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A Naming contest for which you can earn up to $300 by typing names


Making money online is no more a secret, there are thousands of legit ways to earn real money whether it be blogging, uploading videos on youtube, affiliate marketing and so on but have you ever been paid for naming Yes Just for naming someone, something. Here I will introduce you to get paid for it. Earn up to $300 by typing names

Compelling names something which evokes interest

Make money up to $300. All you need to get started is a laptop and an Internet connection. Creativity in coming up with good name ideas, a name that itself speaks about the brand or company

So let’s start with the introduction

What is squadhelp?

Squadhelp is a naming platform looking for creatives who think out of the box, coming up with name ideas that convey the message. A long list of tasks is awaiting for creatives who can give the best tag lines, product name, company name really it’s a fun way to earn money


  • Naming
  • Taglines
  • Logos

Join as a creative

Squadhelp join as a creative

First things first now join as a creative go to Squadhelp page and select become a creative from the drop-down menu, scroll down and click Join Now.

Squadhelp Create account join as a creative

You will be directed to this page Fill all your details your Name, display name, email address, password and select Join as a creative

Select industries and categories

Select Industries and Categories

From the left side of your dashboard choose the Industry and filter which category you want to contest. A good suggestion Go for Naming & Taglines.


Click on the eligible to enter where you will submit your name Ideas. If your name got selected you will receive $100 or can be more think of some which quickly comes to mind catches the attention of people name has to be creative

 squadhelp earn upto $300 by typing names

Here are some few examples for naming contest for which you can earn up to $200


Come up with names that evoke interest think out of the box and bring out some original names which sync with the contest read the brief carefully before you submit your name. Don’t just submit random names before submitting names read the brief twice.

  • Matches with the brief
  • Easy to spell
  • Good to hear eg- Urbanpacs, Onpoint
  • Created by you

Keeping this in mind Increases your chances to win

How to join a contest? Account approval process

To get approved in the naming contest, the new participant has to pass the squadhelp contest approval process before you can participate in the naming contest

Tips for screening contest

New members will be assigned to screening contest. Follow this quick guide for fast approval in squadhelp naming contest.

Submit at least 10 Names

Submit your 10 Names and request for review

You will receive a message on your account approval for the naming contest now you can submit your name Ideas. You will see eligible to enter button right click and open it in a new tab where you can submit your entries

Once you have received higher ratings in your name submission it will unlock more opportunity and you can participate in even more contests and increase your earning. So, it was nice sharing with you guys.

Squadhelp earn up to $300 by typing names

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