11 ways to make money testing websites & apps from home

The legit sites that allow you to make money testing websites and apps in 2023

Make money testing websites

How to make money testing websites?

Well, brands and companies often strive to bring the best in class products to their users through research and feedback.

When a consumer is making a purchase they look at every aspect before making the final judgment.

If the website is poorly designed then it’s a big no and brands may lose millions of dollars in sales.

How responsive is that product page or as a whole?

 A user can easily navigate on their Smartphone completing the check out process.

Or they can easily switch between other products without any hurdle.

So it makes necessary for brands to put their websites and apps to test to make the required changes if any.

Users can sign up with these sites and give their honest review about the site loading time, navigating and check out.

The website font is perfect, buttons are working properly, navigation menu and footer is all in its position and working.

Make money online testing websites

1.User Testing- Make money testing websites

The founder of user testing began with the urge to provide an insightful marketplace to give an opportunity to test websites.

Back in 1999 when the duo realized that making a product or organization successful is in the hands of consumers.

You can be the voice in changing the landscape of brands and technologies while making money for your quality feedback.

The process of getting started is by signing up on its platform followed by reviews of products that you use.

  • Signup to user testing
  • Complete a set of task
  • Make Money

And the last step is to take the test of 20 minutes and finally getting paid $10 per test for every successful completion.

You will require a computer/laptop, microphone, screen recorder and a high speed internet connection.

Submit your email and complete the practice test upon approval get ready to take the real test.

All your earning will be transferred to your PayPal account.

Best of luck!!!

This post contains affiliate links that mean if anyone buys products/services I may earn a commission. See affiliate disclaimer

2. Userfeel

This is another site (Userfeel) that pays its users to complete the 10-20 minutes test from any digital device.

  • Make sure to speak loudly
  • Complete the task in a remote place
  • Point out that attracts you and something that confuses
  • Give useful feedback
  • Make a detailed report in writing and also at the end of the post
  • Do the task as mentioned in the description

Generally for testing it requires a computer/ laptop windows or Mac and reliable microphone.

How much can you earn?

To be considered as their website tester you have to complete the practice test that determines if you are fit for this job.

Independent contractors must perform the task in a completely quiet place explaining each and every detail.

You will provide every necessary changes that need to be made and things that you perceive to be excellent.

Earnings are totally dependent on the ratings of a tester and the qualification test will decide are you eligible for the paid test.

 After completing the mock test you will be appointed for paid test depending on the criteria for each tasks requirement.

However, usefeel will send notifications for any test available and you can start working on every order placed.

For every test you earn $10 and ignoring the test assigned may affect your earnings and ratings.

Regularly visit the site for any possible testing opportunities.   

3. What users do

What users do is a venture of (userzoom) company.

It is a superb way to monetize your free time by testing websites and apps.

To get started all you need is to download the screen recorder and start taking tests and get $5 for every 20 minutes of work.

One of the downside is this site may delay payments.

4. U-test

This site is the hub of all legit website testing jobs around the world and home of the finest companies.

It is a community of freelance testers that makes it unique and reliable place to dwell in to learn, share and earn.

Some of the ongoing projects are for personal care companies, in-home voice testing, testers for eCommerce stores.

iPhones, audio equipment testing, automation testing, trading app testing, bilingual testers, and testers for gaming.

  • Sign-up with utest
  • Go to the left-hand menu and select your payment method
  • Paypal or Payoneer

Once you have completed the signup process you can take the sample test.

If there is a requirement you will get an invitation to take the paid test.

5. Userlytics

It’s a remote user testing platform that specifically welcome freelance testers for website, apps and prototype testing jobs.

Since their inception in 2009 they have build a team of highly skilled members of 500,000 testers worldwide.

They provide an innovative experience helping agencies, firms and multinational companies improve their user experience.

You job will consist of completing tasks and instruction interacting with the project’s websites, apps and prototypes.

Using any digital device you will speak out loudly giving suggestions, criticism, thoughts and any possible changes.

The pay of a website tester can range from $5 – $90 per task.   

What kind of software and hardware do I need?

Mac or higherAndriod or higher
Windows 7,8 +Iphone IOS 11 +
Chrome ,Safari,firefoxChrome,safari
Userlytics recorderInstall the app

6. Validately

 Validately is another wonderful site that allows you to test websites and make extra money in your free time.

The tasks are general questions regarding websites or apps that you will be performing giving your thoughts loudly.

  • Sign up with your complete information
  • You will start receiving an email offer money
  • Complete the given task and make money

For every assigned task you complete you can earn up to $10 – $70 depending on the availability of tests.

All you need is a computer/laptop, a microphone, a high-speed internet connection, and a PayPal account.

Eligibility criteria is an applicant has to be 18 years of age or above with excellent communications skills (English).

7. Userbrain

User testing has become easier now with (userbrain) both for brands and freelance website testers.

To start using this platform all you have to do is sign-up and download the user brain recorder on your chrome browser.

First, you will have to record your qualification test and will be given a guided tour of how to get along with the results.

Depending upon the test you performed you will be suggested for your future paid projects accordingly.

You will make $3 per every completed task that may be around 5 to 15 minutes or so.

8. Testbirds

Testbirds helps brands or companies to optimize their digital products.

Testing Objects

  • Websites and online shops
  • mobile apps and devices
  • wearables and trackers
  • games VR and AR
  • IOI and smart devices
  • chatbots and assistants

You will earn 20 euros or 15 pounds for regular usability tests by giving your opinion of websites and software.

They will send you notification whenever there is an availability of tests.

Make sure you are active or else the test may be given to the available online tester.

They have a very strict rule in regard to data privacy.

The company also wishes to hire you in the future if your feedback has been satisfactory.

9. Trymyui

You can make money for your sincere and honest feedback with TRYMYUI.

This gives you the opportunity to improve an app, blog, products and designs of every digital device.

Prepare yourself to be an online tester by getting your thoughts out loud and make $10 for every task you complete.

This will allow you to increase the user experience and efficiency of designers and coders.

You will be taking tests as you would have been personally gone through a site finding any possible errors.

Also, it is recommended to share your feedback in writing for better ratings and payouts.

Generally, tests are available at the client’s request so make sure you are active on their platform.

Getting few testing tasks weekly is normal and will be reviewed by the staff members.

Upon successfully completing the tasks you will receive payment of every Friday via PayPal.

10. Analysia

Analysia has transformed into a whole new user testing experience with more earning opportunity.

The time-frame of usability testing is basically 10-15 minutes.

You can make $10 per test for every completed task through PayPal.

11. Enrollapp

Enrollapp is another great site to earn rewards. It uses to perform a task to enhance the user experience.

You can earn rewards for every task you complete and later substitute it into cash through PayPal.

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How to Make money testing websites?

Testing a website is an easy go-through task that focuses heavily on the improvement of digital devices.

That mainly revolves around digital objects like apps, websites, blogs, products, software’s and games.

Any online tester who wishes to test websites and apps has to be aware of several digital devices and their functionalities.

Provide honest and real feedback to the assigned projects and make it useful to the clients.  

Apart from the mentioned sites that are few more that includes 99test, ferpection, test.io, testadrome and erilbird.

Do mention in the comments below if I missed any useful site and share your views about the post.


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