20 online jobs for teenagers to make money 2024

The ultimate list of the best 20 online jobs for teenagers to make the most of their free time.

Online Jobs for teenagers: How can teens make money online?

The internet has provided unlimited opportunities for teens to earn money online by working from home.

What are these jobs and where can you find them?

In this post,

I will elaborate on the best online jobs you can avail of as teens doing tasks that are special and beginner-friendly.

Apple, Amazon, Dion data, clickworker, Lionbridge, and plenty of remote companies are some of the leading providers of online jobs.

You on the other hand will avail of making money online with similar remote companies and other freelance options.

It becomes very necessary during college time to cope up with all the financial requirements and students often look for options.

Well, it’s true and I totally agree with you.

Many jobs online offer part-time, full- time and project, basis work to independent contractors and make money.

It also depends on other aspects of how skilled you are?

A data entry clerk is fast and accurate with an average of 60 WPM typing speed.

A proofreader is proficient in finding errors and correcting them while a transcriptionist will write listening to audio files.

With so many opportunities knocking at your door let’s find out how you can apply to these jobs online as a college student?

Best online jobs for teenagers without any investments.

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1. Freelance writer

Writing is one of the best and quickly accessible online jobs that are perfect for a teens working few hours with flexibility.

The average earning of a skilled writer is $30 per hour.

According to pay scale a freelance technical writer makes $27/hr that generally falls $24 – $32 per hour in another report (Salary).

However, it is a very promising profession that has plenty of jobs opportunities opened in several categories.

You can choose to work online as a freelancer or in a remote company depending on the flexibility and nature of work.

The freelance online sites are easy to start with and after few completed projects you can scale accordingly.

Some of the best freelance sites are PeoplePerHour, guru, freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr.

Other remote companies have often job openings for writers that you can avail working online from home full-time/part-time.

These companies are working solutions, concentrix, Flexjobs and Lionbridge.

How can you learn freelance writing?

Writing is an art that musters expertise with time and anyone looking for a career in freelance writing has many options.

Start reading blogs, write on open marketplaces like Medium, HubPages, Reddit, and Linkedin.

 Also, you have a popular marketplace Fiverr apart from the medium to earn money has plenty of high paying writers.

They will walk you through the basics of “How to start freelancing writing” and make money on the go.

Top rated writers with the best in class experience offer their writing services that you can learn from and thrive.

Go Join now

Online tutoring jobs for teenagers

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2. E S L Teacher

Part-time online teaching jobs have had a very steep increase in the past few years with the technical progress.

Virtual teaching opportunities are providing hundreds of teachers the chance to start monetizing their free time teaching English online.

If you are a native English speaker and reside in the USA or CA then hit your laptop and sign-up with these Chinese companies.

VIPKID, Qkids, class100, say ABC, and a few other online teaching sites require independent contractors for teaching Chinese students.

A teacher has to be well versed with the requirements of teaching a child with excellent oral and written communication skills.

The average pay of online teachers is $20 per hour and can go high depending on the level and expertise to muster.

They provide you with proper training prior to being appointed as a teacher to make money working from home.

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3. Social Media Manager

Social media is playing the dominant role in giving brands or companies a voice to reach out to their potential prospects.

Often companies look for young, talented, and highly skilled independent contractors to carry out their daily tasks.

Creating graphic design, managing business pages, running ads, leads, increasing sales, and every other need that helps them grow.

Seeing this if you consider yourself a geeky nerd then do not miss the chance to earn some dollars as their co-worker.

Often there are several job openings looking for social media managers to run Facebook ads, create videos, and design.

Create high converting promo videos for their products or design stunning graphics to post on social handles.

Moreover, it’s a fun and entertaining way to be a part of amazing experiences with technicalities exclusive to the youth.

Find social media manager jobs on sites like Flexjobs, Toptal, Guru, Upwork, and Fiverr.

Use freelance marketplaces like Guru, Freelance and PeoplePerhour..

This page contains affiliate links that mean If you buy any services/products I may earn a commission.” See Affiliate Disclaimer

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4. Website testing jobs

If you have spent time reading blogs online and are aware of how a website functions properly then this job may be for you.

Websites and Apps to ensure they are working properly and ready to serve their purpose in the open market around the web.

They are put to test through random people on the internet where anyone can apply and make few bucks.

You will check how easy the website is for people and can navigate through one page to another without any drawback.

Find a product and complete the check out process visiting product page ensuring everything is working properly.

Moreover, see the website is designed with the purpose to deliver its subject and widgets, menu bar and footer is properly designed.

The average pay of online website testing jobs is $20 per hour.

These sites are usertesting, userfeel, userbrain, trymyui, whatusersdo and testing time.

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5. Proofreading

Have an eye for detail?

Meaning if you can find any mistakes in written documents and replace them with the correct word then you are ready for this.

A proofreader is a language expert (English) who corrects grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

This work is totally different from editing it changes, adds and removes sentences giving it a proper structure and readability.

While proofreaders will make sure the given assignment is accurate in its purest form without any common mistakes.

So you will have to be proficient in English, have excellent oral and verbal communications skills and hard working.

There are several online sites that allow you to work from home doing proofreading.

They are proofreadingpal, sibia proofreading, proofreading services, proofread now, edit 911, scribbr, and Kirkus.

Independent contractors should have prior experience working as a proofreader with training provided by companies.

While beginners can look for opportunities in marketplaces like Guru, freelancer, freelanced, Upwork, and Fiverr.

If this profession interests you then consider joining an online course exclusive for beginners “earn money proofreading”

This is crafted by proofreading expert “Caitlin Pyle” who is a renowned trainer and is the proud owner of “proofread anywhere”.

Join her free workshop now.

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6. Transcription

best online jobs for college students

For College students, it is another best online job popular in demand that requires you to be a good listener.  

An audio file will play you will write each word correctly as you hear.

A transcriptionist is a talented independent contractor that exacts words playing in an audio/video flawlessly.

Generally, this has three categories namely general, legal and medical while the latter requires a certificate.

The general transcription is best for students looking to make few bucks in their free time without any degree.

A foot pedal, laptop and high-speed internet connection is the basic requirement for any beginner to start with.

With these legit online jobs you have the opportunity to work for different remote companies and make big money.

Other way for any beginner to start their career in transcription is through free workshop by “transcribe anywhere”

I highly recommend you to join the courses mentioned below and become an expert transcriber.

General transcription free course.

Legal transcription course.

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7. Data Entry

This is an input job that requires you to update data in the system.

A data entry clerk is exceptionally fast and accurate with an average typing speed of 40 WPM and can make $14 – $18 per hour.

The hourly pay is dependent on the contractor’s experience, skills, and other qualifications and is expected to earn more.

Avoiding scams aside you have the option of some legit online sites that allow you to earn money updating data.

Check out these sites that include Dion data, Rev, Scribie, smart crowd, sig track, tiger fish and speak write.

Few open marketplaces are Guru, Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr.

Independent contractors must have prior experience working as data entry clerk.

They should have good oral and verbal communication skills.

Part-time online jobs for teens

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8. Virtual Assistant

This is a perfect online job for students working for companies or local businesses offering administrative assistance.

The virtual assistant can handle huge tasks depending upon the skills and nature of work.

You as a virtual assistant can offer more than 200 services that include data entry, social media management, and proofreading.

And several interesting tasks all from the comfort of your home managing business meetings, scheduling, and marketing.

There are legit virtual assistance jobs you can find on sites like Flexjobs, fancy hands, belay solutions, and click accounts.

Other popular marketplaces that are beginner-friendly are Guru, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, Upwork, and Fiverr.

Few companies require a graduation degree or equivalent with superb oral and verbal communication skills.

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9. Bookkeeper

This can be perfect part-time hustle For College students doing computation work for businesses.

Successful businesses are regular with their daily financial transaction and often hire freelancers to do the job online.

Seems interesting you can sign-up for free classes on how to “Become an online bookkeeper” by Ben Robinson.

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10. Search Engine Evaluator

The search engine evaluator is a kind of task to make sure that search engine results are relevant as per the user’s request.

Leading search engines require human touch to keep up with all the technical work.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo often hire independent contractors to check if the search engines are working as per the user’s search intent.

Popular remote sites like isoftstone, Appen, Lionbridge have requirements for search engine evaluator that you can apply.

You can expect to earn $10 to $15 per hour and can do the work remotely.

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11. Translator

The linguistics barrier with the Changing economies together forming global village is creating new possibilities in this sector.

To build the language barrier an expert translator is required to translate in their native language to another known language.

There are several companies around the globe that offers linguistics experts to work online doing translation works.

You can apply with these companies Argos multilingual, Transperfect, and verbal ink.

And with freelance marketplaces like guru, freelancer, PeoplePerHour, freelanced, Upwork, and Fiverr.

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12. Voiceover

It is a special online job for anyone with an eloquent voice to get hired by online voice recording studios and earn money.

Typically voice-over work is required on many occasions like ads, promotional videos, voice prompt, and phone messages.

The best part online studios are looking for voice-over artist to lend their voice in exchange for money.

You can record your voice on these online voice marketplaces and let the companies decide which category you suit best.

Snaprecording, voices, and voice bunny are the legit online voice-over sites that you can avail of making money with your voice.

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13. Online Moderator

Scammers are everywhere and constantly search for loopholes to get into any possible resource to steal data, money and messing up.

However, companies hire an online moderators to protect data, forums, and online chat rooms to prevent such threat from happening.

An online moderator will delete any vile comments, remove people from the list and help keep it safe and moderate.

Sites like Yelp, crispthinking, and ICUC social are legit online sites that you can look for opportunities in moderation jobs online.

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14. Graphic designer

The stunning design speaks for any particular brand or business and plays an important role in other aspects.

They are useful in the promotion and helps build a connection between customers and the brand itself.

This profession is increasing in demand and gives unlimited opportunities to work as a logo designer,

Social media graphics, banners, flyers, templates, fonts, and ads.

For graphic designers sites like design crowd, Dribbble, Envato, 99designs, and design hill.

Some other easy to start freelance marketplaces are Guru, freelancer, Freelanced, peopleperhour Upwork and Fiverr.

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15. Start a Blog

How can I forget this?

This is all in one favorite that has plenty of ways you can “earn money blogging.”

Choose a profitable niche (Topic) that can get you hundreds of visitors every month and thrive as an excellent blogger.

The quickest way to start is to get a domain name and hosting and start writing your first post. .

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16. Sell courses Online

What is the purpose of creating online courses?

Let me help!!

Did you know that global e-learning is a billion-dollar market and will make up to $325 billion by the year 2025?

That’s crazy

With such crazy potential there lies a huge market for you to get into this business creating valuable courses online.

Sell it on your own website or through third-party sites like Udemy, Teachable, and Skillshare

You can establish yourself as an expert in any particular field and increase your earning form few bucks to thousands of dollars.

Look at some of the explaining videos on YouTube how they gather such massive views on a particular topic.

Get some ideas to present your courses online in a manner beautiful suing third-party sites and start earning money?

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17. Sell Online

The online market for selling is growing at an exponential speed of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027 which was estimated at $9.09 trillion in 2019.

If you are planning to start selling this is the ultimate period to move into this online hustle that has immense potential.

Amazon is the best choice to starting as a beginner with plenty of niches to choose from and scale your business.

Well, you also have some other options like Walmart, eBay, Etsy (crafts), Shopify, big-commerce, and Craiglist.

While easy to start without any upfront cost is facebook marketplace, located on your left side of your facebook dashboard.

The other way is to have your own website launching your own clothing line or anything that you like.

You can sell private-level products, arts & crafts, print on demand (T-shirt), phone covers, and eBooks.

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18. Flipping Domains

Flipping Domain is a paradox and may require you to practice and get some more experience before ringing the bell.

Having a powerful name can make you rich see the example of business (dot) com and internet (dot) com that was sold for $11 million and $7 million dollars.

The idea is to choose a catchy name that spells business.

Domain investors register trendy names that are probable to sell for a much higher price the prospects buy it from domain flipping sites.

Sites like Godaddy Auction, name cheap and Flippa are popular selling marketplaces that can with some practice earn you massive income.

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19. Surveys

Surveys are a quick and easy option for college students to earn few dollars spending time completing tasks.

There are sites that offer you points for completing different tasks that are redeemable via PayPal.

They are Swagbucks, survey junkie, Ipsos, and Vindale research.

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20. Install Apps for Money

Another best part-time opportunity for students that they can install apps to earn money doing a different set of tasks.

That is health checks, playing games and performing small tasks.


To Make money with Paribus.

Signup with your new email account and download the app on your device.

You purchase goods from the supported online store It will give you back money for any potential price drops in that item.

Refunds you money if there is a drop in the price.

#Trim app

Trim helps you cut down Internet bills saves you from unwanted subscriptions finding better deals available.

It will analyze your account and inform you about any potentials savings.


Shop with Rakuten and earn cashback and a referral program that can get you $25 for every successful referral. 

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How can I earn money online as a teenagers?

There are some fascinating ways to make money online as students and one that I recommend is Fiverr.

This marketplace is unique and allows anyone at the age of 13 to start selling their services that have buyers across the world.

Fiverr is well known for a $5 dollar gig that makes it a remarkable place, to begin with.

It (Fiverr) has an amazing list of categories to work online and excel from social media marketing, analytics, and SEO.

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What type of online jobs is good for teenagers?

A college student can work for a different set of workers that include customer service representatives,

Affiliate marketing, online marketing, selling photos online, selling eBook, SEO consultant, data analyst, digital marketing, and fitness trainer.

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What are the best online jobs for teenagers?

Well, apart from the mentioned lists there are a few other options that are customer service representative,

Resume writer, video editor, web designer, virtual recruiter, and YouTube channel manager.

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How can teenagers make money online in 2024?

This is the best compilation of legit online jobs that are suitable for college students that you can choose.

To earn money you may require spending some time online working on your skills and experiences consistently.

However, for students, you have the advantage to work as social media manager, Virtual assistant, start blogging and selling online.

There are several other remote job sites among which college recruiter, authentic jobs, tuts+jobs, Aquent and smashing jobs.

Are best choices you can sign up with these sites.

Do share your views and let me know in the comments if you want me to add that I may have missed.

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