What is Cupping: Does Cupping Therapy Work?

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What is Cupping: Does Cupping Therapy Work?

What is cupping?

, how does cupping therapy works many of us have the same question wondering about the new trend that is taking over the Internet. From celebrities, athletes

Cupping is an ancient form of detoxification.

The small-sized cups used to extract blood highly toxic in nature

In recent year, it has gained popularity mostly among youngster suffering from back pain, hair loss, and other ailments.

It is widely popular in Middle-east also known as “Hijama” and China but, How does cupping work?

How does cupping therapy work?

Small cups used to create a vacuum on the skin required with suction to create the pressure.

Let it for 4-5 minutes on the part of the skin elevated and ready to extract toxic blood.

The next process

cuts made on the upper part of the skin you can call it

“Kiss of the blade”

to open the way for toxic blood to flow.


Under Supervision of a practicing doctor, Cupping (Hijama) therapy Pure toxic blood with proper guidance must be taken out from our body from time to time but

it leaves a bruise mark on the body for few days and vanishes within a few days

The Cups put on the elevated part of the body

with the support of the suction tool to make pressure and squeeze the unwanted

blood from it, the sizes of the cups may vary as per your requirement.

Kept it for a while more than 5-10 min a very thick toxic blood gets drains into the cups.

Remove the cups very gently and wipes all the blood and apply antibiotic ointment

Types of Cupping

  1. Dry Cupping
  2. Wet Cupping


Studies have concluded cupping therapy is an effective way to treat several diseases

Diseases Cured by Cupping

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Breathing diseases
  • Severe Pains
  • Migraine
  • Seizures and Epilepsy
  •  Sexual Weakness (Including Loss of Sexual Desire and Premature Ejaculation)
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Chest Pain
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Side Effects of Drugs
  • Under Weight

Consult your doctor before cupping therapy

Consulting a doctor before cupping therapy is always a good option.

Cross-check before you take this therapy to ask these questions?

  1. How long has he been doing this treatment?
  2. Where did he learn from?
  3. Does he use new cups/needles and maintains proper hygiene?
  4. Am I ready for cupping therapy?

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