Work from home jobs: 7 Companies hiring Apply Now

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Work from home jobs: 7 Companies hiring Apply Now

The whole world is witnessing a need for remote work during the COVID 19 pandemic. In a situation like such everything has come to a sudden stillness.

However, this can be your best opportunity to switch to remote work as companies also feel the potential of remote work.

Working remote has unmatched benefit simply having the advantage of setting your own work schedule. Decide how many projects you want to put the effort in.

Here are some 7 best remote companies looking for smart talented and innovative individual contractors to fill the vacuum of remote work in different categories.

HR Writer,Customer service representative,team building, Freelance developer and to building a profitable business.

I am sure you are feeling optimistic right now. With the best remote work opportunity in hand, don’t miss a single chance to hold on to the work from home opportunity.

More and more jobs are likely to follow as we free ourselves from the fetters of the pandemic.

With that being said let’s check out the work from home jobs positions these companies are looking for.

1. Aha

Aha started back in 2013 is a software company. It is the fastest-growing company in the US and operates fully remotely.

It has adopted a different approach in helping customers.

They tend to focus more on building a relationship that connects both customers and employees in delivering software products and support.

They offer a good salary, benefits and a profit-sharing program.

Job Details

Open Positions: Customer Success Specialist

Location: United States, Canada, U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand

Remote Aha! Jobs:

Visit Aha!’s career page and see an opportunity that works for you. The whole company is remote!

2. Time doctor

A software company started back in 2012 with the aim to engage people to work to their highest output.

It is very much necessary that you focus more on productivity to build a room for growth. With the best strategy in mind and hard-working staff it is possible.

If you are looking for something that can build your time-tracking and productivity application for remote teams and grow your business then time doctor is here to help.

Remote work has become the most favorable choice of companies because of reduced cost to recruiting the talented.

An application that manages remote workers to minimize wastage of time and increase productivity.

They are fully remote and operates in more than 30 different countries.

Job Details

Open Positions: Client Success Specialist

Location: Remote worldwide

Remote Time Doctor Jobs:

Time Doctor is fully remote and works on PST. To view more jobs, visit their jobs page.

3. Toptal

If you are a freelancer you already know the advantage of flexible work. It gives you total control and the amount of work you can do.

Likewise here you have the opportunity to connect with the talented freelancers.

Toptal is a network of of top business, design, and technology to equip you with the highly talented team when you require for your business.

It is a fully remote company expanded globally over 60 countries with the commitment of 100% customer satisfaction.

They are hiring for several positions and you can apply in the respective domain.

Job Details

Open Positions: Support Specialist

Location: Available worldwide

Remote Toptal Jobs.

There are several remote positions available worldwide on Toptal careers page.

4. Scraping hub

Scrapinghub is a fast-growing technology business providing you the best extraction tools to turn web content into useful data.

Started in 2010 and is expanded over more than 30 countries to equip the customers to extract the data they need to grow their business.

They enjoy working remotely and acknowledge its potential join the team of self motivated and productive.

You also have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge open source technology and tools.

Job Details

Open Positions: Customer Success Manager

Location: Remote worldwide

Remote Scrapinghub Jobs:

Go to the company’s careers page and browse open job Positions. Scrapinghub workers represent 30 countries worldwide.

5. Showbiz Cheat Sheet

A showbiz cheat sheet is a media company that brings the latest entertainment, celebrity news, interviews, and movie reviews to the audience.

They provide competitive salary, flexible policy and health insurance.

They are recruiting candidates for different positions editor,autos writer, entertainment writer and full stack developer.

Their team covers different topics that appeal to movie buffs and binge-watchers alike.

Job Details

Open Positions: Entertainment Writer

Location: Remote in the U.S.

Remote Showbiz Cheat Sheet Jobs:

Showbiz Cheat Sheet is part of a media conglomerate called Endgame 360. Go to their career page to view their open remote Positions.

6. LiveOps

Liveops is a leader in virtual home-based agents and provides flexible independent contractors to some of the top leading companies around the globe.

They help is fulfilling their goals and the business needs of their customers.

Independent contractors have the advantage and flexibility to work around self adjustable schedule.

You can literally create a business of your own working remotely for liveops.

Job Details

Open Positions: Virtual Customer Service Representative

Location: US

Remote LiveOps Jobs:

Visit LiveOps’ career page on Chronically Capable and look for any opening that suits your expertise — all jobs can be done from home.

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Teambuilding provides team activity that is fun and unique with the intention of increasing employee happiness, engagement, and retention.

They are pioneer in teambuilding that is built on the best practices and developed their own set of ideas and techniques to engage workers in making strong teams.

They also help companies including amazon,apple,google,IBM and many more.

A fair compensation for your skill and experience, including a competitive salary and a range of benefits.

They provide have health insurance, plus fancy perks like massage and house cleaning credits.

Job Details

Open Positions: Full-Time Sales Rep

Location: U.S. and Canada

Remote TeamBuilding Jobs:

Go to the company’s career page and look for any opening you would live to work with.

Work from home jobs: Summary

Here is the work from home jobs opportunity that some of the best remote companies are providing.

Since the pandemic there has been a surge in global demand of work from home jobs.

If you already hold some experience working in certain category that might be a plus point.

You have to be very specific and to the point when applying for the job.Where as there are several others remote positions listed on their career’s page.

Companies are seeing remote recruitment as one of the most viable options allowing them to open the opportunity of remote work

So remote work is growing at an exponential rate paving the way for a better and reliable digital workforce.

Do not forget to share your comments and let us know if you have worked for any remote company.

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Work from home jobs: 7 Companies hiring Apply Now

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