests that there is an influx of workers looking for remote positions.

Estimates are that 25% -30% of workforces will be working multiple days a week at the beginning of 2022.

Another report of Upwork gives an overview that by the end of 2025 22% of Americans will be working remotely.

Moreover, by 2028 most of the workforce will be remote nearly 73%.

Also With the ever-growing demand, there is a huge list of opportunities offering high-paying jobs to work from home.

The fastest-growing remote works that are high-paying includes medical jobs, project managers, software developer.

Sales and business development, computer security, Psychologist, marketing jobs, senior account manager, and analyst jobs.

The list doesn’t stop here and the online community is there to amaze you with something new and prolific.

With that being said let find out what are the ways that allow you to get an opportunity seamless and increase your pay.

Legitimate high paying work from home jobs

High paying work from home freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing has some of the best paying categories that offer you a seamless opportunity to scale your career.

The growing businesses in every industry have created a pool of opportunities for freelancers like you and me

There are various niches in freelance writing that includes finance, travel, health, white paper, email marketing, and Tech.

You have an enormous list of sites that allow you the opportunity as an excellent writer to apply for high-paying writing jobs.

Here are some of the quality sites where you can build your career as a writer and excel in making money online.

The average pay of freelance writers is $63,488/ year and hourly pay is between $24 -$32.  

 How to get work from home jobs?                       

a) Flexjobs:-

Tired of looking for reliable legit online jobs not anymore. 

Flexjobs is a dedicated platform that connects real companies with job seekers online and helps reduce frauds and scams.

Every job posted on their platform is checked thoroughly before it is made live for the public.

You can access this platform for writing jobs at $14.95/ month.

b) Hire writers:- Hire writers started back in 2012 and have been providing writing services to different requirements.

Articles for businesses, companies, and blogs at a very minimal price, you can join this portal for eBook, content, and poetry writing.

You can either join as a client or as a writer.

Text broker:- Text broker started with the aim to provide quality content for clients all over the globe and this is how they decided in 2005 to go online.

Its founder beck began looking for hundreds of expert writers to use this platform as a means to grow and earn both.

Later, in 2007 they decided to launch a content marketplace to compensate talented, hard-working writers for their exclusive work.

You can avail this site writing content for clients from different backgrounds and work requirements and a chance to excel.

Scripted:- The Scripted is a perfect marketplace for copywriters and freelance writers to use their skills to make money writing.

This drives your content marketing strategy to the optimum level of writing content for blogs, websites, email, and social media.

Join this platform and have the chance to work with businesses directly in any industry earning money remotely.

Crowd content:- if you are an expert writer and can create professional content then this is for you.

You can use this marketplace for different industries like eBook, technical writing, white papers, copywriting and SEO content.

Thousands of clients, businesses, blogs and website owners rely on this platform for their extensive approach writing articles.

Online writing Jobs:- This Company provides freelancers to write content for brands, agencies and businesses.

This platform is a great advantage for Writers who are proficient in SEO, copywriting, and subject matter experts.

The downside of this is that they welcome US writers only and works on a project basis per article.

You can Sign-up with online writing jobs and have the opportunity to get paid adequately.

BKA Content:- BKA is looking for talented, hard-working writers to get compensated with money for what they love..

All you need is a laptop, a speed internet connection, good communication skills.

Linkedin:- Linkedin is an amazing platform that people to connect with each other based on their skills and expertise.

Make a unique profile and start pitching business and blog owners to start your freelance writing business.

This post may contain affiliate links that mean for every purchase you do through the link I may earn a commission.” Disclaimer

High paying work from home transcription jobs

Can you listen well?

This work requires you to convert audio files into written documents exacting each word you hear on recorded voice.

Generally, this has 3 categories general, legal, and medical the latter requires proper training and a certificate.

Medical transcription has some of the highest paying work from home coding jobs that you can avail working online.

A transcriber will listen to audio files and converts them word by word into a written document. It can be conference audio, legal, telephonic messages, and general transcript.

Mostly you will be doing general transcription and a potential transcriber can earn up to $15 – $30 per hour.

I will provide you with a list of general transcription and a few other medical transcription jobs that can help you land jobs.

 How to get work from home jobs?                        

Scribie:- Scribie is a transcription company that focuses mainly on audio/video files.

You can both join as an expert transcriber or a customer and get the transcription work done without any hassle.

You can expect to earn $5 – $25 per hour transcribing audio and in a few easy steps become a transcriber for scribie.

This includes your manual application process, taking the qualification test, and starting earning per audio hour.

Rev:- Rev began with the idea in mind to help people get the work done as fast as possible.

They provide speech-to-text and audio files into written documents services for clients and businesses.

This startup is looking for talented, hard-working freelancers to join a team of experts and avail working as a transcriber.

Transcribeme:- They provide you the highest pay in this industry with experts training and flexibility.

As transcribeme employee you can make $15 – $22 per hour video with the highest monthly earning at $2300/ month.

They are currently accepting applications and require you to know the pre-requisite before applying at transcribeme.

The requirements are high-speed internet connection, laptop/computer and must be 18 years of age or above.

All the payments are received through PayPal so make sure to get a PayPal account if you don’t have one.

To be considered as a transcribeme employee you will need to pass the entrance test.

Good Luck!!!

Accutran Global:- Accutran global started in 2002 with services specific to transcription-related works.

If you want to work transcribing for legal, medical, finance conference call, interview meetings, and general transcriptionist.

They are looking for contract transcribers to join their team of expert who can provide excellent services to its clients.

You will have to fulfill the requirements to start working as transcribeme employee like your experience as a transcriber.

Prior experience of medical transcription, comply with the non-disclosure agreement and typing speed of at least 70 WPM.

Tigerfish:- They are for a very long in the business and specializes in finance, technology, legal and medical transcription.

You have to download the audio files and submit the transcribed files following the 3 tier test.

They hire an individual contractor with excellent performance and dedication.

GMR Transcription:- – Started in 2004 with the purpose of providing excellent service in transcription and translation.

Since its inception, it has managed to establish as one of the best transcription company in terms of accuracy, excellence, and clarity.

Qualified transcribers can make between $1000 – $3000 per month or even more depending on the skills and expertise.

It is a suitable place for beginners yes you doesn’t need any experience but you will be given extra priority to come out as an expert.

Also you can avail the following jobs with GMR that includes Editing, translation, transcription and proofreading.

Speak Write:- This Company has been working for very long time started back in 1997.

Speak write provides services in different industries that include general, legal, Spanish, and financial transcription.

If you are an expert in any of the fields above you have the potential to earn $450/ month (avg) and can go high up to $3,400/month.

Currently hiring transcription contractors only US based who has 60 WPM typing speed with 1 year of experience.

Speech Pads:- Speech pad started in 2008 providing a variety of services for clients all over the globe.

They provide services in transcription, translation, and captioning to clients with the best industry experts. 

The worker’s account will give you the authority to find jobs accordingly.

Best high-paying work-from-home jobs with no experience.

High paying work from home virtual assistance jobs

Virtual Assistant is one of the best opportunities to work remotely (WFH) that requires no experience except for other high paying.

You as a virtual assistant can offer more than 200 administrative services to your potential prospects.

Out of which many falls in the category of high-paying VA Jobs that includes executive VA, web designing, legal.

Email marketing, graphic design, digital marketing, medical admin, social media marketer, branding, HR assistant, and IT.

I can continue whole day the list is so huge implying you have some exclusive opportunity to getting paid as a VA.

The Job of a virtual assistant is to handle the administrative tasks of clients and businesses and is easy to start with no upfront cost.

I will give you the best list of VA sites that offers remote works.

 How to get work from home jobs?                        

Fancy Hands:- Based in the U.S is a team of expert VA that helps businesses and clients get their daily/monthly tasks done effortlessly.

They are looking for a talented, hard-working VA to join their team to leverage your skills and expertise across various industries.

To get started you need a high-speed internet connection, a laptop/computer with good communication skills.

Vicky Virtual:- Vicky virtual offers you the opportunity to work as a receptionist managing phone calls for clients.

You will mostly be working with different businesses, small business owners to assist their phone calls and convert them into potential customers.

To join V Virtual you must have good understanding of computer, accuracy and typing speed of 50 WPM.

An applicant must from US and can earn $10/ hr or more.

99 dollar social:- This is a perfect platform to work for business posting on social media handles Facebook, Instagram, and more.

That includes making social media strategy for real estate, restaurant, start-ups,

An individual with good command of English and proper grammar can apply for the remote position.

The 99 dollar social gives you the advantage of working in your own time and schedule.

Zirtual: Zirtual is another best virtual assistant service provider giving you an opportunity to monetize your skills.

The tasks may differ according to one’s skills and actively plan social media strategies, blog maintenance, and research.

Other way round for skilled writers you can do email management, content creation, data entry and event planning.

Belay Solution:- Yet another gem that is built around values of deep vision, God, and respect.

Belay offers you to work as a bookkeeper, website specialist, Virtual assistant, and social media strategist.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, political parties are among the top clients you will work with.

You need a computer/MAC with Excel, PowerPoint word installed and a high-speed internet connection.

Equivity :- This company is looking for organized, talented, dynamic with excellent oral and verbal communication skills.  

It was started by Eric in 2014 providing independent contractors to work across various fields like promotion, administration, and paralegal works.

Apply only if you are from the U.S.

Time etc:- – If you can write well (Blogging), SEO, Social media and administration work then consider being timeetc staff.

They give priority to applicants who have at least 8 years of experience in any of the administrative tasks mentioned above.

Assistant Match:- You can provide assistance for uploading blogs, research work, scheduling and appointments.

With assistant march that has established itself for the last 10 years as reliable source of talented Virtual assistants.

High paying work from home proofreading jobs

Online Proofreading jobs are best for English language experts.

You generally engage in an activity that requires making corrections in written documents.

A proofreader will make written documents free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and apply the correct words instead.

These jobs are high paying and can be very lucrative for any beginners.

Another bonus if you ever want to learn this skill I can recommend you this course of “Caitlin Pyle” Become a proofreader.

 How to get work from home jobs?                        

Proofreading pal:- Grammatically correct documentation is the priority of proofreading pal.

Proofread documents across various categories that include business, academic, essay, students, thesis, and resume.

The potential earning for proofreading works is up to $3000/ month doing corrections in spelling, grammar, and tenses.

They are looking for students in the US with a minimum G.P.A of 3.5 who possess extraordinary skills and search skills.

Kibin:- Take the qualification test that assures you are familiar with grammar and excellent writing skills.

The next step is sharing your profile with the company and if it matches you will have to take the final test.

Following that, if you did well you can get access to hundreds of editing work.

Scribendi:- started back in 1997 it has achieved the status of best and reliable place for getting all the proofreading work done.

You also have the opportunity of working in a different array of services that include academic, blog, business, and essay.

Words RU:- This is another great option for experienced proofreaders with jobs related to editing, copywriting, and proofreading.

If you are familiar with Harvard-style writing, MS Word, marketing, e-learning, and website SEO then join this community.

You can also negotiate the pay rate depending on the experience you have.

To get started you need a high-speed internet connection and must complete the given work within the time frame.

Prompt:- – Prompt is looking for talented writers and a team of experienced educators to join their team.

They strive to fashion students to become excellent writers.

Cactus global:- Looking for a great career opportunity then look no further Cactus Global.

Choose from different sectors spanning universities, journals, medical affairs, and devices 

American Journal Experts:- The American journal experts hire remote contractors for editing jobs you can check their job board for the availability of jobs.

The pay is around $10- $25 per hour.

Proofreading services:- If you are looking for full-time and part-time they provide work from home jobs.

To work with proofreading services you have to pass the preliminary test of 20 minutes.

Select a suitable that you can focus more on the client’s work and submit your application.

Work from home jobs boards that offer high paying remote jobs


This is a wonderful platform for anyone looking for flexible remote opportunities.

Flexjobs is a reliable platform that guarantees legit work in different sectors including high-paying remote jobs.

Sara button the founder of flexjobs herself looking for jobs online realized that a site that is transparent is much needed of the time.

You can avail finding jobs that include writing, healthcare, administrative, attorney, medical coding, and data entry.

Also, you can find high-paying remote jobs with a monthly subscription fee of $14.95/ month.

Freelancer:- Freelancer is the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace with a whopping number of 50 million employers.

You will find hundreds of jobs across various sectors including software development, design, sales, and marketing.

  Avail from over 1800 different categories and a reliable platform to earn money freelancing.


Fiverr is one of the most visited freelance marketplaces that has provided undeniable opportunities to people.

The minimum age requirement is 13 years and one can use it for different purposes that include writing, translation

Illustration, graphic designing, marketing, web development, front-end developer, technical support, and transcription.

The $5 gigs initiated curiosity among people and has helped provide a reliable platform to earn effortlessly.

  • Freelanced:- You can get your first freelance job with freelanced easily.

It’s easy to use you just have to create your profile more attractive to earn your first dollar.

Toptal:-Toptal is a hub of exclusive freelancers doing several tasks that includes software development,

Product managers, finance experts, web developers, java developers, brand designers, market research analysts, and more.

It boasts 3% of top freelancers and is a legitimate platform for high paying work from home jobs

Pro blogger jobs:-This platform is for blogging ventures to help fellow beginners to make their blogging career shine.

If you are looking forward to start a blog, creating content and make money blogging this is where you find the answers.

Since their inception in 2004 they have been continuously helping bloggers to create and grow their blogs.

You will also find tons of high-paying freelance writing jobs from medical writing, product reviews, content manager, and more.

Guru:- Guru is trusted by 3 million freelancers to get their work done easily that provides value and flexibility.

Freelancers can get their work done in different categories that include web developers, accountants, customer services, and writing.

This platform suggests you trusted freelancers that you can choose the best according to your requirements.

Upwork:- Upwork report finds that by the end of 2025 more than 36 million American will be working remotely( work from home)

It is perfect for beginners to find jobs that demand your skills and expertise with different levels from entry to experts.

You will have the opportunity to work part-time, full-time, and on projects for a series of high-paying remote jobs.

College Recruiter:- College recruiter makes it super easy for college students and fresh graduates to find reliable jobs.

This is a platform that is crafted specifically for college-going students to avail part-time, full-time, and entry-level jobs.

Since its inception 1991 as an employment magazine they are a leading remote job platform now.

The (Rothberg’s) started to have the feeling to connect college students with highly esteemed companies.

The students can with their bachelor’s studies find entry-level, part-time, full-time and small economy jobs to earn few dollars.

99 Designs:- since its inception in 2008, it has been the leading platform to provide a platform to connect clients and designers.

They have some exclusive designers that can handle tasks across various array-like web designing, logos, and marketing.

This platform offers some high paying remote jobs in designing.

They are illustrations, app design, WordPress theme, book cover, product packaging and branding.

Codeable:- WordPress is the most used CMS and you need an expert’s hand to handle your tasks.

Codeable is exclusive for a WordPress freelance platform that helps its clients in launching their websites.

They handle all your tasks from theme development, eCommerce, design, security and maintenance.

Furthermore web designing is one the highest paying work from home jobs freelancers can avail from codeable.

. Photography Jobs Central:- Images can say a lot if you are some kind of photo freak this is where you can monetize your photo skills.

People Per Hour:- It always feels great when you have the opportunity to work when it suits you.

They provide the best job opportunity in every niche possible from business, designing, marketing and gaming.

Sign up with people per hour and start living your dream.

Remotive:- if you are tech-savvy then getting your desired jobs on remotive is only a few clicks away.

remotive provides opportunity to work for different high paying work from home jobs.

They are developers jobs, marketing jobs, designing jobs, software, sales, product, medical and customer service online jobs.  

Belay:- Belay is a Virtual assistant platform that provides an opportunity to assist businesses working from home.

Bookkeeping, social media strategist, website specialist and around 200+ virtual assistance services are the best paying jobs.

Cloudpeeps:- Cloudpeeps allow you to excel in copywriting, social media, and marketing. If you are pretty good at any one of these you can join cloud peeps.

Started back in 2015 with the idea of providing talented professionals and prospects to connect together shaping dreams.

Freelancers can choose to work from different best paying categories to make money from home.

They are SEO consultants, copywriting, designing, running ads, social media and administration.

What are the high-paying work-at-home jobs?

As we have already discussed the future of work from home jobs the potential you have with remote jobs is colossal.

According to flexjobs the scenario predicts that companies will increase the hiring of employees remotely.

More and more people would have the opportunity to work from home (Housewives) initiating massive increase in workforce.

The workers can find several opportunities in these 5 categories namely computer & IT, software & development, customer service

Accounting & finance and medical & health.

Other popular high paying WFH jobs in software are front end developer, java developer and technical support manager.

Cyber security analyst, IT Jobs, cloud architect, system and software engineer.

Product manager jobs.

This has a wide variety like senior product manager, IT, senior sales executive and marketing jobs.

What kind of work can I do from home?

The work from home jobs has opportunity in multiple industries whether you a sales professional, experienced coder.

Web developer, data analyst, Graphic designing, video editing, technical writing, customer service, medical coding.

What companies hire to WFH?

Well you have some extremely powerful websites that hires independent contractors to WFH?

Appen, lionbridge, working solutions, Kelly services, concentrix, angellist, we work remotely, the muse and werk.

Contena, text broker, pro blogger, power to fly, toggle hire, stack overflow, github, dice, 99designs.

How do I work for Amazon from home?

Amazon is also the best choice for anyone looking for legit work from home jobs in sales, marketing, and customer support.

For any beginner it is easy to start working for small task on mechanical Turk,

How can I work for Google from home?

Without a doubt there cannot be any best opportunity other than Google but it has job openings very rare.

You will have to check Google’s career page on timely basis to apply for jobs in particular categories.

The best high-paying work from home jobs in 2024?

So, it’s huge list of high paying work from home jobs you can invade and build your own successful career online.

Online earning opportunity has tremendous potential in nearly every industry you can think of ranging from low to high.

High paying legitimate work from home jobs require skills and expertise that you will eventually achieve in no time.

Time and flexibility is the premium gift you get in exchange of going online with endless opportunity increasing your reach.

Remote work has encouraged workforce of millions eligible worker to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

This is your time to leverage opportunities given in the list and consistently more towards your goals and dreams.

Calling all dreamers to get back to business and do let me know if I missed any legit work from home jobs high paying..

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