10 freelance marketing jobs to work from home in 2023

The best freelance marketing jobs to work from home in 2023

10 freelance marketing jobs to work from home in 2023

How to get Freelance marketing jobs? Before I begin I should tell you that more and more people prefer freelancing rather than working for an employer.

To begin with, here are the 10 legit freelancing marketing jobs that allow you to work at home.

It has now become a long term career opportunity which was once only a means to make some extra cash.

So it is really an opportunity for you if you have any plans to switch to freelancing working remotely for companies or clients.

They offer several other positions for you to work in different industries from affiliate manager, social media marketer, marketing associate, program manager, marketing copywriter, and content marketer.

Due to the immense growth in online businesses and companies switching to remote work, it has created a never-ending demand for marketing professionals.

It is estimated that nearly 45% of freelancers have offered their services in the following fields:

  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Programming
  • SEO
  • Accounting

Looking at the present scenario freelance marketing has multiple opportunities making it one of the most viable options to take a step ahead in freelancing.

So let’s move ahead with the 10 freelance marketing jobs that hire talented and hard-working individuals.

“This post contains affiliate links that means if you buy any products/services I may earn a commission”


Retailmenot is a platform that allows you to save money on your purchases affiliated with more than 70,000 brands worldwide.

It’s a marketing solution that helps brands and businesses thrive in the market through coupons and codes.

They have a wide range of job opportunities to work as a business analyst,
frontend PHP Engineer, email marketing, financial analyst, finance manager,
marketing manager and digital marketing specialist.

2.Steyer Content

Steyer content with over 20 years of experience in providing excellent content to Google, Facebook, and tesla.

You have an excellent opportunity to work with Steyer content as a UX Writer, Technical Writer, and communications designer.

3.Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an eCommerce unit that helps people get real, best, organic foods at a reasonable price.

To Join as a team member of the thrive market you must have excellent communication skills and the ability to take quick decisions.

Bachelor’s degree in related field or in marketing and communications.

You have the opportunity to work as a copywriter, designer, data analyst, and senior manager of marketing.

4.All-Inclusive Marketing

All-inclusive marketing is a digital marketing firm based in Canada. They provide a solution in digital marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing.

With the aim of providing top-class digital solutions to businesses and clients engage and improve the digital presence to the optimum level.

They are hiring individuals for several positions including social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and digital strategy.


CanIRank started back in 2010 with the aim of providing assistance in search engine solution ranking, better results and increasing presence online.

If you have been working for SEO strategies hold some experience in assisting
clients this can be a good start to join and monetize your skills.

You will have the opportunity to help their clients with SEO Skills, digital marketing, improving small businesses optimization, promoting and helping them thrive in the competitive digital world.

They have open positions for digital marketing associate, SEM Specialist, Technical SEO, and content marketing associate.


Coursera an online learning platform dedicated to bringing world-class learning environments to every future aspirant who wishes to transform their life through advance learning.

They have a tie-up with more than 190 universities/companies worldwide helping
students transform the career in getting a job or a raise in a company.

You have the opportunity to work as an IT, Data Science, Marketing, designing,
research, teaching, and engineering.

7.International financial group

The international financial group started back in 2003 is a recruitment company that focuses on the finance sector.

As an employee, you have the opportunity to work in several job positions
as per your expertise sales coordinator, service representative, digital

content producer, bilingual data entry clerk, call center agent, social media manager, artist, executive assistant, and financial analyst.

8.Inbound AV

Inbound av is a marketing agency that focuses on various sectors from
marketing,eCommerce development, web designing, development and growth
in digital presence.

They have a dedicated team of SEO experts, marketing managers, designers, and developers to take your business to another level.


Mindojo is another world-class online learning platform that is dedicated to equipping students who aim to become future leaders in the fields they choose.

You can work at home for the following available positions content writer,
marketing manager, curriculum developer, business development manager, and frontend software engineer.

10.Modern Tribe

The modern tribe started back in 2011 with the aim of shaping digital and lifestyle

Team of merry pixel makers is looking for hard-working and talented
individuals contractors for work at home positions.

They are keen to welcome you to be a part of the most energetic,
a problem-solving, curious and dedicated team of highly skilled workers.

You have an awesome work at the home opportunity as a frontend engineer,
WordPress engineer and digital project manager.

On the other hand, they will remind you if there are any future requirements in the following fields- quality assurance, sales, recruiting, support and design.

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10 freelance marketing jobs

So far it seems a wonderful career opportunity to take a deep dive without having the trouble to work in a traditional 9-5 office.

You can simply have your own office at home that gives you the flexibility to work as you want and make the most of the precious time.

Either you can work full-time, part-time or work on a contract basis with these 10 freelance marketing jobs.

Having experience in marketing is always rewarded and the company prefers to have you as an employee providing assistance to the clients.

There is a wide range of job opportunities you can start working as a freelance marketer helping website rank, social media, advertising specialist, events manager, and marketing writer.

This is all I wanted to share with you guys and also let me know in the comments below what you would have taken as the best work at home career opportunity.

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