50 non-phone work at home jobs for beginners

The ultimate list of non-phone work from home jobs for beginners, Check out the 50 best work options

non-phone work at home jobs for beginners

People are choosing to work from home more and more and the trend seems to continue at a high speed. It’s no secret that it gives you flexibility. I will be sharing with you 50 non-phone work from home jobs.

50 non-phone work from home jobs is more than enough to provide you supplementing your income with the ease and flexibility of working remotely.

Finding the correct platform is very much necessary if you have planned to start your earnings from home. Many such sites are available in the marketplace to lure you promising attractive returns.

Those are not only a waste of time but very frequent in siphoning off hard-earned money from your wallet.

You can find relevant job sites where you can invest your precious time in making a career online. 50 non-phone work from home companies will suffice to get your daily essentials career needs.

Have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to do or something you have been doing earlier and want to continue with the same working from home.

This will not only help you excel in that particular field but have you an expert in the same,

non-phone work at home

1. Freelancer Writer

How you have been in the field of writing on a topic you love the most if this is what you love you can consider freelance writing as a long time career.

This is one of the most wished freelance careers that people love to find a place in the digital world. Some companies are available in the marketplace that hires writers.

The Content Authority – The content authority allows individuals who have good command in English with excellent grammar to write for them. Once you are hired you must be willing to complete the task before the deadline.

To receive payments you should have a Paypal account.

Online Writing Jobs – This is for those who reside in the United States. If you are working for online writing jobs you can make $50 per project. They pay weekly.

To begin with, you need to complete the application form with the skills you have in a specific niche.

Hire WritersHire writers is another that will pay to write if you have some basic knowledge of any specific niche they would love to have you.

Text Broker – Do you want to make money for each word you write? Well, Then text broker is what you should be working for.

If you are a professional writer or a complete beginner they always have something you can start with. You have the flexibility of time and a payment reliable.

iWriter – If you are looking for ways to monetize your writing skills iWriter is another great platform to work with.

“This post may contain affiliate links that mean if you buy any product/service I may earn a commission, see affiliate disclaimer”

2. Transcription

So, What is transcription? When you are given the job to convert audio files into a written document.

You can transcribe files from home all you need is apply to some legit sites that hire individual contractors. They give you proper training on how to start a career in transcription.

Babbletype – Babbletype hires a transcriptionist who is a native English speaker. If you are a good listener and can emulate the same words in a written document.

Accutranglobal – If you want to work as a transcriptionist for medical, legal, financial, conference, interviews and general then Accutranglobal is a suitable place to be.

Tigerfish – Tigerfish has been for a very long time in the transcription industry they specialize in finance, technology, legal and medical transcription.

You have to download the audio file and submit the transcribed file in the format and finish the 3 steps test to work as an independent contractor.

Transcribeme – If you want to work from home then transcribing for transcribeme would provide you a wonderful platform to start.

GMR Transcription – As a transcriptionist, it is all about getting more experienced and skilled. The more experienced you are higher the chances of getting more clients and making more money.

With GMR You can apply even if you are a complete beginner, a computer and internet connection, foot pedal and headphones are required to start.

3. Proofreading

Proofreading is a method of making a given document error-free. If you can spot punctuation errors, grammatical mistakes, and spelling then this is for you.

Well, you need the training to proofread documents in which you will learn how to proofread and where to get clients.

To help you with that let me introduce one of the pioneer proofreading expert Caitlin Pyle. She will walk you through how to start your proofreading career.

Scribendi Scribendi is one of the reputed proofreading services providers that hire individuals for remote work.

You must have a bachelor’s degree or some experience and to be able to correct mistakes with good reading skills.

Proofreading pal – If you have a bachelor’s degree or pursuing living in the US with a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Kibin – Kibin is another platform that hires for proofreading services. You can reach them through the company’s email.

Cactus Global – Cactus global hires for medicine, pharma, life sciences, and engineering.

American Journal express – American journal express is hiring individual contractors for proofreading jobs. Good work from home opportunity

4.Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant has been growing in demand with the rise of online businesses a lot and lots of content is required and thus to manage the businesses people hire VA.

From performing small tasks to handling social media accounts, posts, comments, email marketing, research and more.

There is a genuine list of companies that always hire VA for remote work.

Belay Belay solutions hire individuals for work from home jobs like bookkeeping, website maintenance, and virtual assistants.

You must have 5 years of experience in assisting and an excellent work-from-home environment.

Time etc – Timetc is another leader in providing jobs for virtual assistants. You may be given the task to manage social media, research work, data entry, schedule appointments, and transcription.

Fancy hands – Fancy hands is always on the search for smart and hardworking people who can handle the everyday tasks of their clients and businesses.

Tasks are making phone calls, arranging appointments and data entry, you will be paid $3- $7 for the task you complete and go further as you improve.

99 dollar social – Posting on social media for clients and businesses, hires a virtual assistant, and also provides basic training.

You have to be a good English speaker with great communication skills and requires a computer and high-speed internet connection.

Assistant March – Assistance March gives you the opportunity to work from home.

You need a good working space, scanner, printer, smartphone, and a remote place that gives you a good working ambiance.

5. Translation

If you are an expert in more than one language you can help companies and businesses translate documents from one language to another.

Text master – Text master is a professional translation company that engages itself in online, legal, marketing, and financial translation.

You can have a great work-from-home translation opportunity with the text masters.

Gengo – Gengo allows you to be a professional translator and a wonderful work-from-home opportunity. Be a translator and make money with Gengo.

Verbal ink – If you want to join Verbalink as a translator email your resume at translation@verbalink.com.

Verbalize it – Verbalize provides work from home online translators to make money while working with the flexibility of time.

Join the community of online translators to verbalize it. You have to take the test and will receive proper training before you can finally translate.

Language line Language line solutions allow you to become an online translator from home. To join as a translator go to the career page and apply.

The application submitted will be reviewed by the staff that will ensure you may or may not be eligible for the job.

6. Search engine evaluation

Search engine evaluation jobs are assigned to the type of work to match the search content.

It is one of the high-paying jobs available in the online marketplace they make sure the search term on the internet shows up the relevant content to the audience.

Some companies do require a degree and some experience but others allow beginners to start.

Appen – Appen hires candidates for work-from-home opportunities and that range from working on search relevance or ongoing projects.

Candidates who have experience in social media, search and translation can apply for the job.

isoftstone –

Lionbridge – Lionbridge hires both search engine evaluators and social media evaluators and to avail the work from home opportunity apply for the job.

Leapforce – Leapforce hires search engine evaluators and prefers individual contractors with skills.

You can apply for the respective job online and have to pass the three-part test to qualify for search engine evaluation.

AmazonMturk –

7. Data entry

Data entry is a mode of work in which you are required to put information in a given software or a device.

A task of inputting information that has to be completed within the time frame. You need to be fast at typing a computer and a high-speed internet connection.

Some companies hire beginners but others require you to have some experience prior to the job.

Some companies hire individual contractors for data entry work from home.

Flex jobs – Flexjobs is a great platform for anyone looking for work from home jobs. They always make sure the job listed on their portal is thoroughly examined.

To make the most of it you need to buy a monthly subscription of $14.95.

Axion data services – Axion data services require you to register in their database. You must have some 2-3 years of experience and a speed of 50 words per minute.

Clickworker – A computer and high-speed internet connection you require to start working with clickworker.

Fill your profile and complete the given task based on the skills they will hire you.

Working solutions – The working solution provides work from home jobs to anyone seeking remote jobs Workingsolution has something for them.

To start you have to apply and an email that will notify you if you can continue with the company.

Capital typing – Capital typing hires for data entry and other job positions like transcription, administration and writing services as well.

You need to send your job application to the company’s website and also include your skype details.

8. Surveys

Surveys are a great way to trade your spare time to make money. Companies and businesses require real and honest feedback in return they pay in points and cash.

Inbox dollar – Make money by completing online surveys, watching videos, playing games, reading emails, and more. Earn a $5 signup bonus.

Swagbucks – Swagbucks is the most popular online survey site that allows you to earn SB points that can easily be redeemed via Paypal.

Vindale research – Vindale research has paid more than $7 million to its users they pay its users for providing useful and honest feedback for companies.

They pay you real cash that can be redeemed by Paypal.

Survey junkie – Survey junkie is another great platform that allows you to earn points for providing honest feedback for companies.

9. Online teaching

Online teaching is popular in demand several companies are looking for native English speakers who can teach English online from home.

Vipkid – Make money while working from home Vipkid pays you $20 per hour to teach English to Chinese kids.

Qkids – If you live in the US or Canada and hold a bachelor’s degree you can start teaching on Qkids.

Start with the basic test and some teaching experience along with a teaching license (TESOL, TEFL)

Cambly – Native English language speakers from Australia, Canada UK, and the USA are registered to improve your English.

They pay $10 per hour and transfer the amount every Monday by Paypal.

Chegg – It is a wonderful platform that allows people to teach and make money, from chemistry, maths, science, and English.

Signup with Chegg and start your teaching career.

Samespeak – Get paid $30 for each 30 minutes class native English speakers with a good communication skills can apply on samespeak.

10. Online moderator

The social element – Thesocialelement is social media management consultancy company that provides work-from-home opportunities.

If you are good at taking social networking sites and their management then starts your journey with the social element.

Icuc – Icuc is another platform that provides jobs for moderation as there are many things that need an expert to take care of all your requirements.

Crisp thinking – If you want to work as a freelance moderator you can join but before that, you need to take the suitability test and wait for your turn.

Live world – Live world is looking for a skilled online moderator to take their career one step ahead.

Modsquad – Modsquad allows you to work from home with the flexibility of time and comfort.

To join modsquad you need to submit the application with some basic information and get review before they hire you for the job.

Summary- 50 non-phone work at home jobs

So this is all the reliable list of companies that genuinely hire individual contractors for work from home positions.

50 work from home job positions you can apply to substitute your income with the flexibility of ease and comfort. Some require you to have experience in that particular field.

While others will guide you from the beginning helping you kick start your online career. 50 work from home companies will suffice your daily need for a reliable and trustworthy job.

It’s adequate for you to figure out the best option to start working from home, also you get experience in that field that will help you excel in your job.

Hoping to have helped you with some reliable information to begin your work-from-home career and do let me know which one is your best.

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