Best freelance websites to earn money from home [2023]

This post is about the Best freelance websites for beginners to start earning in 2023.

Best freelance websites

There has been a very optimistic trend of people switching over to freelancing but the question is what makes it so pleasing?

In this post, we will discuss the best freelancing websites to make money from home and learn how you can substitute your income.

Whether you are confined in the corporate quagmire and are pulling you deep down this is where you know you need to move on.

If you are unaware of the benefits of freelancing this will have you convinced to step up the rapidly growing industry.

  • 31% of freelancers are making $75000 USD a year.
  • Working remotely has increased performance by 13%
  • The US alone has 50 million freelancers
  • $250/ hr is the average price of copywriters
  • Graphic designers $150 per hour
  • Freelance jobs list data entry, photography, social media manager, transcription, translation, and teaching.

The marketplace of freelancing is stretched to every industry and is paving the way for more convenient and affordable living.

There are companies so popular and can get you your desired job in whatever field you hold skills and expertise.

You can get small tasks to long-term projects depending on the level of experience you showcase on some platform.

So, moving on let’s see in detail the best freelance online websites that you can count on even if you are a complete beginner.

Freelance website for remote jobs

1. Flexjobs

This is the first choice of anyone who wants to work remotely (work from home) and since its inception has earned the reputation of the reliable platform among many others.

If you are fed up with scams this is what you need they serve nearly every industry from social media management, data entry, writing, customer service representative, and coding.

Every job posted on this site has to go through tough scrutiny before they are made live for the public this not only reduces scams but offers only legit gigs.

One thing this site requires you have to buy a monthly subscription of $14.95 per month to use the platform to its fullest potential.

2. Fiverr

 Fiverr is a unique marketplace for talented independent contractors and one can join at the age of 13.

This makes it different from other freelance marketplaces where the criteria to use their platform is 18 and above.

One can begin selling their services at just $5 and can go high as they muster more experience.

You can create gigs of social media manager, web developer, marketing, SEO, Virtual assistant, translation, graphic design and writing.

Fiverr is a complete bundle for starters and can be an unshakable medium to substitute your earnings.

Creating a gig is not sufficient but you have to promote it as well, share it with your friends, social handles, groups, Twitter, and email.

If you haven’t signed up yet I don’t know what you are waiting for.

3.  Upwork

Upwork formerly recognized as elance is the most common marketplace of freelancers. It is superb for beginners that’s what makes this relatively the most visited site for freelancers.

Upwork makes it super easy for freelancers to get clients based on their expertise and they suggest jobs that match your profile.

You can get clients for rewriting articles, social media posts, write eBooks, website content, medical writing, copywriting, and web designing.

Every job post that appeals require bidding and you send proposal to the clients. Well-written proposals have a higher probability of getting hired.

So, watch every detail before you hit the send button.

Incorporate some previous work to showcase it on testimonials that increase the chances of winning more clients.

Also you can either be a part of the small term or long term projects.

4. Freelancer

 Are you working on your dream project and want that to be detailed and relative?

This is where freelancer comes to help you assist with their high-end top freelancers. It is the largest partnership-based working in terms of users and projects.

Freelancer host million of workers around 247 countries, freelancers can hire for their projects in the field of writing, accounting, sales, data entry, and software development.

The popular areas are writing, graphic designing, website development, logo design and marketing.

You can choose to work over 1800 different categories or vice versa.

5. Guru

The name itself suggests the potential of this freelance site.

It is another best freelance websites that boast professionals who carry out the work diligently.

This site is perfect for beginners and provides opportunities in several different categories.

You can work as Writers, web developers, editors, proofreaders, accountants, virtual assistants, translators, and data entry.

Also, you will find jobs stretched from entry-level, long term and low gigs jobs.

6. Solid gigs

If you are unaware of which freelance site to go with then solid gigs can be your sole companion to get all the hard work done?

 So, what makes it so special?

Finding freelance jobs can be a daunting task where you spend hours on several freelance marketplaces sorting out the best job.

Solid gigs and their team of experts filter out the best freelance jobs for you and notify you every week.

It is a perfect way to save jobs for backup and work when you need it.

7. Cloud peeps

There are so many things that you want to have in your projects and requires someone who understands your tone.

This is where cloud peeps can help you in your dream task or create your own team of experts.

A marketplace that brings freelancers and top service providers together to create an outstanding work.

If you have quality experience in any particular field this can help you land your excellent job.

Go get your cloud peeps account now.

8. People per hour

People per hour unlike any other freelancing site offers you to start your freelance career ahead.

Since inception in the year 2007 they have successfully provided assistance to 1 million businesses around the globe and paid more than 135 million pound to freelancers.

If you are a writer, digital marketer, marketer, social media manager, graphic designer then start offering your services now.

A person per hour is one of the top freelancing sites that is constantly growing and evolving.

Let every hour count.

9. Freelance writing gigs

Are you Happy to see your stuff?


Experienced freelancers who would like to leave the mark of excellence can start working with this site.

A dedicated platform exclusively for freelancers, who just starting out can learn, grow and earn at the same time.

Writing gigs are circulated every weekend so you can pick and start working on those particular gigs of your choice.

This post contains affiliate links that means if you buy any services/products I may earn a small commission“.

10. 99 designs

How can we exclude the design industry that has tons of work available on the internet?

Do you have the instinct to create stunning images that are eligible enough to attract clients then 99 designs can be your best companion?

99 designs will start a contest based on the requirement of your projects and from the designs submitted you choose your favorite.

This is a platform that allows you to take your business online and depending on the effort, dedication you make money for your designs.

If you can work on t-shirt designs, logo, book cover, web page design, business card and products designs then start building your profile.

Be a part of the 99designs.

11. Toptal

Are you a highly experienced freelancer?

Toptal is a marketplace for the elite who can offer services in software development, web development, graphic designing, and finance.

If you are tired of a low payout then this place can value your hard work and get paid for your effort which you deserve.

So, do check out this site (Toptal)

12. College recruiter

This is for college grads or students who would like to earn some extra money for their expenses.

You don’t have to run every time for interviews but start working from home as and when required.

College recruiter provides entry-level, part-time and full-time jobs.

13. Contena

Contena is a marketplace for freelancers who wish to start a career in writing.

The best part is that they provide training and resources all that you need to begin writing for clients.

Clients post their requirements on contena and based on your skills they will hire you to complete the task.

You may have the opportunity to work for different businesses such as the web, blogs, and ebooks.

This is perfect for beginners because they nurture you in a way you can become an expert writer without any experience.

There is a catch of you want to access all the tools and resources you will have to pay a small amount of fee.

Contena is highly recommended by highly experienced freelance writers.

14. Codeable

Codeable started back in 2012 that provide WordPress services to their clients such as customization, design, maintenance, eCommerce, and themes.

If you have experience working with this CMS content management system then I highly recommend you to sign- up with codeable.

You will have the opportunity of working for tons of client’s requirements in a single platform of highly experienced WordPress freelancers.

They Offer you service to customers in rectifying any WordPress problems.

15. Behance

There are very few places where you can actually showcase your work and get hired according to your skills and expertise.

One such marketplace is behance that is ideal for graphic design, illustration, art, fashion, and web design.

The Best freelance websites for beginners to work remotely

16. Belay solutions

Have you been working as a virtual assistant, bookkeeping and social media strategist?

Belay has everything for you to get started to work from home and they have several remote jobs opening that you can apply for.

If you already have experience working as a virtual assistant and social media strategist then do check out their employment page.

17. PitchMe

This is another best freelance site that allows you to find work based on the level of expertise you have and pitch you to clients.

They filter the skills you have and suggest you to that particular domain.

It is a suitable place for beginners where clients get to see your skills and experience but not the framework.

If you are tired applying for any particular role and not getting results I would suggest you to kindly check this site now.

18. Paperell

Not everyone can be like paperell they were created to help fellow students with the academic and assignments work.

If you have command in the field of writing essays, review writing, thesis, article review, and academic writing then stop wasting time and join now.

19. Krop

If your foundation is working with a portfolio website then you are lucky to have krop.

They began back in 2000 since then have doubled in popularity and provide opportunities for buyers and sellers.

It is great for both the employer and the creative’s get hired by their trusted clients or showcase your skills with their portfolio website builder.

20. Simply hired

 Simply hired is also a good platform for people who always look for some small task in your part-time or need extra cash.

You will find jobs that are specific to your skill part-time or full time and can even find leads in your nearby city.

One of the key features of simply hired is that you get to calculate your fee with their salary estimator.

Need a job go to simply hired now.

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 Share your ideas

The list of best freelance websites encompass of beginner to expert level that you can use to start your freelancing career.

You can kick start your freelancing career by using your present contact and promote it on every medium.

Let everybody know what you are up with share it on Linkedin, FB groups, friends and relatives.

Some companies like Fiverr, Upwork and Pitchme is an ultimate marketplace that you can use to build your portfolio.

Stick to one particular niche and keep working consistently eventually you see yourself being an expert.

Nothing comes easy you have to spend time and effort it is not a scheme of becoming a millionaire overnight.

That doesn’t happen.

Opportunities are everywhere the only thing required is to grab and hold it tight and make every second count.

Do share your ideas if you have any other freelance websites you wish I would have included in the list.

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