50 high paying work at home jobs to make money

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Have you been looking for ways that guarantee you high paying working from home?

Here I will show you 50 high-paying work from home jobs to make money.

Despite a huge list of work from home opportunity people really juggle with what to choose that can give you a high return.

Not to miss, there is an unlimited opportunity to make money from home
whatever background or profession you may be in,

Online teaching jobs, freelance writing jobs, transcription jobs, translation jobs, proofreading jobs.

The 50 high paying work at home opportunity has a lot to provide you as a teenager, student and stay at home moms.


Freelance writing is one of the lucrative ways you can monetize your skills with. In a fast-growing world, there has been a massive growth in online businesses.

To fill the gap there is always a huge requirement of freelance writers who can deliver quality content to blogs, businesses, products description, and ghostwriting.

A huge shoutout to freelance writers now they can really make huge money writing on a specific niche.

There is a massive list of sites that gives an opportunity for professional writers to work from home.

Here are some of the quality sites that allow you to make money writing. The first among 50 high paying work at home jobs.

1) The content authority:- The content authority allows you to make money with your writing skills. If you are a professional writer and want to monetize your skill, here is an option for you.

You should have a good command of English skills with proper English grammar and punctuation. To be able to dig deep in any given topic and provide meaningful content.

2) Hire Writers:- Make money writing articles with hire writers. A freelance writing portal that gives the opportunity to writers.

Get an amazing

3) Text broker:- Do you write content and looking for being paid for your skills.
This can be an amazing opportunity for writers who are just starting out and
also professional writers.

You have a wonderful opportunity to make money with your skills.

4) Scripted:- Scripted is a marketplace for writers and businesses to make money writing for blogs and articles.

You have the benefit to build connections with businesses with the everyday availability of new projects.

5) London brokers:- If you can provide articles to thousands of London broker’s clients from health, finance, legal, travel, and nutrition.

6) Online writing Jobs:- Online writing jobs provide you the opportunity to work from home. They hire individuals with profound writing skills and can create quality content.

One thing it’s only for people living in the united states, to continue with
writing jobs you have to apply.

Submit your writing samples and your W9 form to work for online writing jobs.

7) BKA Content:- BKA Content you get the opportunity to make money working from home. They allow people living in the US to monetize their writing skills with a great audience to work with.

All you need is a laptop, speed internet connection, Gmail account, PayPal account and good command in the English language.

8) Linkedin:- Linkedin is an amazing platform that people to connect with each other based on their skills and expertise.

Make a unique profile and start pitching business and blog owners to start your freelance writing business.


Transcription is another best way you can find jobs from home, it is a process of listening to audio files and convert into a written document.

This requires you to be a professional but some companies allow beginners to start and as you gain more experience you get paid more.

A transcriber listens to audio files and converts it word by word into a written document. You may convert conference audio, legal, telephonic messages, and general transcript.

The second among 50 high paying work at home jobs.

Transcription is divided into three categories Legal transcription, medical transcription, and general transcription.

1) Scribie:- Scribie pays you $5-$25 and a monthly bonus of $15.

Scribie allows you to transcribe audio files into a written document and hires individual contractors to work from home.

2) Rev:- Rev also is a great platform to monetize your spare time transcribing files into a written document.

3) Transcribeme:- Transcribe allows gives you the flexibility of time and schedule.

To join transcribeme you have to apply and receive basic training depending on how did on the test they may hire you.

4) Accutran Global:- If you want to work as a transcriptionist for legal,
medical, finance, conference call, interview meetings, and general transcriptionist.

This is where you can start making money even if you are a complete beginner,
opportunity for those living in the US and Canada.

5) Tigerfish:- They are for a very long in the business and specializes in finance, technology, legal and medical transcription.

You have to download the audio files and submit the transcribed files
following the 3 tier test.

They hire an individual contractor with excellent performance and dedication.

6) GMR Transcription:- You really make more money when you have more experience.

The higher your skills are the more likely you are given the task to
complete regardless of where you work.

GMR you can apply even if you are a complete beginner, a foot pedal, headphone, laptop, and high-speed internet connection is all you need.

You can also avail the following jobs with GMR Editing, translation, transcription and proofreading.

7) Speak Write:- You can get remote transcription jobs in legal and general transcription.

Speak write allow you to work with various industries law offices and police
the department, protective services, and investigation.

They would love to hire a professional transcriptionist who has a minimum speed of 60 words per minute. Only people from the US and Canada can apply.

8) Speech Pads:- Do you want to work from home transcribing legal and general audio files. You will also have the opportunity of reviewing and captioning.

It provides you the authority to work on your own time and schedule. They require you to fill the application form and after your approval, they will assign you the worker’s account.

The worker’s account will give you the authority to find jobs accordingly.


Virtual Assistant implies physically not present, You will be assigned to provide assistance to clients and businesses.

There are businesses in your city that need assistance in their daily endeavor making calls, arranging appointments, market research, and social media management.

These are only a few whereas there is a list of 150 services you can provide to your clients. An opportunity enough to start your career in virtual assistance.

If you have some experience in assistance or looking to start your career in virtual assistance, here is a list of companies you can apply.

The third among 50 high paying work at home jobs.

1) Fancy Hands:- An individual who has a good command in the English language and hardworking to assist businesses.

You have to arrange appointments for businesses, make calls, data entry and
the list goes on and on.

All you need is a computer and high-speed internet connection also who can finish the given work in the time-frame.

2) Vicky Virtual:- Vicky virtual offers you the opportunity to work as a
receptionist who is based in the united states.

You will be given the task to answer calls, email responds to messages and can earn $10 per hour.

3) 99 dollar social:- If you are willing to work for businesses and clients for 99 dollar social making money from home. They also provide 5-day training to assistants.

You require a computer or laptop and a speed internet connection.

An individual with good command in English and proper grammar can apply for the remote position.

The 99 dollar social gives you the advantage of working in your own time and schedule.

4) Zirtual: Zirtual is another best virtual assistant service provider giving an opportunity to individual contractors to work from home.

The basic requirement is that you should be knowing how to use Microsoft
office, G-Suite, Quickbooks and a fast internet connection.

One more thing you have to pass the background test to work for Zirtual as a virtual assistant.

5) Belay Solution:- Belay is one such amazing service provider that hires individuals for website maintenance, bookkeeping, and virtual assistant.

An amazing opportunity for people looking for work from home jobs that
hires for email management, research, and suggestions, coordination
and making arrangements.

They prefer tech-savvy, active,well-skilled, cheerful and hard-working.
5 years of experience in assistance and wonderful working ambiance.

You need a computer/MAC with Excel, PowerPoint word installed and high-speed internet connection.

6) Equivity :- Equivity hires a virtual assistant and providing an opportunity to work from home enthusiasts.

All you need is a smartphone, computer, and fast internet connection.

7) Time etc:- Time etc will provide you work at home doing research work, transcription, SEO, data entry and managing social media accounts.

8) Assistant Match:- The Assistant match will give you the flexibility to work on your time and schedule.

Things you need to get started a good home working ambiance, printer, phone, laptop, and fast internet connection.


If you have a keen interest in correcting errors in documents and written files then this work may be for you.

If you are interested in proofreading then you must have excellent English with proper grammar and punctuation, so that you can easily correct mistakes.

You have to make any given document error-free from correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Here is a list of companies you can apply for proofreading jobs.

1) Proofreading pal:- Editing with a minimum of 5 years of experience.
They provide an opportunity to work from home editing documents or files

If you are living in the US and have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and ready to work independently. You can apply to Proofreading pal.

2) Kibin:- Kibin hires independent contractors for proofreading jobs you can apply directly or else you can reach them by email.

3) Scribendi:- Scribendi is looking for individuals who can work from home editing files. They offer you assistance and flexibility in time and schedule.

4) Words RU:- One requirement to work with words ru is that you must have a master’s degree and at least 2 years of experience in editing and proofreading jobs.

You can also negotiate the pay rate with depending on the experience you

To get started you need a high-speed internet connection and must complete the given work within the time frame.

5) Prompt:- If you have good command in English with superb grammar you can edit school essays and book reports.

6) Cactus global:- Cactus global has plenty of work from home jobs reserved for you from pharma, life sciences, engineering, medicine, and humanities.

7) American Journal Experts:- The American journal experts hire remote contractors for editing jobs you can check their job board for the availability of jobs.

The pay is around $10- $25 per hour.

8) Proofreading services:- If you are looking for full time and part-time they provide work from home jobs.

To work with proofreading services you have to pass the preliminary test of 20 minutes.

Select a suitable that you can focus more on the client’s work and submit
your application.

Their team will review your application and may hire you.


1) Flex jobs:- Flex jobs is a goldmine for individuals looking for remote jobs.

The best part of this portal every job posted on this online platform gets checked thoroughly keeping in mind that no one gets duped.

This comes with a price of $14.95 monthly subscription.

2) Freelancer:- Freelancer this can get your jobs done instantly in case you need your work to be completed in the absence of people.

You can also find millions of jobs posted based on your needs and preference.

3) Fiverr:- If you are just starting out your freelancing career this cannot be easier than this.

You can find all sorts of jobs that can guarantee you handsome earnings.

Fiverr is free and you can make your account within minutes, a few more sets of Fiverr gigs that can surely get your first $5.

4) Freelanced:- You can get your first freelance job with freelanced easily.

It’s easy to use you just have to create your profile more attractive to earn your first dollar.

5) Toptal:- Freelancing enthusiast who is looking for work in finance, designing project managers and software developers this can be a goldmine.

Looking for some legitimate work in this field then toptal is an ideal place for them.

6)Pro blogger jobs:- If you have been blogging for long or looking for blogging jobs this has an overwhelming opportunity for them.

This has an unlimited blogging opportunity for professional bloggers for any niche they require.

7) Guru:- No wonder in which file you are looking for a job. This requires you
to create your profile

8) Upwork:- Upwork started back at silicon valley providing remote work to individual freelancers.

Freelancers providing more than 5000 skills to businesses be it SEO,
graphic designing and content writing.

Make your profile on Upwork to start making money.

9) College Recruiter:- Days are gone when students have to complete their college and start looking for part-time and full-time jobs.

The college recruiter has got jobs for students looking for some extra money doing part-time or full-time, you have an amazing entry-level job to do here.

10) 99 Designs:- If you have something crazy ideas to design covers, templates, and logos, this can get you plenty of jobs that you have always wish to do.

11) Codeable:- Codeable is designed for WordPress developers that can offer excellent website service to people looking to start their online journey.

If you are an expert in designing websites, helping solve website issues this is the place to start.

12) . Photography Jobs Central:- Images can say a lot if you are some kind of photo freak this is where you can monetize your photo skills.

13) People Per Hour:- It always feels great when you have the opportunity to work when it suits you. looking for freelance writing jobs, social media or data entry jobs.

Sign up with people per hour and start living your dream.

14) Remotive:- Remotive gives freelancers the opportunity to work in tech, if you are a tech-savvy and looking for a kick-start this is where you can start.

15) Belay:- Virtual assistant companies providing an opportunity to assist businesses working from home.

16) Cloudpeeps:- Cloudpeeps allow you to excel in copywriting, social media and marketing. If you are pretty good at any one of these you can join cloud peeps.


So,50 high paying work at home jobs, I have compiled keeping in mind the need and trend.

You have unlimited ways to excel in the online world. All you have to promise yourself is dedication and hard work.

Starting anything new can be challenging but you keep on moving then slowly you find yourself expert at it.

From freelancing writing, proofreading, translation, and virtual assistants are some of the high paying work from home jobs.

Choose which you find the best suitable for or you may have been working on a particular niche that can increase your chances to excel in it.

In the end, you will say one day I made it “I MADE IT”

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50 high paying work at home jobs

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