How to fix a Dell Laptop Keyboard not working in simple steps

This post will put light on How to fix a Dell Laptop Keyboard not working on Windows 10, 11

How to fix Dell Laptop Keyboard not working

How to fix a Dell laptop Keyboard not working

A malfunctioning keyboard can be an annoying issue, which can disrupt the workflow and obstruct the proper functioning of your Dell Laptop Keyboard.

If you happen to find your Dell Laptop Keyboard in such a faulty situation not working properly just relax.

In this post, I will show you some of the most common causes and walk you through the troubleshooting steps to get your keyboard working.

Causes of Dell Keyboard problems

 The reason of Dell Keyboard not working may be caused due to software issues or changes to your computer or maybe updates.

Additionally, if your system has Hardware issues with the keyboard, it’s likely you need to contact a technician to repair it.

It is the safest option to go with unless you have the knowledge to get the keyboard working and handle it for yourself.

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How to Factory Reset a Dell Laptop keyboard not working

In this “How to Fix a Dell Laptop Keyboard not Working” a functioning keyboard may be required to ease the process of troubleshooting.

While few steps may require a mouse or no direct interaction on the laptop screen at all, occasionally when needed these fixes can show results.

However, you can use Windows’ On-Screen Keyboard which allows you to type temporarily.

Windows ease of access tools is a virtual Keyboard that you can use to type with the help of a mouse.

Also, you can connect a USB Keyboard to manage your typing temporarily.

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How to fix a Dell laptop Keyboard not working

Keyboard problems are related to software issues that one can fix with an update of the system or keyboard drivers.

1. Check Physical Connections

To get started make sure that your keyboard is physically connected to the Dell device.

In case of wired keyboard, check that the USB or PS/2 connector is properly plugged into the right port.

Or if you are using a wireless keyboard, check for any depleted batteries or replace it and its wireless receiver is connected.

2. Restart Your Dell Device

In some cases, restarting your laptop or computer can resolve the software issues or hardware glitches.

Complete all your work and save it, close down all applications, and restart your Dell Laptop or desktop to see if the keyboards’ working.

3. Update or Reinstall Keyboard Drivers

Sometimes corrupt or outdated keyboard drivers can stop its proper functioning and requires updating drivers.

  1. Go to start button and right click with your mouse and then select “Device Manager”
  2. New Popup will open now locate the “Keyboard” from the list, Right click on the Keyboard, and select “Update Drivers”
  3.  Now you need to follow the given instruction to search for the solutions and install the latest driver updates.

Also, you can uninstall the keyboard drivers and allow the Windows software to reinstall them:

  1. This will require you to go to the Device Manager, right click on the keyboard and choose “Uninstall device”
  2. Windows will automatically restart your device reinstalling the keyboard drivers for itself.

4. Check for Software Conflicts

There may be software issues or third party applications that may be hampering the proper functioning of the keyboard.

You need to reboot your Dell device and put it into safe mode and determine the proper function if the issue remains.

So, if your keyboard works fine in a safe mode that means third party application is the main culprit.

This requires you to instantly uninstall the software installed to revert the Dell Laptop Keyboard in to working mode.

5. Run Dell Diagnostics

You may be aware that Dell provides diagnostic tool function that allows you to identify hardware issues, involving problems with the keyboard.

To run Dell Diagnostics:

a. Turn off your Dell device.

b. Turn it back on while pressing the “F12” key.

c. Select “Diagnostics” from the boot menu.

d. Now you must Follow the on-screen instructions to run the diagnostics.

If you find any hardware issues in your laptop you are required to contact your Dell support team for assistance.

6. Check for Physical Damage

On top of that you need to properly check any physical damage, like damaged or broken keys.

If there is such issue it requires you to replace you damaged keyboard with the new one.

7. Restore System Settings

If there were any changes made to your device settings, you need to restore it to the former state to resolve the issue.

a. Type “System Restore” in the Windows search bar and select the corresponding result.

b. Follow the on-screen instructions to restore your system to a previous state.  

Avoiding Keyboard Issues Going Forward

Now you have got your keyboard back and running smoothly, there are a few measures that you can take to keep your keyboard working.

It is very much important to understand that you should never install software from unwanted websites.

The very same thing applies to clicking and opening attachments (Email).

It’s harmful for your device to open any unnecessary things that you are not sure of.

There are some good rules and factors determining to avoid any kind of viruses, but installing unwittingly any random applications can often break down your system.

Like the one that we have discussed in the post (Keyboard).

You must avoid any sort of munching, eating, or drinking anything close to your keyboard or system.

Spills can have unwanted repercussions and it may damage the hardware of your system, especially the keyboard.

Give your laptop a proper cleaning especially (Keyboard) at least once a month and wipe any dust sitting on it.

That is the ultimate way to keep your keyboard from getting stuck and give you a smooth functioning experience.

FAQ: The Dell Laptop Keyword not working

How do I clean my Dell laptop keyboard?

Ans –Take some precautionary measures before cleaning your Dell Keyboard wear gloves and switch off your device.

Take a microfiber cloth and mix it in isopropyl 70% and water 30% remember the cloth should not be wet (dripping).

Gently wipe the surface and around the corners to get all the dirt out and free it from getting stuck.

How do I manually reset my Dell?

Ans –Here is the way to manually reset your Dell laptop, disconnect all your cables, printers, webcam and SD cards.

Now you are required to press and hold the power button for almost 15-20 sec to drain the residual power and connect all the cables and turn on your laptop.

How do I fix my keyboard not typing?

Ans –The keyboard is not typing, here are the possible reasons maybe your keyboard is not connected, software or driver problems.

To fix it you are requested to restart your computer, check your connection, check your wireless connection, clean your keyboard and update your drivers.

Can Dell laptop keyboard be repaired?

Ans –Yes it is possible to repair your keyboard most professionals can repair your keyboard or simply replace it with new one.

So, you are advised to take a look at your keyboard and find any possible malfunction and do contact your Dell customer support.

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