Skystra Review: Hosting that is reliable, affordable & flexible.

Looking forward to starting a blog read the review of Skystra hosting that provides affordable, flexible, and reliable hosting solutions.

The best hosting that provides flexible hosting

If you have been looking for the best hosting company which can provide affordable, reliable, and flexible web hosting then you are at the right place.

In this Skystra review, I will take you through its services and hosting plan with which you can effortlessly start your blog.

Easily register your domain name, host your managed WP blog, eCommerce hosting ( woocommerce), cloud, and email hosting.  

This hosting is a perfect solution for anyone looking to start their blog, WP, cloud, eCommerce, and email hosting for speed and excellent customer support.

What is Skystra Hosting?

Skystra hosting is a technology infrastructure company that has grown exponentially in the recent past year.

Till now the Skystra has provided hosting to 500,000 websites spanning all over the globe in 85 different countries.

This is a perfect place to host your websites or blogs at a convenient price and excellent customer support services.

The key-element of this hosting company is primarily focused on providing world-class support to its customers on every level.    

Their services include buying a domain, starting a website and getting a professionals email.

Skystra hosting Review

Now, let’s see dive deep into the Skystra plans.

The specifications & features offered by the hosting company perfect for new bloggers, store owners & hosting emails.

You get an extremely fast loading time of 1.1 sec.

Free WordPress migration, SSL, and platform support included on all hosting plans.

Why should you go with Skystra?

  • Hosting offers
  • Web spaces
  • Free migrations
  • Excellent customer support
  • Daily backups
  • Security
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free themes, SEO tools
  • Caching solutions
  • Advanced security

Hosting offers – No matter which of their hosting plans you choose.

With Skystra you get free SSL certificates, email addresses, automatic daily backups, malware scanning and more.

Web Spaces -The Skystra plan starts with 50 GB SSD Storage and unlimited with the other two Plus & Max.

Free migrations – If you already have a domain and would like to switch an expert of Skystra’s team will help you migrate your domain effortlessly.

Excellent customer support – Their support team are very quick in resolving any technical issue whatsoever.  

One of their highly skilled professional team will keep check until your problems are solved completely.

Daily backups – 14 days backup limit, which means you, can retrieve if you lose some of your websites data or files.

You can quickly & easily access them through their 14 day version history.

Security– Skystra security system provides you a defence mechanism that protects you from every online threat that includes firewall, malware & viruses.

The system is capable of quickly identify any invasion of bots or hacks and prevent any loss of website.

Money-back guarantee – If for any reason you are unhappy with the services of Skystra hosting (WP, Cloud, eCommerce, and email) you can ask for full repayment.

Note: The 30 day money back guarantee only applies if you requested within the 30 day time –frame.

Free themes, SEO – Variety of themes to choose from that includes business, blogs, news, magazines and portfolio.

Your WordPress websites will perform extremely fast as the company happens to build on highly optimized infrastructure designs.

Caching solutions – Caching enables your pages to load files by deleting the stored files on your Webpages.

It also helps in the magnifications of codes that include (html+css+Js) upon which the websites are built. Slow loading pages can significantly hamper your traffic and may lose 10% of traffic for each 1 sec loading time.

Advance security – Security is something that no one would want to compromise on that eventually cost you your data/files completely lost.

Skystra system automatically cleans up any potential threats like malware, bots, and hacks. Skystra’s defense mechanism is primarily focused to protect both your websites and emails.

Skystra hosting is suitable for

  • WordPress users
  • Woocommerce
  • Cloud hosting
  • Email hosting

Skystra offers hosting solutions that include Managed WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, Woocommerce and email hosting.

WordPress that has significantly evolved to new heights since its journey began in 2003 is among the most popular CMS available.

This content management system (WordPress) is now the potential technological solution for over 35% of websites on the internet.

It’s a good choice for blogs & businesses that allow you to fully customize your WP website.

That includes add plugins, SEO, security, themes and ready to sell online.

It’s an open source platform that allows you to take control of anything you want effortlessly.

Skystra professionals will update the website, manage troubleshooting, maintenance and fix errors when suddenly exposed to online threats.

This is where it becomes reliable for a newbie to start your WordPress website with Skystra to secure from online threats.

Its price is very reasonable and outperform from the other hosting companies in working techniques and methods.

That includes upgrading methods of working, using new and advanced software & tools, modern management tools, and lightning-fast speed.

You have the opportunity to have the best experience, satisfaction entirely, and up-to-date technology for your online businesses.

Robust managed WordPress hosting  

Managed WordPress hosting is a premium plan that offers extensive support to its users.  

Whether you are an experienced WordPress user or just starting out managed WordPress hosting has all the essential and technical requirements you need to scale your online business.

That includes blogs, online store and websites.

A fully managed WordPress hosting offers all the technical requirements to be managed by the company itself.

You can focus on creating content that is unique, high quality and valuable while the Skystra’s experts do the rest.

Dedicated expert professionals will handle all the technical requirements.

That includes working on its maintenance of servers, optimization and technical duty that keep your website running.

The managed WordPress hosting is the optimum choice that allows Skystra to do the work while you focus more on growing and earning.

  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugins Optimization
  • Theme Maintenance

Skystra WordPress hosting plans

There are 3 different plans of managed WP hosting.

The first plan is best choice for any beginner that allows you to host 1 website @$3.89 / month with free SSL & migration.

You get storage limit of 50 GB SSD with unlimited bandwidth.

While the other two plus & max is built for high performance at the price of @$5.89/ month and @$12.89 / month respectively.

The higher plans guarantee you more space and monthly traffic if you have huge visitors coming to your blogs.

One more benefit with the plus plan is you get to host unlimited websites & unlimited SSD storage.

So, for anyone who is looking for a more robust performance host I would suggest you choose the plus plan, of course.

The best hosting that provides affordable & flexible hosting

Ecommerce CMS ( Woocommerce)

If you are looking to start an eCommerce store that requires more robust and high-performance tools that are used mostly to sell products/services online.

Then look no further Skystra woocommerce hosting exclusively designed for your requirements.

The increased content on eCommerce websites slows down the websites and more often requires a super performance host.

The duo WordPress and woocommerce is a great combination to start an eCommerce store with the Skystra hosting plans.

  • Free SSL
  • SEO tools
  • Free Migration
  • Analytics

The average load time is 1.5 sec that helps load your products page pretty fast allowing customers to navigate through your website.

Skystra Woocommerce hosting plan is optimized to give you the best experience that includes speed allowing your product’s page load under 1.5 sec.

Quick load time enhance customer engagement that helps boost sales.

Skystra care offers you extensive support for woocommerce (ecommerce CMS)

  • woocommerce management
  • Themes, plugins updates
  • Enhanced Security

Ecommerce (Woocommerce) hosting plans

The ecommerce (Woocommerce) has three different hosting plans.

Suitable for beginner costs @ $5.89/ month that allow you to host 1 store with unlimited products, 50 GB SSD and unlimited bandwidth.

The others are plus & max that start from @ $9.89/ month and @ $19.89/ month respectively which are excellent for high performance.

You also have the opportunity to host unlimited stores with the other two plus and max plans.

The best hosting( skystra review) that provides affordable & flexible hosting

Dedicated cloud hosting

If you are looking for the ultimate speed to host your high performances sites then consider dedicated cloud hosting servers.

It is exclusively crafted for your business and high traffic sites with an enhanced site speed of 1.1 sec on an average.

With an extremely fast and reliable option you are offered extensive support from its professional team.

You will get an improved loading time, excellent page speed score and adapt to changes in web traffic.

Skystra cloud hosting gives you access to c-panel tools to build, manage and scale your website, email, and online presence.

This allows you to access & manage your web files, email accounts, traffic stats, analytics and much more.

  • Dedicated resources
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free migration

Skystra’s dedicated cloud hosting plans

You get the same three options to choose your hosting plans based on your requirements.

This plan offers you 8 GB Memory, unlimited websites, bandwidth and unlimited SSD storage @ $49.89/ month.

The other two (plus & max) are specially built to give you an exceptional experience @$68.89/ monthly and @$98.89/ month respectively.

With each of the cloud hosting plan you get 12 GB and 16 GB memory respectively crafted for high traffics websites.

For any beginners who want to switch to Skystra cloud hosting go with the first plan @$49.89/ month with 8 GB Memory.

The best hosting( skystra review) that provides affordable & flexible hosting

Email hosting

With Skystra it pretty easy to host your email and get a professional email address for your blogs, websites and online stores.

You can host your email @ $1.00 per month.

  • Professional email
  • AV/AM Included
  • Sync with multiple devices
The best hosting( skystra review) that provides affordable & flexible hosting

Daily backups and security

To keep your hard-work safe and secure Skystra has some of the best in-house professionals actively engaged in their duty.

You will never want to lose all your extremely helpful data instead would prefer to keep daily records of your hard-work.

  • Daily snapshot
  • Instant restores
  • 14-day version history
  • @ 1.89/ month

You can keep Daily backups of your data that is stored in completely different locations.

Also, easily restore website files and data whenever there is an urgent need of the previous day or the last 2 weeks.

This is what makes Skystra a perfect hosting provider if you happen to miss any of your vital information, updates, and other important business details.


The Skystra advanced security system builds a defense mechanism that helps protect both your websites & emails from any potential malware & viruses.

  • Active firewall
  • Malware scan and removal
  • AI Powered network
  • @ $2.49/ month

You work on your blogs & websites worry free and let skystra resolve any invasion of malware, viruses, and bots and prevent from getting hacked.

The system automatically cleans up malware right from the beginning websites and emails are scanned 24/7.

How to start a blog with Skystra?

Now, you have finally decided to start a blog with Skystra it’s time to follow these easy steps to create your blog or website.

It’s extremely easy to get your blog online with these quick steps:-

  1. Go to this page and select your hosting package.
  2. Register a domain or use your domain
  3. Start your blog


If you are just starting your business or blog and looking for reliable hosting that has speed, accuracy and flexibility, Skystra is a good choice.

Skystra hosting plans are a great choice for beginners who wants fast uptime for their online stores & businesses.

For, bloggers high performance optimized WordPress site is an ideal choice that you cannot escape from.

Starting @$3.89/ month is good for starters, @$5.89/ month and @$12.89/ month respectively.

If you have a domain that’s great, you only have to add your domain to the Skystra plan and launch your blog.

You can also switch to Skystra cloud hosting built for high traffic sites to scale your business exponentially.

You get professional email included free with all of Skystra’s hosting plans, which always helps.

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