Search engine evaluator jobs how to make money rating $15/hr

How to Make Money as a search engine evaluator jobs aka internet accessor, ads quality rater, internet analyst and web search evaluator jobs?

Search engine evaluator jobs

Did you know?

Companies like Google, yahoo and bing hire for search engine evaluator jobs.

The job of an evaluator is to keep everything updated and companies often hire expert professionals to do the work.

What is a search engine evaluator?

They are assigned by search engine to do specific task to keep us updated.

The duty of a search engine evaluator is to evaluate the user’s Intent in accordance with the search query.

They help keep everything updated and initiate the searches are accurate, to the point and relevance.

Google one of the best search engines hires independent contractor for evaluation but prefer calling it “Internet accessor”

They are also known to have many different names that include Internet analyst, Google rater, safety analyst, and internet judge.

However, each specific term serves the same purpose i: e evaluating the search query made by a person or an entity.

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Best search engine evaluator jobs

Google being the largest and the most popular search engine actively hires independent contractors for ads tester jobs.

Jobs are particularly confined to provide perfect feedback on the accuracy and relevancy of advertisement.

The Searches made by people is pertinent and displayed on Google for each search query.

Not always the searches are made on Google tend to be perfect.

Sometimes the results shown on search engines may be delusional or misguided.

In this vast pool of digital information the job of a Google rater is to make sure everything is normal and accurate.

The “internet accessor” is hired to rate the search engine results based on the protocol and provide feedback.

This creates a systematic display of digital information that is accurate, relevant and reliable.

So whenever you witness any misinformation being displayed on Google its time for you to get back to business.

Search engine evaluator jobs from home

1. Lionbridge

Lionbridge recruits on a regular basis for different set of works of all back grounds, nationalities and experts.

They have been operating successfully for the last 20 years and have more than 1 million crowd workers.

The company partner with other renowned companies providing services in improving the search engines.

Independent contractors will have several tasks assigned including search evaluation, text, images, video queries, and ads evaluation.

You will have to give at least 20hrs/week performing search engine evaluation task.

If you prefer to be updated with all the scenarios of business, media and social media then consider applying for this position.

Fluency in English, experience in search engines, high-speed internet connection, and a laptop are required to get started.

2. Appen

It was founded in 1996 consisting of over 1 million skilled contractors speaking 235 different languages in 70000 different locations.

The Appen is ranked as one of the best place out of 100 top companies to work for by flexjobs.

It offer services in different categories like social media management, language technology, technology and crowd sourcing.

They provide any remote workers to benefit from working for a variety of opportunities online to improve and increase consumer engagement.

You will be working with one of the projects for clients in social media, voice recognition, search engines, and e-com sites.

An independent contractor working for this position should be aware of all the leading search engine platforms.

They should have excellent communication skills in oral and in writing with basic knowledge of computers.

You require a laptop/computer, a high-speed internet connection, and reliable headphones to get started with evaluation jobs.

Search engine evaluators are expected to work at least 5-7 days a week, 4 hrs/day.

3. Isoftstone

Isoftstone is located in China that began in 2005 with the motive to become one of the best digital technology companies.

Being a Chinese company it hires contractors for search engine evaluator, ad evaluator, and web search analyst from the U.S.

Individual contractor can expect to earn $8 – $11/hr as an expert search engine evaluator.

Here are some basic requirements to be considered as an isoftstone employee for search engine evaluation jobs.

He/she must be a native English speaker with excellent understanding of grammar.

  • Living in the U.S
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Computer/ laptop
  • High speed internet connection

They do not hire directly but openings are often listed on sites like Indeed and craigslist.

You will be working for the above mentioned role up to 15 -25 hrs per week from home with complete flexibility.

To work for isoftstone you have to pass the qualification test and other few projects before being officially recognized.

The task generally involves working on few search queries through search engines and analyzing them on the company’s system.

4. Zerochoas

This company provides management solutions to organizations and companies to assist in their management, performance, and financial control.

In the year 2019, it was renamed into workforce logic and offers opportunities in many categories including search engine evaluation.

They hire for ad quality tester (search engine evaluation) to work from home and are exclusively for U.S resident only.

Open positions for the desired role are frequently listed on sites like indeed and craigslist.

You may qualify for a web evaluation and internet assessor jobs test that is significantly simple and easy.

Zerochoas also provides training to successful candidates and assign them the role for search engine evaluator.

To get started you must have a computer/laptop and a high speed internet connection.

5. Raterlabs

Raterlabs is another site that hires for ad testing and search engine evaluation positions that was created by leapforce.

Now it is acquired by the most renowned company appen it’s the best in class industry expert in AI technology.

Candidates looking for positions in search engine evaluation should be extremely talented, tech-savvy, self-reliant, and motivated.

 The raterlabs workers will have to perform insightful driven research and offers evaluation services to top companies.

Companies hiring for this positions will have you go through qualification test before working as an official employee.

Expected candidates will have to show their skills by participating in number of evaluation work.

That includes web search evaluation, video evaluation, maps and local evaluation projects.

You must have excellent English communication skills in oral and written with some unique research skills.

You need a computer/laptop, a high speed internet connection and Smartphone to start rating.

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The best search engine evaluator jobs from home.

This search engine evaluator jobs are the best way to supplement your income by monetizing your free-time.

The Positions in this particular category are rare and you may have to apply to several companies to land your desired work.

You can apply with the companies mentioned above and need to pass the qualification test furthermore showcasing skills

You must have a comprehension of the search engines and have deep insight into how it works to complete the exam.

The pay rate of Google rater (search engine evaluator) is between $11 – $14/ hr and may go high as you learn.

How to become a search engine evaluator?

For anyone who wishes to take this opportunity to cash in few dollars in your spare time.

You should possess a computer/laptop, a high-speed internet connection, and a deep understanding of search technicalities.

To work as one of the top evaluators you have to complete the exam.

Firstly, apply for the desired companies.

Secondly, pass the qualification test

Thirdly, finalise the documentation and start working.

How can I be a Google search engine evaluator?

Yes, you can work for Google as a search engine evaluator.

They have few openings often for this opportunity for which you need to constantly check their Google’s career page

How to find search engine evaluator jobs?

To avoid any scams you have to search for legit options to work for evaluation tasks.

The popular platform that is suggested to you is flexjobs that is widely known for providing work from home jobs.

The significant part is flexjobs go through each job listed on its site thorough scrutiny to make sure it benefits the audience.

The Jobs are double-checked for its authenticity and accuracy that is listed to serve its purpose.

To access this site you have to buy its monthly subscription of $14.95.

How much can I earn?

You can expect to make up to $11 – $14 per hour.

The estimated pay also depends on the place where a person belongs to like a worker from the U.S who will earn more compared to an African.

An average American will make around $36,881 yearly or more for rating jobs but a person from other countries may earn comparatively less.

However, you have the best way to earn some cash working 10-20 hrs per week.

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