Top 100 companies to find Legit work at home jobs 2023

Looking for Top 100 companies to find Legit work at home jobs

Top 100 companies to find Legit work at home jobs 2023

How to find legit work at home jobs so this post will give you the list of top 100 companies to find legit work at home jobs.

In every category and industry, there are many vacant job positions to fill the vacuum.

Companies are on the constant hunt for talented and hardworking people to offer remote positions that will prove to be a valuable member of its employee.

If you are thinking that a remote work trend may fall as the time passes by you may be wrong?

Remote work is going to stay for a long time and to be the work culture in the near future.

Most of the companies are hiring individual contractors to do the work at home despite the fact an employee work away from the office in a remote place.

Working in a remote location may sound weird to some but they are more productive compared to working in an office.

The top 10 companies that have offered maximum employment to remote work enthusiast are:

  • Appen
  • Lionbridge
  • Liveops
  • Working solutions
  • Kelly Services
  • EF- Education First
  • Concentrix
  • Williams Sonoma

Since 2005 there has been a growth of 159% in remote work making it the most demanding trend among the job seekers.

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The top career fields to find a remote job are:

  1. Accounting & Finance
  2. Sales
  3. Education & Training
  4. Customer Service
  5. Computer & IT
  6. Medical & Health

Top 100 companies to find Legit work at home jobs

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance play an important role in any businesses whether it be offline or online.

To process the financial analysis, bills, maintenance of records and preparation of tax. An individual is required in these sectors.

Few Positions to consider in accounting and finance careers are business analyst, bookkeeper, accountant, auditor,

controller, collection agent, Manager, accounting clerk, and CPA.


The sale is a profession of talented individuals who helps in making a sale of products and services adding to the company’s profits.

You may seek job positions in this category like customer service, accountant executive, business development,

marketing manager, lead generation and sales executive.

Education and training

The education and training sector has been thriving and it plays a vital role in building up a talented workforce.

They help people learn new things that can be helpful in the future.

Some job titles for educators and trainers are tutor, coach personality development, program director, faculty and curriculum developer.

Customer service

Customer service representative provides an important role in providing
the basic information to customers.

They simply educate people on their inquiry on a specific topic or a subject

Common job titles for the customer service representative are customer support, helpline, contact agent, customer associate,

client service and everything related to relevant information.

Computer and IT

Computer and IT is a vital part of the digital workforce and offers a job in
various categories.

The IT Industry has job offers in education, information companies, communications, healthcare, digital marketing,

business consulting, security information and media.

Medical and health

The medical and health sector is among the fastest-growing job sectors.

Proving needs and care for people who require manpower to handle its sub-categories, Insurance, billing, transcription, scheduling, and coding.

Medical Sector provides endless employment opportunities, research scientists, insurance representatives, medical coders,

billing, medical representative, information specialist, physical care, medical transcription, and nursing.

Top 100 companies to find Legit work at home jobs


There has also been significant growth in some of the remote job categories that play an important role in the categories of remote employment opportunities.

If you have an interest in any of the following categories mentioned below you can start working from home with the relevant companies.

The data also suggest that there has been impressive growth in some other fields of remote work.

Tutor Economics and maths

If you have past experience in academic economics and maths this can also provide you a great employment opportunity.

Stats and maths are a part of every business and they do play their part in the growth and accounting processes.

They also have very lucrative job titles like Economist, statistician, financial service, math tutor, mathematics translator,

instructional designer, operational specialist and consulting.


Every nationality have their own language and dialects and as the world is
coming closer and closer their arises

the need for translators who can build the communication gap and help understand each other.

This has its very own job sector which is becoming more popular among people
looking for remote jobs

Graphic design

Graphic design is an art of portraying one’s creative skills in making things appealing and more attractive.

The art of presentation through different styles and designs that speak for itself indirectly helping an organization or company.

This is the most popular remote career option that has thousands of job positions available in the market.

It can be used in many different industries and graphic designers provide their skills to technology, commercial industries, and marketing.

Job titles you can find a remote employment opportunity in are creative designer, logo designer, commercial artist,

conceptual professional, and layout manager.


Tutors providing educational assistance to students of class 1 to standard 12.

They are providing their assistance to students in academic services virtually.

This is not only beneficial for students but also provided employment opportunities for tutors.

Internet & Ecommerce

This is a huge list of employment opportunities associated with internet & eCommerce.

It can be building a website, assistance in IT, SEO, Online moderator, Advertising,
software engineer and technical support.

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Bookkeeping is a method of maintaining financial records of businesses and

You can also start your own bookkeeping businesses for this you have to get
your virtual address online( Website)

This has been growing in demand for a

Accounting Clerk, Sales Manager, Bookkeeper, Operations Manager,
Office Assistant, and Accountant

Provide assistance for a variety of industries nonprofit, sales, small business, art and creative, client services, and of course, accounting and finance.

Arts and creative

Art and Creative has a long list of employment opportunities that have attracted people from various sectors.

They specialize in creating innovative ideas with a modern perspective in mind along with the ever-growing need for something new.

There are innumerable ways to get employment opportunities in categories like the designer, website developer, artist,

graphic designer, decorator, photography and portrait.

100 Work from home companies

These companies have been providing remote work to employment enthusiasts around the world.

The growing trend of work from home opportunities have become the most desirable option when it comes to finding a job.

Having a flexible time schedule is something that attracts people to work in any organization or a company. The busy schedule and ill-managed work-life balance can hamper your corporate life.

It not only good for business but also have helped their employee in being more productive and created a healthy work environment for its employees.

Above all you will be making more money there is no need to spend money on commute spending hours on traffic simply adding more money to the wallet.

SerialCompany Name
5Working Solutions
6Kelly Services
7EF – Education First
11UnitedHealth Group
12LanguageLine Solutions
16Cactus Communications
18BroadPath Healthcare Solutions
21Liberty Healthcare
23American Express
26CACI International
27Robert Half International
28Motion Recruitment Partners
31PRA Health Sciences
32Achieve Test Prep
35Carlson Wagonlit Travel
36Johnson & Johnson
41ADTRAV Travel Management
42CSI Companies
44Jack Henry & Associates
52CVS Health
57Red Hat
59Thermo Fisher Scientific
61Anthem, Inc
62JPMorgan Chase
64Grand Canyon Education
65Grand Canyon University
66A Place for Mom
67BCD Travel
68World Travel Holdings
69U.S. Department of Commerce
74Apex Systems
77The Hartford
78Enterprise Holdings
79Change Healthcare
81Magellan Health
82Citizens Bank
83Jefferson Frank
85Ultimate Software
89Syneos Health
91Landi English
92NTT Group
98Haynes & Company
99Alight Solutions
100Wells Fargo

Top 100 companies to find Legit work at home

Here I have introduced you with the top 100 companies to find legit work at home jobs which are the best choice for any individuals to start a home job.

With the ever-growing trend companies always tend to hire talented and hardworking people who can add value to their team.

Some of the top industries that hire remote workers the most are education, healthcare, IT and other virtual services.

Customer service, Administration, IT and Sales are the categories in which people settle to grab an employment opportunity is more.

Individuals working from home are making double (2x) than people working in an office.

You have plenty of career opportunities to choose from and I have also mentioned the fastest-growing remote careers and top career fields to make the task easy.

Do let me know in the comments below in which categories you would have suggested starting remote work.

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