How to Optimize blog posts SEO like an expert 2021.

How you can write friendly blog posts to optimize for SEO? Checklist

How to Optimize blog posts SEO?

Many website/blog owners may seem to have an entwined perspective about the technicality of ranking their articles.

It may be true for some because they tend to struggle in their initial phase of writing SEO Optimized blog posts.

Well, constantly making changes and improving their content you start to have an idea of how Google wants your SEO to be.

Is your website slow, no images or videos on your blogs, poor content structure, lack of proper SEO, related keywords, and catchy headings?

You lack some of the points mentioned above but the more you learn higher is the chance to become an expert.

I must state that “Consistency is the key”.

Let’s check out some best Ideas how to optimize blog posts SEO?

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website.

1. Do proper SEO keyword research

Always plan your content with well-researched SEO keywords before you actually start writing and that too for a purpose.

It’s worthless to be a part of something where the effort you put in turns out to be fruitless, meaningless, and barren.

Use long tail keyword is a proven technique to get higher in search results

The technical arrangement of keywords within an article/blog post to increase the visibility of a website.

In Relation to the topics, you have planned to rank on search engines writing comprehensive articles that provide meaning to viewers.

However, there are many factors related to ranking a blog or articles in relativity covering the topic in the best approach.

There are many SEO tools available on the market but I would recommend you to use SEMRush for a comprehensive technique.


SEMRush by far is the most effective SEO tool available on the internet that provides tons of specifics related to keywords.

Get access to dwell in enormous database of over 20 billion keywords moreover tips on content marketing and ads.

The tool performs advanced site analysis, site’s competitor, and is dedicated to providing an overall amazing experience.

2. Include more keywords synonyms

Search engines will suggest you plenty of related keywords in conjunction with the focus keywords that is extremely helpful.

There are hundreds of users worldwide searching for the best articles that can also land on your site with different search keywords.

It makes certainly the best option to incorporate those keywords within your article that increases the probability of having found.

Google understands if there is the unusual stuffing of keywords in your articles and may flag you for inappropriate action.

The idea is to let the article speak for itself along with the keywords that you chose instead of stuffing.

 WordPress has some best SEO plugins that make writing optimized articles easy that are Yoast SEO or Rank math.

Yoast will save plenty of time and let you accurately insert your focus keywords within your content strategically.

Whereas Rank math is another SEO Plugin that is getting popular among SEO experts that work quite like Yoast.

3. Best writing practices

Now with the better of the entire significant research, you are ready to start article/blog writing to rank.

Choose a catchy heading that can make a user online to click on it by creativity with some emotional words.

The title with positive or negative sentiments is more likely to get clicks often and also increases user engagement.

Write heading in the H1 tag category following H2 and H3 likewise this helps easily categorize your articles.

Using focus keywords device your title which is powerful enough to attract viewers and can invite more clicks.

Aim for long articles as Google love to refer to articles that are long and structured correctly as the average word count is 300 +.

Devise your content with transition words meaning accurately moving to next step to help readers understand it clearly.

4. Link your older posts

If you have provided enough internal within your articles a user can help navigate themselves through other articles.

This not only helps increase engagement but also assert users to stay on the site for quite significant amount of time reading other posts.

You should from time to time update your previous articles that are loved by Google and can boost traffic to your website.

 Link to posts relevant to the content your are writing

5. Optimize your Meta data

Metadata are search results displayed on Google whenever a search query is made succinct information of the topic is displayed.

The information displayed on the Metadata gives the viewer a quick overview what the matter he may dwell in further.

So, it becomes a mandatory task to brainstorm ideas and comes up with the best data to be placed that Google suggests to its audience.

If you are using WordPress then it becomes very useful for anyone to set your Meta data with focus keywords in mind effortlessly.

This also plays a significant role in the ranking of your articles that also determines CTR.

(Click through rate) indirectly related to SEO.

Try to stuff very succinct information not very long nor too short and mostly consisting of 150 words or more.

For any users who look for a particular subject, Google takes the information from the Metadata that you have provided.

And suggest you that post/articles based on the user’s search intent.

It is of no worth if you just fill it up with random words based on guesses.

It becomes useless further will have a negative impact on the site.

6. User-friendly articles – easy to read

You are writing articles for the general audience so it becomes useless if you try to be esoteric that makes no sense to its readers.

Increasing readability is another ranking factor that allows Google to refer its audience the information anyone is looking for.

Write your articles with words that are easy to comprehend that focus large audiences giving them the required information.

Also articles that are in simple words tend to rank higher than other non-entity esoteric articles stuffed with random words.

The purpose to have a well-structured easy to read the article is that it helps a user to scan through your articles and decide.

They within a second’s time frame will decide if they want to stay reading your post or will leave ignoring your hard work.

So be very succinct and cleverly write articles that increase user’s engagement by including topics, categories and paragraphs.

As already mentioned earlier about SEMRush one significant benefit of this it provides you a writing assistance tool.

A writing assistance tool will help you curate the best tips and approaches to writing user-friendly articles.

For a YOAST SEO user it makes helpful to focus on the readability of articles you will write and other aspects of improving it.

To avoid mistakes in grammar and punctuation.

Grammarly is the best recommendation for any beginner to professionally write blog posts.

7. Focus on feature snippets

Google wants to provide its users with the required information within the click of a button fast and accurately.

To fill the vacuum Google introduced a snippet box featured with all the key points within an article that displays authenticity.

Mostly you will see the highlighted parts featured in the top of Google (Search engine) with all the information in bullet points.

Improving authenticity by writing keeping in mind the feature snippets that accelerates the chances of ranking.

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8. Image and video optimization

Images can beautify your content and can also help increase engagement, nowadays images/videos are an important part of web content.

There are tons of sites online that give you free stock images that can be used in your articles hence improve engagement.

Avoid using other images that you have no authority of rather spend some bucks to get quality images from stock photo sites.

There are many free image compression sites one I can recommend is tinypng moreover, you can also install image compressing plugins.

You will improve the ranking probability by adding Image Alt-text they are keywords specific for a blog optimization.

The best way to upload images to your blogs is by compressing images or it may slow down your site and increase bounce rate.

Video search will lead the future and is already increasing in demand so with both the combination you derive great results.

9. Comprehensive approach

With all the SEO optimization highlights you will always want to stay ahead of your competitor means stay updated.

Write with all the possible tools available online encompassing heading analyzer, images, videos, and keywords.

10. Consistency is the key

Learning a skill takes time but with consistency, it becomes more used to and eventually becomes an expert.

You have other aspects to analyze sign up with Google analytics and make it a habit to scan your best articles that get clicks.

What the reader is interested in and loves to stay longer on your site?

Spend time in deriving the best content strategy that suits your targeted audience and fulfills the purpose of hard-work.

Stay updated with what your competitors are using the best methods and apply with a correct strategy in your blog.

Don’t copy paste.

It is extremely annoying for Google and can lead to trifling outcomes.

Writing a meaningful blog is what should the purpose before you actually emulate your thoughts in words?

How to write SEO friendly blog posts

So far you have had the best-in-class tips to write extensive SEO Optimized posts but you have the option to improve.

Start using Monster Insights it has a headline analyzer included and offers lots of features in the free version.

How to Optimize blog posts SEO like an expert 2021.

You can with the help of a headline analyzer devise the best headings that will attract lots of visitors coming straight to you.

Incorporating emotional words is helpful in generating the required traffic along with some quality power words.

Improve your deliverables by accessing the writing assistance tool of SEMRush that helps write comprehensive blog posts.

SEO plugin for Blogger

The best plugins for a blogger who has just stepped into blogging is YOAST SEO.

What makes it the best?

How to Optimize blog posts SEO like an expert 2021.

Well, it is recommended by the largest CMS provider WordPress and has more than 10 million downloads.

It will help you curate the best way to write and structure your blog posts with best tips and approach.

Moreover, you will get tons of other features related to SEO Optimization like H tag suggestions with keywords inclusion.

Image optimization suggestion, readability score, strategic distribution of paragraphs with correct sentence length.

Focus keyphrase targeting, slug input and Meta data description to make it simple and easy to use.

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