Make money testing websites get paid for your opinion

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Make money testing websites get paid for your opinion

Make money testing websites yes you heard it right you can literally make money by testing websites. You will get paid for your opinions to increase the user experience testing websites and apps.

I have covered other topics on how to make money online but this is something quite fun and exciting.

Websites and apps have become an integral part of the online world, you cannot escape from the fact that some web and apps are so annoying that we make the effort to uninstall.

Similarly, website owners prefer to put there site to test to check the user experience. Taking it to the leading sites and pay others to provide them genuine feedback.

To be a part of the testing platform you need a fast internet connection, good command over English and should be able to explain it in oral and writing.

You hardly need to spend 10-15 minutes to perform the task.

1.USER TESTING- Make money testing websites

Earn up to $60 every task you complete

How does it work?

  • Signup to user testing
  • Complete a set of task
  • Make Money

Every video you complete the company will pay you $10. Get your thoughts out loud.

It requires a computer or a laptop that has a high-speed internet connection. The device Ipad, Apple mobile or tablet in you would like to take the task.

  • Download the software
  • 18 years or older
  • Speak out your thoughts loudly

Testing websites won’t make to rich to be very clear but it has the potential to make a substantial income. You will be paid after every 7 days the given task has been completed.

It’s a very simple sign up process get your email address, takes the sample test. If you did really well you will get the real task to complete.


Participate in the test and get a chance to earn $10.

  • Make sure to speak loudly
  • Complete the task in a remote place
  • Point out that attracts you and something that confuses
  • Give useful feedback
  • Make a detailed report in writing and also at the end of the post
  • Do the task as mentioned in the description

For each given test that you complete you get paid $10.

How much can you earn?

This will only depend on your performance. The best your ratings are higher the chances of being given more tasks to complete.

They will send you notifications most likely yo your email address whenever a demand to test has been sent. If you happen to miss another tester will get the job.

Data is required to begin with the testing job it also helps companies to examine the real experience. None of your personnel information will be given to the third party.

Users are assigned to take the test and give the correct feedback regarding website layout and apps.


This is another great website where you can sign-up and give your feedback. They provide a test to complete.

You will get 8 pounds for every 20 minutes of work. One thing to keep in mind that this site delays the payment.


Get paid to give your user experience to make the digital world better and reliable.

How will you get paid?

When you begin sign-up you will be given the option to set up your payment method. Depending upon the payment method you use you can choose either PayPal or Payoneer.

  • Sign-up with utest
  • Go to the left-hand menu and select your payment method
  • Paypal or Payoneer

Once you have completed the signup process you can take the sample test. If there is a requirement you will get an invitation to take the test.

You can signup with the utest by filling up the required fields.


Make your experience heard.

Register on userlytics and earn money. Take the test by filling up the form below.

Connect with a website or a mobile app. Speak out your thoughts loudly and answer a few questions.

You can make up to $5,$10,$15,$20

How does it work?

Leverage your free time and space giving your honest opinion on a given task and make money in return.

Software and hardware required to do the task.

Mac or higherAndriod or higher
Windows 7,8 +Iphone IOS 11 +
Chrome ,Safari,firefoxChrome,safari
Userlytics recorderInstall the app


It’s another wonderful site that allows you to test websites and earn real money.

Completing the given task share your experience loudly regarding the web or an app.

  • Sign up with your complete information
  • You will start receiving an email offer money
  • Complete the given task and make money

For every assigned task you complete you can earn up to $100. Tests are available daily.

To begin the task you need a computer or laptop. you can even carry out the task on mobile or tablet. If you are 18 years or above and have good command in English it makes everything get going.


To begin with the signup process you must have a chrome extension or a mobile app. During the given task speak out your thoughts loudly. Any given task may be up to 5-15 minutes.

You can earn $3 for each task you complete and get money straight to your PayPal Account.


Just like every other preliminary test, you will get a sample test to complete. They will guide you throughout the process. The given task most likely a video gives your feedback on how to improve.


A crowd testing platform where you can help improve the productivity and flexibility of the companies.

Want to earn real cash then test birds can be your companion


  • Websites and online shops
  • mobile apps and devices
  • wearables and trackers
  • games VR and AR
  • IOI and smart devices
  • chatbots and assistants

You can earn a decent amount on giving your feedback or opinion about software. They pay you 20 euros or 15 pounds for every task you complete.

You will get an invitation when there is a test available. Make sure you are active or else the test may be given to the available online tester.

They have a very strict rule in regard to data privacy. German company tends to strive in protecting the valuable things of its client. Your personal information will not be shared with any third party.

An online device to make your presence online if you would like to test its software and provide honest feedback then you can join test birds as a tester.

The company also wishes to hire you in the future if your feedback has been satisfactory.


You can make money for your sincere and honest feedback with TRYMYUI.

Prepare yourself to be a tester and get your thoughts out loud. This will allow you to increase the user experience and efficiency of designers and coders.

Every task you complete you receive $10

You are in front of your screen and you have to give the response by raising your voice loudly. Do mention the feedback in writing to complete the test.

To take the test it depends on its availability but to catch with a few in a week is expected.

The Test you will complete will be reviewed by the staff. Upon the approval, you receive the payment on every Friday through PayPal.


Make Money $10-$15 for every task you complete.

It will take only 15 minutes. You will be given some tasks to complete read the instruction carefully before any test.

Every task you perform you will get $10. They only pay through Paypal.


Enrollapp is another great site to earn rewards. It uses to perform a task to enhance the user experience. You can earn rewards for every task you complete and later substitute it into cash through PayPal.

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Make money testing websites

This is the best testing site that I have compiled for you to get some cash coming to your account. With much dedication and effort, you can earn a handsome amount of money.

Sign up with the websites to help make the internet a more user-friendly in return for money.

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how to make money testing websites?

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