16 best online jobs for students & how to find them in 2023

Monetize you free time with the best online jobs for students to earn money.

The Best online jobs for students

The remarkable influx of remote work has revolutionized the way people spend their time grinding 9-5.

Offers some of the best online jobs for students they can use to monetize their spare time.

Has dramatically shifting to the most compassionate way of earning opportunities with unlimited possibilities.

However, it was apparent that people were looking for something much better that encompasses good pay with flexibility.

Look at the popular social video platform YouTube that has changed forever the way you share, learn, educate and earn.

Since the inception of YouTube, there has been a very sharp rise in people opting to freelance full-time rather than being in bondage hustling 9-5.

The opportunities of working online are growing in every industry be it education, Health & Fitness, staffing, Digital marketing, and remote work.

And has a wide variety of opportunities for different age groups like adults, Housewives, Teenagers, and students.

Most importantly I will be discussing the best legit online jobs for students online.               

Seeing this there are significant numbers of jobs available online.   

That includes graphic designing, illustrations, video editing, translation, transcription, proofreading, and freelance writing.

On the technical categories, you have coding, web designing, web developer, app developer, social media marketer.

 Freelance jobs are virtual assistant, search engine evaluator, SEO, Digital agency, influencer, social media managers, and online moderators.

Online Jobs for Students from home     

1. Freelance Writing

16 best online jobs for students & how to find them in 2021

How much freelance writing is in demand?

In the past few years, the increase in enormous requirements of writers to contribute in different niches has quadrupled.

Now the need for writers is more than ever to offer service in nearly every category like marketing, e-com, blogs, digital agencies and online businesses.

You with good comprehension of English can take this field as a way to earn lifelong working online from home with flexibility.

These online marketplaces are Upwork, iwriter, freelance writing gigs, content authority, contena, freelancer and Fiverr.

With these sites you have endless opportunities to start a career writing for businesses and online clients.

Fiverr is an official choice for students who at the age of 13 can be an associate of this marketplace and avail working online.

For a complete beginner you who would like to start his/her career in freelance writing.

I would recommend you the best online course available “How to build a six-figure writing career” by Holly Johnson.

Join her free workshop to start a career in freelance writing and access the secrets to build a successful writing career.

Online jobs for students with no experience

2. Social media manager

There is no denying the fact that we spend a lot of time on social sites that includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

So, a marketing strategy is much more important in this digital age where technologies are advancing at lightning speed.

It is of great significance that you also embrace the fast-changing methods of promotion and marketing that benefit entities.

A social media manager will keep track of the changing consumer behavior, insights, data, analytics, and other aspects to help their clients.

They can be a marketer, writer, graphics designer helping business in their daily requirement interacting with the consumers.

According to the Payscale the average salary of a social media manager is $52,965 dollar per year.

They earn up to $40 – $50 per hour (U.S)

You can start with sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer and peopleperhour.

Open your Fiverr Account now.

3. Web designing

Have you ever come across any sites that had you wow?

Type Hello Monday

Designing stunning sites these days is not a complex task all the credit goes to pre-built template that has made things effortlessly easy.

There is a very thriving market for web designers across all freelance marketplaces making it one of highest paid jobs online.

The idea is to get a portfolio site designed by an expert and market your site to each possible online market.

Similarly, Upwork can be a good start for beginners because they often have requirements of Beginner, intermediate and expert levels freelancer.

You have to start bidding on the jobs posted that matches your skill set and with a decent proposal you may grab a job.

You have other official marketplaces that include Toptal, StackOverflow, Envato, Behance, and Fiverr.

Get a nice portfolio template on Envato market.

Design your portfolio site don’t worry its simple and easy.

The average salary of a web designer is around $65,000 per year and can be higher.

4. Graphic designers

 A graphic designer has a variety of opportunities to work as a designer online starting from a logo to working on a big project.

You have some amazing work around and on the internet ready to amaze you with their stunning designing skills.

There is an enormous opportunity in this field from working online full-time, part-time, and on a project basis.

With freelance marketplaces spread across the globe providing exclusive job positions to work online for different companies.

You can take this opportunity to monetize your skills on sites like Toptal, Dribbble, Github, Gunio, Envato, and 99designs.

Few other popular marketplaces are Upwork, Guru, Peopleperhour and Fiverr.

Typically a graphic designer can design marketing campaigns, banners, web pages, and social site promotional materials.

The increasing number of online businesses like blogging, e-com, dropshipping and online sellers have created a boundless demand for graphic designers.

If you want to give your career a start as a graphic designer then it is time to act now.

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Online jobs for students with no investment

5. Search engine evaluators

How search engine evaluation is continuously advancing?

The big companies like Google and Bing always hire talented, hard-working and insightful independent contractors for manual work.

Sites like Lionbridge and Appen always have job openings to work as social engine evaluators for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

6. Amazon MTurk

Mturk is a unique and official site of Amazon that rewards workers to complete different micro task.

The tasks are finding a website, market research, collecting data from a website, data entry, transcribing few sentences and tweets.

So, it’s a great way to monetize your spare time completing easy tasks with sufficient earning potential based on the scale of work.

7. Transcriptionist

16 best online jobs for students and how to find them in 2021
16 best online jobs for students and how to find them in 2021

Just like social media manager and freelance writing transcription is also among the best online jobs for students.

In this, you will have to listen to audio files and write down exactly as you hear without any mistakes.

Most of the online platforms provide you the proper training before you actually start working as a remote employee.

Other transcription sites that hire beginners to work from home are Rev, Scribie, Transcribeme, tigerfish, and Quicktate.

There is a huge list of opportunities for transcribers with casting words, daily transcription, Appen, Babble type, and Accutran.

Well, Students can monetize their accuracy and speed with sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

In transcription you will convert audio files into written documents exacting each word you hear correctly.

The hourly pay rate of a transcriptionist is $16.25 dollar.

Here you have an excellent course of “transcribe anywhere” to learn from experts how to start transcription work online.

General transcription free course

Legal transcription course

8. Data entry

Data entry is among the common choice of people looking for jobs and it doesn’t require you to be highly qualified.

It is an input work that you type in a given program or software technically with a speed of 40WPM or more.

The average pay of a data entry clerk is $15 – $25 per hour and can expect more with some more experience.

Some companies prefer prior experience before hiring but there are few sites that are best for students with no experience.

With sites like diondata, sigtrack, click worker, tigerfish, and Fiverr you can get some legit data entry jobs.

9. Virtual assistant

16 best online jobs for students and how to find them in 2021
16 best online jobs for students and how to find them in 2021

If you are a perfectionist then working online for small businesses can be very lucrative and is perfect for students.

You can work online taking care of administrative tasks for clients doing each assigned work in a manner profound.

Virtual assistant can perform various tasks that include email management, data entry, blog manager, scheduler and assistant.

However, there are more than 150 services that virtual assistants can carry out remotely without any experience.

You have multiple sites that hire a virtual assistant like fancy hands, belay, Equivity, Randstad, Upwork, and Fiverr.

There is another way you can start your own virtual assistance business and increase your earnings manifold.

I would suggest you take this course of “Gina Horkey” How to become a virtual assistant with no experience.

She is a successful virtual assistant, writer and with some extraordinary skills teaches how to become a VA in less than 30 days.

10. Resume writer

Resume writing may seem to be boring for some but it’s a great idea to monetize your spare time earning few dollars.

You can help any job seeking individuals to prepare a ravishing resume that will eventually land his/her dream job.

It is a perfect part-time employment opportunity for students to generate adequate money in your free time.

Sites like (Writer bay) and (Resume edge) is great for beginners.

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11. Online Tutor

Would you like to teach online and earn passive income?

If yes then you should know there is a very thriving market online of possible learners.

People are very keen to learn interesting stuff that is beneficial for them in the long run and that can have them earn passive income.

Start teaching photography, cooking, arts & crafts, blogging, writing, painting, graphic designing and much more.

The third-party sites that include Udemy, Skillshare, and teachable are the best places you can host your courses.

12. Translator

If you are bilingual meaning know one or more languages?

Freelancers with these skills can use their free time and earn money translating in another language.

Translate documents, business meetings, speeches and videos and make money working online from home.

It is growing at an exponential rate building the communication gap among different ethnicities.

There are many dedicated companies that hire independent contractors like translate, unbabel, rev, and acclaro.

The best option for freelancers to find translation work is on Upwork, Guru, Peopleperhour and Fiverr to work remotely.

Best Part-time online jobs for students

13. Photographer

Is your hobby taking quality pictures?

Well, then you have a damn good way to monetize your clicks taking amazing pictures for different industries.

Images are required in every purpose that adds soul to any content, videos, marketing, businesses and ads.

Professional images are huge in demand be it fashion industry, ecommerce, blogs, marketing, technology and businesses.

To make money with your pictures sign up with different online marketplaces and earn for every image that is downloaded.

These sites will pay you for every time someone downloads your image it’s a fun way to generate passive income.

Sites like 500px, gettyimages, adobestock, shutterstock, and istock are popular marketplaces to sell your images.

14. ESL Teaching online jobs for students

There is a growing demand of freelancers willing to teach English as a secondary language to non native speakers.

Sites like VIPKID, Qkids, italki, 51talk, and class100 always have openings for ESL teachers making it convenient to educate others.

To start working with the sites mentioned above contractors should be proficient in English and an online teaching certificate.

You can make between $15 -$25 per hour and can go higher based on the level of skills and experience you have.

15. Website testing

Website testing is another useful online side-hustle that is suitable for students sharing insight of apps and websites.

Several popular marketplaces like usertesting, userbrain, trymyui, and userlytics hire freelancers for website testing works.

These sites pay rate is up to $25 per hour the more website you try more money you make.

Students with no experience at all can log into each marketplace and get assigned to work accordingly.

Nevertheless it is a great way to utilize your spare time for few extra cash.

Best Online Jobs for students with no degree

16. Blogging

This is for sure all time favorite.

Not only students but anyone who wants to make fortune online should start blogging in the respective field they specialize in.

This may take time maybe 6, 8 or 18 months but I guarantee you every effort you put into effect will eventually pay off.

Figure out the target audience you will mostly be writing content for and the strategy you will apply to put into effect.

Buy a domain and hosting and start writing your articles.

How to find the best online jobs for students?

With all the best legit online jobs for students mentioned in this article you have literally no excuse to work online.

The tremendous potential of students can use this online hustle to learn something new and make money on the side.

There are plenty of thriving online marketplaces that allow you to use your spare time using your skills and expertise.

The first recommendation would be for you is Fiverr anyone who has attained the age of 13 years can avail this platform.

Recent lockdown COVID 19 measures have raised many questions about the workforce who had to lose their jobs.

Sending echo of irreversible unemployment across different industries people are opting to find online jobs instead.

Some of the best sites that offer online jobs are remotive, We work remotely, college recruiter, and Flexjobs.

Plenty more opportunities with sites like angellist, themuse, togglhire, dice and github.

There are legit companies to assist you that include Appen, lionbridge, liveops, workingsolutions, kellyservices and concentrix.

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