12 Parenting Sites that pay: Get paid to write blogs & articles

Get paid to write for blogs, articles, and stories. 12 parenting sites that pay you $200 or more.

12 Parenting Sites that pay to write articles $200+

Are you interested in writing for parenting sites that pay?

Parenting is a daunting task as well as a rewarding career, which means the longest-serving job a parent has to go through in raising their children.

A plethora of subjects parents have to pass on to their children in order to develop a child into a fully grown man with the best etiquette. 

While the internet has made things easy for parents to look for resources and help navigate them through the Ups and downs of raising children. 

One can find innumerable topics to monetize their spare time by sharing your experiences on parenting sites that pay.

There are forums, social media, blogs, and a variety of parenting sites that pay writers for their valuable pieces of content.

In this blog, I will share with you the best parenting sites that pay well that shall allow you to supplement your income at home.

These sites encompass different topics from birth to pregnancy, raising a toddler, teens, behavior, and foods.

So, without further delay let’s explore some of the best 12 parenting sites that pay.

Best Parenting sites that pay

1. FertilitySmarts

Speaking about the real struggle of impregnation if you think you can write then this is for you.

Fertility smart is looking for unique high-quality full of insight that will draw attention toward the steps in getting pregnant.

If you have been working in a similar field and have gathered some resourceful evidence, the information you can work with them.

You need to send them a short line that can give an idea of the topic you will write about.

Here are the topics of Interest you can pitch:

  1. The Fertility Health
  2. Fertility Awareness
  3. Fertility Treatments
  4. Donor Conception
  5. Surrogacy
  6. Emotional Aspects of Infertility
  7. Pregnancy Loss
  8. Male Infertility
  9. LGBTQ+ Family Building
  10. Fertility & People of Color
  11. Childfree Not By Choice

You can contribute articles that should be around 800 words to 1200 words.

The articles also get double-checked by their editorial staff to make them look more beautiful and professional. So Don’t Worry if you fall short of spelling or grammatical errors.

“This post contains affiliate links that means if you buy any product/services I may earn a commission”

2. Western New York Family Magazine

Michele has an interesting story when she first penned the “Little Blue Newsletter” called Mother’s Lifeline in 1984.

Surely, that caught the attention of young growing families that were looking for ideas to enrich their family lives in Buffalo, New York.

Later, after Michele’s husband’s demise in 1993 with the help of professionals she devoted her life to support her magazine.

WNY Family Magazine runs in both print and digital with 20,000 copies in circulation in the Buffalo, New York metro area.

If you want to join as a contributor one has to stick to the current parenting issue that includes:

  1. How and where to find family-oriented events
  2. Goods and services for children
  3. Family travel
  4. Restaurant review
  5. Summer Fun

There are particular themes that are often repeated frequently like Birthday celebrations, caring for aging parents, and more.

However, the magazine is crying out for “Shape the Future” column that growing numbers of readers demand.

That entirely focuses on the issues related to college choices, preparations, and people looking for career changes.

Among the top requirements is on topics like working parent’s life easier as they always struggle to find better opportunities.

Depending on the length and quality of the subject you can get paid to write $40 – $150 for each article.

In addition, you can also get paid up to $100 -$150 per assignment for an article of the length of 1500 – 2000 words.

3. On Parenting

The Washington post is a news magazine that covers a plethora of topics to bring the truth in necessitates.

That is purely focused to inform its audience about things happening in and around the Unites States of America.

However, it also allows people to contribute a well-written article on parenting issues that educates their respective audience.

They recommend fully written articles not exceeding than 1200 words that are helpful, insightful, and to the point.

WP allows reported pieces and personal essays and topics like “The major health crisis teens are struggling”.

You can find tons of ideas here you can begin to write on and share with the world with Washington Post.

Send your submissions to onparenting@washpost.com.

4. Focus on the Family Magazine

The focus on the family is a faith-based magazine that is deeply rooted in Love and passion for Christ.

A faith-based Christian magazine that shares valuable information, insights, and guidance regarding adoption to marriages.

That is focused on providing helpful advice to families and children aged between 4-12 and teens.

As of now focusing on the family requires submission on various topics covering children, family, and adults.

Here are the lists of submissions you can start with

  1. An Unexpected Valentine $50 (50-300) Words
  2. Adult Kids – What I Wish Someone Had Told Me (Full Article) $125 (400-500) Words
  3. Extended Family at Easter $50 (50-300) Words
  4. Adult Kids and Separation $50 (50-300) Words
  5. Hacks & Facts Submissions $50 (50-300) Words

Send your submissions to FocusMagSubmission@family.org.

5. Today’s Parent

Today’s parent is among Canada’s No 1 platform that shares information about parenting since its inception in 1984.

If you love content related to conceiving, pregnancy, and newborn baby to children above 9+ this is for you.

A place to learn a lot about disciplines, recipes, education, health, behavior and so many other things that add value.

If you feel you can add value to the community provide a brief description of your idea and how you see it at editors@todaysparent.com.

6. The Green Parent

The green parent is one of the Uk leading magazines with monthly readers of more than 150000.

This website brings information that entitles its readers and allows them to self-sustain.

You can write on topics such as breastfeeding, home education, pregnancy & birth, Natural health, and baby-wearing. 

Subjects that you are most confident about and can provide value to a wide audience spread across the world.

If you have something in the pipeline that can shed light on issues related to raising children, environmental concerns, and alternative health.

Topics that are real-life experiences here are some of the articles that you can work on are the following.

  1. Green travel
  2. Breastfeeding
  3. Natural Health and Beauty
  4. Feeding a Family
  5. Alternative Education
  6. Gardening, Particularly Growing Your Own
  7. Sustainable Fashion

The length of the article has to be between 600- 2000 words for that you may earn 75 pounds for 1000 words.

So feel free to share your work and Email the articles to features@thegreenparent.co.uk

7. Simply Family

This magazine is quite popular among families and parents providing an informative resource on the family lifestyle.

Mostly their readers comprise of the family with children to college-going students.

If you have a topic well-researched non-fiction covering all stages of parenting this is for you.

They cover articles on travel, recipes, hand on articles, seasonal interest, health, local interest, family, and fun informative articles.

You are requested to mail your article to editor@simplyfamilymagazine in a word document attachment.

They pay is made after publishing.

8. Raising Arizona Kids

If you have an inspiring story to share on parenting dealing with how to raise a kid and coping with the career simultaneously.

An article that consists of quality advice to parents in supporting, challenging, informing, and inspiring these parents to embrace the challenges as they become a parent.

The payment is made on the length and depth of the subject that you will write. However, the pay is negotiable.

9. Parents Magazine

Parents’ magazine has been a beacon of knowledge since 1992, evolving and transforming into a reliable parental enlightenment.

This magazine shares with its audience about real-life experiences of pregnancy, childhood memories, family, and mental health.

It’s a portal for parental guidance that keeps eye on the prosperity of a family, healthy advice, and mental balance.

The magazines always welcome excellent, energetic writers to bring out valuable content for their authentic readers.

If you are interested in making money writing for parenting sites, send them a page not of topics you are willing to write in.

Do visit its official website of Parents and take a look at its library to get an overview of topics, genres they like.

10. Her View From Home

There is always so much to say and be an active voice for the community in bringing out the light in the lives of people.

Her view from home is a faith-based portal that points out topics like marriage, parenting, mental health, and Kids.

I am sure you have to innumerable ideas to discuss and be an active member of the 1000+ contributors already.

So, this faith-based community is accepting new writers that can contribute to family, parenting, Kids, health, and grief.

Generally, the length of articles should be 600-800 words, if you are interested in writing for her send them your inquiries.

The payment is based on page views,  $10 for 0-999 pageviews and $100 for more than 4k pageviews.    

  1. 0-999 views: $10
  2. 1K – 1,999K views: $20
  3. 2K – 2,999K views: $30
  4. 3K-3,999K views: $60
  5. 4K+ views: $100

Visit the official website of her view from home and tap on the write for us section under the right side Contact us.

Write for the Best parenting sites that pay

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11. Minnesota Parent

Minnesota based online parenting publication is a one-stop solution for suggestions and motivation for parenting resources.

You don’t have to be a parent to write for Minnesota parent, topics included are maternity, childbirth, health, Kids, and family travel.

If you are a parent blogger you might love to bring some ideas to topics like “Baby on Board”, “Toddler time” and “School days”.

That would bring the attention of parents seeking to explore new ideas and tips on parenting, typically should be in 400-500 words.

Another requirement for Minnesota is for freelance journalists, they interview parents & kids in not more than 500-1200 words.

If this interests you to write for parenting sites then send your pitch to Katie@mnparent.com with a brief introduction.

12. Metro Parent Magazine

Love to share parenting ideas Metro Parent is bringing creativity, advice & things to do in the Southeast Michigan area.

Conceptualize in 1986 that provides the community with the best information on parenting, fun, education, and health.

If you feel this works best for your parenting ideas you may earn $50 – $200 USD per project writing for Metro Parent.

Here are some of the requirements you can familiarize yourself with that includes:

  1. Features: Top Picks Two to three per issue. Should be a traditional narrative to highly “pieced.” 1,200-2,500 words with two to four local sources. $200-plus.
  • Pulse: Short notes. That focuses on the local family people, places, trends, and tips. 150-400 words, plus creativity and photo engagement. $40-plus.
  • Why: Write on child development topics on how kids tick (babies, toddlers, school-agers, tweens, teens). Add local professional sources. 600 words. $50.
  • Voice: Strong elaborative essay from a local parent. An interview that involves real-life experiences.  600 words. $75-plus.
  • Profiles: Articles from the local parent or someone that is engaged with kids or families that adds value. Local sources. 800 words plus a “5 things” sidebar. $75-plus.

First, get familiar with the style, tone, and genre of the topics that Metro Parent adds to its magazine.

Then you can send your queries, and pitches to editor@metroparent.com.

12 Parenting Sites that pay to write articles $200+

So, this is it if you love to write on topics like parenting and contiguous subjects there are tons of opportunities to start with.

Select a few from the list given in this post and get an idea from those websites its style, genre, tone, and other ways of communication.

From how-to guides and essays, there are a plethora of topics, trends, and styles that allow you to earn money writing for parenting sites.

You are experienced or just starting out these parenting sites offer you a great way to express your thoughts and ideas in an eloquent way.

Being a parent is always challenging and at times can be rewarding sharing out your ideas in exchange for money.

Writing is not only is a great way to escape flightiness but offers you an opportunity to make money writing for others.

Look no further and explore these 12 parenting sites that pay well and yes time to return to my family.

Start pitching your ideas today!!!

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