How to make money watching videos that pay well 2023

How to make money watching videos this post will allow you to learn easy ways to make money watching videos.

How to make money watching videos?

The online earning opportunity is growing with unlimited possibilities it is not only restricted to writing, blogging, affiliate marketing, proofreading, and Surveys.

With the ever-growing demand for online money, You can use your spare time watching videos to make money watching videos.

To kill time watching TV or youtube videos is a favorable choice what if you can actually make money from binge-watching?

There are several apps and sites that allow you to watch videos and earn. You can register on these Apps and follow exactly what they say.

This can be a fun and exciting way to earn extra cash from home by watching Ads, Videos on your digital device.

In this post I will show you plenty of options to choose from entertaining videos, Gadgets, Fashion, Cooking, and sports.

Let’s check out the apps

1. Swagbucks watch videos online

Make money watching videos

Swagbucks offers different ways to make extra cash for things that you already do online.

To make money you have multiple options from surveys, Playing Games, Deals, and Watching Videos.

You have a pretty big option to choose from watching entertaining videos to earning points that you can easily redeem through PayPal.

The more videos you watch the more points you can earn. You can download the mobile app or add an extension to your browser.

This is the popular survey site that has paid millions in cash and rewards and is available all over the world.

2. Inbox Dollars

Make money watching videos

Started back in 2000 and since they have paid $60 million to its users.

Just like others survey platforms you can make extra cash by doing several activities.

Inbox Dollars also pay to watch videos from a variety of options movie trailers, product videos, and cooking demons.

Few additional ways to earn more through reading emails, playing games, deals, coupons, and completing surveys.

You can earn $5 instantly just by signing up.

3. Vindale Research

They reward their members for giving honest feedback about products and making money by completing marketing research surveys.

Just like any other survey platform, you have multiple ways to earn with Vindale research among them is watching videos.

It requires you to qualify to check whether you are ready to watch videos go to the “Videos” tab on your Survey Page.

This is available for the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia if you are in anyone the countries mentioned you can earn an instant $1 sign-up bonus.

4. My Points

Make money watching videos

My Points has offered more than $230 million in cash and gift rewards they also allow you to make money watching videos.

To earn points all you have to do is go to the video section and watch fun videos of your choice.

You also have other ways to make money like playing games, reading emails, and completing surveys

Shop from your favorite retail brand and make extra points while shopping. They offer a $10 instant sign-up bonus on amazon or a visa gift card.

“This post may contain affiliate links that mean if you buy anything using the link I may earn commission”

5. Grab points

Make money watching videos

Grab points started in 2014 and have paid over $5 million in cash and gift rewards to its members.

This is also one of the sites that reward you for watching videos.

You have pretty awesome categories to choose from travel, entertainment, health, and gadgets.

They reward you with points for every video you complete and you can redeem your points into cash or gift cards.

Although you have several other ways to make money on GP like completing offers and surveys.

Go and sign-up with grab points and start earning.

6. iRazoo

Make money watching videos

We all do several things online that can hardly be exchanged for some profits what if you make money for doing normal stuff we do online?

iRazoo pays you to watch videos and for doing other activities a comprehensive platform that is built to monetize your spare time doing things like completing surveys, playing games, offers, and downloading Apps.

The list of videos on irazoo is daily updated so you have a good choice to scroll through trailers, reviews, and cooking videos.

Visit the site on a daily basis and don’t miss any updates and never miss a chance to earn money watching videos.

They reward you with points for every task you complete that can be redeemed with PayPal cash or gift cards.

Earn your 100 points simply by just signing up with iRazzo.

7. SuccessBux

They have paid more than $26000 to over 2 million users and like others, they also have been given the opportunity to make money watching videos.

They have a big list of opportunities that allow you to earn money like listening to the radio, viewing ads, contest participation, and completing surveys.

Referring to others is also a great contributor to multiplying your earnings and you can easily receive your money through PayPal.

Join Successbux and start earning.

8. Slidejoy

Slidejoy allows you to monetize by watching trailers and online ads.

It’s an App that gets you relevant news and promotion on your lock screen.

If you swipe left you will see Ads or slide up another offer will open up and to return to your home screen swipe right.

To get a chance to earn more refer it to your friends or link it to your social media account.

The points you earn can be redeemed effortlessly through PayPal.

9. FusionCash

Fusion cash started back in 2005 and offers opportunities like any other site. You can watch videos along with completing surveys, playing games, and referring others.

They pay you $5 for sign-up instantly.

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10. CreationsRewards

Creation Rewards allow you to earn by watching videos. You can simply visit the video section wherein you have the option to watch videos and explore sites regardless of how you choose to make money.

To continue with either of the two make sure you follow the instruction given if you choose to watch videos you have to engage with them or if you go with site exploration you have to check and engage with the content.

You also have other options to add to your wallet completing daily goals, cashback, and completing surveys.

They have a referral program as well for that you can earn 10% of referral and you can also choose to shop online through CR and earn cashback from your favorite retail stores.

Redeem your points for gift cards or cash through PayPal. Click on the link and sign-up now and claim your $5 bonus.

How to make money watching videos?

Every time you decide to earn working from home it depends on how much time and effort you put in.

Similarly, if you are sitting idle at home or watching your favorite sports on your TV. It is easy for you to take on the opportunity to make a few dollars.

To be very exact this is not going to make you a millionaire but a potential side hustle to get you an extra pack of grocery items or cigarettes.

Do check the site regularly for any new availability of videos and make every possible turn to score points.

Sign-up with the maximum apps to increase your earnings.

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