Best Transcription Jobs online to make money from home 2023

How to make money transcribing? Here is the list of best transcription jobs online to earn money remotely in 2023 and beyond.

Best Transcription Jobs online to make money

From time to time our everyday activities are recorded, be it conferences, public meetings, speeches, lectures, and messages.

This is where we need the best transcription work to do the job?

They are trained professional who carries out the transcription work diligently and has an excellent understanding of English language.

Transcribers are fast at typing exacting each word they hear in the recorded video/audio.

There are some innumerable sites available online that provide opportunity to transcribers to make money online.

What is a transcription and how to become a transcriptionist?

Transcription is the method of converting audio files into written documents exacting each word you listen to into recorded audio/audio.

An audio files will play you have to listen and type each recorded words correctly.

You should have excellent command in oral and verbal communication and should be able to complete the works within a time frame.

Skills required

  • Impeccable writing
  • Good Listener
  • Fast typing

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How to transcribe?

Transcribe Anywhere: Training

Best transcription jobs online to make money

Janet after having 10 years of experience in general, legal and medical transcription, has taken the step to educate people who want to start a career in transcription.

She offers the most comprehensive and legit transcription training that ensures you a better future in transcription.

You will have the opportunity to learn online with advance training tools, videos, and tutorials.

With much support and quality education, she ensures that you can develop the ability to thrive in the transcription business and market as well.

This course will also help you determine if you are ready to take this career ahead.

Enroll in this course and decide if you are ready to take a step ahead by choosing one of its courses.

Learn the basics and train hard to become a good transcriptionist and start implementing it and lastly start making money working from home.

It is recommended to take this course if you really for a start in transcription.

What are the best online transcription jobs?

1.REV- Transcription job 2023

Rev a startup based in the USA( San Francisco) hires individual contractors giving an opportunity to work from home.

Freelancers can join rev and monetize their free-time transcribing and captioning from home.

Get a chance to work with some of the best companies like Google, Amazon and buzz feed.

It’s a suitable place for everyone who would want to earn some cash working from home doing small task.

Students, stay-at-home-moms and retirees have the golden chance to work part-time or full-time.

To sign up with rev you will have to complete some steps.

That includes taking quiz for grammar check, submit transcription or caption and finally get approved.


Babbletype always looks for talented and hard-working independent contractors for transcription works though they are very selective.

Prior experience before you join babbletype can help easily complete the process of hiring.

They primarily work in market research project work that involves accuracy, completeness and reliability.


Started back in 1996 and boasts over 1 million skilled workers across 170 locations.

Its services are for different industries that include technology, automotive, financial, healthcare, government, and retail.

Language jobs include translation, transcription and logistics.

Independent contractors can find other jobs in engineering, marketing, sales and finance.

You also have the opportunity to work part-time, full-time doing micro task survey and data collection and other projects.


Clickworker always look for people who spend time on the internet

If you are skilled in a particular field of organizing data, correcting text, transcribing, then joining click work will give you the opportunity to work from home.

You need a computer and an internet connection.

All you need to do is go and sign up on clickworker fill up the given form take the test.

Upon reviewing the results you will be allowed to join clickworker as an employee.

Click work leverage the people accessing the efficient processing for a company.

Crowdsourcing company click work hires for researching, data entry, translation, and writing.


It was conceptualized back in 2005 to provide a reliable platform connecting transcribers and remote workers.

Remote workers having experience in transcribing are what companies look to get their tasks done accurately.

Casting words provide services in audio/video transcription services.

Independent contractors can join here and use their free time making some cash.

  • Australia
  • Egypt
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Nepal
  • Qatar
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Turkey

Three easy steps to get started


Transcribeme is another best company that offers translation, transcription, and data services.

They offer some exclusive opportunities to professional transcribers with the highest pay, training, and flexibility.

The Steps involved in joining transcribeme is by pass the entrance test.

If you happen to pass the test you will receive a confirmation of your email.

The entire applicant must be 18 years or above and has a computer/laptop and high-speed internet connection.

7.Daily Transcription

Daily transcription provides services in transcription, scripts, and translation services.

They do all variety of audio/video from TV, entertainment, corporate, market research, legal, and other industries.

The daily transcription offers a reliable source of earning to at-home mothers, students, teachers, and writers looking to monetize their free time.

You will have to go through the skills assessment test following the transcription test.


If you have been working as a transcriptionist for a very long time, here is a great platform you can join and work for a variety of job offers.

They also pay heed to improving your skills by providing you with transcribed documents. Get your own transcribing tool foot pedal controller.

If you want to leverage your spare time then consider joining transcribe.


Are you looking for a reliable platform online to make money transcribing documents?

Transcription outsourcing is the best site available online that offers its clients services in a variety of fields.

Those are law enforcement, medical, legal, business, and general.

They are hiring talented, hard-working transcribers to join their team of a professional team of expert transcriptionists.

To be considered as an employee of transcription outsourcing you will have to pass with a 95% aggregate.

Also pass the Grammar, spelling, and single-person narrative audio files tests.

The pay rate is as follows.

Legal and law enforcement @$.80 – $1.10 per minute.

Academic and financial @$.80 – $1.10 per minute.

Medical @$.70 – $1.10 per minute.


Tigerfish has been for a long time in the waters(transcription business).

They specialize in finance, technology, legal and medical transcription.

To join tigerfish you have to download the audio files and paste the transcribed document in the given field and submit.

You have to pass each three tests to become a tigerfish contractor. Experienced and skilled can apply for transcription jobs.


Cambridge transcription is a group of talented, skilled, and hard-working transcribers creating a platform to grow and learn.

They are looking for professional transcribers to join their staff working part-time; few positions are available either on-site or off-site.

It has a great opportunity for someone looking to earn some cash other than the normal stuff.


Capital typing provides data entry and transcription services.

You as a transcriber will be given the task to work in medical, legal, corporate, insurance, and general transcription.

Apply for a full or part-time and get the opportunity to work on flexible hours.

To begin with the process you have to take the test to transcribe the audio file into text and send it to the company email.

Also, add your skype details and make sure to follow the description before the given task. Tip for test

  • Word to word accuracy
  • Correct punctuation
  • Do not include any irrelevant word
  • Mention [hh:mm: ss] if you miss any word


Looking for home-based work then make your career in working as a transcriptionist. Scribie hires independent contractors to transcribe audio files to text.

You have to go through the test that can earn you as an expert transcriptionist. They pay $5-$25 per video and a monthly bonus to $15.

Go to this page and click the apply button. You will be provided with your application number for confirmation click on the link given in the email.

Depending upon your application you may be either rejected or accepted.

Accepted applicants will be given a test to pass. Choose one among the given list of files transcribe and submit your files.

A reviewer is appointed to go through the application if you pass the test they will hire you as a transcriptionist.

Note:- Maximum number of attempts to pass is 10


Speak write strives in providing solutions that impact transcribers working in a more secure way online.

Since 1997 it has brought significant outcomes helping companies, organizations, independent contractors, and institutions.

They work mostly in categories like legal, enforcement, laws, protective services, and government agencies.

You can expect to earn $450/ month and can exceed to $3,400 per month.


If you Want to start out as a transcriptionist doing general transcription.

Then join speech pads for a Variety of work from transcribers, reviewers, and captioning works.

They simply give you the authority to work on your own time and schedule.

After you have completed the application process you will be assigned to a worker’s account where you can find the job accordingly.

Each job accepts you quickly and others require you to get qualified.

The assigned task to a contractor he/she must be able to complete the job before the deadline.

As you get your ratings higher you will have access to more jobs. Go to this site and apply for the job.


As a transcriptionist, it is about getting more skilled and experienced.

The more experienced you are the higher you get paid regardless of where you work.

With GMR You can apply even if you are a complete beginner.

For this, you require an internet connection, foot pedal, and a headphone.

Providing jobs in various field translations, editing, transcription, and proofreading.

To work with GMR you must pass the transcription test and have the freedom to work with your own accord.


Hiring freelance contractors from the United States (U.S). A native English speaker with a minimum of 1-5 years of experience.

Offering a variety of jobs from Proofreading legal, medical, and general transcription.


Focus forward transcription has many offers for a variety of jobs from legal, medical, production, business, and general transcription.

Easy steps to qualify and get the chance to work from home. before you apply here are a few tips you can rely on.

Download the instruction and the audio file to start the test transcribe it and upload it.

They reply within 48 hours after the submission process.


3playmedia is looking for a transcriptionist enthusiast. An applicant living in the US has a chance to work as a transcriptionist.

Giving you flexibility in time and space. Independent contractors who are ready to take this job having great skills will increase the chances of approval.

You have to take the test prior to working as a transcriptionist for 3playmedia. They pay is equivalent to $10- $30 per hour.


If you would like to work as a transcriber for medical, legal, financial, conference calls, interviews, meetings, and general transcription.

Accutran global is interested to hire independent contractors.

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How to find the best transcription jobs?

Now, that you have an exclusive list of transcription sites making it eligible for anyone to work online and get paid.

There are also other options as well for you to make money transcribing.

Whether you are looking for a freelance opportunity or another way round you always have the best transcription jobs available online.

Sites like Upwork, guru, freelancer, and Fiverr are some of the best in class to provide you best transcription jobs.

One of my favorites is Flexjobs it’s a platform that is dedicated to remote workers and has a legit job listing in every category.

Transcription has three categories namely general, legal and medical but mostly you will be working with general transcription.

For a complete beginner, you can take the course mentioned above of “transcribe anywhere”.

It teaches you the best-established methods for how you can be an expert transcriber.

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