30 best work-from-home jobs 2024(You can apply now)

The list of best 30 work-from-home online jobs hiring now.

30 best work-from-home jobs

Are you wondering how to find work-from-home online jobs?

In this post of 30 best work-from-home jobs, you will get an idea to apply for the best jobs to work from home.

The COVID-19, Pandemic has opened up the space to work online and since then it has skyrocketed globally.

Here are some of the important factors that have had people find online work-from-home jobs that pay well.

Online work-from-home jobs have a positive impact on increasing the performance of remote workers.

People who opt to work from home online are more productive they tend to be creative and save a lot on transportation.

So, now it is very important for you to find legit work-from-home sites that provide you with jobs you can do from home.

There are hundreds of work-from-home opportunities that give you access to find jobs from home to work online.

Jobs you can find include entry-level jobs, high-paying jobs, and full-time work-from-home jobs with flexibility.

So, moving on let’s see the list of 30 best legit work-from-home jobs hiring in 2022 that you apply for remote positions.

So, let’s check out the list of 30 best work-from-home jobs that you can avail.

1. Flex Professional:

 It was founded with the intention in mind to provide remote work-from-home jobs with a reliable platform and a way to earn.

If you are looking for flexible part-time remote jobs in the field of web development, sales, finance, accounting, marketing, and proposal writing.

This is where you should not miss a chance to see their site, exclusively serving businesses with the best work-from-home jobs.

Moreover, they will guide you with the tools and resources to help find a remote job that suits your skills and take the next step ahead.

Go flex it out.

Online transcription jobs

2. FF Transcription:

FF transcription is primarily inclined toward transcription services and has been in the business for more than 15 years.

If you are comfortable with any transcription work this is another best opportunity for you to get into the business.

They provide services in different categories of transcription such as medical transcription, legal transcription, business, products, and market.

To work for FF transaction as an independent contractor you have to take the 4 simple steps.

First, get the instruction manual second download the audio files third to transcribe the audio files and the last step, fill the form and upload the test.

Upon reviewing your test they will send you the result within 48 hours.

Good luck!!!

Product tester jobs

3. User Testing:

Do you want to get paid for giving feedback?

This online company is one of its kinds that provide an opportunity to work for a better consumer experience.

You will earn money for sharing honest opinions and feedback for different products and technologies in order to enhance the user experience.

Usertesting allows you to participate in their global community by applying with a demo test following giving feedback of products that you use.

In the end, you will earn $10 for each 20 minutes test you complete.

That’s legit stuff give it a try.


This is another useful online company among others that pay users to give an insightful review of products and services.

Users can interact with the customers via screen recorder for around 10- 15 minutes describing the flaws and source of trouble if any.

To begin with the process you will have to download their Userbrain Google recorder and take the adaptation test.

If you successfully passed the demo test userbrain will send you tasks for paid test.

You will receive $3 for completing the 10-15 minutes test.

Users take the test.


Are you looking for ways to monetize in your spare time?


Test birds are looking for users to help brands improve their digital products by giving valuable feedback.

 You will earn money by providing real opinions about apps, websites, and digital products (Software) and get paid equivalent to the effort you put.

Sign up with testbirds and receive invitations for completing a test but before you agree to take the test makes sure you finish it within the deadline.

Become a testbirds tester now.

Best remote freelance transcription jobs

6. Scribie

Scribie was founded by Rajiv with a motive to bring some quality transcription services and offer independent contractors an opportunity seamless.

They provide audio transcription services that can be done completely from home (remotely) and 34k freelancers are successfully earning from scribie.

If you happen to be an excellent transcriber know how to accurately put each recorded word into a written document.

This is where you should not escape whatsoever even if you are a beginner you can work to master the skills and join the community later.

To be eligible to work for scribie you must pass the test and become a certified transcriber.

The transcription test consists of 4 steps which include transcription of files, review, proofreading, and quality check.

The next process is certification comprises of 6 steps application, email confirmation, wait list, test invite, test upload and certification.

Applicants must be proficient in English a clear understanding of conversations and to be able to apply different factors and correct mistakes.

The audio files are of average 10 minutes and pay is between $10- $25 per hour.

You should have a PayPal account to receive payment. 

Scribe now

Best work-from-home online translation jobs

7.Language line

Communication in a world of diversity is the key to removing barriers to languages where people from different nationalities/ customs can coexist.

They are the world’s leading provider of language interpreter services in the US and around the world.

This company also provides remote work from home jobs to independent contractors who are proficient in translation.

Language line has hired different sectors to work from home that including customer service representatives, bilingual, IT, and translations.

If you would like to be the virtual representation of the esteemed company then get ready to assist people over the phone or as required.

The employee of language line solutions has to listen to the message and correctly deliver the message to the customers.

Interpreters must follow the national and international standards of the interpreter’s agreement.

You should be able to speak two languages English and another language.

Clear transfer of the message to the party should know computer skills and excellent customer service.

To start the application process check out the career’s page.

8. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is another phenomenal market in the field of linguistics and has been in the business for more than 20 years with groundbreaking performance.

Language experts are spread across all over the world and serve clients in more than 350 languages.

You will help customers in creating high-quality content, translation and localization, and testing services.

They are looking for talented, hard-working independent contractors to be a part of the team.

Lionbridge offers services in industries that include banking & finance, legal services, gaming and life sciences.

Part time work from home jobs


Have you ever been in a situation when you need urgent money?

Don’t worry anymore!!

Yelp can be your companion in time of need.

This is a marketplace where local businesses are connected and they post requirements on a daily basis.

So, you can register on yelp and offer your services when you need and earn a few extra cash in your spare time.

This site offers jobs for electricians, plumbers, delivery guys, phone repair, messages, and dentists.

They also have several work-from-home jobs for data science, software engineer, email marketing, content marketer and designer.

Yelp allows you to monetize your free time and earn cash.

This post may contain affiliate links that mean if you choose to buy services through the provided links I will earn a commission“.

10.Landi English

There is a high demand of students from China to learn English and to make it convenient sites like landi have come up.

It is also a great opportunity for freelancers or teachers to earn side income teaching English to students of china.

You will be working remotely (work from home) and can log into your computer and take sessions online at your convenience.

Applicants must have a B.A. degree or more working in US, Uk and Canada excellent command in English and teaching certificate (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA)

 You need a computer, high speed internet connection, headset and a quite room to teach.

11.Grand canyon university

Grand Canyon is educating people and helping them take their career a step ahead in any field they desire.

They allow applicants to complete undergraduate and graduate studies with their top experienced teachers.

You can also join their ever growing team of skilled professionals and earn working from home.

They hire part-time teachers to join their faculty.

12.US Department of Commerce

The US Department of commerce encompasses trade, industry, environment, development, and growth.

If you are comfortable working in the commerce department they have plenty of openings that you can take advantage of.


Take your culinary knowledge to another level and share your experiences and learn new things from world-class chefs.

This is the no 1 platform for beginners where you and companies can join via online classes and learn new culinary cooking skills.

They are looking for people to work online in several different categories that include content writing for food blogs, SEM, and the customer support team.

You have to write content for different food blogs websites and if you are passionate about food you can get paid for your high quality articles.   

Independent contractors who have profound knowledge in running ads campaign this is a great opportunity for you.

 Search engine marketing specialist job is to devise an excellent ads campaign and the potential to reach targeted customers with good analytical skills.

One more thing you must have good understanding of SEO.

A Customer support contractor who have good understanding of approaching and withdrawing skills.

All the job openings are remote.

Best work from home customer service jobs


If education is what you always strive to seek then think no beyond Kaplan.

Kaplan in the past years has provided quality education to learners, who are high school students, adults, lawyers, doctors, and corporate.

They are not only constricted to provide employment in the educational sector but offer a wide range of opportunities to online job seekers.

Job opportunities include in the field of management, digital marketing, online recruiter, technical support, administration and account manager.

 You can find several jobs listed in the category of customer service, management, marketing & sales, teaching, and administration.

It’s just a kaplan away to work online.

15.Rosetta stone

Learning a new language is exciting and rosetta stone makes it more fun and unique way to adapt to new languages.

Since its inception in 1992 Rosetta has been a milestone in teaching students more than 30 languages in a creative way.

Rosetta offers a wide variety of benefits and the opportunity to work from home with talented people.

The recent job positions available are as follows customer success manager, senior copywriter, account specialist, and order entry specialist

These are the only few browses for more jobs opportunity.


Want to make some quick cash?

Great AuPair is here to help

This is an online marketplace that connects with parents, families, and people who require home services.

You can monetize your spare time around your neighborhood providing services like childcare, pet sitting, tutoring, housekeeping, nanny care, and assistants.

Hundreds of requirements are listed daily on their website that you can choose and work whenever required.

A helping hand is good in times of need.

17.Robert half international

Robert half started back in 1948 as a well-renowned recruiting and staffing company that has changed the landscape of finding jobs.

It makes searching for jobs easy put together all in one place so you can with complete introspection can choose what is beneficial for you.

The current job openings require data entry clerks, accountants, marketing analysts, customer service agents, HR, and technical recruiters.

You can look for the desired jobs on the search bar and can apply for jobs based on full-time, part-time, and project-based.

However, there are other features for people seeking jobs are like career guides, salary guides in case you need good counseling.

They have a team of dedicated staffing recruiters that help you to find jobs based on your skills and expertise.

For a quick response, I would suggest you download the Robert half apps that send you notifications whenever there is a match of your profile.

Get your profile ready.

18.Supporting strategies

Do you need support for your business?

Supporting strategies with their highly skilled professionals can provide assistance in bookkeeping, controller services, and operational services.

If you are an experienced bookkeeper you can join supporting strategies and offer your services to clients.

There are hundreds of jobs openings for bookkeeping that offer good accounting and operational services. 

 You should have a B.A. in finance and accounting, a good understanding of QuickBooks, and excellent communication skills.

Other jobs openings include Finance and accounting recruiter, property management accounting, recruiter, and accountant to work from home.

19.Strayer university

Strayer University is a beacon of hope for adults who with the power of knowledge can achieve success in their life.

They have been teaching since 1982 and in the period of 125 years of excellent performance have now opened opportunities for online aspirants as well.

With strayer, you have the opportunities to work from home in the respective fields that include teaching assistant, assistant in finance, and justice.

This is a wonderful place for independent contractors with good teaching experience.

Remote teletherapy jobs

20.Voco vision – work from home

Voco vision had the vision to reach people who needed special care and attention.

Teletherapy is a method of treatment where the therapist uses technology to heal patients from anywhere around the world.

Some of the best teletherapy jobs includes speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, sign language interpreters and the visually impaired.

A speech-language pathologist works mainly with students to improve their overall performance.

Evaluate students’ language skills, check progress and improve communication skills.

The other is occupational therapy in this the therapist understands the behavior of children, counsels with other medical experts, and relation with other students.

Similarly, you have other categories such as school psychologist, sign language interpreter, visually impaired and social workers.


K12 is dedicated to providing quality education to students of Prep to standard 12 and can access their education portal from anywhere in the world.

They besides being the factor of illuminating lives through education have been growing since its inception in 2000.

You can find jobs in the categories of technical & academic, corporate opportunities and career development.

Some of the open positions are recruiter, financial analyst, project manager, talent development specialist and tax analyst.

A person with an educational profile has several opportunities to work for K12 and earn working from home.


It is another English teaching online platform that hires native English speakers to teach students of china.

You will join class100 as an independent contractor with proper training for a term period of 6 months.

Teachers will take Classes online that consist of 40-50 Chinese students of age between 10 -16 for teaching ESL English as a secondary language.

All the applicants must reside in the US/Canada with one year of teaching experience and a graduate degree.

Well-versed in computer skills and teaching degree TESOL/TEFL/CELTA is favored.

Some other requirements are a computer/laptop with a high-speed internet connection, a webcam, and a headset.

You are now all set to go.

23.Walden university

Walden is making education more accessible to the needy and giving a platform to transform their lives in a more befitting manner.

A visionary’ dream that has an undeniable dedication to giving access to quality education to every potential learner.

In the past 50 years, Walden University has been the medium for guidance in their life and is the source of inspiration.

They provide education in bachelor’s and master’s degrees and other subjects including management, nursing, health science, and information technology.

Current Job openings are mental health counseling, technical support analyst, data analyst, digital manager, and customer care coordinator.

The workers will be provided with proper training.


Gun io is a marketplace for talented contractors who assists businesses around the world with software development.

Freelancers who have an excellent history in this field get the opportunity to work with some of the world-class developers and designers.

If you have experience working as a developer this marketplace can be the best choice for you to get into and learn/ earn at the same time.

They provide employment opportunities for developers, freelancers, designers, and project managers.

Best work from home companies around the world use gun io to hire highly talented developers.

Some of the open positions are Js fabric for the music industry (PHP), DevOps Digital infra company, senior backend developer, and CSS web animation specialist.

This platform has several Jobs opportunity for PHP, android, design, DevOps, react and python hired by the company on regular basis.

The best way to land a high-paying job would be to create a profile on guns io share it with other marketplaces get interviewed and start working from home.

25.University System of Maryland

The University of Maryland is focused on providing accessible education that can help you achieve success in your career.

This university offers graduate and undergraduate degree online classes.

There is a high demand of excellent teaching professionals to join their community.

Go to Maryland.

Best Virtual assistant remote jobs


If you are talented, hard-working, motivated, and can execute work in a professional manner then equivity has good offers available for you.

Equivity is looking for highly organized virtual assistants to join their team of dedicated professionals.

As a virtual assistant, your work is to provide assistance in administrative tasks for clients in their daily requirements.

Virtual assistants can offer more than 150 services that include email marketing, proofreading, scheduling, coordination, and blog updates.

You need a computer high-speed internet connection and a calm location in your home to work.

The skills Equivity is looking for in an applicant are good knowledge of MSOffice, bachelor’s degree, understanding of SEO, and living in the US.

If you have some previous experience working as virtual assistance it can speed up the hiring process.

Go you have an equal opportunity waiting.

27.Profit factory

Profit factory is another great market for virtual assistance enthusiasts looking for employment.

Just like other company you will have the duty to work as administrative assistance providing day-to-day tasks.

They have several job openings for a virtual assistant that you can avail.

Do check out their site for further assistance.

28.Adtrav travel management

Ad travel started back in 1977 and has been continuously improving the travel experiences for corporate and government agencies.

Some of the open positions available are loading service account manager, software engineer, DevOps engineer, and back-end support.

Independent contractors with excellent backgrounds in development and customer services have the privilege to join this company.

You can also work as a travel consultant for Ad travel management remotely which they have openings when required.

To find more opportunities check out the career’s page.

Medical coding remote jobs


 Since the birth of aviacode in 1999 they have been providing services in medical coding and medical coding compliance to healthcare.

They have several job openings in the categories of cardiothoracic medical coding, medical coding, surgical medical coding specialist and pathology coder.

You can join their team if you are an excellent coder ready to offer your high-quality services to its clients.

Go aviacode now.

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30.Independence university

This Virtual University can help you get your dream job.

This is where Independence University comes in to help you assist in your career by providing an online platform to complete your graduation degree.

They have job openings for an economic instructor, student IT support, admission assistance, writing tutor, graphic design, English writer, and web design tutor.

IT support staff’s job is to engage with the team member, students, and department members and through voice mail, video call providing excellent customer support.

 Similarly, jobs opportunity in several categories has a different set of tasks assigned to employees depending on how experienced you are.

How to find work from home online jobs in 2024 ?

These are some of the 30 best work-from-home jobs that have work from home job openings in different categories.

Apart from these companies, you have unlimited possibilities to find work online and earn.

Here are the best online marketplaces that have been providing legit online work-from-home jobs to people all around the globe.

Fiverr is the most popular marketplace that has provided work opportunities in multiple categories such as writing, graphic designing, and translation.

Upwork is also a great alternative to Fiverr and is best for beginners in landing a task online.

Pitchme is another best site that uses your skills and promotes it to the respective company that has similar requirements.

Some other renowned online portal to find legit work-from-home jobs is simply hired, college recruiter, paperell, krop, and Toptal.

Identify your best skills and choose that particular job site to start a career online.

Share your thoughts if you would like me to add other potential sites that make online hiring easy.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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