12 best affiliate programs for beginners to make money 2021

Witness the official list of best affiliate programs for beginners to make money from home in 2021.

Best affiliate programs for beginners to make money in 2021

How to choose the best affiliate programs for beginners to smoothly run a business working online?

However, affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing online business models that have both its wings beyond the horizon.

See the bigger picture.

When it comes to selecting the right affiliate programs marketers often find themselves in dilemma and make wrong choices.

It is of utmost importance for a beginner affiliate marketer to get accustomed to how to start affiliate marketing?

This is not just promoting other people’s products or services for a small percentage of commission for every potential sale.

You engage with the prospects making a relationship on behalf of the brand or services that you choose to promote.

Bringing the prospects each step closer to make a purchase determined to solve the problems a consumer faces.

So, begin with affiliate program that is easy to dwell in and at the same time learning the secrets of affiliate marketer.

A marketer is evolved from the beginning creating a blog and writing detailed content with the intention of getting sales.

So, buckle up and let’s start with the list of best affiliate programs for beginners to make money in 2021.

This post contains affiliate links that mean if you buy any services/products I will earn commission. See Affiliate disclaimer

Best affiliate programs for beginners

  1. Clickbank
  2. Viglink
  3. CJ affiliate
  4. Amazon affiliate
  5. Rakuten marketing
  6. Bluehost
  7. Teachable
  8. Etsy affiliate
  9. Shareasale affiliate
  10. Impact radius
  11. Fiverr affiliate
  12. eBay affiliate

What are affiliate networks and affiliate programs?

What is the difference between affiliate networks and affiliate programs?

Let’s have a look

You can either choose to join an affiliate network or affiliate program with both the medium you will earn a commission.

The Publisher prefers to work mostly with an affiliate network to locate their favorite merchants.

This allows them to reach each favorite merchant in one single place promoting products/ services of their niche.

Affiliate networks are an open marketplace that has hundreds of merchants displaying their services to attract publishers.

Platforms like CJ, ShareASale, Rakuten marketing, impact radius, and awin are the popular marketplaces one can join.

The other affiliate programs are sole programs of a company or business along with an affiliate tools to help assist generate sales.

An affiliate publisher can choose according to their niche requirements and apply for approval to be able to earn commission.

You have Amazon, Fiverr, Etsy, scribie, appen are some popular merchant’s programs that allow you to join and earn directly.

12 Best affiliate programs for beginners


12 best affiliate programs for beginners

Clickbank is one of the oldest and the most popular affiliate marketplace that makes it easy for a beginner to join and promote.

During the last few years there has been case in point where people like you and me have earned millions of dollars with clickbank.

The low entry barrier kind of makes it a unique place to visit and choose products according to your niches.

There are hundreds of products from different categories that include entertainment, arts, health & fitness, and home.

Some more options for marketers are spirituality, games, e-business, marketing, and self-help.

They have made marketing effortlessly easy with each merchant providing exclusive promotion materials.

That can be a landing page, pre written affiliate contents, banners and promotion materials.

Health & fitness is unanimously the most preferred items that have helped people make a fortune promoting it.

 You will find fantastic list of products under the banner of marketplace once you have been approved and logged in.

After you have decided to promote a product you will be provided a hoplink which basically is an affiliate link.

They have the highest commission of products $80 and above that are suitable even for a beginner like you.

Join clickbank now.


12 best affiliate programs for beginners

This platform works best case in point to help publishers easily monetize their content who are just beginners.

They automatically place ads on the relevant places within your articles which enables you to earn commission effortlessly.

You can focus on creating an excellent blog that attracts customers and Sovrn will link its affiliate link to the merchant’s website.

The publishers can resourcefully promote to earn commissions without the hurdle of constantly switching between different networks.


12 best affiliate programs for beginners

Start dreaming big the bigger the better it is.

CJ began their journey in 1998 some 20 years back and also grabs the position of the second oldest affiliate marketing platform.

They inspire you to take a giant step and increase your earning potential with affiliate marketing effortlessly.

Collaborate with the world’s best companies recognized world over and earn high-commission promoting them.

The immense lists of merchants on CJ have you the opportunity to increase your earnings to the optimum level.

With every means provided to a potential marketer from seamless data access, personalized product widgets to deep linking.

Their content management team is a must that help figure out the targeted audience with the best selection of products.

According to the company they provide you the opportunity to generate more revenue than any other affiliate networks.

Go explore now.

4.Amazon Affiliate

12 best affiliate programs for beginners

One of the biggest retail giants and luckily is the largest affiliate marketing program in the world with hundreds of marketers worldwide.

Such a reputed brand online simply makes it easy to access products generating sales promoting them to the targeted audience.

 Anyone with decent followers on social media, blogging, or with an ample YouTube following Amazon is a goldmine for you.

Not only that you can target each country’s audience with a specific Amazon affiliate page increasing your income manifold.

They have separate commission rates for different categories that include electronics, fashion, home decor, and furniture.

The choice you have is beyond comprehension and with different content strategy you can grow your sales.

You share the products with your audience when someone clicks on your affiliate link completing a purchase you earn commission.

The content marketing strategy you should use are writing case study, review post, list post, comparison and how to articles.

You will earn up to 10% commission for each qualifying purchases.

5.Rakuten marketing

12 best affiliate programs for beginners

Rakuten advertising formerly marketing is another popular affiliate marketplace that connects publishers, advertisers, and consumers together.

The company is active for 20 years and continuously innovating to deliver new experiences for marketers to avail themselves.

They have a talented team of hard-working affiliate experts who regularly analyze the best possible deals for marketers and buyers.

There are over 150,000 active working publishers worldwide benefitting the most from this renowned marketplace.

The rakuten advertising allows you to monetize your digital content effortlessly and promote from a variety of products.

The advanced technology AI intelligence system will suggest you to find the right merchants to collaborate with ease.


12 best affiliate programs for beginners

An affiliate marketer will always need good hosting to start earning online writing and promoting content.

Since its inception in 2003, it has been continuously improving to serve the best of tools available for hosting websites.

It is great choice for an affiliate marketer who have just started out and looking for a reliable, accurate and fast hosting.

You can sign up with Bluehost and use hosting services specific to the audience and select your required plan from $2.95 to $14.95 / month.

The hosting services include WordPress hosting, shared, dedicated and VPS hosting.

You will make $65 every time someone signs up through your links completing a purchase from the plans available.

A publisher can join their affiliate program without any complications and start sharing instantaneously.

Their talented affiliate team is determined to serve you by assisting in your requirement as a successful Bluehost affiliate.


12 best affiliate programs for beginners

 This is a very thriving market that allows you to scale your business seamlessly across a wide target audience.

Create courses that people who love to invest time and money buying it with extensive growth possibilities.

There is an unimaginable potential that allow you to create courses online in the field you are expert in and monetize.

Share your skills with the world that can be painting, music, blogging, crafts, VA, writing and cooking.

Joining its affiliate program is easy with a 30% commission pay rate that is considered to be the highest in this industry.

You will be directing traffic of potential audience allowing you to earn every month or as long as the customer stays with teachable.

Jump starts your writing career with the best-in-class industry experts if you are into writing an eBook or copywriting.

Introduce you audience to the affiliate marketing secrets exclusively by the expert Pat Flynn himself.

Learn to master the Pinterest marketing guide by angie gensler or have your child live anxiety free by Natasha Daniels.

This is purely effective way to generate passive income.


12 best affiliate programs for beginners to make money

I am very confident that many of you are aware of the platform Etsy.

It’s a thriving marketplace of small business owners selling exquisite items like arts,crafts,jewellery and handmade items.

Since they started working officially in 2012 it has become widely popular with over 2 million active sellers on etsy.

Several other products are listed on etsy making it the prime choice of sellers dealing in trinkets, decor and arts.

You can promote etsy to different audiences dealing in array of items that mainly deals in unique variety of products.

Etsy will share 4% to 8% of commission for every potential purchase made from its website.

9. ShareAsale

ShareAsale affiliate program

Shareasale is a widely popular affiliate program dealing in the brands/products you can collaborate with to earn a commission.

It has been around for over 20 years delivering excellent experiences to affiliate marketers with the latest affiliate tools.

There are enormous reasons for a podcaster, blogger and affiliate marketer to establish partnership to earn revenue.

Publishers can choose from a wide variety of merchant’s program to monetize their content providing one stop solutions for marketers.

This online marketplace was officially owned by Awin in 2017 with 211,000 publishers and 15,200 advertisers.

It’s time to leverage the potential of increasing affiliate commission promoting products/services to your targeted audience.

Choose from over 39 merchant’s categories and a wide variety of brands or products listed on their platform.

10. Impact Radius

Impact Radius affiliate program

The impact started in 2007 and offers services to increase productivity with the partnership that drives rapid growth.

They allow you to establish partnership with the best of merchants on their list generating revenue with the brands directly.

Impact allows an affiliate marketer to increase performance through advanced tracking, flexible collaboration and integrated payment system.

Easily connect with the biggest brands covering fitness, beauty, travel and financial services.

11. Fiverr affiliate

It is an online marketplace that has provided an opportunity for freelancers like you and me to work online earning money.

Fiverr is the driving force in taking the freelancing industry online and since its inception in 2010, it has extended exponentially.

Now it is much easier to hire a freelancer doing different tasks online that includes designing, writing, marketing, and management.

You will earn commission promoting the world’s largest marketplaces that already has over 5.5 million users worldwide.

 They have digital service available to serve every business online and have different offers to promote to the prospects.

Promote Fiverr CPA, Hybrid, Learn, Andco, and Fiverr business, each product focuses on different services for every business need.

Choose from multiple different marketing tools to reach your targeted audience within the 30days cookie time you.

Happy selling!!

12. eBay affiliate programs

eBay is one of the oldest multinational companies that is successfully running a business all over the world buying and selling stuff.

They have been recognized as an eCommerce platform that provides opportunities to businesses, individuals, and entities’.

And also offer you to earn through their eBay partner network affiliate program.

They provide you the advantage to work as a co-associate actively referring their goods to the potential prospects.

Whenever a sale is driven you will earn a commission you can share the inventory to social sites, blogs and promote.

Being the oldest and trusted by millions apart from other affiliate this can be the best affiliate for any beginner.

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The affiliate marketing growth statistics

Affiliate marketing has become extremely popular among advertisers and nearly 80% of brands now leverage the power of affiliate.

Where Shareasale accounts for  55.7% of the total market share.

This helps them generate enormous revenue and is continuously growing at a much faster speed.

The Resourceful increase in affiliate marketing expenditure is roughly $12 billion dollars.

It is expected to reach at $8.2 billion from $5.7 billion in the U.S alone.

Affiliate marketing remains to be the top sources of generating revenue in which fashion predominantly leads the top position.

Following sports & outdoors in the second travel, gardening, electronics, business and finance respectively.

The popular network Awin has distributed approx $730 million dollar in revenue to its active publishers worldwide.

The Amazon associate holds 42.85% market share among other popular networks like ShareASale,

CJ, Rakuten, souvrn and awin

Why choose affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing tends to be the biggest game changer when it comes to making money online.

It is one of the primary sources of income of every blogger.

Top bloggers make six-figure from affiliate marketing namely Jason stone popular recognized as millionaire mentor.

Other few common figures are Pat Flynn, mark ling, Ryan Robinson, Michelle Schroeder,

Sarah Titus and, rosemary Groner.

How can you start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

For beginners, you have plenty of affiliate programs to start earning money online as an affiliate marketer.

Well, you are at the right place that highlights the basics of getting started with affiliate marketing?

If you master affiliate marketing skills then this can help you make a fortune working online from home.

Not so complex rather very easy but with only if correct methods applied.

See the detailed article on “How to start affiliate marketing for beginners” to get along with it.

As I have already mentioned on the list above to begin but is recommended.

Create a stunning Amazon affiliate website and link its product to your page write reviews.

How-to articles and promote

What is the best AP to join?

Here are few other suggestions apart from the lists mentioned are hostinger.

And cloudways, Greengeeks, WPengine, and JVzoo.

What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

The highest paying affiliate program for an expert marketer is Shopify, Convertkit.

Leadpages, teachable, SEMRush, Clickfunnels, Kinsta, Bigcommerce, Liquid web.

Thinkific, Hubspot, Active campaign and Kajabi

Best affiliate programs to make money

This is the list of best affiliate programs for beginners to assist you in your marketing endeavor.

The scope in affiliate marketing is beyond bound and one can earn promoting different affiliates.

There is a list of low paying to high paying affiliates available on the internet waiting for marketers to knock its door.

The easiest way to find affiliates is by searching on Google.

Type “fitness + affiliate” programs and will see a list of affiliates available on the web.

Build a loyal audience and grow your following that can help monetize you in a more efficient manner.

Choose an affiliate according to the content you engage with your audience and sign up with those affiliates.

Some are quick in accepting beginner marketers while others may require some time to get in.


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