How to make money on Pinterest: Affiliate Marketing Pinterest

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How to make money on Pinterest: Affiliate Marketing Pinterest

Pinterest is a good source to earn money online but how can you make money on Pinterest.

On Pinterest, people put links of food, blogs, article pins, product pins, Quotes and many more.

Open a Pinterest account-

  • Fill your profile
  • Design board

Open a Pinterest account and fill your profile choose the relevant topic. Here is a guide on how to open a Pinterest account. Remember you need a Pinterest Business Account.

Make boards relevant to the niche you will work on and put the right description that suits best. Go to the Pinterest search bar and look for the topics it will be a good help.

Start a Blog

  • Niche selection
  • Domain
  • Hosting

Decide on what niche you will work in. A niche is a specific group of a category in which you work.

Or something you like to talk about explain to people it is necessary because tons of people are already working in the market the same niche you select.

Ok, let me help you what is that you love to do very confident to talk about?

Use Google searches, google trends to find the best working niche for you.

Domain registration is a simple process sign up with GoDaddy. Log in to your account type in the search bar the domain you wish go to check out fill in all the details make a payment and ya you are done.


I am working with several hosting providers but someone who is a complete beginner I would recommend Bluehost.

The best is you get Domain free for one year and hosting at a nominal price of $2.95/ month.

Log in to your Bluehost account connect your domain which you have purchased from Godaddy, Remember don’t purchase hosting from Godaddy its the worst.

  • Choose your plan
  • Add Your Domain
  • Plan Details
  • Billing Information

Sign up with different Affiliate Programs.

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Shareasale
  • CJ- Commission Junction
  • Rakuten Linkshare
  • Clickbank

The best method is to find for yourself research reach out to different affiliate programs and check if its good. Plenty of affiliate program available for you it will take time nothing happens in a day.

The Amazon affiliate program

Easy to apply loads of categories to promote

Links On Pinterest.

How to make money on Pinterest: Affiliate Marketing Pinterest

You can create a good amount of money on Pinterest by promoting affiliate links.

Pinterest is a visual search engine so visibility is what works best you will need to design your pins don’t worry.

Canva is a free tool to design your pins and has lots of templates to offer. Design long pins and work with the words.

  • Create Pins
  • Add Image
  • Title
  • Description
  • Destination Link

A well-optimized pin is best for Pinterest.

Pinterest will cut of pins beyond 600*1260 and in 2019 Pinterest only allows pins with a ratio of 2:3 (1000*1500)px

Make high-quality pins for your Pinterest with visible words to get more click and visitors.

Add your Image on the box

Write an appealing title which catches the attention of the people in order to make a sale or get more visitors

Describe your pins what your pin is all about the purpose of it. How is it good for the viewers.

The most important part is now you add the URL of your page to the destination link. The visitors will land on.

Enable Rich Pins

This is what you will need to enable to work on Pinterest. Enable rich pins it allows you to add URL and the person who clicks on the link with land on the destination link.

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