Teach English Online and make money from home in 2023

How to Teach English Online and make money from home?

Teach English Online and make money from home in 2023

Teach English online and make money from home. If you are looking for something where you can be at home and make money. Teaching English online is a suitable option for you to make some extra cash.

English is the most popular language and also plays a significant role in getting a Job it simply bridges a communication gap between the two.

Due to its popularity, it has quite a number of people who want to learn the English language.

If you are a good English speaker and can teach in your spare time this can get some cash rolling into your bank account.

Some do require you to have a degree and others don’t need a degree at all providing you flexible side hustle.

This post is going to reveal how you can apply to companies to teach English online.

There is also a huge demand for English speaking teachers.

Let’s check out some of the best-known companies you can apply to teach children online.

“This post contains affiliate links that means if you buy any products/services I may earn a commission”

Teach English Online


The first image you might have is that you have to teach Vipkids no but yaa kids are special. This platform allows you to teach English to children in China.

They pay you $20 per hour for your classes and you have to pass the basic procedure to be eligible to teach Chinese kids.

You must have a bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience for kids. They make sure you must meet their standards of teaching and go through the online demo classes.

VIPKID hires teachers from the US or Canada. go and sign up if you can monetize your spare time.


Qkids enable you to teach over 600,000 plus Chinese students who are aged between 5- 11 years.

A really admirable work from home opportunity for teachers, students, moms and students who are in their academic career.

To make teaching more convenient you can download the curriculum from the app and engage with funny and lovely characters.

If you are a U.S or Canada resident and holds a bachelor’s degree then QKIDS is the place you can start your teaching career.

However, they do require you to pass the basic test, to begin with, QKIDS. Some Experience in tutoring kids can speed up the process and a teaching license(TESOL, TEFL).

The breakdown of the application process send your resume to the company’s email with all the essential requirements. Few minutes of introduction that will specify your education, your teaching experience and place you belong.


The Same speak has an advantage for those who want to enroll as a personal coach helping people speak natural English.

Not only that anyone from different nationalities can choose or pick their own personal coach.

Native English speakers of different backgrounds seeking stable work from home jobs can apply. You must be 18 years of age and complete the training program.

Things you require a computer or laptop and a fast internet connection. The payment is $10 for each 30-minute class and make sure you have a PayPal account.

4.Magic Ears

Magic Ears providing work from home opportunities for teachers with their convenient teaching platform.

They are currently hiring from the US or Canada and the applicant must have a bachelor’s degree. Also, Some experience of teaching is necessary.

If you can meet their demand you can apply to magic ears. The process for an applicant to get accepted.

You can submit your application and go through the learning process.

  • Submit your application
  • Short demo
  • Training
  • Trail
  • Check
  • Sign contract
  • Begin your teaching


Englishunt with the aim of providing English language education started back in 2000 in Seoul and since its inception has expanded to South Korea, China, and Japan.

If you are a US citizen and have at least 4 years of teaching experience then you may apply. You must have a bachelor’s degree and (TEFL) Certificate.

The pay for teachers is $10 per hour and you must have a computer or laptop, smartphone.

6.Chegg Tutors

Chegg has made learning easy a platform where students can get all their queries solved. They have the best faculty of teachers ready to assist in your academics and take you to step ahead.

If you are an expert in any academic field chemistry, maths, C++, Maths, and ESL here is another platform to work from home teaching Online.

Teachers can signup with Chegg and can earn up to $1500 per month. Teach from anywhere you want with the flexibility of time and receive payment every month.

7.Verbal Planet

Verbal Planet offers you to teach people from anywhere besides English they have several other languages that you can teach and learn.

Register with the Verbal planet choose the language you would like to teach your fees and brief information about yourself.

Your qualification and experience as a teacher and make sure your profile has all the required information. The verbal planet will verify your application after approval you can start teaching.


Cambly has made things very easy with just the click of a button you can enhance your English speaking skills.

Highly skilled Native English speakers from US, UK, Australia, and Canada are registered on the platform to help you with your English language skills.

Just download the app and start with your best tutors. If you want to be a part of the Cambly you need a computer or laptop and a fast internet connection.

They will pay $10 per hour and transfers your earning through PayPal every Monday.

Cambly gives you the freedom to work from anywhere and with the flexibility of time. It simply gives control in your hand.

9.Say ABC

Teaching English online with say ABC will get you $19 per 40 minutes their pay is high from the rest.

If you are a native English speaker and hold a bachelor’s degree then you can apply and start teaching on say ABC. They take 15 days to approve new applicants.

You can apply online by filling the required information and a 30-minute interview to help them know more about you.

They require you to have at least 1 year of teaching experience and TEFL Certified. You can also earn $8 per student in your trial sessions.


GogoKid pays you $14- $25 per hour. If you want to teach with Gogokids you may submit your application online with all your basic information.

You have to take an online interview for about 30 minutes where the recruiter will judge you based on your teaching skills.

The interview will mainly focus on how you interact with students, teaching techniques and others.

The interview will be succeeded by training sessions quiz, live training, and mock training now based on your performance you may sign the contract with GogoKids to start teaching.

You need a bachelor’s degree and some experience prior to begin with GogoKids.


You can teach English and several other languages. Applicants who meet their requirements can apply from the respective countries.

The approval process are based on the following steps. Submit your application online followed by your application review. Based on your submission you will be notified with 10 days.

Submit your introduction video and take a few tests. Introduction video where you will demonstrate how you will engage with students and some basic information.

Once you have successfully finished these steps you will be notified 7 days prior to your Joining.

A bachelor’s degree and a teaching license (TEFL) upload your resume and required details.


Another great platform to earn money teaching online. You can apply online to Lingoda and take the interview.

You can work remotely and choose as per your convenience with the flexibility of time.

Summary – Teach English Online

Teaching English Online is one of the best ways to make money and the internet has made it much more convenient.

It not only allows you to teach but at the same time earn real cash working from the comfort of your home.

Some companies require you to have some experience but there are others that hire beginners.

Go through these companies that suit your profile best and start teaching. Yes, teaching online won’t make you super-rich but has the ability of potential earning.

Do share your views about how have you been looking at work from home opportunity to teach English online.

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