8 work at home transcription jobs for beginners 2023

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8 work at home transcription jobs for beginners

Well, I have already written an article on transcription jobs but here I will be sharing with you guys the best work from home transcription job sites that allow beginners to start their career in converting audio files to text.

Work from home jobs is increasing in demand and is set to take over at a much faster rate.

Be it freelance writing, dropshipping, virtual assistance it has given the opportunity to millions of people around the world to monetize their spare time.

Transcription jobs are one of its kind in which you are required to convert audio files into written documents.

Audio files will play you have to listen carefully and exact it in writing.

Isn’t it cool!!!!

If you are a beginner don’t worry companies hiring for the jobs will provide you proper training to do the job efficiently and also you will be able to find clients for your business.

3 different types of transcription jobs

a) General transcription
b) Legal transcription
c) Medical transcription

You will focus on general transcription because it can be done by anyone even if you are a complete beginner, Some training is required to get all the technicalities.

If you are a good listener and have a good command of the English language with some willingness to learn.

This can provide you a good source of income while working from home.

Legal transcription is required for court transcript and does require some proper training.

Medical transcription is another category that requires dedication with proper knowledge and one has to be a certified medical transcriber.



Janet after having 10 years of experience in general, legal, and medical transcription, has taken the step to educate people who want to start a career in transcription.

She offers the most comprehensive and legit transcription training that ensures you a better future in transcription.

You will have the opportunity to learn online with advanced training tools, videos, and tutorials.

Transcribe anywhere will provide you the much-needed training and support that can help you thrive in the business.

You will learn the basics and work hard to become a good transcriptionist and start implementing it and lastly start making money working from home.

Things required to start transcribing

Some important things that you will need to transcribe files.

This job requires you to be extra accurate and to the point.

A good typing speed is very much essential to cope with the task given so you may be able to complete the task in the given frame.

People from different backgrounds have different ways to express things this will have you listen patiently and carefully that will allow you to grasp what the speaker is saying.

Typing speed has to match with accuracy and perfection and the one who is taking the task must have a profound knowledge of the English language, spelling, punctuation, and correct framing of sentences.

A recent computer with the latest operating system or laptop and a high-speed internet connection is the basic requirement you cannot begin with these.

A foot pedal that will allow you to have an extra substitute to go through the audio back and forth.

A nice headphone that has a good, clear sound system.

Never to miss that you are working from home and it does require a calm and ambiance that resembles working space, hence you have been assigned to complete the work that does require attention and dedication.

How to find transcription jobs:- work at home transcription jobs

1) REV:- Rev is always looking for enthusiastic and hard-working individual contractors that can provide their services transcribing files for their clients.

It is easy to start and can be done from anywhere you want.

2) TRANSCRIBEME:- If you have been looking for ways to monetize your spare time this company is providing for the same.

Transcribeme gives you the flexibility to work on your own time and accord.

You will have to register and take the basic training depending on how you did on the test they may hire you and then you can have plenty of work from home opportunity.

3) SCRIBIE:- Your search for work from home opportunity end here scribie allow individual contractors to transcribe audio files.

They will provide you excellent training that is sufficient for you to earn an experienced transcriptionist.

They pay $5- $25/video and a monthly bonus of $15.

Go to this page and click on the apply button for registration you will be provided an application number, do check your email and click on the confirmation link.

Depending on how you did on the test you may either be rejected or accepted.
Application who will be accepted will have to pass the test choose the given audio files to transcribe and submit your work.

A reviewer will go through your test and then you may start working for scribe as a certified transcriptionist.

3) SPEECH PAD:- Looking for transcription jobs doing general transcription speech pad provides you a variety of work from transcribing, reviewing and captioning.

It simply gives you the authority to work on your own time and schedule to begin you have to register go-to site and apply.

You will be assigned to workers’ account that will allow you to find the job accordingly.

Some job accepts you instantly while others require you to be qualified enough for the job, each job accepted by you must be submitted before the deadline.

To make some more money with transcribing you had to have higher ratings.

4) ACCUTRAN GLOBAL:- If you are looking to work as a transcriptionist for legal, medical, financial, conference calls, interview meetings, and general transcriptionist.

This is where you can start making money even if you are a complete beginner. If you are living in the US or Canada this is a great opportunity to start transcribing files.

5) TIGERFISH :- Tigerfish have been for a very long in the business and they specialize in finance, technology, legal and medical transcription.

You have to download the audio files and submit the transcribed files, then you have to pass the 3 tier test to become a tiger fish, an independent contractor.

They prefer contractors with good skills and high performance.

6) GMR TRANSCRIPTION:- If you want to work from home as a transcriptionist it is about having more skills and experience.

The more experience you are higher the chances of getting more jobs.

The GMR provides you to work from home even if you are a complete beginner.

7) CASTING WORDS:- Casting words offers transcription jobs that you can easily start from home.

You must be 18 years of age and the country which they hire from.

Payments vary depending on how you perform. They hire independent contractors in the following countries.

  • Australia
  • Egypt
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Nepal
  • Qatar
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Turkey

8) QUICKTATE :- Quicktate provides transcription for memos, letters, legal files, medical files, voice mails messages and recording on phone.

They do require independent contractors with some skills that will help complete the tasks efficiently.

One must have good command in the English language with excellent spelling and punctuation.

Should be able to follow instruction to complete the prescribed tasks within the time frame.

You have to be very attentive in listening to the audio you hear and type exactly words to words.

If you are experienced and professional that really helps a lot. You require your own equipment facilities and office space.

Take a preliminary quiz and determine which language you are good at, eg French, Spanish

As an independent contractor, you are free to choose how you are going to work.

8 work at home transcription jobs

These are the 8 work at home transcription jobs for you to begin your career in transcribing files.

Transcription work provides you the opportunity to work from home but even if you have the chance to work from home.

Things can be pretty complicated when you are starting out but yes everything needs some basic experience.

Transcribing files can allow you to earn $20 per hour or as per your expertise depending on how well you are performing you get the chance to earn more.

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