20 best online jobs for teens simple and easy 2023

This post is about how teenagers can earn online and further explains 20 best online jobs for teens.

best online jobs for teens

Online jobs for teens back in college were only a few things like a salesman, accounting, dog walking, and running errands.

And you hardly make enough money to manage all your expenses besides it was time taking.

Thankfully the Internet has provided innumerable ways with which an adult, professionals,s, and teenagers can make money.

How to make money online as a teenager?

In this post, you will find plenty of jobs for teens that pay well.

Is it possible for teenagers to earn money online?

Yes of course

So, what are ways for teens to make money online?

Here I will introduce you to some of the best ways teenagers can start making money online.

For a quick start graphic designing, writing, web scraping, web designing, affiliate marketing, social media, and blogging.

These are some of the popular ways with a good online career that has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry.

Easy online jobs for teens can also monetize with surveys like Swagbucks, Mindspay, Vindale research, and survey junkie.

You can use these sites to play games, read emails, watch videos, and complete surveys.

online jobs for teens at home

1. Freelancing

Do you have something to offer that people would love to get it done?

Going freelance would be the best way to pick advantage of your skills.

It gives you the flexibility and space to scale accordingly.

Now, most of the workers around the world are switching to freelancing discarding their 9-5 grinding.

More than 75% of workers in the United States are freelancers.

There are several freelance sites where you can offer your services based on the topic you choose. Starting with Fiver, Upwork, Toptal, and Guru.

You choose to design stunning images (Graphic designing), compile videos (editing), copywriting and web scraping.

You have possibilities unlimited.

2. Freelance writing

If you are a good writer then using these skills can earn you lots of money.

There has been an increase in the demand for freelance writers as you can see more and more businesses are taking the path online.

You can start writing for blogs, websites, eCommerce, copywriting, affiliate marketing, product review, and article rewriting.

Select a niche that you are keen about and can throw light on helping the audience with legit information.

You have to write with the purpose of helping others rather than jargon of text.

With that in mind, you have unlimited possibilities to start a career in freelance writing. One that I would like to recommend is a course of (earn more writing).

She is a proud mother and an acclaimed writer who has written for many renowned publications.

You will learn “How to build a six figure writing career”

Join her free online workshop to know more.

ways for teens to make money online

3. Call reviewer

You may have come across when talking to a customer service representative that this “call may be recorded for quality purposes”.

You will have to provide quality feedback regarding the conversation between the person and the customer service provider.

This can be used to help increase the services provided by different companies that engage with their customers and improve user experience.

Humanatic is one such site that allows you to be a part of the review and get paid for your work.

It’s completely free to join

4. Amazon

Amazon being a retail giant offers enormous ways for teens to make money online that provide unlimited possibilities.

You can buy products from local wholesalers and sell them on Amazon and is commonly identified as retail arbitrage.

If you have some good knowledge of something that people can benefit from it so, create an eBook of that particular topic and list it on Amazon.

The other most popular way is to start Amazon affiliate marketing it is easy to start and has enormous potential.

It has nearly everything from small items to household appliances, electronics, and office items to select from and promote to the target audience.

Choose a high commission money-making niche and start promoting.

Freelancing online jobs for teenagers

5. Upwork

Did you know that Upwork has the most freelancers registered on their network?

It is suitable for beginners and provides you, clients, based on your seller profile. It simply put forward you to bid that match your profile.

Thousands of tasks are posted on Upwork on a daily basis so, creating an opportunity for people with different sets of skills and expertise.

You can work as a data entry, social media content, rewriting articles, content writing, translation, and digital marketing.

Send proposal in a more befitting manner that can attract the attention of clients.

Also, pay heed to the clients’ requirements and follow up with that detail of job description in mind.

“This post may contain affiliate links that mean if you purchase any services/products I may earn a commission”.

6. Slice the Pie

There is also an opportunity to be a part of the trend; sites like slice the pie allow you to review songs, clothes, and much more.

If you have skills in any particular field you can help others or brands improve their products and tracks before they make them available in the market.

7. Teach English online

Online teaching has been on the rise since COVID 19 and also allows you to earn money online.

You can start teaching online all from the comfort of your home to students who are willing to learn English.

Sites like VIPKID, Chegg, and other online platforms allow you to make money teaching English.

The average pay is around $10 and will gradually increase depending on your performance.

8. Customer service representative

The other option for teens is to monetize through working for companies from home.

A customer service representative is a service in which you have to interact with the consumers and provide them the information they seek.

If you have some prior experience then good to go. Sometimes companies want to hire an employee who is experienced and diligent.

The pay is around $10 and can increase depending on your performance.

Part-time jobs for teenagers

9. Websites

Here is another best online jobs for teenagers to utilize yours idly in exchange for some extra cash.

There are companies who would want to check how their sites or apps look and often hire freelancers to give an honest review.

This not only improves their identity but also adds value to what they will trade-in.

To start this task you need a computer or laptop, high-speed internet connection and vigorously share the insight so they can improve to be better.

Sites like usertesting, userbrain, testmyui, enroll, validately, testing time, userfeel, and what users do are the few gems to count on.

Best online jobs for teenagers

10. Virtual assistant

If you love to manage things and enjoy being at the service of others then this is for you.

You generally offer services among 150+ services to businesses and individuals and diligently carry out the assigned tasks.

This task can vary from scheduling, email marketing, data entry, proofreading, web scraping and bookkeeping.

Most of the job requires you to be active, hard-working, and complete the assigned task within the prescribed time.

However, if you are looking forward to starting your own virtual assistant services business consider taking this course that can enhance you to be one.

Check out my post on virtual assistant for further detailed analysis.

11. Transcription

If you are a good listener and exact things in the written text then this would be a wonderful opportunity for you to get into.

A transcriber converts audio files into the written text; you will have to listen to recorded video or audio and type exactly what you hear.

It mainly consists of three different types General, legal, and medical but for beginners, you will focus on the general transcription jobs.

Medical transcription is lucrative and requires some proper training and a certificate.

You can refer to my in-depth article on how to become a transcriptionist and earn money online.

12. U-Haul

You are lucky that companies hire for online jobs of 17-year olds to be customer service representative jobs.

They understand the need of the hour and offer opportunities to hard-working individuals.

You don’t need to attend the office and can start working straight from your home.

The work requires you to attend calls and answer the queries provide them support related to their questions.

13. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing business models that have changed the whole concept of promotion and sales.

In this process, you will generate sales of a particular company’s product or services each sale you will drive to the merchant’s website you make a small percentage of commission.

If you find this interesting you will need to settle down with a particular niche that you would wish to work on like kitchen products, themes, car accessories, fashion, etc.

You can refer to my post “How to start affiliate marketing” for further reference.

14. Amazon Turk

It is a great marketplace for virtual contractors you will find tons of micro-jobs that can be completed in your spare time.

High school students, college students, and other individual contractors can easily find tasks related to their interests.

15. Data entry

The data entry clerk’s job is to put or arrange given documents in chronological order preferably in excel, Google docs, and spreadsheet.

You should have a typing speed of at least 40 WPM and good command of the English language.

Companies prefer to hire someone who has some experience as a data entry clerk it’s a plus if you have some experience.

There are companies that also hire beginners you can refer to this post “legit data entry jobs” to further explanation.

16. Social media manager

If you are good enough to devise some unique and attractive posts then this can land you high-paying virtual jobs for teens..

A social media play a significant role in our daily lives and are the fastest way for companies and businesses to get in touch with potential customers.  

There are many companies, local enterprises that look for young, talented people who can make an impact through connecting with the targeted customers.

You will generally be looking after social media handles such as Facebook business page, Twitter account, and Instagram account.

The quickest way to start marketing yourself as a social media manager is through Fiverr and Upwork.

17. Influencer

People envy those who have large social media followings and tend to market themselves as an updated version.

They promote products and services of brands who pay them a small amount of fee to share an engaging post on social media handles. (Instagram)

There are sites like PayPerPost, TapInfluence, FameBit, grin, and open influence that act as a mediator between brands and influencers.

You are a virtual ambassador of brands who charge to promote their products to your large social media following.

If you have a charismatic personality who knows how to influence people then look no further and start building your reputation.

18. Etsy

Do you make handmade items?

Etsy makes it simple and easy to list your handmade products on the web and monetize your hard work.

If you are unaware of this platform then let me tell you this is a black hole for arts and craft lovers.

To get an idea do check out this site to learn what sells as there are hundreds of products listed on this from different sellers.

Eg: Jewellery, décor items, clothing, baby clothing, and others.

19. Photography

If you can’t live without cameras then you have the opportunity to monetize your pictures.  

Photography sites allow you to license your images and earn a small amount on each download whenever someone buys an image you get paid.

Images of all sorts are required and the demand is increasing exponentially whether wedding photos, rural, office, urban, meetings and businesses.

Sites like Shutterstock, adobe, 500px, and Getty images are the top few online buys and sell programs you can use to license your images.

For amateurs who want to learn photography can take any online classes to master the art.

20. Blogger

If you want to share your ideas with the general audience then blogging is by far the best option to start with.

You will write on a topic that interests you creating engaging posts people would love to read for eg: entertainment, finance, and products.

Starting a blog is simple and straight forward you have to decide on the niche first “what you want to blog about”.

The next step, get a nice domain and fast hosting.

You can buy a domain from any domain registration website such as Godaddy and Namecheap.

The other task is to host your website for that I would recommend you go with Bluehost.

21. Surveys

There is a few renowned survey sites that you can choose to monetize your spare time.

Survey sites have several different ways with which you can earn points and later redeem your earned points into cash or gift cards.

The list goes on like completing surveys, watching ads, reading emails, feedback, and playing games.

Swagbucks, mindspay, vindale research, survey junkie and ipsos are few popular sites that are easy jobs for teens.


What if you are a teenager under 18 and want to sell online?

Most of the online selling platform minimum requirement is that one should be the age of 18 or above.

Sites like eBay, Amazon can only allow you to be a part of their online selling partner when the applicant is of age 18 and up.

What are some other options for teens to find online jobs?

One such marketplace that comes to my mind is Fiverr the minimum requirement is 13 where you can start quickly with popular gigs.

You can find topics that interest you such as logo designer, graphic designer, illustration, social media manager, and more.

To learn how you can start selling on Fiverr and earn money check out my post “How to make money on Fiverr”.

20 Best online Jobs for teens that pay well in 2023

There are many options at home jobs for teens you can do as a freelancer and move a step ahead to monetize.

You can make a Facebook business page, Instagram business account and promote your skills to the right audience.

Internet is full of possibilities and opening new ways every day so, the best way is to cling to the game and hit at the right time.

Graphic designing is the right market if you are passionate about creating stunning images, themes, and social media posts.

Certainly, sites dedicated to design and arts are a wonderful option for you to showcase your design skills and expertise.

Redbubble, Dribbble, Envato market, Theme forest, and 99designs are the leading marketplace that gives you the opportunity to buy and sell designs online.

Proofreading is another work-from-home job for teens to earn online it is a process of finding mistakes in written documents.

These tasks involve finding errors in writing and correcting any spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are a goldmine for finding jobs related to proofreading however Fiverr age requirement is 13 and Upwork 18.

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