Best virtual assistant jobs to make money from home 2021

Check out the best virtual assistant jobs available online on digital marketplaces.

Best virtual assistant jobs

We all need someone to help in our daily endeavors, assisting in our daily work.

If you are looking for best virtual assistant Jobs that you can join as an independent contractor?

This is the correct place you have landed.

We generally participate in the 9-5 rat race, go to the office, finish the assigned work, and return home thoroughly exhausted.

What if you can stay at home and work online?

A virtual assistant is a working module where people offer their services to businesses and companies from anywhere they want and make money.

They work from a remote location assisting the business without even meeting them and enjoying working from home.

Depending on the skills they are equipped with, there is a long list of the task they can offer to businesses and companies.

I got you. Don’t worry; you can be a successful virtual assistant without a degree.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistant is professional independent contractors with prowess.

A VA can single handedly manage multiple tasks like to assist day to day requirements of businesses.

Businesses generally hire an assistant to work on their behalf starting from managing social media accounts to running FB Ads.

It depends on you what services you can provide to your clients, businesses, Bloggers, and companies.

You can assist in many different tasks; some of them are as follows.

  • Social media management
  • Data Entry
  • Landing Page
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription
  • Website Management
  • Content Writing
  • Lead Generation

How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant?

Best virtual assistant jobs

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You will learn step by step how to master the virtual assistant Skills.

There has been an immense increase in virtual assistants in the past few years.

A million thanks to the internet have made things so simple for the digital world; thankfully, more and more people have the opportunity to work from home.

The average pay of virtual assistants can be a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $100


It also depends on your skills and one can expect to increase pay as you gain some experience.

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Companies Hiring Virtual Assistant


Flexjobs is the best platform for all the job requirements; it is a good place and makes sure that every job posting is verified by an expert professional before anyone can apply.

The only thing required here is to pay a monthly subscription of $14.95 to avail of the job offers.

This Job portal has the most trusted list of remote jobs that you can benefit from.

2.Fancy Hands

Fancy hands are currently hiring virtual assistants.

This company is looking for intelligent and hardworking people who can assist businesses.

The work includes:

  • Making calls.
  • Arranging appointments for businesses.
  • Finding the best price for something.
  • Data entry.
  • Scheduling appointments at hotels.

An individual who has good command communication skills being able to grasp what the people are asking for.

In addition, one must have in-depth knowledge of several other fields.

Who can handle multitasking and finish the work within the scheduled time?

 You will require a computer or laptop and a reliable internet connection.

Tasks are worth $3 – $7; it also depends on how efficiently you complete the job, and it can go up according to your performance.

Depending on your task, you may be promoted to managerial posts. If this interests you, then you may apply to fancy hands.

LifebushidoLifebushido provides remote work to people willing to assist businesses and companies with flexibility of time and comfort.

They hire talented people who can assist in marketing, customer care, accounting, and business engagement.

If you are interested in working with lifebushido, then you may send an email to


Freelancing can be fun to earn extra money with the skills you can provide to businesses and entrepreneurs.

You will be assigned to manage social media, help in doing research work, schedule appointments, data entry, Transcription, SEO, content writing, and sales.

If you have experience as an admin, executive assistant, or personal assistant, then you are ready to work as a virtual assistant.

You must have five years of experience as a virtual assistant and a resident of the United States.

Things you will require a computer or laptop and a fast internet connection.

5.Assistant Match

The number of digital workforces is increasing, creating many opportunities for people seeking to work from home.

Working for Assistant Match will provide you with financial independence and the freedom to work when you want with the flexibility of time.

Things you need to qualify as a virtual assistant fully build home workspace, phone, printer, scanner, and a remote place.

Also Ms. Office and a fast internet connection.

Good communication by phone and email to respond daily by phone and voicemail.

Must have experience as a virtual assistant and present during business hours. You have to pass the criminal background test.

6. Vicky Virtual

Vicky virtual hires a receptionist who lives in the United States; if you worked in a call center before, this could be more interesting.

You would be assigned to handle administrative task for clients all over the world.

You will be given the task to answer calls, respond to messages and email instantaneously and type at a speed of 50 words per minute.

All you need is a fast internet connection a reliable computer, and you can earn $10 per hour.

Apply for receptionist if you are interested.

7.Paragon Planners

Paragon planners are currently hiring for scheduler posts, and they always look for hardworking individuals ready to be a part of their team.

If you are interested in this job, then you may apply for the position.

8.99dollar Social

99 Dollar Social is looking for a virtual assistant to post on social media for its clients.

To work for 99 dollar social, you have to complete 7-8 hours of training within five days.

The manager will review and assign you some work at the last training.

Before you work as an employee the advantage of working with complete flexibility and ease from remote location with excellent communication skills with good grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

The independent contractor should be able to complete the work within the time frame.

You require a computer and a fast internet connection hires virtual receptionists for calls and web chats for businesses.

They hire individuals for both full-time and part-time remote work.

If you have some experience before as a call assistant, then you may apply to

You should be able to handle multiple tasks and excellent communication skills.

Work includes answering calls, scheduling an appointment.

It would be best if you had a computer or laptop and a fast internet connection.

Remote. Co has a massive list of Job opportunities from a virtual assistant, bookkeeping, Transcription, accounting, data entry, and teaching.

They have several openings for jobs in the field mentioned above; if you want to work remotely, go to the Job page and search for the respective positions.


Zirtual provides virtual assistance services to businesses, helping them make their daily tasks easy.

My works as a virtual assistant include social media management, appointments, email management, research, and making purchases.

You must have good verbal and written communication skills, organize efficiently, multitasking, and who is tech-savvy.

You should know how to use QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, G Suite, a computer, and a fast internet connection.

Applicants must have a Typing at a speed of 50 words per minute.

You have to pass the background test.

12.Belay Solutions

Belay solutions are providing services like bookkeeping, website maintenance, and Virtual assistance.

If you are ready to be a part of the team of individual contractors assisting businesses, belay would love to have you in.

Work includes email management, making arrangements for clients, research and suggestions, coordination, and several others.

Motivated, solving problems, cheerful, active, well-skilled communicator, and tech-savvy are some of the related qualities of a contractor they are looking for.

You must have five years of experience in assistance and a good home working environment.

 A computer/MAC with Excel, PowerPoint, and Word installed.

You require a fast internet connection and a mobile phone to get started.

13. Equity

Equity is another company that hires virtual assistants to provide remote jobs to resourceful contractors.

You need a Smartphone, computer, and a fast internet connection if you are available 9-6 on working days Equity has an excellent opportunity for you.

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Best Virtual Assistant Jobs online

So here is the thing I have shared with you some of the best platforms where you can apply for Jobs while being at home free from 9-5 hustle.

Working from home as a Virtual assistant can be a great way to start making money yaa; they require some work experience, and some even hire complete beginners.

With the growing numbers of online businesses creating more jobs and opportunities, now is the right time to avail work from home jobs.

With no upfront cost, you can start your virtual assistance journey and make a career with time flexibility.

Let me know which company you find that you will love to work with as a virtual assistant.

What is the highest paying virtual assistant job?

Well, you have a clear understanding of how excellent this job can be to begin working from home assisting others.

You have some popular niches that you can choose to work on from the list given below.

  • Web designing VA
  • Marketing VA
  • Customer service assistant VA
  • Technical support VA
  • Translation VA
  • Executive VA
  • Graphic designing VA
  • Medical VA

What are the best virtual assistant jobs?

To begin working with Virtual assistance jobs you have some amazing platforms which allow you get started effortlessly.

  • Flexjobs
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • We work remotely
  • Click worker
  • PeopePerHour
  • Guru
  • Freelancer

How much money do virtual assistants make?

Virtual assistant is a well paying job that has been growing exponentially and according to the Payscale.

A good VA can earn $31,000 – $55,100 per year which makes it pay range of $15.81 per hour on an average.

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