How to start affiliate marketing guide for beginners 2021

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How to start affiliate marketing guide for beginners 2021

How to start affiliate marketing?

 If this question sounds familiar to you then just enjoy reading the post I will guide you through with everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Not very long ago the idea of generating sales from the internet was incomprehensible.

How cool that would be to wake up every day and see thousands of dollars in your bank account with few tips and hard-work you can also start earning.

You can with just a laptop/computer and internet connection make money recommending products and services.

Thousands of products are recommended by affiliate marketers and in a way unique. They earn money referring to products and services.

Just imagine you need a good laptop for your business normally some good suggestions can help you in the purchase decision.

You checked its speed; performance and all other features and depending on the work requirements and reading all the functions you decided to buy that laptop.

You simply clicked on the link and redirected to the merchant website

So now the person will earn a small percentage of commission for the purchase you made through its affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is set to become one of the primary methods for companies to leverage their growth and increase sales.

Nearly 80% of brands have embraced affiliate marketing to drive sales and grow exponentially.

Blogging is the primary method for influencers, content creators, and marketers to make money out of affiliate marketing.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing and how you can start affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing?

Let’s understand everything in detail.

You are looking for some products or services and click on the affiliate link given in the post.

The purchase made will earn a small commission to the affiliate marketer.

It’s a process of promoting other people’s products or services you earn a small percentage of commission for every potential sale you drive to the merchant website.

Popular affiliate website Eg- thisiswhyiambroke, thewirecutter

You happen to be looking for the best laptop to work from home normally a good recommendation can help you with your purchasing decision.

How to start affiliate marketing 2021

Reading their review and comparing it with other laptops you finally decided to buy that product. You clicked on the affiliate link and purchased the product.

How to start affiliate marketing guide for beginners

So thewirecutter will earn a small percentage of commission if you buy from the link provided in the post.

Isn’t that cool!!

Similarly, you have another affiliate website that you can refer to if you want some good gift ideas for your friend, dad, wife, and others.

How does affiliate marketing works?

To understand this how does affiliate marketing works you have to know the steps to master affiliate marketing.  

The digital space has evolved as an enormous potential and so no one would want to miss that opportunity esp the corporate giants.

So it mainly involves three different steps.

  • The manufacturer
  • An affiliate network
  • Publisher

The Manufacturer

The manufacturer or a product maker has embraced this profitable marketing method to grow and increase sales.

A manufacturer creates products in huge quantity so they have to find a marketing technique to double their sales and profit.

It can be anything takes for eg car accessories, smartphones, furniture, clothes, laptop, headphones, watches, etc

To increase their reach and expand the ever-growing digital space they partner with the affiliate networks.

An affiliate network is a digital warehouse that is open for publishers like you and me to generate sales referring to products and services.

An Affiliate Network

The manufacturer now connects with several affiliate networks to allow publishers to join different affiliate programs according to their niches.

Contrary to the advertising it’s very cost-effective for any manufacturer to promote its products on affiliate networks.

The affiliate networks act as a mediator between the merchant and publisher.

The publisher can join the different networks and choose to promote the products according to their niche.

Here are some of the popular affiliate networks.

  1. Shareasale
  2. CJ Affiliate
  3. Clickbank
  4. Amazon Associate
  5. Impact radius


Now anyone who wishes to start affiliate marketing and make huge money they (publisher) are free to do so.

 You can be anyone an individual or enterprise specifically creating content to benefit the audience.

It’s the art of taking advantage of hundreds of queries searched on the internet to benefit with the intention of helping others.

There are affiliate marketers you can find reviewing products on YouTube advising people how good this product can be.

A blog helping other bloggers how to find a good and a reliable hosting similarly you have tons of opportunity to promote and benefit.

How to get started with affiliate marketing?

  1. Platform
  2. Niche
  3. Affiliate program
  4. Content
  5. Traffic
  6. Conversion


You will need a platform (blog, youtube) where you can send your audience to learn more about that particular product or service.

As I already mentioned blogging is the main source of income for bloggers to earn from affiliate marketing.

Starting a website is easy nowadays you can create a nice looking website without any knowledge of coding.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS content management systems that is said to have powered over 30% of the content on the web.

Get a domain name from any domain name provider like Godaddy, Namecheap, and fast and reliable hosting.

Bluehost is a reliable hosting provider and has good customer support you can with just $3.95/ month host your website/blog.

Now your blog is ready it time to start creating content. 

SEO plays an important part to bring tons of traffic to your website so it is important to master this skill.

Use the right SEO tool to leverage the potential of affiliate marketing and constant learning will help you know the magic of SEO.


Now the question comes to mind what you will write and for whom?

This will also determine your target audience the content you will write for. Do a proper keyword research spy on your competitor and follow the exact method.

There is a massive growth of bloggers in the USA alone and expected to reach at 31.7 million in 2020.

So you already tons of blogs available and they might give you tough competition.

Choose a topic that is specific for your target audience and create awesome content e.g – Electronics is a seed keyword rather you should focus on best home gadgets.

This will help you to focus on your targeted audience and create engaging content.

Note: – Many sites fail to make money from affiliate marketing in the beginning

You have to remain consistence in whatever topic to choose to write on and provide value for customers.


To find the right keyword you can use SEMrush to find detailed analysis of keywords, trends, and its volume.

Get helpful insights of your competitor pages and other ranking factors like Backlinks, organic traffic and referring domain.

You can also learn about related information like keyword volume, SEO, PPC, trends in any specific targeted country.   

Affiliate program

How can you join affiliate program?

Well, there are lots of affiliate program that you can join from high-paying to low payout.

Here are some of the top categories:-

  1. Website affiliate program
  2. Travel affiliate program
  3. Fashion affiliate program
  4. Fitness affiliate program
  5. Email Automation affiliate program

This completely depends on the niche you are writing content on and how so far your experience has been.

You can approach a company or brand directly and promote the affiliate offers you are confident about.

The other way is to sign-up with different affiliate network and choose the affiliate you would want to promote.

You also have the opportunity to join the most popular Amazon affiliate program with Amazon affiliate you have tons of options to promote.

Amazon affiliate program has huge variety of offers from electronics, furniture, fashion, books and gadgets.

An additional method is to search on Google for any affiliate program you want to promote like (themes + affiliate program)

See the Google has many option showing in its search results choose the one you feel is good for your audience and start promoting.


Content is the key that no one would compromise on create awesome content that speaks for itself.

Now ask yourself why would anyone visit your website and buy products.

You will have to write convincing post with awesome presentation that can entice customers to come to the conclusion click on the affiliate link and buy products.

Only putting random post may not help the content strategy has to be unique and original.

It’s a responsibility to create engaging and high-quality articles that any consumer who lands on your website and find it useful.

Check out different affiliate websites and learn they way they write choose the right keyword for your target audience.

Expert Tips

Write content that sells here are the few awesome tips that you should follow to excel in affiliate marketing.

How to Articles

Start with products around you that you are familiar with write in-depth articles; people generally find something interesting how they can use this product to benefit the maximum.

This type of post provides value for the audience and will have them click on the affiliate link and buy the products.

Like this post “How to start affiliate marketing” where you can promote different affiliate products SEO tools, e-mail automation, hosting etc.

Comparison post

Comparison posts are mainly comparing different products. In this type of post you have to provide information to the point regarding different products, services and tools.

You have to write about the products features, specification, performance and others in detail to make it more valuable for the customers.

Review posts

Review post provides more value to the buyers they are curious to know how the products would have been and did it help.

Related Posts


How can you generate traffic?

Well the primary option would be to master the art of SEO.

SEO is a strategic arrangement of post or articles keeping in mind the user’s search intent to put your content in front of general audience.

Create content related to topic blog post, product post, comparison post, review post and list posts.

To increase engagements join Facebook groups, answer questions on Quora and run Ads.

If you know how to run FB Ads then this can be a game changer for the affiliate offers you want to promote.

There are lots of other ways as well it requires consistency and hard-work. The more you gain experience the higher is the chances of winning big in affiliate marketing.


One thing to always keep in mind you has to be genuine and relevant.

You should engage your readers with high-quality engaging articles and avoid being spammy putting affiliate links everywhere.

The key to increase clicks and sales is to promote your products or services to the right audience.

Do not ask them to click on the affiliate links rather provide a solution to the problem the audience is looking for.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

  • You don’t have to buy the products rather promote other people products or services.
  • Affiliate marketing is expected to grow at an exponential rate.
  • Supplement your income with affiliate marketing
  • Make money working from home
  • Low upfront cost

How to start affiliate marketing – Summary

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make passive income but it requires you to put in some effort.

It may be daunting in the beginning but once you learn the skills then will the magic begin.

I have compiled for you guys the steps you need “How to start affiliate marketing” and thrive making money online. 

One of the easiest way to start affiliate marketing is to promote Amazon affiliate products.

You must keep in mind the FTC rules mention affiliate disclaimer in every post you are promoting products or services.  

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