12 Parenting Sites that pay: Get paid to write blogs & articles

Get paid to write for blogs, articles, and stories. 12 parenting sites that pay you $200 or more.

12 Parenting Sites that pay to write articles $200+

Are you interested in writing for parenting sites?

If you do then these 12 parenting sites that pay between $30 – $200 will allow you to make more money.

Well, there are even more parenting sites and magazines where you can start making sufficient money.

If you are just starting out and looking for some legit ways you can cash in. These 12 parenting sites that pay adequate money will surely kick-start your journey as a writer.

Having more experience as a writer is something that will open new opportunities and can pitch for more high-paying blogs and magazines.

Without further delay let’s explore some of the best 12 parenting sites that pay.

1. FertilitySmarts

Speaking about the real struggle of impregnation if you think you can write then this is for you.

Fertility smart is looking for unique high-quality full of insight that will draw attention towards the steps in getting pregnant.

If you have been working in a similar field and have gathered some resourceful evidence, the information you can work with them.

You need to send them a short line that can give an idea of the topic you will write about. They have articles that must have around 500 words to 1200 words.

The articles also get double-checked by their editorial staff to make them look more beautiful and professional. So Don’t Worry if you fall short of spelling or grammatical errors.

“This post contains affiliate links that means if you buy any product/services I may earn a commission”

2. Western New York Family Magazine

This magazine is purely written by 90% of freelancers. Their main focus is on parenting issues that a family has to go through in their daily life.

The articles should be relatable in a Western New York tie-in when possible.

WNY family basically allows local writers but still, you are permitted to submit.

The pay is $40 to $150, depending on the length and depth of the article.

3. On Parenting

If you love writing on parenting then this may the golden opportunity for you to get started and start making money.

To get a brief idea of what they really prefer you to pitch you can refer to this site here. Things on how to deal with children when times in need.

So make you have an interesting story to share which is relevant and perceptive. You can send your submissions to onparenting@washpost.com.

4. Focus on the Family Magazine

This magazine is focused on advice for families and children aged between
4-12 years. A Faith based Christian magazine that shares helpful articles on marriage and parenting.

Some of the topics that you can write for :

  • Hacks & Facts
  • Family Faith
  • Family Living

If you have some other topic that you would like to write for you can send your article to FocusMagSubmissions@family.org.

5. Today’s Parent

This magazine is the no 1 source of information related to parenting in Canada. They have been inspiring families and bringing real-life stories since 1984.

Resourceful information can bring a change in life and keep them informed on health, education, and discipline.

If this really interests you send your inquiries and submission to editors@todaysparent.com.

6. The Green Parent

The green parent is one of the Uk leading magazines with monthly readers of more than 150000.

This website brings information that entitles its readers and allows them to self-sustain.

They are looking for articles that is profound and completely written by themselves.

If you have something in the pipeline that can shed light on issues related to raising children, environmental concerns, and alternative health.

Some of the articles that you can work on are the following.

  • Green travel
  • Breastfeeding
  • Natural Health and Beauty
  • Feeding a Family
  • Alternative Education

So feel free to share your work and Email the articles to features@thegreenparent.co.uk

7. Simply Family

This magazine is quite popular among families and parents providing an informative resource in the family lifestyle.

Mostly their readers comprise of the family with children to college-going students.

If you have a topic well-researched non-fiction covering all stages of parenting.

They cover articles on travel, recipes, hand on articles, seasonal interest, health, local interest,family,fun informative articles.

You are requested to mail your article to editor@simplyfamilymagazine in a word document attachment.

They pay is made after publishing.

8. Raising Arizona Kids

If you have an inspiring story to share on parenting dealing with how to raise a kid and coping with the career simultaneously.

An article that consists of quality advice to parents in supporting, challenging, informing and inspiring these parents to embrace the challenges as they become a parent.

The payment is made on the length and depth of the subject that you will write. However, the pay is negotiable.

9. Parents Magazine

This is another website that allow you to make money writing for them.

Parent shares resourceful information for both mom and dad helping them
raise a kid.

If you have some real-life experience completely written by you then you can have the opportunity to get featured on parents magazine.

10. Her View From Home

Her view from home is looking for new writers who can join their team. They cover topics on categories related to parenting, relationship, family, and kids.

Your article should be in between 600- 800 words and if you think you can write on the topics mentioned above you are ready to go.

The payment is based on the unique pageviews recorded during the 30 days after it gets published.

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11. Minnesota Parent

You don’t necessarily have to be a parent to write for the metro parents. They do
require stories on parenting with relevant information full of enthusiastic parents.

The stories they cover stretches from childcare, education, toys and technology, childbirth, maternity, and kids’ health.

If you happen to be the one valuable writer then Send your resume to the editor@mnparents.com.

12. Metro Parent Magazine

Metro parent requires experienced freelance writers who can provide them
with topics on parenting.

If you are looking for the style in which magazine accepts writers you can
get a copy of the publication here.

The pay ranges from $25-$200 based on the level and depth of the story.

12 Parenting Sites that pay to write articles $200+

Here you have the best 12 parenting sites that pay that can give you a brief idea on how to actually get featured in their publication.

Look for the site that you want to work with that you can really provide them with high-quality articles. Read more and do the required research.

Before you begin with your work go through the guidelines meticulously see what is required and build a strong relationship with the story.

Let everything come out write from your heart and let the words speak for yourself.

Finally concluding with the best of luck and do share your thoughts and ideas.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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